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  1. Clarence Clemons tribute2011/07/01
    NPR's ON POINT with Tom Ashbrook
    June 23, 2011
    With Robert Santelli from Grammy Museum
  2. Love is Strange 2011/05/07
    Mickey and Sylvia > Wings (1973) > Tim Riley remix
  3. WNYC'S SOUNDCHECK, AUGUST 31, 20102010/09/10
    Smackdown debate: Beatles vs. Stones, Oldham Refs...
  4. Steely Dan Does Boston, 7/22/092009/07/24
    Album night devoted to AJA turned into AJA plus ROYAL SCAM, and a bunch more. see http://www.artsjournal.com/riley for more...
  5. Michael Jackson2009/06/27
    "The pure products of America go crazy..." Talking with Anthony DeCurtis on NPR's On Point, broadcast June 26, 2009
  6. On Point: The Song Is You 4-27-20092009/04/28
    Arthur Phillips's new novel, The Song Is You, binds together fiction with music criticism using sharp musical descriptions to steer terrific characters. A talk with Phillips and Tim Riley, hosted by Tom Ashbrook.
  7. MASH OR GET MASHED2009/02/07
    Jon Nelson hosts "Some Assembly Required," which specializes in underground sound collage and mashups. As "Escape Mechanism," he's released an album of his own, "Emphasis Added." This ON POINT interview includes music from Nelson, Eno and Byrne, Eric B and Rakim, Girl Talk, People Like Us, Wobbly, Turnstylz, and DJ callers who argue for a new musicianship. Broadcast on Thursday, February 5, 2009.
  8. Andras Schiff's Late Beethoven2009/01/28
    The intrepid Hungarian Andras Schiff released his Late Beethoven sonatas to complete his ECM cycle last fall. Here's the review, with excerpts from his podcasts at Wigmore Hall.
  9. rockcritics.com: the Beatle bibliography2008/11/19
    A long chat with Scott Woods of rockcritics.com about the top ten Beatle books, the state of Beatle scholarship, and the state of criticism.

    Visit: http://rockcritics.com
  10. Obama: the Motown President2008/11/14
    Talking about Lisa Robinson's oral history of Motown in the current issue of Vanity Fair... On Point, NPR, Thursday, November 13, 2008
  11. Review of Portishead's THIRD CD May 5, 20082008/05/05
    The new Portishead album, THIRD, has been worth the nine years' wait.

  12. Springsteen: Magic Tour Opener 10-2-072007/10/04
    Springsteen opened his Magic Tour at the Hartford Civic Center the other night. WBUR's HERE AND NOW broadcast this review.
  13. Leon Fleisher's Epic Comeback2007/08/03
    Info (Show/Hide)
  14. Australian Broadcasting: Sgt Pepper2007/05/28
    Another Sgt Pepper story, down under.
  15. SGT PEPPER AT 402007/05/25
    Commentary with Tim Page and Anthony DeCurtis about the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  16. US VS JOHN LENNON review2006/09/27
    Interview with David Leaf, co-director of US VS JOHN LENNON, documentary on Lennon's political activism.
  17. Pollini Zeros In On Chopin's Nocturnes2006/09/07
  18. Complete Motown Singles2005/12/13
    Paired with Holland Dozier Holland set and Motortown Revue Live!
  19. Studio 360 WNYC: George Harrison obit2005/10/31
    12-08-01: This got filed a week after he died, deflecting a week's worth of "silent" Beatle blather.
  20. Wisconsin Public Radio2005/10/21
    8/10/04: promoting FEVER on Wisonscin Public Radio... easily the best interview covering material from the book.
  21. WNYC's Soundcheck appearance2005/10/21
    9/27/05: covering this fall's' avalanche of Beatle titles, beginning with McCartney's new album, on to Spitz bio, and then mashups and mono fidelity...
  22. Marketplace guest appearance2005/10/20
    6/09/05: Promoting FEVER: HOW ROCK'N'ROLL TRANSFORMED GENDER (Picador) with Lisa Napoli.
  23. Marketplace guest appearance2005/10/20
    6/09/05: Promoting FEVER: HOW ROCK'N'ROLL TRANSFORMED GENDER (Picador) with Lisa Napoli.
podcast riley
Commentaries on music from NPR's Here and Now and elsewhere...

Author Tim Riley has written books on the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Madonna, and his most recent title is FEVER: HOW ROCK'N'ROLL TRANSFORMED GENDER IN AMERICA (Picador 2005). He is at work on a major new biography of John Lennon for W.W. Norton slated for 2009. His music commentary is featured regularly on NPR's HERE AND NOW, the nationally-syndicated show produced weekdays out of WBUR-FM in Boston.