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  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Funny video by Julia Ling [FIXED LINK]2012/03/17
    FIXED LINK! Enjoy this hilarious St. Patrick’s Day video directed by Chuck actor Julia Ling: Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates – @chucktvdotnet, @prlsoflizdom, and @GrayJones. —– Subscribe on YouTube for the full playlist of episodes, and follow Gray on Twitter for podcast updates!   Follow @GrayJones
  3. 106 – It’s A Wrap!2012/03/16
    All things must end… as Chuck aired it’s 91st and final episode in January, this 107th podcast will be our last. It has been a wild ride! When our podcast first aired in January 2008, none of us could have ever imagined the journey we would take together. In our 164th interview, AOL TV critic...
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  4. 105 – Chris Fedak Answers!2012/03/04
    On the last podcast, you saw the man behind the music, and got to witness the full depth of his mesmerizing “Question and Answer” music cue. This week, be mesmerized by the man behind the show, in an 84 minute question and answer session! We had over 700 questions submitted… obviously we couldn’t ask them...
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  5. 104 – The Man Behind The Music – NOW RESTORED!2012/02/10
    Today is all about the music! We have an epic 81 minute look behind the scenes of scoring the finale, in a full video interview with Chuck composer Tim Jones. He also answers every one of your questions! Chuck vs the Podcast 104 – The Man Behind The Music from Gray Jones on Vimeo. Fans...
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  6. 103 – Goodbye, Chuck!2012/01/30
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  7. #GoodbyeChuck: The Little Engine That Did2012/01/27
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  8. 102 – The Final Countdown2012/01/22
    Chuck vs. the Bullet Train was an absolute roller coaster. It kept us at the edge of our seats, right to the bitter end… literally! What will happen to Sarah? Will the sinister Quinn succeed at stealing Chuck’s life away? We only have two back-to-back episodes to find out, and then Chuck is gone for...
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  9. 101 – Funny, Funny, Funny, SHOCK!2012/01/16
    Chuck vs. Bo was a hilarious instalment in the Chuck saga, with Bo Derek playing herself as a spy, a return to the frosted tips, and Groundhog Day-style capers by Jeff & Lester. However, the end of the episode spun us in an unexpected new direction: to escape a tough situation and to save her...
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  10. 100 – Chuck vs. the Greenblatt2012/01/08
    On Friday at the Television Critics Association presentation, NBC President Robert Greenblatt rocked the world of Chuck fans — in a bad way. We heard you! And we devote the first 10 minutes of the podcast to talking all about it. We also discuss Chuck vs. the Kept Man, including a good look at HD...
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  11. 099 – One-Two Punch!2012/01/02
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  12. 098 – Holiday Podcast 2011 – 18 Guests & Set Photos2011/12/24
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  13. 097 – The Other Bartowski2011/12/20
    Is it really a curse to be a Bartowski? Not if you’ve met Ellie! In Chuck vs. the Curse, Ellie stole the show, as she & Devon were unwittingly whisked into the spy world. Rebecca Romijn shone as the evil lady torturer, Alex had some tricks up her sleeve, and Sarah got to kick some...
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  14. 096 – Blowed Up Real Good2011/12/14
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  15. 095 – Taking Care of Business2011/11/22
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  16. 094 – Frosted Tips2011/11/15
    We finally get to see bullet time on Chuck, and things heat up with Gertrude and Casey. A major development with Jeff Barnes, and… pantsing? Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips gets thumbs up from Gray, Mel, and Liz, and we’re all incredibly excited about what Chuck writer Phil Klemmer says will be a very strong...
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  17. 093 – The Bearded Bandit2011/11/09
    Morgan as an over-confident Intersect… Verbanski stealing Carmichael’s thunder… Casey chickening out when making a phone call… Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit was a lot of fun, and set up what is sure to be a string of great episodes. We introduce a number of new sponsors this week… make sure to check them out...
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  18. 092 – Zoom Zoom!2011/10/30
    Chuck is back, and so are we! We kick off the new season in costume (well, at least Mel & Liz). We’ve got a new much shorter opening, new widescreen format, new look, and lots more! We have a fun time talking about Chuck vs. the Zoom, mention a giveaway, and have a great talk...
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  19. Vik Sahay audio interview with Timm McCoy!2011/10/23
    As you wait patiently for Chuck season 5 to kick off at 8pm Friday, October 28th, why not enjoy a little Vik Sahay humor? Timm McCoy of caught up with Vik for a great 13 minute interview. To listen, just click the player at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! —– Subscribe on YouTube...
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  20. Kristin Newman Interview (via
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