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Hamza Yusuf - Alhambra Productions

  1. Are We Fit To Lead? - Imam Zaid Shakir2006/01/24

    Imam Zaid delivered this khutbah in Houston, Texas at Masjid al-Farouq on January, 13, 2006. Alhambra Productions travelled with Imam Zaid, Shaykh Hamza and Zaytuna for a recent community talk in Houston. This inspirational sermon serves as a reminder to all Muslims.

    ESBN: 72118-060123-638313-42
  2. There is No Calamity If There is Certainty - Hamza Yusuf2006/01/13

    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf delivered the Eid il Adha sermon in San Jose to a large congregation. He begins the sermon discussing the importance of recognizing that Eid il Adha is the day of Abraham. Hamza Yusuf continues to share the importance of striving hard to improve our communities. Another inspirational lecture!

    This iKhutbah was brought to you with support from Zaytuna Institute.
  3. A Message to Humanity - Hamza Yusuf2006/01/08

    An inspiring lecture delivered at the ISNA 2004 convention held in Chicago. Shaykh Hamza discusses important aspects of Islam’s message to humanity. He touches on important world events and current affairs. A truly motivational lecture for all of us. Many people who listened to this lecture have greatly benefitted from the wisdom conveyed by Shaykh Hamza.
  4. Ramadan Khutbah: Mercy and Forgiveness2005/12/13

    Imam Zaid delivered a Ramadan sermon (khutbah) in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. This khutbah was delivered on October 28, 2005. Mercy and forgiveness are the key topics for Imam Zaid’s khutbah. Mercy and forgiveness are translated as rahma and maghfirah in Arabic.
  5. Hamza Yusuf - Patience Takes Courage2005/12/10

    A new lecture by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf delivered on December 2, 2005. Shaykh Hamza discusses patience in the Islamic faith and having the courage to be patient in today's world.

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Hamza Yusuf - Alhambra Productions
Alhambra Productions is the recording company for Hamza Yusuf Hanson. On occasion, we are also blessed with producing the work of other teachers such as Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, and Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. In addition to our own productions, we carry a full line of quality Islamic multi-media material and an exclusive selection of books. Our reading material is selected by our advisory board members, which include Islamic scholars, teachers, home-educators, and alternative medical professionals. We pride ourselves in offering only material of the best quality and authenticity.

Alhambra Productions produces spiritual teachings from some of the worlds most prominent and respected Islamic scholars. Alhambra Productions also offers material on education, homeschooling, alternative medicine and other quality products to nurture the heart, mind, body and soul.

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