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  2. Women Volunteers 27 Jul 072007/07/27
    Women volunteering: how is their experience changing?
    Baroness Julia Neuberger, the new Champion for Volunteering and Geraldine Peacock, the former chair of the Charities Commission, talk about the changing nature of volunteering, traditionally an area that’s drawn on women’s talents and time.
  3. Foetal Screening Ethics 26 Jul 072007/07/26
    Advances in foetal screening are creating ethical and emotional dilemmas as a growing number of parents confront the fact that their unborn baby has physical abnormalities.
  4. Nicola Brewer - the new Chief Executive of The Commission for Equality and Human Rights2007/07/25
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  5. Summer Childcare2007/07/24
    How easy is it to find good quality, affordable childcare in the holidays? Jenni talks to Minister Beverley Hughes and the childcare charity, Daycare Trust.
  6. Benazir Bhutto2007/07/23
    Benazir Bhutto talks to Miriam O'Reilly about her plans to return to Pakistan and stand in the forthcoming elections.
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