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  1. תזיזי ת'ישבן, תנענעי ת'תחת - move your bottom, shake your a*s2007/01/25
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  2. דין דין אביב - סודותי2007/01/04
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  3. T.R.B. Autopilot2006/12/20
    No words, one of the best

    ACC file
  4. עוד לילה - Another night2006/12/09
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  5. Dani California2006/06/18
    By Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Its great.
  6. Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident2006/06/11
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  7. Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death2006/05/24
    An instrumental piece
    one of the best i've ever heard

  8. I deserve me2006/05/23
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  9. Sora2006/05/19

    By Yoko Kanno, from the album "Escaflowne"
    2:24 min'
    wish it was longer
  10. סינרגיה - חום יולי אוגוסט2006/05/14
    By Sinergy
    Heat of july August
  11. בוטן מתוק בקרקס - את לא לבד2006/05/14
    Sweet Circus Peanut - You're not Alone
  12. אבטיפוס - תשאירי לי מקום לחבק אותך2006/05/14
    By Avtipus,
    tash'iri li makom lehabek otah - leave me a place to hug you.
  13. כוכב - Star2006/05/14
    A song by Sinergy.
    has a nice melody to it.
  14. רבות הדרכים - Many ways2006/05/09
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  15. צילו של יום קיץ - The shadow of a summer's day2006/05/07
  16. לחבק אותך - To hug you2006/05/07
    by סינרגיה, sinergia.
    Meaning of the name: (from greek - synergos) A joint action of two elements or more that gives a stronger result rather of the combination of each actions seperatly:
    the colabiration between two groups, joint efford.
  17. Sigapo - סיגפו2006/05/07
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  18. שובי אל ביתי - Come back to my home2006/05/07
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  19. החלום המתוק - sweet dream2006/05/07
    Personally, I think its garbage.
    It gives a glimps on the other culture in Israel, those of eastern origins and their faded attempt to create a music unique in its style and lyric.

    It was indeed a massive failure.
    But to be honest here, I actually can listen to this one - though not much.
  20. Melodies of Life2006/05/06

    From Final Fantasy 6
    by Nobuo Uematsu
  21. Nelja - Escape2006/05/06
    One of the most beutiful piano creations i've ever heard.
  22. My Heart Will Go On2006/05/06

    Despite it's being of title song for a well known movie, the Titanic, the theme song (only piano here) is beautiful by its own right.

  23. The Chase of Highway2006/05/06

    From Final Fantasy Advent Children Soundtrack
    by Nobuo Uematsu.

    It's more dramatic than the previous song
  24. The People Fight (Piano Version)2006/05/06
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  25. For the Reunion2006/05/06

    From Final Fantasy Advent Children Soundtrack,
    by Nobuo Uematsu

    a short musical peice
  26. Wait for sleep - Dream Theater2006/05/06
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  27. Age of God - עידן האלוהים2006/05/06
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  28. Feyota - פיוטה2006/05/05

    Hayehudim is a Heavy Rock band that was formed in 1992 by Tom Fetrober and Urit Shahaf, a married couple who came to know each other during their military service. The band's success despite the media's disregarding of it (mainly the radio) is a subject which the band takes most pride in it.

    Feyota is from the band's first album - "מציאות נפרדת" , "Separated reality"

  29. If you leave2006/05/05
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  30. Deeply Disturbed2006/05/05
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