Useless Information Podcast

  1. Pete the Python - UI Podcast #2212024/07/10
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  2. The Man Who Would Become Uncle Sam - UI #2202024/06/19
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  3. Mr. Benefactor - Podcast #2192024/06/05
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  4. Retrocast #26 - Podcast #2182024/05/15
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  5. A Crucifixion in Chicago - UI Podcast #2172024/04/24
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  6. Retrocast #25 - UI Podcast #2162024/04/09
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  7. The Strange Case of the Poppy Seed Roll - UI #2152024/03/13
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  8. The Lightning Tamers - UI Podcast #2142024/02/21
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  9. The Radiator Romeo - UI Podcast #2132024/02/06
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  10. Retrocast #24 - UI Podcast #2122024/01/23
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  11. The Poor Rich Man - UI Podcast #2112024/01/09
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  12. Christmas Retrocast - UI Podcast #2102023/12/20
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  13. The Beardless Santa - UI Podcast #2092023/12/14
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  14. Retrocast #22 - UI Podcast #2082023/11/30
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  15. Slippery the Sea Lion - UI Podcast #2072023/11/14
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  16. Retrocast #21 - UI Podcast #2062023/10/23
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  17. The Naked Mustard Ladies - UI Podcast #2052023/10/09
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  18. Retrocast #20 - UI Podcast #2042023/09/20
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  19. Boxed for a Better Life - UI Podcast #2032023/09/11
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  20. Retrocast #19 - UI Podcast #2022023/08/16
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  21. Back Into the Woods - Podcast #2012023/08/02
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  22. Mississippi Bans Sesame Street - UI Podcast #2002023/07/17
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  23. Bonus Episode: I Am a Guest on the Off Exit 10 Podcast2023/07/05
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  24. Retrocast 18 - UI #1992023/06/21
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  25. Bonus Episode: The Cold War Spy Swap2023/06/14
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  26. The Kid Is Not My Son - UI #1982023/06/07
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  27. Dubious Advice - UI Podcast #1972023/05/18
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  28. Frasier, the Sensuous Lion - UI Podcast #1962023/05/03
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  29. Retrocast #17 - UI Podcast #1952023/04/19
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  30. The Love Pirate - UI Podcast #1942023/04/03
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  31. Retrocast #16 - UI Podcast #1932023/03/20
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  32. A Severed Relationship - UI #1922023/03/06
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  33. Retrocast #15 - UI Podcast #1912023/02/14
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  34. Marty the Marijuana Mouse - UI Podcast #1902023/02/02
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  35. Retrocast #14 - UI Podcast #1892023/01/19
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  36. The Newburyport Anti-Inflation Plan - UI #1882023/01/09
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  37. Christmas Retrocast - UI Podcast #1872022/12/20
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  38. Bad Apples #5 - The Bishop's Wife - UI #1862022/12/15
    In this episode, my wife Mary Jane joins me to review the 1947 classic Christmas movie "The Bishop’s Wife," starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven. Released just one year after the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we discuss whether this movie is of the same caliber. And even if it isn’t, is the movie worth seeing?
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  39. 200 Years of Twas the Night - UI Podcast #1852022/12/05
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  40. The Cryptanalyst (Part 3) - UI Podcast #1842022/11/18
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  41. The Cryptanalyst (Part 2) - UI Podcast #1832022/11/03
    In this second segment, 93-year-old Marvin Lautzenheiser discusses his time as an FBI field agent in Charlotte, how his team finally deciphered the hollow nickel message after years of numerous failed attempts, how he avoided testifying at Rudolph Abel's trial, and offers up his opinion on the Steven Spielberg movie Bridge of Spies.
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  42. The Cryptanalyst (Part 1) - UI Podcast #1822022/10/21
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  43. The Great Los Angeles Air Raid - UI Podcast #1812022/10/07
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  44. YesterCast #1 - November 22, 1963 - UI #1802022/09/22
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  45. Bad Apples #4 - Gaslight - UI #1792022/09/07
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  46. Russell Sage: The Meanest Miser in the Land - UI #1782022/08/15
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  47. Retrocast 12 - UI Podcast #1772022/08/01
    In this episode: A man who claimed that he had eloped with another man’s wife because she had fed him a delicious piece of cake, a dead woman who sat up in her coffin just as the undertakers began to pour ice over her body, smog changes the color of a California man’s tie, and much more! Tim Harford of Cautionary Tales cohosts.
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  48. The Rise & Fall of the Celestial Comet - UI #1762022/07/19
    In 1941, the Plainfield Teachers College football team was unstoppable. That was until a reporter exposed a shocking secret about the team and their storybook season was brought to a grinding halt.

    Images, links, and transcripts:
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  49. Retrocast #11 - UI Podcast #1752022/06/30
    In this episode: A mystery man speaks an unknown language, a boy gets his head stuck in a toilet seat, a woman slips on a bar of soap and flies out the window, and much more! Madison Newton cohosts.
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  50. Almost Over the Hump - UI Podcast #1742022/06/20
    Just what happens when your airplane crashes high up in the Himalayan mountains and there is no chance that anyone will ever find you? This happened to pilots Joe Rosbert and Ridge Hammell during World War II as they attempted to pilot a cargo plane over “The Hump.” It’s an amazing story of perseverance, survival, and a lot of luck.
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  51. Retrocast #10 - UI Podcast #1732022/06/01
    In this episode: The United States once banned the sale of sliced bread, the State of Oregon attempted to ban popcorn in movie theaters, women were using fly swatters to swat away their excess pounds, and much more! Matt Breen of The Explorers Podcast cohosts.
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  52. From Car Show!: The Jeep and World War II2022/05/25
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  53. Henry Ford's Peace Ship - UI Podcast #1722022/05/16
    In 1915, American industrialist Henry Ford announced that he was willing to use his entire fortune to bring an end to World War I. So, he chartered a ship to take many of the prominent peace activists of the day to Europe and convene a peace conference to mediate an end to the European War. So, hop aboard the Peace Ship!
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  54. Arbor Day Turns 150! - UI Podcast #1712022/04/28
    Arbor Day is 150 years old! Learn the origins of the day, plus how one small upstate New York town continues the annual celebration.
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  55. Retrocast #9 - UI Podcast #1702022/04/13
    In this episode: A woman dumps her fiancé at the altar to marry the minister, a jealous husband who used rattlesnakes to keep men away from his wife, the unlikely suspects in a case of truck tire sabotage, and much more! Retrosponsor: Kraft Mayonnaise
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  56. The Father of Voice Radio - UI Podcast #1692022/03/31
    It’s hard to believe, but when the first words were spoken on radio, it was dismissed as a novelty. It seems as if everyone thought that Morse code was the future. Nearly everyone except for Reginald Fessenden.
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  57. The Case of the Hollow Nickel - UI #1682022/03/15
    In 1953, paperboy Jimmy Bozart was counting his newspaper subscription money. He dropped the coins and one nickel split open, revealing a piece of microfilm. This led to the arrest of a high-ranking Soviet spy.
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  58. Retrocast #8 - UI Podcast #1672022/02/28
    In this episode: A live baby is auctioned off, a carnival knife thrower accidentally hits his human target, a West Virginian dog warden with an unusual approach to keeping thieves out of the pound, and much more!
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  59. The Eddie Cantor Peace Prize - UI #1662022/02/15
    In 1936, superstar Eddie Cantor asked his radio listeners to write an essay describing how the United States could avoid war. The prize was a full college scholarship. With no set rules, something was certain to go wrong. And something did go very wrong.
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  60. Retrocast #7 - UI Podcast #1652022/01/31
    In this episode: A man falls out of a window and is saved by a flagpole, seven tonsillectomies done in an assembly line fashion, the last cigarette commercial on US network television, a baby born in a well, and much more! Retrosponsor: Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin
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  61. The Glass House Girl - UI #1642022/01/13
    Edna Kirby spent more than a decade in Hollywood appearing in silent movies for Paramount Studios. While she never became a movie star, Edna drew large crowds in nearly every town that she visited. That’s because Edna Kirby lived in a glass house.
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  62. Bad Apples #3 - Sunset Boulevard - UI #1632022/01/03
    In this episode, my wife Mary Jane joins me to review the classic movie "Sunset Boulevard." Directed by Billy Wilder, this movie tells the story of a struggling screenwriter who gets into a dangerous relationship with a faded Hollywood actress who dreams of a big comeback.
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  63. Retrocast #6 - UI Podcast #1622021/12/15
    Christmas episode! A reindeer that bit a boy’s finger, a lawsuit over the world’s largest Christmas stocking, an absent-minded Santa Claus, a Santa caught with his pants down, the first Christmas film ever made, and much more! Retrosponsor: Dole Pineapple Juice and Gems
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  64. Tom McGee's Back on the Chain Gang - UI #1612021/11/30
    Tom McGee wanted nothing more for Christmas than to be able to spend time caring for his hogs. The only catch was that he needed to commit a crime and hope that a judge would sentence him to time on one of Georgia’s infamous chain gangs. A true story that took place in Atlanta from 1928 through 1930.
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  65. Retrocast #5 - UI Podcast #1602021/11/16
    In this episode: A proud father who kidnapped his newborn daughter, a mother jailed for cooking a woodpecker, Einstein gives a student incorrect math advice, a snake that joined a woman in the bathtub, a filmstrip projector demonstrated for the first time, and much more! Retrosponsor: Log Cabin Syrup.
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  66. The Forgotten Man - UI Podcast #1592021/10/28
    A New Jersey man was caught in a Catch-22 situation. As long as he remained on death row, he could live. If he attempted to get off of death row by challenging his sentence in court, he would likely die. Can you guess which option he chose? A true story that began in 1908.
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  67. Retrocast #4 - UI Podcast #1582021/10/15
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  68. Don't Mess With Minerva Miller - UI Podcast #1572021/09/29
    In 1911, Mrs. Minerva Miller and two friends went to The Paterson Show in Paterson, NJ to watch a movie. A standard ticket cost 5 cents, but Mrs. Miller was told that she would have to pay 25 cents because she was black. Minerva Miller decided to challenge the theater's racist policy.
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  69. Retrocast #3 - UI Podcast #1562021/09/15
    A 72-year-old woman who married a 20-year-old man, a 16-year-old girl arrested for cursing, a woman who had some run-ins with modern appliances, speaking English deforms the mouth, a husband who refused to buy his wife false teeth, a "Dammed Missouri" book that disappeared in a flood, and more! Retrosponsor: Rinso
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  70. Lost in the Mountains - UI Podcast #1552021/08/30
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  71. Retrocast #2 - UI Podcast #1542021/08/16
    Retrocast #2: Boy runs away because he can·t master Latin, a mother who loaned her son to a stranger, a man who survived a Nazi firing squad, cows killed by lightning, man's leg broken three times, truth in business inboxes, 200 hog call records stolen, a helicopter melon thief, and more!
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  72. Two Worlds Collide - UI Podcast #1532021/07/30
    In 1932, Redondo Beach school superintendent Elliott B. Thomas mysteriously disappeared and his office was ransacked. Was he kidnapped? Could he have been killed? Or was something else going on? Also, learn about a new chemical element called Administratium.
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  73. Retrocast #1 - UI Podcast #1522021/07/14
    Retrocast #1 - A 106-year-old woman seeks a husband, 5 phonograph records is admission to a dance, Australia gives the US an albino kangaroo, Johnny Cash promoting the Home Equipment Co., A country could be 49th US state, and more!
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  74. A Blind Eye - UI Podcast #1512021/06/29
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  75. A Fortune to the Dogs - UI Podcast #1502021/05/31
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  76. Bad Apples #2 - The Hitch-Hiker - UI Podcast #1492021/05/19
    In this episode, my wife Mary Jane joins me to review the classic movie "The Hitch-Hiker." Directed by Ida Lupino, this movie was inspired by the crimes of mass murderer Billy Cook, which was told in podcast #148 titled "Badman Billy Cook."
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  77. Badman Billy Cook - UI Podcast #1482021/04/28
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  78. So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu2021/04/01
    In this episode, I make an important announcement about the future of the podcast.
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  79. The St. Louis Diphtheria Tragedy - UI Podcast #1472021/03/26
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  80. The Price of a Kiss - UI Podcast #1462021/02/26
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  81. Bad Apples #1 - The Best Years of Our Lives - UI Podcast #1452021/02/08
    In this episode, my wife Mary Jane joins me to review the classic movie "The Best Years of Our Lives." Released in 1946, the movie won 7 Academy Awards, including Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.
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  82. The Sleep-Walking Murderer - UI Podcast #1442021/01/25
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  83. A Grateful Mother - UI Podcast #1432020/12/21
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  84. The Runaway Miss America - UI Podcast #1422020/12/07
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  85. The Flying Housewife - Part 2 - UI Podcast #1412020/11/16
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  86. The Flying Housewife - Part 1 - UI Podcast #1402020/10/29
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  87. The Fight for Hildy McCoy - UI Podcast #1392020/09/30
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  88. Titanic's Orphans - UI Podcast #1382020/08/29
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  89. Becoming a CPA with Morgan Simmons - UI Bonus Episode #62020/08/12
    In this special edition of the podcast, Chatham High School graduate Morgan Simmons interviews Sue Baer, president of the Baer Tax Group in Ghent, NY.
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  90. The Zambian Space Program - UI Podcast #1372020/07/28
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  91. The Child Bride - UI Podcast #1362020/06/26
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  92. Game Design & Testing with Eddie Tice - UI Bonus Episode #52020/06/15
    In this special edition of the podcast, Chatham High School senior Eddie Tice interviews Senior QA Tester Trevor Farnsworth at Vicarious Visions, a game developer located in Albany, NY.
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  93. Emperor of the Sahara (Part 2) - UI Podcast #1352020/05/15
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  94. Emperor of the Sahara (Part 1) - UI Podcast #1342020/04/27
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  95. A Nose for Fishing - UI Podcast #1332020/03/31
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  96. In the Blink of an Eye - UI Podcast #1322020/02/22
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  97. An Inside Job - UI Podcast #1312020/01/25
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  98. A Christmas Eve Kidnapping - UI Podcast #1302019/12/20
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  99. Soul Searching - UI Podcast #1292019/11/22
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  100. The Prick of Death - UI Podcast #1282019/10/16
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  101. The Case of the Doctor-Doctor Kidnapping - UI Podcast #1272019/09/13
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  102. The Transcontinental Taxi Ride - UI Podcast #1262019/08/09
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  103. The Snoring War - UI Podcast #1252019/07/03
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  104. Flying Blind - UI Podcast #1242019/06/04
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  105. The Many, Many Murders of Michael Malloy - UI Podcast #1232019/05/19
    Live presentation of one of my favorite stories of all time. Back in 1933, more than thirty attempts were made on the life of a drunk named Michael Malloy. Sounds like fiction, but is totally true.
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  106. 1st Jewish Couple Married on TV (Part 2) - UI #1222019/05/05
    Part 2 of my interview with cartoonist Leigh Rubin during which we discuss how he got into cartooning and went on to become a successful syndicated cartoonist.
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  107. 1st Jewish Couple Married on TV (Part 1) - UI #1212019/04/23
    Natalie and Stan Rubin were the first Jewish couple ever married on national TV, but it almost never happened. Hear clips from the television show and an interview with their son "Rubes" cartoonist Leigh Rubin. Also learn about the first toilet ever flushed on-screen in a mainstream movie. Retrosponsor: Hudson Paper Napkins
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  108. The Great Podcast Switcheroo!2019/04/01
    It's April 1st and the Great Podcast Switcheroo is happening! It's where a number of podcasts have switched hosts for the day. Today we have an episode of the Historical Blindness podcast titled The Camden Wonder, which is one of the most unusual murder cases of all time. Well worth a listen!
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  109. UI Bonus Episode #4 - An Incredible Life of Learning2019/03/25
    Chatham High School student Van Oles interviews his grandfather, retired pharmacist Ronald McLean. It's the wonderful story of a man who started his career as a soda jerk in a pharmacy and ultimately made his way to be appointed as the Interim Dean at the Albany College of Pharmacy.
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  110. UI #120 - The Coal Mountain Casanova2019/03/17
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  111. UI Bonus Episode #3 - Interview with John Murphy2019/02/25
  112. UI #119 - A Punishment That Went Horribly Wrong2019/02/06
  113. UI Bonus Episode #2 - Salem Trade School Interview2019/01/13
  114. UI #118 - Christmas Time in Santa Heim2018/12/21
  115. UI #117 - The Adventure of a Lifetime2018/12/02
  116. UI #116 - The Walking Murphys2018/10/21
  117. UI #115 - The Monster Crash at Crush2018/09/13
  118. UI #114 - Baby Moses2018/08/07
  119. UI #113 - Mile-A-Minute Murphy2018/07/05
  120. UI #112 - A Journey to the Center of the Earth2018/05/30
  121. UI #111 - Dick the Dog2018/04/29
  122. Useless Information Podcast Bonus Episode #12018/03/28
  123. UI #110 - Wife for Sale2018/02/26
  124. UI #109 - The Case of the Phantom Vegetable Oil2018/01/29
  125. UI #108 - The Man Who Gave Away His Birthday2017/12/29
  126. UI #107 - The First Transatlantic Airplane Race2017/11/24
  127. UI #106 - Elixir of Death2017/10/09
  128. UI #105 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 3 - Maybelle Trow Knox2017/08/31
  129. UI #104 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 2 - Farmers in Revolt2017/07/07
  130. UI #103 - Le Mars Trilogy: Part 1 - T.M. Zink's Library2017/06/10
  131. UI #102 - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker2017/05/06
  132. UI #101 - Where There's a Wilby, There's a Way2017/03/27
  133. UI #100 - A Miracle Birth in Mexico2017/02/28
  134. UI #99 - Millionaire for a Day2016/11/26
  135. UI #98 - The Trick-or-Treat Dentist2016/10/17
  136. UI #97 - Silent Susan2016/09/12
  137. UI #96 - The Ice Cream Wars2016/08/03
  138. UI #95 - The Yonkers Anti-Shorts Law2016/06/30
  139. UI #94 - The Brassiere Brigade2016/05/30
  140. UI #93 - The Ugliest Thing the President Ever Saw2016/04/29
  141. UI #92 - A Dog Day in Court2016/03/31
  142. UI #91 - Unfit to Teach2016/02/28
  143. UI #90 - The Salem Trade School2016/01/27
  144. UI #89 - The Singing Mouse2015/12/24
  145. UI #88 - The Last Man on Earth2015/11/30
  146. UI #87 - The Rescue of Charles Nalle2015/10/25
  147. UI #86 - The Monk and his Hypnotist2015/09/19
  148. UI #85 - Cinderella Girl2015/08/12
  149. UI #84 - The Honest Man with an Evil Eye2015/07/10
  150. UI #83 - Michigan's Flying Bandit2015/06/07
  151. UI #82 - That's the Ticket2015/05/09
  152. UI #81 - The Shoeless Hillbilly2015/04/07
  153. UI #80 - Murder in the Mail2015/03/06
  154. UI #79 - The Great Venus Swindle2015/01/22
  155. UI #78 - The Bowery's Santa2014/12/19
  156. UI #77 - The Woman with the X-Ray Camera2014/11/29
  157. UI #76 - A Life Forgotten2014/10/23
  158. UI #75 - The Citicorp Tower Revisited2014/08/16
  159. UI #74 - Arrest the Parents2014/07/14
  160. UI #73 - The Canary Funeral2014/05/24
  161. UI #72 - The Fever Girl2014/04/19
  162. UI #71 - Baltimore's Buried Treasure2014/03/15
  163. UI #70 - Busman's Holiday2014/02/11
  164. UI #69 - Tunnel Joe Holmes2014/01/04
  165. UI #68 - The Blaze Incident2013/12/01
  166. UI #67 - Mr. Moneybags2013/10/31
  167. UI #66 - The Baby is in the Mail2013/09/22
  168. UI #65 - The Short Life of Suzy Dewey2013/08/19
  169. UI #64 - Operation Bodysnatch2013/07/16
  170. UI #63 - Attack of the 50-Foot Garden Hose2013/06/09
  171. UI #62 - The Ghost of Guam2013/04/27
  172. UI #61 - The Pleasant Hill School Bus Tragedy2013/03/23
  173. UI #60 - Ivory Soap Murders2013/02/19
  174. UI #59 - The Sky is Falling2013/01/09
  175. UI #58 - Dead Ringers2012/11/24
  176. UI #57 - The Sikorsky Sweater Girls2012/10/07
  177. UI #56 - Apple Annie2012/08/21
  178. UI #55 - Will the Real Dr. Brown Please Stand Up?2012/07/10
  179. UI #54 - The Case of the Misplaced Belly Button2012/05/27
  180. UI #53 - The Patron Saint of the Vocally Challenged2012/04/26
  181. Jack the Stripper - UI Podcast #0522012/03/21
  182. UI #51 - Tinker the Toad2012/02/14
  183. UI #50 - The Corpse Bride2012/01/14
  184. Midnapore's Wolf Children - UI Podcast #0492011/12/14
  185. The Double Life of Clarence King - UI Podcast #0482011/11/02
  186. The French Nobleman - UI Podcast #0472011/09/05
  187. Grady the Cow - UI Podcast #0462011/07/08
  188. The Fly Paper Murderess - UI Podcast #045 2011/06/16
  189. The Man Buried Alive - UI Podcast #0442011/05/04
  190. Lyndon Johnson's Camel Driver - UI Podcast #0432011/04/14
  191. Noach Goldberg's Wooden Leg - UI Podcast #0422011/03/16
  192. Conrad Cantzen's Shoes - UI Podcast #0412011/02/12
  193. Coney Island's Baby Incubators - UI Podcast #0402011/01/10
  194. Samuel Resnick Buys His Own Murder - UI Podcast #0392010/12/08
  195. The Cardiff Giant - UI Podcast #0382010/10/26
  196. The 34-Year Nightmare - UI Podcast #0372010/09/10
  197. The Greatest Escape - UI Podcast #0362010/08/10
  198. Dumpy the Dog - UI Podcast #0352010/07/09
  199. Death by Exploding Playing Cards - UI Podcast #0342010/06/07
  200. The Little Widow of Herald Square - UI Podcast #0332010/05/05
  201. The Sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt - UI Podcast #0322010/04/06
  202. The Phantom Sniper - UI Podcast #0312010/03/03
  203. The Strange Kidnapping of Milly McGill - UI Podcast #0302010/02/01
  204. The 1913 Calumet Christmas Party Disaster - UI Podcast #0292009/11/24
  205. The Cranberry Crisis of 1959 - UI Podcast #0282009/11/23
  206. The Great Elephant Caper - UI Podcast #0272009/10/30
  207. You've Got the Wrong Men - UI Podcast #0262009/10/01
  208. Escape in a Homemade Submarine - UI Podcast #025 2009/09/02
  209. The Kidnapping of Caleb Milne IV - UI #0242009/08/06
  210. The Day the US Dropped 4 H-Bombs on Spain - UI #0232009/07/12
  211. The Fake Epidemic - UI Podcast #0222009/06/11
  212. The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson - UI #0212009/05/07
  213. US Army Bicycle Corps - UI Podcast #0202009/03/30
  214. The Radium Girls - UI Podcast #0192009/03/04
  215. Come Dancing with Henry Ford - UI Podcast #0182008/09/14
  216. Extracting Gold from Seawater - UI Podcast #0172008/08/31
  217. The Flubber Fiasco - UI Podcast #0162008/07/20
  218. The Spirits of St. Louis - NBA's Most Profitable Team - UI#0152008/07/05
  219. Disaster of the USS Indianapolis - UI Podcast #0142008/06/15
  220. Henrietta Swan Leavitt Unlocks the Universe - Podcast #0132008/04/26
  221. Antarctica's Red-Light District - UI Podcast #0122008/04/06
  222. The Great Toilet Paper Shortage - Podcast #0112008/03/16
  223. The Hanging of Will Purvis - UI Podcast #0102008/03/03
  224. The Terminal Starring Sir Alfred - UI Podcast #0092008/02/17
  225. Fight! - Shiloh Baptist Church Disaster - Podcast #0082008/02/09
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