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  1. No more updates, but the site will still exist2017/11/08
    This blog has been in a vegetative state hooked up to life support for a looooooong time. I do not have time to upkeep it, but at the same time I am not going to pull the plug and delete it. The site provides a lot of helpful info and has a right to exist. Browse away....
  2. My YouTube Channel Has Been Re-Enabled!2016/04/07
    Finally! Thanks to the Big G tech support we were able to sort out the problem. Now I will be able to upload my videos to The Spoonful Of Russian channel again. So relieved.

    It's been sooooo long. I feel like I am a bit rusty. My last vid was uploaded 1 year ago. I am going to ask you, guys, for your suggestions as far as my next video. Go!
  3. Unable to log in to my YouTube to upload or approve comments2015/11/04
    Not sure what happened exactly, but I am unable to log in to my own YouTube account in order to upload new videos or manage my subscribers' comments. At the same time there is no problem logging in to Google, GooglePlus or Blogger. Hmmmmm. Thank you for being patient as I am looking into solutions.
  4. a Spoonful of Russian 0322014/11/14
    Today I fill a request of one of my Podcast listeners/ YouTube subscribers by reciting a short poem written by one of Russia's greatest talents - Anna Akhmatova. Лотова Жена - Анна Ахматова (Lot's Wife - Anna Akhmatova). To view the text: http://youtu.be/2fEWD9bqAWk

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  6. a Spoonful of Russian 0312014/10/20
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  7. a Spoonful of Russian 0302014/10/14
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  8. a Spoonful of Russian 0292014/09/04
    Ever wanted to pronounce the days of the week in Russian like a native? Piece of cake!

  9. a Spoonful of Russian 0282014/07/31
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  10. Russian Vocabulary: Family (Семья)2014/05/13
    Ever wanted to know how to call your family members in Russian? I don't mean nicknames:) I mean official titles.


  11. What's On My Mind (О Чём Думает Моя Голова) reading out loud2014/05/04
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  12. Not Gone. Just Getting Ready for my Oldest Child's Wedding.2014/04/17
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  13. Russian Christmas (Рождество)2014/01/06
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  14. Most Common Russian Drinking Toasts2013/12/31

    Most Common Russian Drinking Toasts . There are more, but these will get you started:)
  15. Little Fir Tree (В Лесу Родилась Ёлочка) Happy New 2014!2013/12/31
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  16. Russian Vocabulary - Borrowed Words in Modern Russian2013/11/26
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  17. Песенка Крокодила Гены. Урок и Караоке (Gena Birthday Song. Tutorial and...2013/10/10
  18. Russian Vocabulary - Antonyms (Антонимы)2013/08/17
    A fun way to learn Russian is by learning the words with opposite meanings. Here are some antonyms for you.

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  19. UPDATE: "Houston, we have a problem!" Moving feeds in Feedburner.2013/08/10
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  20. Q and A Session #12013/08/09
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  21. Крокодил - Корней Чуковский - Часть 3 / "The Crocodile" by Korney Chukovsky - part 32013/08/09

    Final Part 3 of Крокодил (The Crocodile) by  Korney Chukovsky.
  22. Крокодил - Корней Чуковский - Часть 2 / "The Crocodile" by Korney Chukovsky - part 22013/08/02

    Part 2 of Крокодил (The Crocodile) by  Korney Chukovsky.  Крокодил (часть 2) Корнея Чуковского.  
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  24. Крокодил - Корней Чуковский - Часть 1 / "The Crocodile" by Korney Chukovsky - part 12013/07/28
  25. Звёзды - Сергей Есенин (Stars - Sergei Esenin)2013/07/17

    Russian Poems series. "Stars" by Sergei Esenin.
  26. Russian Vocabulary - Weather, Seasons, Pets2013/07/04

    Learn some Russian words related to weather, seasons, and pets.

    Twitter @russianspoonful

    Email:  spoonfulofrussian@gmail.com

  27. Lesson 27 - Russian Stress Patterns ( Accented Vs Unaccented Vowels)2013/06/18
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  28. Спорт - Sports (Russian Vocabulary)2013/06/01

    Learn some sport-related vocabulary words in Russian.
  29. A Spring Storm (Весенняя Гроза) - Ф.И. Тютчев2013/05/20
    Inspired by last night's thunderstorm, our next poem is by Ф.И. Тютчев "Весенняя Гроза".

    English translation by Dmitri Obolensky

  30. Гой Ты, Русь - Сергей Есенин / Hey there, Russia2013/05/16
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  31. Mother-Daughter Duet (Опять Метель)2013/05/14

    Just to change the pace a little, my daughter Emily and I are trying our hand at covering one of the most popular contemporary Russian songs originally performed by Alla Pugacheva and her daughter Kristina . Those two don't need introduction.

  32. Lesson 26 - Consonants [p][b] and [n][t][d]2013/05/09
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  33. Lesson 25 - Russian Accented Vowels2013/04/25

    Russian accented vowels sound much richer and fuller than their English equivalents. That is because Russian is spoken much more vigorously than is English - there is greater muscular tension throughout the organs used in speech production.

  34. Lesson 24 - Russian Sound System. Introduction2013/04/16
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  35. Spoonful of Russian is now LIVE on Twitter and YouTube!2013/03/10
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  36. The Russian Cursive files are now compatible with iPhone!2011/01/03

    Refresh your browsers

    also, you may need to 'unsubscribe' and 're-subscribe' to the podcast for the changes to take effect. Feedburner might need a few hours to refresh their data as well.....
  37. Announcement: by popular demand2010/10/14
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  38. Lesson 23 - Nouns and Gender2007/05/08
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  39. Lesson 22 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Ш,Щ,ь,ъ,Ы,Э,Ю,Я")2007/04/24
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  40. Break2007/03/30

    Today we are off to Louisiana. The next spoonful will come out soon after we return. Всего хорошего!


    (added later: Don't want to keep you in the dark. We are back in NC. Stay tuned!)
  41. Lesson 21 - Russian Cursive (Letters "У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч")2007/03/21

    Today you will learn how to write Russian Cursive letters "У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч" .

    (updated on November 25, 2009)

    To answer Chris' question about forming a cursive 'ф' in the middle of a word I made a little demonstration vid.

  42. Lesson 20 - Russian Cursive (Letters "О,П,Р,С,Т")2007/03/08
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  43. Bad Cold Took me Down (Я простудилась).2007/03/07
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  44. Lesson 19 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Й,К,Л,М,Н")2007/02/20

    Russian Cursive (Letters "Й,К,Л,М,Н")

    Letter 'Й' is represented by word 'Йогурт' (Yogurt)

    Letter 'К' is represented by word 'Кошка' (Cat)

    Letter 'Л' is represented by word 'Лодка' (Boat)

    Letter 'М' is represented by word 'Машина' (Car)

    Letter 'Н' is represented by word 'Носки' (Socks)
  45. Video Vocabulary #012007/02/20

    Video Vocabulary #1 - Common Greetings and Phrases. You can find a PDF file of the vocabulary in the DOWNLOADS section of the site.

    p.s. Isn't the sound of that BALALAIKA great in the video?
  46. Lesson 18 - Russian Cursive (Letters "З,И")2007/02/15
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  47. Help with iTunes for our Windows users?2007/02/11
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  48. Lesson 17 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Д,Е,Ё,Ж")2007/02/07
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  49. Lesson 16 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Б,В,Г")2007/01/27

    Today I'll show you how to write Б,В,Г in cursive.

    (Please follow the video for this lesson. Just click on the title of the blog entry.)
  50. Lesson 15 - Russian Cursive (Letter "А")2007/01/26
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  51. Little survey (Небольшой Опрос)2007/01/17

    How many of you, my dear listeners, would be interested in learning how to write in Russian cursive? Please, e-mail me.

    Update: survey is closed
  52. С Новым Годом, Друзья! (Happy New Year, Friends!)2006/12/31

    Emily made a little сюрприз for you:

  53. Lesson 14 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!2006/12/22
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  54. Help - Which Mic to Get?2006/12/22
    I wrote a special Christmas edition of "A Spoonful of Russian" and trying to record it now. My current mic (Samson C01U) is acting up and giving me the same problems as last time. (Remember the poor sound quality?)

    I decided to go out and get a new mic. Any suggestion as to which USB mic to get would be much appreciated!
  55. Lesson 13 - Family Matters2006/12/04
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  56. Just a little bit longer....2006/11/06
    Summer break is over, and the wonderful Autumn days are here. We are loving it here in Charlotte. The colors of the leaves are breathtaking! But I am still unable to set up my recording studio like I'd like to. It looks like I'll be able to do so in the next 2 weeks though. So, stay tuned!

    Many thanks to all those who send me e-mails, 'bugging' me about coming back.
  57. Summer Break2006/06/13
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  58. Lesson 12 - Happy Birthday!2006/04/21
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  59. Lesson 11 - Love is in the Air2006/04/01
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  60. 'A Spoonful of Russian' is back!2006/02/09
    This is just a short note to those of my listeners, who read my blog, informing them of my come back. Please, fire up your iTunes or any other RSS aggregator of your choice this weekend to get your next 'Spoonful of Russian!' During this transition period I'll be storing my files on my dot mac space.

    You can subscribe to it by visiting www.spoonfulofrussian.com

  61. BBC interviews Natalia2006/01/04
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  62. Lesson 10 - No Lesson, but rather 'Bye for Now'...2005/11/18
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  63. Microphone trouble:(2005/11/11
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  64. Lesson 9 - Food2005/11/05
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  65. Rapid growth of the Podcast2005/11/04
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  66. Unforeseen Events2005/10/29
    My dear listeners, due to some unforeseen events there will be no class this week. No class = no homework, so don't go wild! 'See ya' next week:) Пока!
  67. Lesson 8 - Speaking on the Phone2005/10/21
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  68. Lesson 7 - Getting Around2005/10/14
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  69. Lesson 6 - Don't Get Stressed About Stress and other advice....2005/10/07
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  70. RSS feed problem solved!2005/10/04
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  71. Lesson 5 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing2005/09/30
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  72. Teacher got help!2005/09/24
    Большое спасибо to Angela, who was kind enough to create a short tutorial for me to change the banner on this site. Kudos to my multi-talanted listener!
  73. Lesson 4 - Alphabet and Words you Already Know2005/09/23
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  74. Vacation Note2005/09/17
    Click on the title "Vacation Note" to hear my message. I have a few photos to go with my audio note. All of them were taken in Texas outside Tyler.

    I can't waith to get back to work on the next "A Spoonful of Russian" lesson!
  75. Lesson 3 - 'How are You?'2005/09/10
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  76. OT: More Post-Hurricane Photos2005/09/07
    Driving down familiar streets, it seemed there were National Guards on every corner.....(Click for bigger version).

    Managed to get a shot of downtown New Orleans including shabby Superdome:

  77. Off Topic: Shots from the trip to New Orleans2005/09/06
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  78. Lesson 2 - Saying 'Goodbye'2005/09/03
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  79. Off Topic: Hurricane Kartina's Devastation2005/09/01
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  80. Lesson 1 - Greeting2005/08/26
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  81. One Step Closer2005/08/23
    The musical intro and the artwork for my podcast are accomplished today - thanks to Apple's Garage Band and my family members for lending their voices:)

    Ideas for the content keep coming. One thing I know the show is going to come out on a weekly basis for now. Short show notes and links will be here on speakrussian.blogspot.com

    Things are looking better.....It'll be good!
  82. Getting Ready for Podcasting2005/08/22
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