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  1. SINGLE LIVING #0342006/12/28
    Guest: Joyce Dolberg Rowe is a popular professional psychotherapist and relationship expert. Ms. Rowe was personally trained by Dr. John Gray, and is now the Regional Training Director for Mars & Venus in the Workplace in the Boston area. She is the author of How to Find Your Soulmate , which will direct you along the path to a long-term loving relationship with the right partner.
  2. SINGLE LIVING #0332006/09/04
    Guest: Barrett Solberg (Razr) is a Certified Relationship Coach and author of the eBook, Revealing the Secrets to the Greatest Ice Breaker Ever , a breakthrough book to help get guys on the path to the most fulfilling relationships possible. In this interview he provides insights into ice breaking, and the Eight Essential Components of Attraction.
  3. SINGLE LIVING #0322006/07/08
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  4. SINGLE LIVING #0312006/07/02
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  5. SINGLE LIVING #0302006/04/30
    Guest: Linda Kaye is known as The Nice Jewish Psychic. She is the the author of Sexy Love Affirmations and hosts The Oy Vey Radio Show . In this interview she discusses the 24 Love Types and how you can use affirmations to improve your love relationships with them.
  6. SINGLE LIVING #0292006/04/23
    Guest: Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer. He is the author of many books, including The Heart of a Man Is a Woman . In this interview he warns against decisions based on superficial attraction and also reveals how to develop the self-love that is the key to successful relationships.
  7. SINGLE LIVING #0282006/03/29
    Guest: Dr. Susan Campbell is a psychologist who specializes in relationships. She is the author of many popular books, including The Couple's Journey and Beyond the Power Struggle . Today she discusses her latest book, Truth in Dating , and reveals why truth is sexy and how singles can practice The 10 Truth Skills .
  8. SINGLE LIVING #0272006/03/29
    Guest: Alison Blackman Dunham , also known as The Advice Sister , discusses her two books, The Everything Dating Book and Recruiting Love--Using the Business Skills You Have to Find the Love You Want . She reveals how singles over 40 can successfully navigate the dating world and find someone special.
  9. SINGLE LIVING #0262006/03/17
    Guest: Mason Grigsby is the co-author of Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game .  In this interview he discusses how mature singles, 40+, have different desires than their younger counterparts. He reveals some startling changes in what men and women seek in a romantic partner, based on his survey of 400 mature singles.
  10. SINGLE LIVING #0252006/03/08
    Guest: Michael Jones is President of UserPlane , a company that develops web applications. He is also on the Board of Directors of IDEA-OASIS , a trade association for the dating industry. In this interview he discusses where the online dating industry is headed, how to launch and market a new dating website, and honesty and fraud issues..
  11. SINGLE LIVING #0242006/02/02
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  12. SINGLE LIVING #0232006/03/22
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  13. SINGLE LIVING #0222006/02/16
    Guest: Allie Ochs is a Relationship Coach in Canada. She is the author of Are You Fit to Love .  In this interview she recommends moving beyond superficial attraction and choosing a romantic partner on the basis of more important factors. She also discusses the three universal principles of being fit to love.
  14. SINGLE LIVING #0212006/02/07
    Guest: Susan Bradley is the founder of LovingU.com and an award-winning author. Her latest book is Irresistible Prescriptions for Love . She has been featured in Complete Woman, The Discovery Channel, Cosmo, Hard Copy, 48 Hours, CNN and Montel Williams.
  15. SINGLE LIVING #0202006/01/31
    Guest: Jane Roder is a Dating and Relationship Coach in Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of 101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart and three other books available on her website. In this interview she discusses commitment-phobia in depth, how to spot commitment-phobics before they break your heart, why bad boys attract women while nice guys often go home alone, and how to make relationships work.
  16. SINGLE LIVING #0192006/01/26
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  17. SINGLE LIVING #0182006/01/16
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  18. SINGLE LIVING #0172006/01/06
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  19. SINGLE LIVING #0162005/12/27
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  20. SINGLE LIVING #0152005/12/24
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  21. SINGLE LIVING #0142005/12/17
    Rich Gosse interviews Terry Smith , the author of Teaching the D.I.C. (Discipline of Intimacy & Communication) and a companion card game, Without Thought . She also created a TV game show entitled Create Your Mate . In this interview she discusses the importance of bringing clarity to a new relationship--before the relationship reaches the intimate stage.
  22. SINGLE LIVING #0132005/12/06
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  23. SINGLE LIVING #0122005/12/02
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  24. SINGLE LIVING #0112005/11/23
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  25. SINGLE LIVING #0102005/11/18
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  26. SINGLE LIVING #0092005/11/06
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  27. SINGLE LIVING #0082005/11/03
    Rich Gosse interviews Bonnie Gabriel is the author of The Fine Art of Erotic Talk: How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover with Words . Bonnie begins with "talking dirty" and moves on to how to develop a sexy voice, how to discuss safe sex without destroying sexual chemistry, how to introduce your erotic fantasies into a relationship, and how to give erotic nurturing.
  28. SINGLE LIVING #0072005/11/03
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  29. SINGLE LIVING #0062005/10/29
    Rich Gosse interviews Liz Kelly , a dating coach, columnist, speaker and author of SMART Man Hunting .  Her focus is to help singles boost their numbers, ego and odds of finding a perfect match.  Her work has been featured on Fox News , Lifetime , BBC Radio , USA Today and many more.
  30. SINGLE LIVING #0052005/10/27
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  31. SINGLE LIVING #0042005/10/24
    Rich Gosse interviews Tom Pattinson is the Singles Retirement Guru. He is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) specializing in Retirement Planning for Singles. He has helped hundreds of clients get their affairs together, prepare for growing older, and protect their nest eggs.
  32. SINGLE LIVING #0032005/10/24
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  33. SINGLE LIVING #0022005/10/23
    Rich Gosse interviews Gayle Delaney, Ph.D ., a psychologist, romance coach, and author of All About Dreams . Gayle discusses how to overcome shyness, how to raise the energy level in a romantic relationship, what wonderful things you can do for your sweetheart, and how to avoid the wrong people.
  34. SINGLE LIVING #0012005/10/19
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An interview show with guests discussing topics of interest to singles, including love, romance, dating, personal ads, sex, and even financial issues important to singles.

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