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  1. Episode 32: DAISY CROWD FUND - 2021 - Get Ready !!2021/03/12
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  2. Episode 31: POST COVID: Connect To Your Local Customers2021/03/12
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  3. Episode 30: Cryptocurrency, DAISY Crowdfund, and 20212021/03/12
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  4. Episode 29: POST COVID: Lets Work Together2021/03/12
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  5. Episode 28: How To Stay High Touch in a No Touch World2021/03/11
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  6. SEO - Your Company - BIG NEWS !!!2013/08/30

    Is your company BIG NEWS? Would you like it to be? Well it certainly can be all that and a whole lot more. Imagine having your company pop up on Google as NEWS HAPPENS.... and cutting in front of the line of your competitors.....

    Well son, now you can have it all !!

    OH YEAH !!!
  7. SEO, Authenticity & Sizing Up Your Audience2013/07/10

    BOTS vs PAID traffic, heres the real deal. We also look at SOFTWARE PROGRAMS that go out of style in 9 months. So what is real?

    * Blogger
    * Facebook

    What is the real source of web traffic coming to your website? How are people really finding your company and what does it mean for your business?
  8. SEO Program For Ad Agencies / Post Production Companies - JULY 20132013/07/07

    Here is a value added program for advertising agencies, post production companies and web design businesses. This is a business add on with a track record of 120k per client that is scalable and easy to implement.

    Contact info:

    Ted Cantu (EST)
    Novi, Michigan

  9. IS YOUR COMPANY RELEVANT? - SEO and Beyond....2013/07/06
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  10. Whats Next? The Detroit Revision!2011/06/09
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  11. Dental and Medical Marketing In the Social Media Age2011/05/27
    Ever wonder if there are more effective ways to market your medical or dental practice? Well wonder no further... THIS IS IT! Incredible Web 2.0 strategies, and promotional ideas to help your practice succeed. We look at the kinds of websites that you should be using, discuss domain names, and look at PR strategies to help you win the search engines.
  12. LIVE From Detroit: Its Ted Cantu2011/05/26
    Oh Man... "HE'S BACK!" -- with more solid marketing truth and tales from the streets of The Motor City. Daring marketing tales of valor and brute force. I give you the details on dental marketing, medical marketing and some of the things that are working on the web.
  13. TAKING MASSIVE ACTION - Money Storm Part 12008/07/13
    Cantu is back with money making ideas for your company. Listen up because we are talking about a money storm and mobile media including the new Apple G3 Iphone, Rothbury Music Festival and the amazing Rick Ruby. GREAT STUFF!!

  14. Knock Out Money Info !2008/05/17
    We go over web video and how to market yourself using Web 2.0 services. We also show you what to watch out for when you market your products and services online.

    * Market to 12,100,000 video web services
    * Create hordes of fans
    * Get in front of a TON of worthy prospects
    * And do all of this for a fraction of placing a full page ad!
  15. The New Online Gurus2008/05/06
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  16. Best Online Marketing Tips and Strategies2008/04/18
    Ted Cantu reviews the Dan Kennedy Super Conference and his recent meeting with Matt Bacak. We cover Google strategies, web site marketing strategies, how to create customers online and much much more....!

  17. How To Ruin Your Online Marketing Campaign!2008/03/01
    Here is how you do it wrong folks.... like the clients I just fired in Toledo, Ohio. Don't repeat these dumb mistakes....
  18. The Online Information Marketing Edition2008/02/23
    Want to get to the top of Google and stay there? Then tune in. I reveal some of the big things to look out for and hopefully steer you clear of getting scammed by some unscrupulous individuals. This is a powerful 30 minutes and its loaded with online marketing secrets, tips and guidelines.

    Get more at:
  19. Who Else Wants To Get Paid More Than They're Worth?2008/02/21
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  20. The Death Of SEO2008/02/15
    Search engine marketing exposed! Only 10% of your online visibility comes from search engines. The rest of your visibility comes from podcasts, blogs, social networks and 6 other high profile places. As business owners and entrepreneurs we need to wake up!
  21. Online Stock Portfolio Advice2008/02/14
    When it comes to picking out hot stock tips its time to wheel in the experts. This podcast features two of my special guests talking about online stock trading. They share some valuable insights for the seasoned trader as well as the novice.
  22. Make Your A Fortune Online Why Doncha' !!??2008/02/11
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  23. Marketing Street Fighting Techniques That Work!2008/01/28
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The Money Machine: The Online Marketing Show
Ex-Art Director, Ted Cantu gives you powerplays on how to score big onilne with your business. We explore online marketing, viral marketing, blogging and RSS feeds and how to get higher search engine rankings.