JudyCast: The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm

  1. Happy New Year2021/01/01

    A brief message and song to wish you a happy and healthy new year.

  2. Floating Island2020/02/13

    Judy is the guest on an episode of the legendary radio program, Desert Island Discs.

  3. A Calico Conservatoire2019/11/26

    Judy and her band of legends are back!

  4. Deanna - A Brief Interlude2019/09/24

    Join Judy for a brief song and dance dedicated to her dear associate, Deanna.

  5. Mulholland La La-Bye2017/08/30

    JudyCast goes out on the road to follow Judy as she returns to Hollywood for the first time in 50 years. There, she confronts a monster and the city of stars she left behind.

  6. Everything Looks Different2016/07/07

    The gang tries to break Judy out of prison. Hilarity ensues.

  7. Bullet Brassieres Over Broadway2013/09/10

    Instajudy. Hashbrown: Garland.

  8. Meet Me in My Shadows2012/06/05

    A Once in a Lifetime Event... Judy shows up early. Her 90th Birthday isn't until June 10th, but you can start celebrating now! So, lift a chocolate egg cream to Grand Rapids' favorite daughter.

  9. Brief Interlude2012/05/04

    I wonder who called...

  10. Low-Sodium Dress2010/04/15

    Steve and the Lady.

  11. Sittin’ with Joe Mankiewicz2010/01/19

    Bernadette, Judy, Carol. Tell 'em how you feel girls.

  12. At The Vanguard2009/09/28

    Join Judy for an intimate set at the Vanguard.

  13. Ninety-Nine Sid Luftballoons2009/03/12

    Willkommen back.

  14. Beret de framboise2009/01/26

    It's been long enough, Ephraim.

  15. Hellzapoppin’ Microphones2008/01/26

    Pass the L. Frank Lip Balm, we're back.

  16. Finishing Zagat2007/06/04

    Tick tock tick tock. She's back!

  17. Oscar de la Raspberry2007/02/25

    Like a cigarette break at the funny farm.

  18. A Dreamgirl Deferred2007/01/29

    It's girls night out, however brief.

  19. The Way We Werewolf2006/11/01

    Halloween, Frances Style.

  20. Grey Oleander, Moo Moo Moo Moo2006/09/02

    Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, and Stitch guest star.

  21. Golden Judy2006/07/20

    JudyCast falls in love with Rose in a production of those girls golden.

  22. Rain On The Dancefloor2006/04/17

    Ex-husbands, the Little Red Hen, and rain.

  23. Judy vs. Alessandra2006/04/03

    Judy defends Liza against New York Times journalist Alessandra Stanley.

  24. Pimp Back To Paradise2006/03/19

    Judy sneaks into the studio and takes a call from Barbra Streisand. Michael John LaChiusa's Marie Christine gets the Hard Out Here For a Pimp treatment.

  25. A Tetris Valentine2006/03/05

    Judy discusses the love of her life and plays Tetris.

JudyCast with Frances Gumm
JudyCast is a surreal talk/variety show hosted by Judy Garland and her band of Hollywood and Broadway legends. Solely voiced and produced by Bill Phair, there’s really no other podcast like it!