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  1. Lights Across the Water2017/04/17
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  2. Talking to the Other Side2017/04/12
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  3. Thoughts on Sugata Mitra's SOLE (Self-Organised Learning Environment)2014/06/11
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  4. Is Innovation Possible in the Australian VET Sector?2014/03/31
    Online Presentation for the VET Development Centre (27/3/14; about 53 minutes)
    Accompanying slides: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/innovation-in-the-australian-sector-is-it-possible
  5. Where is the Internet Taking Us? (take 2)2013/11/22
    Presentation given to TAFE Australian Libraries Conference (TALC) in Brisbane (22/11/13)
  6. The Decay of Public Language2013/10/20
    Spoken reflections on a talk from Don Watson at the concluding session of Adelaide's Festival of Ideas . (About 6 mins)
  7. Where is the Internet Taking Us?2013/10/01
    Presentation for the TAFE SA Learn Network (30/9/13). Accompanying slides at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/where-is-the-internet-taking-us

    Creative Commons Intro and Outro music: Seim by KraftiM (http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/214223/seim)

    About 43 minutes
  8. eAssessment in the Australian VET Sector2013/08/01
    The Assessment Obsession - whatever happened to teaching? Presentation given at the Transforming Assessment for the Digital Era Conference (Melbourne, 31/7/13)http://digitalassessments.com/
    Accompanying slides at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/the-slow-march-to-eassessment-in-the-vet-sector
    About 30 mins.
  9. Thoughts on Travelling in Burma (Myanmar)2013/02/03
  10. Can Education Afford to Ignore Global Trends?2012/11/25

    My presentation at ConVerge12 (November 22nd). Refers to global trends listed HERE . Slides HERE . (About 35 mins)
  11. Love Your Students!2012/07/28
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  12. Thoughts on the 2012 NCVER Conference2012/07/12
    My thoughts on sessions attended from the NCVER Conference held in Adelaide from July 11th to 13th, 2012. Especially for Melanie and Melanie :) (About 16 minutes)
  13. The Language of ICT2012/07/08
    Presentation given at SACAL (South Australian Council of Adult Literacy) event. June 21st, 2012.

    Companion slides at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/the-language-of-ict-or-how-ict-has-changed-language

    About 30 mins.
  14. Song: New Times2012/01/09
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  15. Thinking Deeply About the Shallows2011/07/12
    My thoughts in response to Nicholas Carr's "The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains." ED-MEDIA Conference, Lisbon, June, 2011. (http://www.aace.org/conf/cities/lisbon/)

    Paper at http://tinyurl.com/6xcej6g
    Slides at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/thinkly-deeply-about-the-shallows-update

    About 25 mins
  16. iPads for Learning2011/04/07
    Conversation with Mike Seyfang after a visit to the Science 1100 ‘ipad class’ at Adelaide University. Quite a lot of background noise from students having lunch but still quite audible. (10 minutes) #science1100
  17. ePortfolios - all too hard?2010/11/08
    Where my thinking is on eportfolios after the recent ePortfolios Australia Conference in Melbourne (November 3-4). Slides can be viewed in tandem with the audio at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/eportfolios-a-boomers-perspective (17 mins)
  18. Thoughts on the Creative Commons Roadshow (22/9/10)2010/09/30
    Thoughts on the Creative Commons Roadshow at the State Library on September 22nd, 2010. http://creativecommons.org.au/cc-roadshow-2010/program (12 minutes)
  19. Implementing Web 2.0 and eLearning in TAFE2010/05/31
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  20. Songcatcher Interview2010/05/28
    Clayton Werner interviews Michael Coghlan as the featured 'Songcatcher' (songwriter) on Radio Adelaide (http://radio.adelaide.edu.au/) on May 10th, 2010. Sponsored by SCALA (http://www.scala.org.au/) Includes a few songs. (50 mins)
  21. Effective Training in a Virtual Classroom2010/05/12
    Audio from a live session on May 7th, 2010. Can be viewed in conjunction with the slides HERE . It’s a long one (70 mins) and audio is variable – Frankie Forsyth beaming in from a car on the road in Tasmania, questions from the floor, etc. Jonathan Finkelstein of LearningTimes is the other featured speaker.

  22. Webeads, Community and Networks2009/02/26
    for those gathered in Qatar with Buthaina Al-Othman.
  23. Thoughts On Synchronous Learning2008/12/01
    A discussion with Jonathan Finkelstein from Learning Times (http://learningtimes.org/) on the value of synchronous learning. On location at the Tasmanian Innovations Showcase in Hobart on November 27th.
  24. Mind over Matter, and Literacy, Identity and Culture in Web 3.02008/09/01
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  25. It's all about the Interface (iTunes University)2008/07/29
    10 minutes long.

  26. ePortfolios - why and where to?2008/07/05
    My current thoughts - 8 minutes. Photo courtesy of http://flickr.com/photos/isabisa/945533805/
  27. The Role of the Stranger in a Networked World (15 mins)2008/05/14
    Some thoughts on the >Symposium
    of Reason; Learning in the 21st Century , and Will Richardson and The Why of Web 2.0

    Photo of symposium posted by Mike Seyfang. (More images here .) More commentary via Alex Hayes at http://alexanderhayes.com/2008/05/02/alls-well/

    Intro and Outro music: Fear of Being Too Good (Michael Coghlan)
  28. Engaging Learners2008/05/10
    Keynote presentation at Access and General Education Faculty Forum at Dubbo (NSW) on May 8th. Accompanying slides at http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/tools-for-re-engagement (About 40 minutes)
  29. Where is the M in Interactivity, Collaboration and Feedback?2008/03/29
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  30. Librarians and Technology2008/03/11
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  31. Should TAFE be using Facebook?2008/01/30
    Comments for Mark and Deb at TAFE SA but may be useful for others. About 8 mins long. With reference to the 2008 Horizon Report - http://www.nmc.org/pdf/2008-Horizon-Report.pdf
  32. FLNW2 - Final Wrap from Thailand2008/01/19
    (8 mins)
  33. FLNW2 - Student Thoughts on Technology and Education2008/01/19
    Snippets of conversations about teaching and technology from 4 Ph D students at Suranaree University of Technology (http://www.sut.ac.th/indexen.html) – Benz, Eric and Paul, and Henry from Guizhou University. Guizhou have been funded by the Chinese government to become a specialist technology centre. (15 mins)
  34. FLNW2 - John, Trish, Vance, and Michael Debrief2008/01/18
    About 30 mins. Talking about our 4 days together, networked learning, the concept and usefulness of FLNW, etc.
  35. FLNW2 - American School Visit2008/01/18
    Vance Stevens and Trish Everett talking...about 10 mins. (Sorry about all the background noise - noisy place Bangkok)

  36. FLNW - International School Bangkok Visit2008/01/16
    (about 6 minutes)

    International School Bangkok




    Steven's Presentation
  37. Why are we here? FLNW #22008/01/15
    Vance Stevens and John Eyles explain... (11 mins)
  38. FLNW2 - Purpose2008/01/15
  39. Tools of Engagement2007/12/06
    Presentation given at the Inclusive
    eLearning Showcase in Melbourne on Dec 5th, 2007. (about 1 hr) href="http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/tools-for-engagement">Accompanying
  40. What constitutes excellence in an e-teaching environment.2007/11/23
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  41. Reaching a Bigger Pond - Tools and Technology for forming Community2007/11/13
    Presentation given at the Community Engagement Showcase in Cairns on November 6th. Topics include the Webhead community, the role of voice technologies, and other 'tools for engagement.' (Long - 1 hour)
    accompanying slides
  42. eShownTell Unconference Session - Reflections2007/11/08
    Reflections from an unconference session as part of the eShownTell2007 event today (Nov 8) held in Elluminate. http://networksevents.flexiblelearning.net.au/ More at http://eshowntell2007.edublogs.org/ (About 2 mins)

    The image shows the topics brainstormed for discussion.
  43. New Podcast from ConVerge2007/11/02
    Information on ConVerge (2 mins)
  44. Developing Online Community2007/10/08
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  45. Soft Skills; Twitter2007/10/04
    Acquiring Soft Skills using the Net (fromTerry Anderson) Twitter and New Horizons (Sue Waters)
    About 3 mins
  46. Howard Rheingold at eDayz '072007/09/29
    A few thoughts on Howard Rheingold's plenary session on Sept 27th. Addressing topics such as participatory media, the moral panic associated with web 2.0, blogging and Second Life. About 8 minutes long.
    Howard Rheingold
  47. Video Test #22007/08/17
    Just seeing if movies made with Photostory will play in Podomatic, and it seems to work. I had to convert the wmv file to mp4 first. (Done with SuperC.) About 2 mins long.
  48. eLearning - the Big Picture2007/07/09
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  49. The Future of Learning in a Networked World - Take 22007/07/06
    Why would I want to be part of this ? And why might you like to join us? (about 3 mins - although the audio loops for some reason. Ignore the second part)
  50. New Technology = New Learning2007/05/20

    This is a follow-up podcast for the
    one day Wireless Ready symposium held in Nagoya in March, 2007.

    It is about 17 mins long. You can read
    the text of this episode at http://newlearning.wikispaces.com/Podcast+Text, and view
    the companion slides .
  51. Promoting a (e)Learning Culture2007/04/04
    Thoughts stemming from a recent meeting on how to promote teaching and learning within TAN/TAFESA. (About 9 mins). Thought the context was local and specific to TAFE in South Australia, some of these ideas may well be applicable in other contexts, or indeed be already happening.

    (Graphic courtesy of Jay Cross)
  52. ePortfolios Australia Conference - Imagining New Literacies - Day 12007/03/26
    See Conference Website

    (post about 10 mins long)
  53. TALO Swapmeet 07 - Reflections2007/03/22
    Seven minutes of off the cuff reflection about a 2 day event in Adelaide recently.

    Who or what is TALO?

    (this post may not be of great interest for non-TALO folks. I guess it may not be that interesting for TALO folks either! )
  54. Comments on Leigh Blackall's RSS Screencast2007/03/21
    This post is a direct response to a screencast
    posted by Leigh Blackall on how he uses RSS, Bloglines, etc Great for watching how someone uses these tools in realtime.
  55. Online Community (and greetings to those in Cyprus)2006/12/02
    A few thoughts on Online Community for those with Sophie in Cyprus. About 3 minutes.
  56. IAD Test2006/11/30
    This is a short test about 30 secs.
  57. The Language Classroom in a Connected World2006/11/21
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  58. Global Learn Day 102006/10/09
    Short keynote address for Global
    Learn Day 10 (South Pacific Region)
  59. Indigenous Knowledge Traditions and the Future of Networked Learning2006/10/05
    Some thoughts on the keynote address by Michael Christie at the recent ACEC conference, and their relevance to the happenings at the Future of Learning in a Networked World
    conference (about 7 mins)
  60. Teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World2006/09/25
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  61. Open v 'Normal' Conference2006/09/24
    Just over 5 mins - quick thoughts on the FLNW experience - http://flnw.wikispaces.com/
  62. The last 4 Postings2006/09/23
    from the Future of Learning in a Networked World conference - http://flnw.wikispaces.com/
  63. Conversation at the Language School in Dunedin Continued2006/09/23
    This 23 minute segment focuses on how to become a technogically competent language teacher, the role of community in professional development, blogging with year 8 students. Michael Coghlan, Barbara (Bee) Dieu, Konrad Glogowski.
  64. Mobile Blogging 2006/09/21
    Konrad and Michael (approx 8 minutes)
  65. Blogs - Public? Correcting Errors2006/09/21
    Konrad and yours truly - Dunedin Language Centre
  66. UnLearning with Konrad Glogowski (Dunedin Language Centre)2006/09/21
  67. Dunedin Language Centre2006/09/19
    About 1 hr - shorter edited excerpts follow.
  68. Random Comments on Philip Adams/James Farmer at education.au Seminar (Aug 4)2006/08/10
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  69. ATP Test2006/08/03
    Good practice to write a description (2 min)
  70. Happy Online2006/07/08
    I wrote this song some years ago and thought that as I now have it in rough mp3 format I may as well podcast it! The lyrics are at http://users.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/songs.htm#hol

    A discussion of this song also available at http://dcyeh.com/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=5
  71. RSS Check2006/06/29
  72. In Tandem with Blogger2006/06/08
  73. GippsTAFE Staff Day 2006/05/31
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  74. The Power of Voice2006/05/05
  75. The Death of Books2006/05/03
    More Pencils, No More Books
  76. test22006/05/02
  77. test2006/05/02
  78. Will Blogger Last Forever?2006/04/14
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  79. Marc Prensky in Adelaide2006/03/05
  80. Audioblogging or Podcasting???2006/02/18
  81. Social Software: The Relevance for e-business2006/02/18
    Podcast downloadable from: http://knowledgetree.flexiblelearning.net.au/edition08/npra_coghlan.html
    Graphic courtesy of Jay Cross at http://internettime.com/wordpress/
  82. Pod CAST as Performance2006/01/27

    This is a bit of a ramble really - not a very slick 'show'. Maybe more of an audioblog entry than a podcast episode.....

    Photo courtesy of Wayne McPhail at Rabble Podcast
    Comments refer to the Yes you can
    make a podcast episode , and Delia's post on Teaching
    as Performance
  83. Delia's Phone Message with Intro2006/01/25
  84. Phone Message from Delia2006/01/25
    This is great. Using the companion K7 service Delia and others can send me audio via phone and I can immediately and easily blog it. More in next post......
  85. Podding with the Phone2006/01/24
    It works! Signed up with my podomatic email address with k7 (http://www.k7.net/), was given a US phone number, rang it, and voila! Now for some more experimenting.......
  86. Using Text to Audio Files (and incidentally, the Use of Computer Labs2006/01/19
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  87. Videopodding2006/01/17
    Seems like the video will only run for 10 secs.....
  88. Deleting Posts #22006/01/17
    Delia has found a way - thanks Delia. I followed your path and yes now I can see the edit and delete options. It is a bit hidden, and it is beta, so let's hope the podomatic people will improve on this for the next version.
  89. Deleting Posts - is it possible?2006/01/16
  90. Podcasting Podomatic Mail Audio Comments2006/01/14
    WOMADELAIDE COMING SOON - http://www.womadelaide.com.au/
  91. Comments from Delia2006/01/14
    Trying this out - podcasting an audio comment that has come in via podomatic mail.
  92. Learncasting etc2006/01/12
    Please head over to http://mikecogh.blogspot.com/2006/01/learncasting-etc.html to hear the whole story!
  93. Video Test 2 - wmv2006/01/10
    OK. The avi file below wouldn't play. Let's hope this short wmv does.
  94. Test Video - avi file - may not worl2006/01/10
    My apologies if this doesn't work. Just experimenting here.
  95. Are you using the Internet as a book?2006/01/05
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  96. The Beginning2006/01/04
    Welcome to my podomatic space!
  97. The Beginning2006/01/04
    Welcome to my podomatic space!
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