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Natural Focus

  1. People pick and choose wildlife2006/04/24

    Whilst some people encourage and feed creatures in their garden, others hate the same animal - which shows that humans are probably the strangest creatures on the planet.
  2. Birds nests are unique for a reason2006/04/18

    Birds nest in a variety of different ways and each is designed to avoid the attention of predators and provide a secure location for eggs and young.
  3. As spring arrives I get busy2006/04/10

    A few days of sunshine and an increase in temperature stimulates new life in the countryside.
  4. A strong diagonal lifts a picture2006/04/03

    When photographing nature I enjoy trying to create exciting photographs no matter the subject and composition is an exciting topic.
  5. Yellow, the colour of spring2006/03/27

    Having entertained the local gardening club with a natural history lecture, my thoughts turn to the flowers of spring.
  6. The wildlife experience of a lifetime2006/03/24

    My wild enthusiasm turns into an unintentional advert for a safari. “Don’t die without going to Africa once”!
  7. How to catch a fish like a bird2006/03/20

    Many birds feed on fish and we enthuse about their remarkable and varied fishing abilities.
  8. Water – its amazing! 2006/03/17

    Water is a remarkable substance that is so familiar that it is often taken for granted. It is relevant to all forms of life and can even turn mountains up-side-down.
  9. Feeding birds in your garden2006/03/13

    Wherever you live birds can be attracted into the garden; I share some of my personal observations from different parts of the world
  10. Snow changes the world2006/03/10

    Snow turns the mundane into the extraordinary and listeners have asked if I have any opinions about photographing it.
Natural Focus
Natural Focus, presented by David Boag (international author, lecturer and wildlife photographer) celebrates the beauty of the natural world. David's enthusiasm for creation comes out in every show he does and you are guarenteed to learn something new each time.

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