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  1. Point 2 Point 51: A Belated Holiday Buying Guide2011/12/25

    This was supposed to be the holiday buying guide for 2011. Well, it's a bit late! Let's call it Holiday Buying Guide 2012. Or maybe Gift Card buying guide. Any way, Joe, TJ and Jason discuss gifts for the discerning gamer. And Joe has a surprise entry in the wargame category!
  2. Point 2 Point Episode 50: WBC 2011 and Conquest of Nerath2011/09/30

    Ummm...you missed a spot! Okay, Jason actually missed a whole month! But he is back with his report of WBC 2011, along with his monthly (okay, for the most part) coverage of feedback and the news in wargaming.

    And Chad offers a review of a game that takes place in a land that Grimnir himself might enjoy: Conquest of Nerath.

  3. Point 2 Point 49: Historicon, King Phillip's War and the Games 1002011/07/31
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  4. Point 2 Point 48: Pseudocon 22 AAR and White Star Rising2011/07/01
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  5. Point 2 Point 47: Game Rankings and Command and Colors: Napoleonics2011/06/06
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  6. Point 2 Point 46: Rules Rubric and Washington's War2011/05/05

    In this episode, Jason lays out his rules rubric and reviews Washington's War. He also supplies another news segment and gives a rundown of the games he's been playing recently. You'd think it was a short episode, but you know how he gets when he gets a chance to talk wargames...
  7. Point 2 Point 45: Julius Caesar, Battleground, and Little Bighorn2011/04/02
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  8. Point 2 Point 44: Components, Hellenes, and a CONTEST!2011/02/22
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  9. Point 2 Point 43: Jason Flies Solo2011/01/16
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  10. Point 2 Point 42: Games We Were Wrong About2010/08/31

    What? The boys are wrong? Say it ain't so!

    In this episode, Jason and Scott each pick a game that they were perhaps too harsh about. For Jason, it is Combat Commander: Europe, and for Scott it is Twilight Struggle.

  11. Point 2 Point 41: Richard III, Pseudocon XXI and WBC 20102010/08/14
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  12. Point 2 Point 40: WBC 09 Wrap-up2009/08/25
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  13. Point 2 Point 39: They're Ba-ack and Pursuit of Glory2009/05/18
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  14. Point 2 Point 38: Waterloo 202008/12/06

    Jason and Scott return with a review of Victory Point Games's Napoleonic 20 Series, with a specific look at Waterloo 20.

    Also, for those of you interested, stay tuned after the end music for the full WBC recap.

  15. Point 2 Point 37: Moritz and ASLSKFan carry the show!2008/11/08

    After a long hiatus and some technical difficulties, Jason and Scott bring you a Moritz and ASLSKFan driven episode. This episode features Moritz talking about the frustrating exceptions that are a staple of wargame rules design. And ASLSKFan gives an excellent interview with Chas Argent, contractor to MMP for ASL designs.

    Enjoy! And it shouldn't be too long before the boys are back!
  16. Point 2 Point 36: Alan Emrich and the Future of Wargaming Design2008/08/02
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  17. Point 2 Point 35: FAB Bulge and The Three Types of Wargames2008/06/30

    In this episode, the boys offer their opinion on Rick Young's latest design, FAB Bulge. They also divide wargames into three levels (Strategic, Battle, and Tactical Games) and discuss what they see as the differences in these three levels. The best two hours in gaming is back!

  18. Point 2 Point 34: Feedback, Dawn of War and Armegeddon2008/05/21
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  19. Point 2 Point 33: Manoeuver and Jeff Horger2008/04/09

    In this Episode, Jason and Scott work through a bit of feedback and offer their review of the innovative GMT release, Manoeuver. Jason also talks to Manoeuver's designer, Jeff Horger. Moritz offers up one of the best solitaire wargames ever designed and ASLSKFan discusses at length an air wargaming classic. The Best Two Hours in Gaming is back!

  20. Point 2 Point 32: Prezcon 2008 and Rick Young2008/03/19
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  21. Point 2 Point 31: John Kranz and WAM AAR2008/02/21
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  22. Point 2 Point 30: Valley Games2008/02/04
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  23. Point 2 Point 29: C&C Ancients and Lys Fulda2007/12/02
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  24. Point 2 Point 28: Adam Starkweather and Battleground: FW2007/11/13
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  25. Point 2 Point 27: Feedback and Starship Troopers2007/10/11
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  26. Point 2 Point 26: WBC 2007 and Don Greenwood2007/08/21
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  27. Point 2 Point 25: A Victory Lost, Titan, and Pseudocon Wrap-Up2007/07/24
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  28. Point 2 Point 24: Kaarin Engelmann and Friend of the Show Joe2007/06/06
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  29. Point 2 Point 23: Mark Miklos and Dragon Pass2007/05/27
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  30. Point 2 Point 22: Andy Lewis and Combat Commander Review2007/05/06
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  31. Point 2 Point Episode 21: Grant Dalgliesh and Columbia Games2007/04/15
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  32. Point 2 Point Episode 20: The National Block Party and Liberty2007/04/02
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  33. Point 2 Point Episode 19: Prezcon AAR2007/03/09

    Jason and Scott talk about their respective Prezcon experiences, then talk about the Host Throwdown going on currently between them. They then run an interview with PrezCon director Justin Thompson.

    They finish, of course, with a new gamer rule, this one coming from a listener!

  34. Point 2 Point Episode 18: Worthington Games2007/02/10
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  35. Point 2 Point 17: Prezcon and Pre-orders2007/01/27
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  36. Point 2 Point 16: All about Napoleonic Wars2007/01/19
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  37. Point 2 Point Episode 15 - Holiday Gift Guide with Friend of the Show Joe2006/12/13
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  38. Point 2 Point Episode 14: Feedback, Mark Herman, and a Bonus Track!2006/11/29
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  39. Point 2 Point Episode 13: Catchin' Up On Feedback2006/10/26

    Scott and Jason discuss feedback this episode. LOTS of feedback. The "Lost Episode" is re-done, finally. There is discussion of BattleLore, Viktory II, hex and counter games, non-hex and counter games, blockbusters and innovations. Enjoy, and start sending the boys more feedback!

    Oh, and, of course, there's another Gamer Rule!
  40. Point 2 Point Episode 12 - Rick Young and Mark McLaughlin2006/09/28
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  41. Point 2 Point Episode 11 - CSR, Shifting Sands, and Mike Rinella2006/08/22
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  42. Point 2 Point Episode 10 - Jerry Taylor, Part II2006/08/01
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  43. Point 2 Point Episode 9: WBC Preview2006/07/30
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  44. Point 2 Point Episode 8 - Pseudocon Session Reports and Jerry Taylor2006/07/09
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  45. Point 2 Point Episode 72006/06/15

    This episode is heavy on feedback and the conversation it generates. Then, Jason and Scott review Ted Raicer's Phalanx effort, The First World War.

    They close, of course, with a new gamer rule!
  46. Point 2 Point Episode 6 - MMP with Keith Dalton2006/05/24
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  47. Point 2 Point Episode 5: News, the WBC, and Crusader Rex2006/05/07

    In Ep 5, Jason and Scott discuss their favorite convention, the WBC. They also give an extensive review of Crusader Rex, share some big news about the show's future, and some interesting news at large.

    Of course, they also apologize for the delay.

    All this and a new gamer rule!
  48. Point 2 Point Episode 4: Play by Web and Play by Email2006/03/29
    In Episode 4, Jason and Scott announce their new website(www.point2pointsource.com), respond to some feedback, and discuss options for playing wargames over the internet. They also answer that eternal question: where WAS Scott during that last episode??? Oh, and, as always, a new Gamer Rule.
  49. WE HAVE A WEB PAGE!!!2006/03/15
    Well we finally have our own web page. It is not very colorful, but it is functional. No doubt I will continue to tinker with it, but that will not change the content. Please check it out.

  50. Point 2 Point Episode 3 - Gateway Wargames and Feedback2006/03/13
    Jason and Scott answer and discuss some listener feedback, then discuss what makes a good gateway to wargaming, offer some suggestions of gateway games, and close with a discussion of potential future wargamers. And, of course, a new gamer rule!
  51. The problem is fixed! Enjoy Ep 2!!!2006/02/21
    It seems the problem is over and the podcast can again be downloaded. Sorry about the problem...
  52. Point 2 Point Episode 2: WAM and Card Driven Wargames2006/02/21
    In their second Episode, Jason and Scott review Twilight Struggle, welcome a guest review of The Mighty Endeavor by The Dice Tower's Joe Steadman, argue over their rating system (!), and discuss BPA's Winter Activation Meeting and Card Driven Wargames in general. Also features the first News segment, the first Brick and Mortar Spotlight, and some big news about the podcast!
  53. Problem transferring Ep 2...2006/02/20
    There is some problem transferring Ep 2. I am working on it. It will be fixed ASAP.
  54. Ep 2 Recording this weekend!2006/02/15
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  55. Write to us2006/01/25
    We are very interested in receiving feedback and topics of interest from our listeners. Please feel free to e-mail us at:

  56. Quick Clarification2006/01/23
    Hi, all,

    In the above post, I mentioned a "weekly" feature. That was a mistake. Point 2 Point, at this time, will be a monthly podcast.

    Our next recording session will be Feb. 19.

    Jason and Scott
  57. Point2Point Ep 12006/01/21
    Our first show!

    Scott and Jason discuss why they're podcasting, and how their hobby of wargaming differs from other boardgaming hobbies.

    Scott and Jason discuss their personal likes in games, define wargames, introduce the Boardgame Players Association, and introduce a weekly feature, the Gamer Rules.
Point 2 Point
Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

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