DJ Adam Ash - Funky, Electro & Dirty House Music Podcast

  1. DJ Adam Ash - July Funk the House Podcast 2008/07/15
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  2. DJ Adam Ash - May Funky, Electro & Dirty House Podcast2008/05/10
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  3. DJ Adam Ash - March Funky, Electro & Dirty House Podcast2008/03/24
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  4. DJ Adam Ash - February Funky, Electro & Dirty House Podcast2008/02/25
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  5. DJ Adam Ash - January Funky, Electro & Dirty House Podcast2008/01/13
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  6. DJ Adam Ash - December BreakBeat Podcast2007/12/09
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  7. DJ Adam Ash - Funk that Electro!2007/09/22
    Back after a much needed break! This Electro house mix conjures up a blend of so UK Electro and Funky house sounds. No tracklisting again, but if you want to know some of the tunes get in touch!
    Good to hear some comments from you guys too!

  8. Return of the classics2007/03/02
    From back in the day - I couldn't resist, hope you enjoy listening as muh as i enjoyed mixing!!


    DJ Jean - The Launch
    [Teebone - Fly Bi Acapella]
    Yomanda - Synth & Strings
    Darude - Sandstorm
    Mario Piu - The Vision
    Warp Brothers - We Will Survive
    Warp vs Aquagen - Phatt Bass
DJ Adam Ash - Funky, Electro & Dirty House Music Podcast
A monthly podcast mixed exclusively by DJ Adam Ash, from Brighton, England. Each mix bringing you a blend of Funky, Electro & Dirty house, with some Break Beats chucked in for good measure! I hope you enjoy!