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سهراب (Persian Poetry)

  1. آغاز زمين2006/03/29
    من به آغاز زمين نزديکم
  2. اسب حيوان نجيبي است2006/03/29
    چرا ميگويند اسب حيوان نجيبي است
  3. سفر2006/03/29
    سفر دانه به گل
  4. مهماني دنيا2006/03/29
    من به مهماني دنيا رفتم
  5. صدای پای آب2006/03/29
    اهل كاشانم.
  6. صدای پای آب2006/03/29

    اهل كاشانم.
Sohrab Sepehri (Persian: سهراب سپهری) (October 7, 1928 - April 21, 1980) was a popular modern Iranian poet and painter. He was born in Kashan in Isfahan prvince . He is frequently counted among the five famous modern Iranian poets who have practised "New Poetry" (a kind of poetry that often has neither meter nor rhyme.

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