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  2. Maids: The Untold Story Part 12007/08/01
    It reads like a soap opera, but this is not fiction: round-the-clock confinement, crippling illness, rape, escape, suicide and murder - women who go overseas to work as maids often encounter unforeseen terror and tragedy.
  3. World Stories: Letters from Partition2007/07/27
    In the tremendous upheaval of Indian partition in 1947, two complete strangers, one Muslim and one Hindu, help each other to survive.
  4. Globesity Part 22007/07/25
    Paul Bakibinga explores some of the ways individuals, communities and governments are trying to tackle obesity.
  5. On Europes Edge - Part 32007/07/23
    Ukraine and Moldova... Are thay caught in a no man's land between the EU and Russia?
  6. Coming Out - Part 12007/07/23
    Homosexuality is one of the world's biggest taboos. Clare English explores what it is like to be gay and asks why some societies are more tolerant than others?
  7. World Stories: Fetish in Japan2007/07/19
    Ilana Rehavia travels to Japan to uncover what is behind the country's intricate and highly specific sex industry.
  8. Globesity Part 12007/07/18
    Paul Bakibinga travels to the suburbs and townships of South Africa to meet people struggling with their weight, and to find out what lies behind the obesity explosion.
  9. On Europe's Edge - part 22007/07/16
    Turkey seeks EU membership despite a fraught relationship with Europe.
  10. World Stories: Marrying into conflict2007/07/13
    Two Ukranian women, classmates when they were at school in Kiev, married husbands in Israel and Lebanon, on different sides of the Middle Eastern political divide.
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