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  1. Pollution's Good For You2019/03/06

    News that MATTERS...
  2. Missing Girl's Body Found2019/03/05

    News that MATTERS
  3. Twister kills several2019/03/04

    News that MATTERS
  4. Cohen's testifying2019/02/27

    will it matter?
    News that MATTERS!
  5. Hiker dies for not reading...2019/02/26

    News that MATTERS
  6. Drone shot down2019/02/25

    News that MATTERS
  7. Hemp is not Getting you High2019/02/07


    News that MATTERS
  8. VA Gov. Staying Put...2019/02/06

    ...for now. News that MATTERS
  9. Shark Shark!2019/02/05

    News that MATTERS
  10. KKK and Blackface don't look good on a Governor2019/02/04

    News that MATTERS
  11. Arctic Blast GALORE2019/01/30

    News that MATTERS
  12. Frrrrreeeeeeezing!2019/01/29

    News that MATTERS...
  13. Kamala for America2019/01/28

    News that MATTERS
  14. Not so fast on the Tax Return2019/01/23

    News that MATTERS
  15. Chris Brown AGAIN2019/01/22

    News that MATTERS
  16. Fires and Storms Plague Calif.2019/01/16

    News that MATTERS

    News that matters...
  18. News that MATTERS2019/01/09

    Fed employees get fed, Planned Parenthood fighting to open an abortion clinic and more
  19. News that MATTERS2019/01/08

    Racism and butterflies...
  20. News that MATTERS2019/01/02

    Car carrier runs adrift, toilets not tended to b/c of shutdown, immigrants toss rocks at agents
  21. News that MATTERS2018/12/12

    Trio stuck in a coal mine, Cohen to be sentenced today, May's Brexit deal flopping.
  22. News that MATTERS2018/12/11

    the French protests continue, X Senators say the country's headed down the wrong path, Columbia agrees video is disturbing
  23. News that MATTERS2018/12/10

    snow sleet, missing and injured women...
  24. News that MATTERS2018/12/05

    Les Moonves tampering, W remembers HW and more
  25. News that MATTERS2018/12/04

    Mueller time! Missing woman in Costa Rica may have been found dead, no postal service in honor of H.W.
  26. News that MATTERS2018/12/03

    More on the death of a journalist, SD man charged for trying to kill Trump, George HW Bush remembered.
  27. News that MATTERS2018/11/15

    fire keeps burning, serial killer prolific, dead ballerina...
  28. News that MATTERS2018/11/14

    Camp Fire still burning
  29. News that MATTERS2018/11/12

    wildfires from hell and recounts are hell...
  30. News that MATTERS2018/11/06

    experienced pilot in that chopper crash with newlyweds...
  31. News that MATTERS2018/11/05

    Tragedy and Stupidity
  32. News that MATTERS2018/10/31

    Fires and bombs and hoaxes oh my!
  33. News that MATTERS2018/10/30

    Pittsburgh reeling
  34. News that MATTERS2018/10/17

    #Trump free zone
  35. News that MATTERS2018/10/16

    you know, the kind without politics?
  36. News that MATTERS2018/10/15

    No Trump zone...
  37. News that MATTERS2018/10/10

    Another Hurricane, more info on limo crash and Sears may be no more...
  38. News that MATTERS2018/10/09

    anyone actually read this bit? Comment below!
  39. News that MATTERS2018/10/08

  40. News that MATTERS2018/10/04

    Kavanaugh probe over, cops shot, one dead and immigrants get a reprieve from Trump
  41. News that MATTERS2018/10/03

    Kavanaugh probe ending and vote coming, woman vanishes while hiking with daughter, ICE center full of health hazards... SHOCKING?
  42. News that MATTERS2018/10/02

    Florence is PITA, Rosa is next, Kavanaugh bails Harvard
  43. News that MATTERS2018/10/01

    New Kavanaugh allegations, more migrant kids than reported and more
  44. News that MATTERS2018/09/26

    Cosby to prison and SCOTUS seat hangs in balance
  45. News that MATTERS2018/09/24

    All Kavanaugh all the time and a little Baltimore, b/c violence
  46. News that MATTERS2018/09/20

    Discrimination on the trail, Florence breeds thievery, Navy vet murdered
  47. News that MATTERS2018/09/19

    animals die b/c of Florence, no more BBQ in TX, surgeon and gf ply with booze then pounce
  48. News that MATTERS2018/09/18

    more death and destruction thanks to Florence, Russia Probe extravaganza
  49. News that MATTERS2018/09/17

    Florence, Manghut and a Rapper.
  50. News that MATTERS2018/09/12

    Florence is gonna pummel the U-S, Merkeley says FEMA money diverted to ICE
  51. News that MATTERS2018/09/11

    More info on white cop who shot black man dead, the latest major hurricane could be a doozy, Sonar Attacks blamed on Russia.
  52. News that MATTERS2018/09/10

    Wildfire closes major highway for days, White cop kills black man and is arrested, Woman kills husband at Walmart in front of their kids
  53. News that MATTERS2018/09/05

    Gordon poops out, FEMA sends unprepared workers to Hurricane help and Honey Smacks BAD!
  54. News that MATTERS2018/09/04

    Another Hurricane to the south, a woman dies in Colorado River, an American sentenced to death in Malaysia
  55. News that MATTERS2018/08/30

    White cop to jail for shooting blk teen, woman goes knocking for help, Aussies say no to Manning
  56. News that MATTERS2018/08/28

    Tibbetts family speaks out, Immigrant sues after her daughter died after stay in US shelter, Lane dumps a bunch of rain
  57. News that MATTERS2018/08/27

    A mass shooting in FL... again, McCain dies and a former opponent calls him out.
  58. News that MATTERS2018/08/23

    Cohen's dad tells him to flip, Calif. Congressman calls his indictment a "witch hunt" Hurricane Lane heads to Hawaii.
  59. News that MATTERS2018/08/22

    Cohen and Manafort in trouble with the law, Tibbets body (and suspected killer) found
  60. News that MATTERS2018/08/20

    College student still missing, people rescued from a beach, one dead and woman overboard a cruise ship
  61. News that MATTERS2018/08/15

    NM Judge accused of being too lenient, kid runs for Gov. in Vermont and Walmart crimes
  62. News that MATTERS2018/08/14

    Another FBI agent fired, Gay Catholic counselor suspended from job, entire panel of justices impeached
  63. News that MATTERS2018/08/08

    big No Cal fire still burning, Marine tossed for being in Alt Right, young girl tased for shoplifting
  64. News that MATTERS2018/08/07

    Calif. burning, should Trump's Hollywood Star be removed, couple of CNN anchors threatened
  65. News that MATTERS2018/08/06

    Massive fire in CA, NY Cop helps kid who jumps highway ledge, Prisoner escapes
  66. News that MATTERS2018/08/02

    Pres. to meet Mueller, Missing college kid may have been spotted, Football coach suspended
  67. News that MATTERS2018/08/01

    Rally in Minneapolis after cops who shot black man are not charged, immigrant girl hides in Auto Repair Shop, shop then harassed and Alex Jones in the hot seat
  68. News that MATTERS2018/07/31

    FEMA Personnel Dir. being investigated, Facilities overseeing separated kids under investigation, Gay Couple says they were discriminated against by airline
  69. News that MATTERS2018/07/30

    POTUS says no worries, he'd shut down government over border wall, woman kills husband over porn and missing Malaysian Airliner sabotaged
  70. News that MATTERS2018/07/26

    CNN reporter tossed from White House, Nassar attacked in prison, dumb dude offers cops donuts after being busted for misdemeanor
  71. News that MATTERS2018/07/24

  72. News that MATTERS2018/07/23

    Twitter aflutter after POTUS Iran tweet, wild horses dying in severe drought, black store owner harassed as he opens for the day
  73. News that MATTERS2018/07/19

    Spinning at the White House, Guard killed at prison in MN, Reality star in trouble for sex abuse
  74. News that MATTERS2018/07/18

    POTUS Chief of Staff livid, Papa John's founder not going quietly, raccoon won't leave a Walmart.
  75. News that MATTERS2018/07/17

    The president pisses off the establishment... AGAIN. Woman kills baby with breastmilk and a Russian agent arrested.
  76. News that MATTERS2018/07/16

    TRUMP PUTIN, Cold case solved, pilot smokes in cockpit, what could go wrong?
  77. News that MATTERS2018/07/12

    Trump's Porn Star arrested, Papa Johns Founder Resigns and a woman pounds an elderly Latino man
  78. News that MATTERS2018/07/11

    Immigrants to get ankle bracelets, gas main explodes in WI and a former baller in trouble with the law.
  79. News that MATTERS2018/07/10

    Cave rescue complete, kids still detained from parents and prosecutor put on leave for racism
  80. News that MATTERS2018/07/09

    Thailand Cave Rescue, McConnell accosted, GA Mom Murdered
  81. News that MATTERS2018/06/28

    Black man killed by white cop, AGAIN...
  82. News that MATTERS2018/06/27

    Big Primary Day across U-S, a Sudanese girl held for hubby's murder, murder at a ballpark
  83. News that MATTERS2018/06/25

    Calif. on fire AGAIN, Hit Trump where it hurts, E-Cig plant sickens many...
  84. News that MATTERS2018/06/06

    It's Hump Day ya all!
  85. News that MATTERS2018/06/05

    champions uninvited, target discriminates and another volcano!
  86. News that MATTERS2018/05/31

    TN Deputy killed, LAPD investigating USC Gyno and TX Gov implements safety after mass shooting
  87. News that MATTERS2018/05/30

    Airline called out for racism, Dam community evacuated and Roseanne's a racist?
  88. News that MATTERS2018/05/29

    Hurricane season is official, missing immigrant kids, Televangelist looking for jet donations
  89. News that MATTERS2018/05/24

    NoKo says US better summit or else, GA jury awards 1 Billion to rape victim, big drug and weapons bust in Rhode Island and is the Loch Ness monster real?
  90. News that MATTERS2018/05/23

    Crowd fund the "wall", 30 yr old won't leave his parents house, Cohen may flip, whaaaa?
  91. News that MATTERS2018/05/22

    Murderer wants apology, cop asks for pretend arrest and TX gov holds roundtable on shooting
  92. News that MATTERS2018/05/21

    Mass shooting in TX, inmate sues after guard gropes her and LAZE in Hawaii...
  93. News that MATTERS2018/05/17

    NO KO should ship nukes? 5 dead in TX and Bannon going for voter supression.
  94. News that MATTERS2018/05/16

    The North no longer keen on summit with POTUS, rain and wind kill 11 year old, Novartis lawyer leaves after Cohen scandal.
  95. News that MATTERS2018/05/15

    Israeli troops firing on Palestinians, judge in NRA case says young plaintiffs have to be named, Illinois looks at the death penalty again
  96. News that MATTERS2018/05/14

    Salmonella in Eggs, Volcano keeps flowing and McCain disser hasn't publicly apologized.
  97. News that MATTERS2018/05/10

    Fighting between Israel and Iran, uh oh; Black Yale Student has police called on her for sleeping in common room; Farrah and Ryan's son arrested.
  98. News that MATTERS2018/05/09

    Smoke fills a flight, acid rain in HI and a former CIA agent in trouble
  99. News that MATTERS2018/05/08

    NY AG resigning after abuse allegations, Man mauled as he tries to get selfie w/bear, black people at airBNB mistaken for burglars...
  100. News that MATTERS2018/05/07

    Hawaii Volcano destroys homes, Student receives degree posthumously, UC Walkout
  101. News that MATTERS2018/05/03

    POTUS did pay a porn star, E Coli outbreak continues and Bullock stalker dead.
  102. News that MATTERS2018/05/02

    Legal showdown for Trump, Mom to prison for "punishing" kids, couple in PA murdered
  103. News that MATTERS2018/05/01

    Migrants at the border, Brokaw in "Drive by Shooting", Parkland shooting victim's dad sues
  104. News that MATTERS2018/04/26

    Jackson's out, Lettuce is still tainted and two teens attacked or attack?
  105. News that MATTERS2018/04/25

    Trumps VA nominee not getting a warm reception, Trump has to accept more DACA's and Puerto Rico still in dark
  106. News that MATTERS2018/04/24

    Waffle House shooter caught, Toronto van driver caught and a judge dismissed
  107. News that MATTERS2018/04/19

    Airplane breakdowns, sometimes fatal and a stalker or a different threat?
  108. News that MATTERS2018/04/18

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92, SW Flight kills woman, Slimy politician resigns, tumbling weeds in CA & UT
  109. News that MATTERS2018/04/17

    Hannity in the hot seat, a banking billionaire dies in rehab and a college kid killed.
  110. News that MATTERS2018/04/16

    POTUS lawyer to court and apparently shielded Don Jr., Macron on Trump & Syria, Wacky Weather and Barbara Bush gravely ill.
  111. News that MATTERS2018/04/12
  112. News that MATTERS2018/04/11
  113. News that MATTERS2018/04/10
  114. News that MATTERS2018/04/09
  115. News that MATTERS2018/04/06
  116. News that MATTERS2018/04/05
  117. News that MATTERS2018/04/04
  118. News that MATTERS2018/04/03
  119. News that MATTERS2018/03/29
  120. News that MATTERS2018/03/28
  121. News that MATTERS2018/03/26
  122. News that MATTERS2018/03/22
  123. News that MATTERS2018/03/21
  124. News that MATTERS2018/03/20
  125. News that MATTERS2018/03/19
  126. News that MATTERS2018/03/05
  127. News that MATTERS2018/03/02
  128. News that MATTERS2018/03/01
  129. News that MATTERS2018/02/28
  130. News that MATTERS2018/02/26
  131. News that MATTERS2018/02/23
  132. News that MATTERS2018/02/22
  133. News that MATTERS2018/02/21
  134. News that MATTERS2018/02/20
  135. News that MATTERS2018/02/19
  136. News that MATTERS2018/02/16
  137. News that MATTERS2018/02/15
  138. News that MATTERS2018/02/14
  139. News that MATTERS2018/02/13
  140. News that MATTERS2018/02/12
  141. News that MATTERS2018/02/09
  142. News that MATTERS2018/02/08
  143. News that MATTERS2018/02/07
  144. News that MATTERS2018/02/06
  145. News that MATTERS2018/02/05
  146. News that MATTERS2018/01/25
  147. News that MATTERS2018/01/23
  148. News that MATTERS2018/01/22
  149. News that MATTERS2018/01/19
  150. News that MATTERS2018/01/18
  151. News that MATTERS2018/01/17
  152. News that MATTERS2018/01/16
  153. News that MATTERS2018/01/15
  154. News that MATTERS2018/01/12
  155. News that MATTERS2018/01/11
  156. News that MATTERS2018/01/10
  157. News that MATTERS2018/01/09
  158. News that MATTERS2018/01/08
  159. News that MATTERS2018/01/05
  160. News that MATTERS2018/01/04
  161. News that MATTERS2018/01/03
  162. News that MATTERS2018/01/02
  163. News that MATTERS2017/12/21
  164. News that MATTERS2017/12/20
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  166. News you can Use2017/12/18
  167. News with Snark2017/12/15
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  170. REAL NEWS up in this joint!2017/12/05
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  173. News that MATTERS2017/11/30
  174. News that MATTERS2017/11/27
  175. News that MATTERS2017/11/21
  176. News that MATTERS2017/11/20
  177. News that MATTERS2017/11/17
  178. News that MATTERS2017/11/16
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  180. News that MATTERS2017/11/14
  181. News that MATTERS2017/11/13
  182. News that MATTERS2017/11/09
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  188. News that MATTERS2017/10/30
  189. News that MATTERS2017/10/27
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  251. #RealNEWS2017/03/28
  252. Tupac Lives on in Sri Lanka2016/12/27
  253. Inmates Get Out W/Toilet's Help2016/12/27
  254. P,B&J Burglar Busted2016/12/23
  255. Man Gets His Goat Horns Permission2016/12/20
  256. Old "Woman" Rescued from Freezing Cold2016/12/19
  257. Twins Busted For Soap Stealing2016/12/19
  258. Pinball Wizardry2016/12/15
  259. Jumbled Address Go Missing2016/12/14
  260. Sausage-Party Gets Distinction2016/12/14
  261. Drone Bops Women in Head2016/12/12
  262. Turkeys are a Menace2016/12/12
  263. You Too Can Have a New "Pet Rock"2016/12/09
  264. "Curvy-Hipped" Squirrel Rescued...2016/12/09
  265. Mail Thief Busted2016/12/06
  266. Thief Busted After Facebook Post2016/12/06
  267. Reindeer Pizza Delivery...2016/12/05
  268. Snowman Stops Traffic2016/12/05
  269. Tot Twin Soul Mates Marry2016/12/01
  270. Vegans & Veggies Don't Like This Cash2016/12/01
  271. Text Oops Leads to Holiday Celebration2016/11/28
  272. OOOps, Not the Best Decision for Amusement Park2016/11/28
  273. Happy Thanksgiving from the Turkey Hotline2016/11/24
  274. Woman Busted for Hooking2016/11/22
  275. Man Busted For Excessive Tolls2016/11/21
  276. Sword Stolen by Ninja Returned2016/11/21
  277. Grave Digging Contest2016/11/15
  278. Dude's Rip off House, Then Stiff Cab Driver2016/11/14
  279. Sword's Missing, Ninja on the Run2016/11/14
  280. Woman Brings More Than Allowed to Airport2016/11/08
  281. Town Makes Use of TP2016/11/07
  282. Big Foot Causing Controversy 2016/11/03
  283. The Votes are Cast2016/11/02
  284. Mendocino County News2016/11/02
  285. That'll Be All Pig2016/11/02
  286. Man Unhappy with Dems2016/11/01
  287. Man Changes his Name to Win Phone2016/10/31
  288. Turkeys are Wild in This College Town2016/10/28
  289. Woman Busted for Buying Dog a Tux2016/10/27
  290. Wedding Crashers That Won't Leave2016/10/26
  291. Self Driving Beer Truck Makes It2016/10/26
  292. Guy Dresses As Tree2016/10/25
  293. Drunk Trump Hater Makes Big Oops2016/10/24
  294. Man Escapes Police...2016/10/18
  295. Dispatcher Busted for Short Calls2016/10/18
  296. Zombie Fighter Busted2016/10/13
  297. A Clown Lays Low2016/10/13
  298. Added Protein in that Wing Dinner2016/10/12
  299. Man Arrested for Trump Prank2016/09/26
  300. Mayor Re-elected to Another Term2016/08/24
  301. Sometimes I sing to my Dog2016/08/17
  302. Man Finds Stash in Outhouse2016/08/12
  303. Another Braintrust Playing Pokemon2016/07/20
  304. Loud Sex Gets Woman Jail Time2016/07/11
  305. Another Day, Another Crazy Story From Yellowstone2016/06/17
  306. Shaq is a LYFT driver?2016/06/02
  307. Baby Bison Euthanized Because...2016/05/18
  308. Week of Weird2016/05/13
  309. Loud Sex Gets This Gal Jail2016/05/05
  310. Elementary School to get New Name2016/04/26
  311. 420 Party in San Francisco a Mess2016/04/22
  312. Squirrels, NOT an active shooter2016/03/31
  313. Fake Priest Busted2016/02/04
  314. Zibabwe's Ugly Contest causes riot2015/11/23
  315. Dumb Judge2015/11/04
  317. Break Between 2 Newscasts2015/06/03
  318. Bronies2012/07/01
  319. Inaugural Edition of "News for Guys for http://leykis101.com2010/07/19
  320. Kumar Visits Missoula2008/08/05
  321. Vick's a stoner, duh, really?2007/09/26
  322. Tinky Winky Can Now Live An Unfettered Life2007/05/22
  323. Word Up - Anna Nicole O.D.'d2007/03/26
  324. Love Transcends the Ages2007/02/07
  325. Crazy Ass Astronaut2007/02/06
  326. Nouveau Riche War2006/12/11
  327. Freaky Deaks Back in the News2006/12/05
  328. ROLLIING STONES MANIA2006/10/05
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