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Audiomission - a podcast from the Church Mission Society

  1. A ‘bewitching’ interview: Phil Wyman2018/10/26
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  2. Being Christ to everyone you meet2018/10/08
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  3. Change, challenge and joy in Pakistan2018/09/21
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  4. Eat, drink and be missional2018/08/17
    Two mission partners working in Europe and North Africa share how their experiences in other cultures have taught them the importance of sitting, eating and drinking with people.

  5. Asia Human Trafficking Interview2018/06/26
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  6. Dave Bookless, A Rocha2018/03/27
    How do we make creation care a genuine part of our mission, worship and discipleship – without becoming “eco-Pharisees”? In this thought-provoking interview, Dave Bookless, CMS mission partner and director of theology for A Rocha International, talks with Jenny Muscat and Naomi Steinberg and shares what it takes to change minds about climate change.

  7. Healing, Wholeness and Hope: Rachel Burton in Bolivia2018/03/27
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  8. Mission is … God’s! - Audiomission Dec 20172017/12/01
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  9. Mission is … not just western - Audiomission Nov 20172017/11/03
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  10. Mission is … not just ‘helping people’ - Audiomission Oct 20172017/11/03
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  11. Mission Is...heading for the margins - Audiomission September 20172017/09/04
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  12. Mission Is...a matter of 'course' - Audiomission August 20172017/07/26
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  13. Mission Is ... the call in action - Audiomission July 20172017/07/03
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  14. Practical spirituality - Audiomission June 20172017/05/31
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  15. Thy Kingdom Come - Audiomission May 20172017/04/28
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  16. Audiomission World Tour April 2017: Latin America2017/03/31
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  17. Audiomission world tour: Africa - Feb 20172017/02/01
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  18. Audiomission World Tour: Asia - January 20172017/01/02
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  19. People at Risk - Audiomission December 20162016/12/08
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  20. Asian hope: Audiomission Nov 20162016/11/03
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  21. The 'Ins and Outs' of the Christian mission community - part 22016/10/24
    Talks from the Church Mission Society Africa conference, held at the Hayes conference centre, Swanwick, 7-9 October 2016. Featured speakers are Dennis Tongoi (pictured), executive director of CMS-Africa, Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society, and Harvey Kwiyani, executive director of Missio Africanus.

  22. The 'Ins and Outs' of the Christian mission community - part 12016/10/24
    Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society, leads the first of two Bible studies from the Church Mission Society Africa conference, held at the Hayes conference centre, Swanwick, 7-9 October 2016. Here he focuses on 'breathing in'.

  23. Harvey Kwiyani - Engaging with Africans where you live2016/10/24
    Talks from the Church Mission Society Africa conference, held at the Hayes conference centre, Swanwick, 7-9 October 2016. Featured speakers are Dennis Tongoi (pictured), executive director of CMS-Africa, Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society, and Harvey Kwiyani, executive director of Missio Africanus.

  24. Global Mission from an African Perspective2016/10/24
    Dennis Tongoi (pictured), executive director of CMS-Africa, and Harvey Kwiyani, executive director of Missio Africanus, discuss an African perspective on gloabl mission. With Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society. Recorded at the Church Mission Society Africa conference, held at the Hayes conference centre, Swanwick, 7-9 October 2016. Featured speakers are

  25. Church Mission Society and CMS-Africa - Present and Future2016/10/24
    Dennis Tongoi (pictured), executive director of CMS-Africa, and Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society, talk to the Church Mission Society Africa conference, held at the Hayes conference centre, Swanwick, 7-9 October 2016.

  26. Equipping churches: Audiomission Sept 2016 Podcast2016/08/31
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  27. Audiomission August 20162016/07/22
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  28. 'Transforming unjust structures' - Audiomission Mar 20162016/02/29
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  29. 'Teach, baptise and nurture' - Audiomission Feb 20162016/01/29
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  30. United in mission: Audiomission Jan 20162016/01/05
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  31. 'Respond to human need' - Prayer Focus Dec 20152015/11/30
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  32. Refugees, migration and mission - Prayer Focus Nov 20152015/11/18
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  33. 'Proclaim the good news' - Prayer Focus Oct 20152015/11/18
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  34. Sharing life! Prayer Focus Sept 20152015/09/30
    This month we meet people from India, South Sudan and the Philippines, who are all living and working alongside marginalised people in difficult places, often dealing with difficult issues. They are committed to sharing life together as well as making a real difference.

    Featuring Stephen Lubari, Eric and Sandra Read, and mission partners working in northern India.

  35. CMS Community Audio Booklet2015/09/04
    Audio booklet "Welcome to the CMS Community" outlining the purpose and practice of the CMS mission community.

  36. Short term stars - Prayer Focus August 20152015/08/10
    August sees many short term mission teams heading off on trips of just a few weeks to connect with Christians in another culture. Others are preparing to travel for a gap year or a career break. This month we meet five people who have all been involved in short term mission from three months to two years.

    Featuring Alan and Lex Hamilton, Irina Dale and Gavin and Hannah Steele.

  37. Let's work together: Prayer Focus July 20152015/06/30
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  38. The long haul - why mission partners matter: Prayer Focus June 20152015/06/01
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  39. #NepalEarthquake: my experience by mission partner Paul Dobbing2015/05/01
    Today Jeremy Woodham talked to CMS mission partner Paul Dobbing about his experience of the Nepal earthquake, what the aftermath means for some of his friends and insights for prayer. Sorry about the variable sound quality down the Skype line!

  40. Local mission across the globe: Prayer Focus May 20152015/05/01
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  41. Equipped for action: Audiomission Prayer Focus April 20152015/03/30
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  42. Fighting deforestation2015/03/24
    Church Mission Society mission partner Andrew Leake describes recent developments in mapping and fighting deforestation of the Chaco by big business.

  43. Wolf Fields2015/03/24
    Church Mission Society mission partner Kailean Khongsai, who works with Christian conservation charity A Rocha, talks about how growing things together builds community.

  44. Hope Grows2015/03/24
    Church Mission Society mission partners Anna and Chris Hembury talk about hope they are seeing hope grow in an area of deprivation in Hull - including transforming a patch of waste ground into a community garden.

  45. Faith, Family, Forest2015/03/24
    Church Mission Society mission partners Catherine and Bishop Nick Drayson discuss northern Argentina's top priorities of faith, family and forest.

  46. Raising up women: Prayer Focus Mar 20152014/12/22
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  47. Raising up the marginalised: Prayer Focus Feb 20152014/12/22
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  48. Raising up young people: Prayer Focus Jan 20152014/12/22
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  49. Matthew: Learning to follow Jesus Pt3 - Bishop Paul Butler.MP32014/11/17
    "Jesus' example is: you get out on mission from day one." Third of a series of talks given at CMS's Africa conference 2014 at The Hayes, Swanwick, on 16 November, by the Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham. The first voice you will hear is Faith Gichuhi of CMS Africa reading Matthew 10:1-16.

  50. Matthew: Learning to follow Jesus Pt2 - Bishop Paul Butler.MP32014/11/17
    "Discipleship begins before conversion and call." Second of a series of talks given at CMS's Africa conference 2014 at The Hayes, Swanwick, on 15 November, by the Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham. The first voice you will hear is Sally Ashcroft, a former CMS mission partner, reading Matthew 9:18-38.

  51. Matthew: Learning to follow Jesus Pt1 - Bishop Paul Butler.MP32014/11/17
    "Jesus is committed to reaching those outside." First of a series of talks based on Matthew's Gospel given at CMS's Africa conference 2014 at The Hayes, Swanwick, on 14 November, by the Rt Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham. The first voice you will hear is Peter Hyatt, a CMS trustee, reading from Matthew 9:9-17.

  52. "Too big to deal with?" Audiomission November 20142014/10/06
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  53. A family in mission: Audiomission December 20142014/10/06
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  54. Community mission: Audiomission Prayer Focus October 20142014/09/30
    Interviews with CMS people in mission on three continents – all with something to say to shed light on this month's theme of community mission. Hope grows in Hull... serving Syrian refugees in Cairo... missional communities in Chile... Featuring CMS mission partners including Anna and Chris Hembury and short termer Tyler Overton.

  55. Care for creation, care for people: Prayer Focus Sept 20142014/07/30
    A strong environmental strand in the mix this time, from the threatened forest landscape of northern Argentina to transforming both places and people in forgotten corners of London, by way of Tanzania. Featuring mission partners Catherine and Nick Drayson, Kailean Khongsai and short termer Elsbeth Priestley.

  56. Gateway to Asia: Prayer Focus August 20142014/07/30
    In this "Asia Special" we meet some of the key players in the recently launched Asia-CMS as well as mission partners in Nepal. Featuring Loun Ling Lee, Berdine van den Toren and Paul Dobbing.

  57. 'Without women there is no church': Audiomission July 20142014/06/27
    We hear the stories of three women who have become 'firsts': mission partner Bertha Schoonbee in Rwanda became the first coach of the Rwandan national Goalball team - much to her surprise! Nolavy from Madagascar became the first woman in her Province of the Anglican Communion to graduate from theological college. And Bishop Pushpa is the first woman bishop in the Church of South India!

  58. Audiomission Special - Samuel Ajayi Crowther - an extraordinary life2014/06/18
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  59. Speaking our language: Prayer Focus June 20142014/05/30
    Sara Afshari of Sat-7 Pars talks about Christian broadcasting across the Persian world and Tim Curtis gives an insight into Bible translation in rural Paraguay. And, as booking opens for the Church Mission Society's 2014 Africa conference, we find out what goes on.

  60. Biological water filter2014/05/06
    Audio podcast about the Biological water filter project produced by the Church Mission Society (CMS)

  61. Our true home: Prayer Focus May 20142014/05/01
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  62. Transition and migration: Prayer Focus April 20142014/04/02
    How the church in Lebanon is responding to the flood of Syrian refugees, walking with the Wichi people at a time of massive change; and a couple make difficult decisions as they are plunged back into the UK's consumer culture after years in Kenya.

  63. Andrea Campanale - Pioneer Witness February 2012 - Pt 22014/02/21
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  64. Andrea Campanale - Pioneer Witness February 2012 - Pt 12014/02/21
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  65. Anna Norman Walker - Pioneer Witness - January 20122014/02/21
    In 2012, our Pioneer Witness sessions we began with Anna Norman-Walker in January. Anna shared a variety of different experiences from planting a Fresh Expression in a Cathedral to developing Pioneering sessions in a Diocese. Anna shared from a deep sense of experience and everyone there learnt valuable lessons.

  66. Shannon Hopkins – Pioneer Witness October 20112014/02/21
    Shannon is an entrepreneur and has pioneered a number of projects including a women's refuge called Matryoshka Haus and a social enterprise called Sweet Notions. You can find out more at Shannons blog here.

    Shannon spoke powerfully about her experiences of pioneering projects, their ups and downs and some of the lessons she has learnt.

  67. Pioneer Witness - Tim Lomax November 20112014/02/21
    Series of first hand accounts of pioneer mission - part of the programme at the Pioneer Mission Hub at CMS. Tim Lomax's Pioneer Witness Session from 15 Nov 2011. his account of being a Pioneer Curate.

  68. Penny Joyce - Pioneer Witness November 20112014/02/21
    Series of first hand accounts of pioneer mission - part of the programme at the Pioneer Mission Hub at CMS. Penny Joyce's Pioneer Witness session from 29 Nov 2011. Penny works in Pioneering projects with children.

  69. Johnny Sertin - CMS Pioneer Witness October 20112014/02/21
    In 2011 we had Pioneer Witness sessions from a number of really brilliant speakers.

    In October we had Johnny Sertin visit. Johnny is a CMS Pioneer and is working in the growing community at Earlsfield Priory. Johnny shared in an honest and vulnerable way about pioneering work and its challenges.

  70. Human Rights, Abundant life: Prayer Focus March 20142013/12/19
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  71. Audiomission Prayer Focus February 20142013/12/19
    Focus on the Middle East with the Rev Bassi Mirzania, Persian chaplain in the UK, Michael green, working in Jordan in medical care, and an anonymous mission partner who has been working in Lebanon.

  72. Audiomission Prayer Focus January 20142013/12/19
    CMS-Africa leader Dennis Tongoi responds to the Al-Shabab terror attack on his home city of Nairobi. Plus inter-African exchange programmes and the struggles of indigenous people in Argentina.

  73. 2 Parable Of The Sower2013/12/10
    Africa conference 2013 Joe Kapolyo Bible readings

  74. 1 African Perspective On The Church2013/12/10
    Africa conference 2013. The Rev Joe Kapolyo gave the Bible readings. Here he explains what the church looks like from an African, mainly Zambian, perspective.

  75. 3 Parable Of The Prodigal Son2013/12/10
    Africa conference 2013 Joe Kapolyo Bible readings

  76. Prayer Focus Dec 2013: Gospel speaks from the margins2013/10/25
    Exploring how the Centre for Urban Mission in Kibera, Nairobi is building up Kenya's mission pioneers in the slums with mission partner Colin Smith. Plus, mission partner Jill Ball looks back on the remarkable progress of Life in Abundance Trust in Ecuador.

  77. Prayer Focus Nov 2013: Children on mission2013/10/25
    Meet CMS mission partner Isobel Booth-Clibborn, promoting children's place in the world and in mission across Africa. Also this month: Caroline and Dick Seed, pushing forward theological education, and we hear from a local UK church about what it means to play a part in mission as a CMS link church.

  78. Prayer Focus October 2013: Spain and Uganda2013/09/30
    Working alongside locals and immigrants in Spain's economic nightmare and stepping up to the medical mark in Uganda.

  79. Prayer Focus - September 2013: India, Brazil, Bangladesh2013/09/01
    Featuring mission partners working among the most marginalised on the edges of the Indian capital, Marcus Throup leading in theological education in Brazil, and CMS's Jonny Baker on a pioneering trip to South Korea.

  80. Being a missional church2013/08/06
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  81. Prayer Focus - August 2013: Chile, Pakistan, Korea2013/08/01
    Featuring Cristobal Ceron reaching out in a student zone in Chile's capital, Jane, an education specialist in Pakistan, and Jonny Baker, leader of CMS's Pioneer mission training team, on a trip to encourage some mission pioneers in South Korea.

  82. Prayer Focus - July 2013: Brazil, South Sudan and Paraguay2013/07/01
    Featuring Andy Roberts and ReVive International helping vulnerable girls in Brazil, Bishop Anthony Poggo from South Sudan, and Bishop Peter and Sally Bartlett from Paraguay.

  83. Vision and need in Argentina2013/06/07
    We meet David Hucker, a CMS mission partner who has planted and established a church in Chile over the past 15 years and now feel it's time to move on to a new team in northern Argentina, bringing new life to struggling urban churches. Mike Stranks talked to David and also found out just how critical is the support of churches and individuals at home.

  84. Prayer Focus June 2013: South Sudan and Peru2013/06/03
    With CMS's Stephen Burgess talking about a pioneering schools link between South Sudan and a Finchley primary school. We also meet mission partner Pat Blanchard working with children with disabilities in Peru and Anna Sims, an arty mission partner who's preparing to go out and help her.

  85. Prayer Focus May 2013: Getting crafty in Paraguay and building in Africa2013/04/23
    The intriguing impact of sewing clubs in mission in Paraguay, reflecting on the energy of Africa with the CMS executive leader, and how a short term mission trip led to 18 years helping to reconstruct war-torn parts of Africa for one mission partner.

  86. Prayer Focus April 2013: Call the Midwife, Chile, Tanzania2013/04/01
    With Eve Vause, 'the real life Chummy' from the BBC series, the Chilean president's chaplain, and the descendant of an Olympic oarsman.

  87. The art of mission: Audiomission meets Anna Sims2013/03/08
    Audiomission meets Anna Sims, a mission partner soon heading to South America to use her art skills in mission, and finds out the story of her call.

  88. Prayer Focus March 2013: Focus on Central Asia and India2013/03/01
    Meeting an anonymous mission partner off to what most people think of as a very dangerous part of the world, and talking with Debbie James, CMS's discipleship team leader about a recent trip to India where she met lots of inspiring individuals and pioneering mission workers.

  89. God did call the midwife: Audiomission special2013/02/01
    When we saw one of Call the Midwife's favourite characters, 'Chummy', apply to CMS to go as a missionary to Sierra Leone, we just had to see if we could track down a real 1950s midwife who did the same thing. Audiomission's Mike Stranks talks to Eve Vause, who set off for Sierra Leone, just like Chummy, in 1958.

  90. Prayer Focus February 2013: Paraguay and Peru2013/02/01
    Chatting with CMS's Jo Hazelton about meeting up with a huge variety of CMS people in mission in Paraguay, and to Mary Rollin, who took part in a CMS Encounter team visit to Peru in August.

  91. Prayer Focus Jan 2013: CMS's new leader and DR Congo2013/01/01
    Audiomission spends some time with Philip Mounstephen, new executive leader of the Church Mission Society, and with Stephen Burgess, CMS's transcultural mission manager for Africa, talking about the urgent situation in DR Congo.

  92. Audiomission: interview with Philip Mounstephen, new CMS leader2012/11/22
    "I don't do this alone," says Philip Mounstephen of his new role leading the Church Mission Society. Mike Stranks spoke to him just a few days into the job.

  93. CMS Audiomission Prayer Focus November 20122012/11/01
    Focus on Paraguay, with 'extreme nurse' Beryl Baker, UK with urban abbot Mark Berry, and fighting female genital mutilation with Ann-Marie Wilson.

  94. Audiomission in Paraguay2012/10/25
    Fresh from her Paraguay road trip meeting CMS people in mission on the ground, CMS's Jo Hazelton reflects on the impact and inspiration of their work

  95. AM Special: Commissioning of Philip Mounstephen as new leader of CMS2012/10/15
    Highlights from the commissioning service of the new executive leader of the Church Mission Society (CMS), the Rev Canon Philip Mounstephen.

  96. CMS Audiomission Prayer Focus - December 20122012/10/03
    Fifteen years in Paraguay, a year in Arequipa, and combining youthwork and peacemaking in DR Congo.

  97. CMS Audiomission Prayer Focus October 20122012/10/01
    Interviews with CMS mission partners Jill Ball in Ecuador, Caroline Gilmour-White in Paraguay and the Rt Rev Louis Muvunyi, the Bishop of Kigali, Rwanda.

  98. You can't just walk away - Audiomission in Peru2012/08/01
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  99. Community and mission - Audiomission meets Mark Berry2012/07/18
    Mark Berry has been a CMS mission partner in Telford, UK, for the past seven years. He's just joined the staff as Community Mission Facilitator. Mike Stranks met him and asked him about his new role.

  100. Rescue from the streets2012/05/18
    Guns and gangs are the norm for far too many young boys on the streets in northeast Brazil. Audiomission's Mike Stranks met CMS mission partner Andy Roberts and heard more about the struggles of young people on the streets in northeast Brazil.

  101. Whose lifestyle is more abnormal?2012/04/05
    The inspirational founders of Neema Crafts in Tanzania - Susie and Andy Hart - plan to keep challenging attitudes now they are back in the UK. They reflect on the project's amazing impact and international renown - and on how their experience will inspire them to live differently back at home.

    Interview by Sarah Holmes. Produced and presented by Mike Stranks.

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Podcasts from Church Mission Society (CMS). We believe that all God’s people are called to join in God’s mission – whether that means going overseas or over the road – and we work to set people free to put this call into action.

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