The Cacophonous World of Professor Whimsey

  1. Interview2012/06/26
    Here's a little mini interview with me about the preceding track in iOS Music And You.
  2. Thursday, Two PM2012/05/27
  3. Sounds to Confuse Your Dog #22011/09/24

    Sounds To Confuse Your Dog #2 by Victor Lams
  4. Dead Trek Relatives2011/09/03
    As threatened, here is my latest track. The theme was provided by a friend as the track was commissioned to be a site theme song (more on that later).

    Dead Trek Relatives by Victor Lams
  5. Ye Olde Faire Knights2011/04/17
    Just learning my way around a new library (Garritan's World Instruments), I did this in half an hour this morning. Because, you never know when you'll need a full recorder ensemble!
  6. Don't Be Afraid2010/08/19
    I'm still on my old 1950s educational film short kick. Here's a new song inspired by one of the films, along with the film re-edited as a music video. The original film meant to teach kids not to be afraid, but seriously -- what kind of lesson is that to be teaching our kids nowadays?

    And here is just the music:

    Victor Lams - "Don't Be Afraid"
  7. Repetitive Robot Music2010/08/07
    This isn't a real song, just me messing around for an hour or so with some synths and a new channelstrip plugin (TeamDNR's Mixcontrol). If you like repetitive robot music, then you might enjoy this.
  8. Pater Noster (Latin for Kids!)2010/07/29
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  9. I'd Hit That2010/07/22
    Here is a delightful instrumental / percussion amuse-bouche to whet your palate. Nothing too profound here, just playing around with various percussional timbres, whence the title.
  10. Testing, testing. One, two. One, two.2010/07/22
    Just migrating the ol' podcast. New music will be arriving shortly!
  11. What's this? A webcomic?2009/05/20
    Sorry about the lack of new music these past two months. I've been focusing on learning how to draw comics, and you can see my first self-directed learning project here: "Ulysses The Undead ".

    I'll start up music-making soon, though, I promise.
  12. Off the Grid2009/03/18
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  13. Popcicle Man2009/02/14
    If you're offended by this, you're not wrong.
  14. General Dynamics2009/02/09
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  15. Egg Farm2008/12/28
    Here's my attempt to do an old-school-style baby-maker (extended slow jam) in an age of embryonic stem-cell research. I think it's one of the longest pieces I've ever done.
  16. Conditor Alme Siderum2008/12/22
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  17. Celestine2008/11/29
    Fun with some new loops, mercifully short.
  18. God Blessed The States2008/11/16
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  19. Spreading The Wealth Around2008/10/27
    A little anti-redistributionalist Calypso for you! I play the ukulele on it. Enjoy!
  20. Compromised2008/10/12
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  21. I Want A Pen2008/09/07
    Playing around with some new effects today, needed a vocal line, so got our six-year-old son in front of the microphone and said "Come on, then! Sing something!"

    He did a fine job!
  22. Comments Closed2008/09/06
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  23. Shill2008/09/01
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  24. Pop Corn2008/08/09
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  25. New Album Out Today!?2008/07/09
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The Cacophonous World of Professor Whimsey