Lady From Day

  1. Book I - Chapter I - The Beginning2007/06/05
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) accounts her tale and The Beginning starts with a description of the world they live in and how they came to be where they are now. Supporting cast includes Group of Men (Blackened88, Emcgo, JauntyHat, Whiskey Hicks, and Taro). For full cast and musical credits, visit the website,
  2. Book I - Chapter II - First Meetings2007/06/13
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) talks to Siegfried (JauntyHat) about her predicament, then goes to find the princess Daschl(Cerhiunnhn). Other supporting cast includes Castle Servant (R. Douglas Barbieri). For full cast and musical credits, visit the website,
  3. Book I - Chapter III - Appetizers2007/07/03
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) goes to the feating hall to meet up with Siegfried (JauntyHat) and King Birchell (Klaymen) and his daughter (Cerhiunnhn). The entire cast is the group voice for "hear, hear". For full cast and musical credits, visit the website,
  4. Book I - Chapter IV - A Kingly Encounter2007/07/23
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) talks to King Birchell (Klaymen) about the mission in the grand hall. For full cast and musical credits, visit the website,
  5. Book I - Chapter V - Questions2007/07/30
    Lia (Sophie Neveu)talks to Siegfried (JauntyHat) about how the meeting went with the king. Siegfried decides to go meet Daschl and then talks to Lia about their meeting and more about Daschl's past. After that, Lia decides it's time to leave and start the quest. For full cast and musical credits, visit the website,
  6. Audio Commentary - N.12007/08/05
    April Sadowski talks about the background of the book.
  7. Book I - Chapter VI - A Questing We Will Go2007/08/06
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) travels into the Swamp of Sandring. Aras (Barbieri) and Renold (Blackened88) play an important role in this chapter.
  8. Book I - Chapter VII - The Gorlags2007/08/16
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) and her group encounter gorlags (Emcgo, Moose) and listen quietly as they talk about some woman that escaped.
  9. Book I - Chapter VIII - A Surprise Visit2007/09/18
    Info (Show/Hide)
  10. Book I - Chapter IX - The Next Step2007/10/16
    Lia (Sophie Neveu) and Rowan (PhaeThorn) have dinner together and realize there is some wrong with the Inn they are staying in. They go upstairs to discuss further. Siegfried (JauntyHat) gets annoyed (as usual) with his lack of attention.
  11. Book I - Chapter X - Boys Will Be Boys2007/11/28
    Rowan escorts Lia to breakfast where they try to pry information from the Innkeeper. The Innkeeper asks them to meet later at the town church. They find out more information and stumble upon a monk who helps lead them out of the church through secret passageways.
  12. Book I - Chapter XI - Harper Wood2007/12/03
    RLia and Rowan head back to Moir Awin going the back way through Harper Wood. Rowan accounts experiences he had as a child.
  13. Book I - Chapter XII - A Request2007/12/22
    Lia and Rowan return to Moir Awin. Siegfried proposes a question to Lia. Lia catches some fresh air and something horrible happens. This is the final chapter in Book 1. The story will continue in Book 2 releasing in 2008.
  14. Audio Commentary - N.22007/12/22
    April Sadowski gives some background on the latest chapter, answers questions about the story, and lets out a few secrets of her own.
  15. Book II - Chapter XIII - The Keep2008/01/07
    Lia is introduced to the Gorlag Keep by way of a bit unusual bath. She is put to work in the kitchens where she meets the head cook.
  16. Book II - Chapter XIV - Kitchen Secrets2008/01/09
    Lia gets to work and meets the two kitchen staff Tayla, and Emteh. Emteh seems to be a tattle-tale and Tayla and her don't get along.
  17. Book II - Chapter XV - Separation Anxiety2008/02/08
    Rowan is getting anxious because Lia hasn't come back yet from after talking with Siegfried and walking around on her own to catch some air. Rowan decides to take matters into his own hands as he assumes she was captured by gorlags. He encounters a drunk Siegfried (pouting over his marriage proposal rejection) and talks to Aras and Renold.
  18. Book II - Chapter XVI - Hen house2008/02/11
    Lia learns more of the regular activities of kitchen staff and gets eggs from unusually large chickens.
  19. Book II - Chapter XVII - A Green Visitor2008/03/07
    Rowan and Siegfried discuss operations with a small trusted group Lia's men. When Rowan and Siegfried talk amongst themselves later on how they individually will infiltrate, they meet the Guardian of Harper Wood who offers to help them.
  20. Book II - Chapter XVIII - Servant Quarters2008/03/10
    Lia and Emteh walk through the gorlag keep to find the servant quarters. Emteh talks about her experience at the keep with Lia and divulges a secret.
  21. Book II - Chapter XIX - The Glorious Needle2008/03/12
    Mira takes Siegfried and Rowan shopping for women's clothes and so they come up with a story to make it sound like the clothes aren't for them. The meet up with Gloria Naydle, Moir Awin's seamstress and she's a very large cockney lovable woman.
  22. Book II - Chapter XX - Who To Trust2008/04/03
    Tayla and Lia discuss the reliability of Emteh. Meanwhile Emteh is scheming for herself and reveals her motives to Lia.
  23. Book II - Chapter XXI - Getting Into Character2008/04/09
    Mira helps Siegfried and Rowan start acting like women rather then men as Mira helps them with their disguise. When Mira gets hit on by one of Rowan's men, she gets furious and talks to him. Then they go throughout the town to get more tools to make their disguises more accurate. Listen to the continuing story as Book 3 begins in June, 2008. Stay tuned for cast interviews in the meantime.
  24. Cast Interview - 1 - Phaethorn (Rowan)2008/04/11
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of Rowan - PhaeThorn in the first of several cast interviews in between Book 2 and Book 3.
  25. Cast Interview - 2 - JauntyHat (Siegfried)2008/04/21
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of Siegfried - JauntyHat. Casting Calls are open for Book 3, check out the posting on the LFD forum! Visit
  26. Cast Interview - 3 - R. Douglas Barbieri (Aras, Narrator, Intro, Innkeeper, Castle Servant, gorlag)2008/04/28
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of several characters as well as the Book 2 narrator and credit announcer - R. Douglas Barbieri. Casting Calls are open for Book 3, check out the posting on the LFD forum! Visit
  27. Cast Interview - 4 - Sophie Neveu (Lia)2008/05/05
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of Lia - Sophie Neveu. HP fans, stick around to listen to her in Snape's Diaries, being released by Misfits Auio ( and mixed by myself.
  28. Cast Interview - 5 - Mippa (Tayla, Julia)2008/05/15
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of Tayla and Julie - Mippa.
  29. Cast Interview - 6 - Randi Anderson (Mira)2008/05/23
    April Sadowski, creator of Lady From Day, interviews the voice of Mira - Randi Anderson.
  30. Book III - Chapter XXII - An Unexpected Friend2008/06/19
    Lia and Tayla talk about escape plans and Lia is introduced to what may be a friend - a very unexpected one.
  31. Book III - Chapter XXIII - Choosing Headgear2008/07/01
    Rowan, Siegfried, and Mira head to the headdress shop to pick out ornamental wares to make their purchased wigs less obvious.
  32. Book III - Chapter XXIV - New Captives2008/09/11
    Tayla wakes up Lia to inform her about 2 new supposed Chalosian captives that were caught and brought to work in the kitchen. Someone important is revealed.
  33. Book III - Chapter XXV - The Plan2008/09/12
    Tayla, Rowan, Siegfried, and Lia head to the most unnatural of places to discuss the best method of escaping their captivity.
  34. Book III - Chapter XXVI - Finding The Way2008/12/17
    Lia shows the ice cellar tunnel entrance to Rowan and Siegfried while Daylat (Tayla to the gorlags) makes a cake that the gorlags will never forget for their great feast to honor the capture of the two Chalosians (Rowan and Siegfried who are disguised as women).
  35. Book III - Chapter XXVII - Twilight2009/01/21
    The gorlags have been taken under the work of the Datura Stramonium plant and are in a "twilight sleep". The plant affects their eyesight and their ability to think clearly. They are easy to persuade and at this time Daylat and Lia find the time to start their escape from the gorlag keep.
  36. Book III - Chapter XXVIII - Reunions2009/03/13
    The four captives (Lia, Rowan, Siegfried, and Daylat) return to find the backup of Lia’s men and then are introduced to Mira (Randi Anderson). Daylat also finds the company of Gloria Naydle (Fiona Thraille) who was the seamstress of the tapestries at Feyris Castle.
  37. Book III - Chapter XXIX - Finding The Ironsmith2009/07/24
    Lia (Sophie Neveu), Rowan (PhaeThorn), and Siegfried (JauntyHat) decide to go to Midonia in Fanarion to find Biron the blacksmith and Daylat (Mippa) wants to follow along to see her parents and enlist the help to free the servants at the gorlag keep.
Lady From Day
Lady from Day is a story about an adventurer Lia (Sophie Neveu) and her group of companions and their quest to save the princess Daschl Feyris (Cerhiunnhn) from her malady. The princess is cursed with an appetite that doesn't cease unless she is asleep. She is always hungry and has been eating all of the kingdom's food. Lia, her counterpart Siegfried (JauntyHat) roam Feyris and the outlying regions in search of a cure for the princess. Through their journey they meet up with some unexpected people and encounter some horrible creatures such as the gorlags (Emcgo, Moose, Klaymen) and beautiful places like Harper Wood. Come listen to the story over a course of four Books. View full cast and audio credits from production link.