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  1. Test Your Anger!2016/10/01
    Scott Herrold interviews Lynette Hoy, author of "What's Good About Anger?" about how to measure the level of your anger. Learn about road rage and the 'elevator story'!
  2. SOS Radio Interview2016/07/20
    Scott Herrold interviews Lynette Hoy, author of "What's Good About Anger?" about the anger and violence happening in our lives and society today and how to handle it positively and effectively.
  3. Controlling the Rage Within2016/06/30
    How do you respond when a family member or co-worker is rude to you? Do you tell him/her off? Stuff your anger and blow up later? Learn three steps to interrupt anger and respond in a healthy way.
  4. Ventilation of Anger2016/06/23
    Many people think that letting anger out or catharsis of anger reduces anger escalation. Some parents and groups teach children to rip up magazines and throw things when they get angry. What really happens when you get angry and let it all out?
  5. Steps for Managing Anger2011/11/12
    Anger is a strong emotion which can ruin your life. On the other hand, anger can be managed no matter what circumstances you face or skills you may be deficient. in. Here are some steps to help you really manage your anger and achieve healthy goals in life.
  6. When Love Turns to Anger2009/08/04
    This Marriage 101 interview with Lynette Hoy, Anger Management Specialist, focuses on how couples can deal with the anger that is a normal part of every relationship.
  7. Anger and Divorce2008/12/15
    The helplessness that results from divorce can trigger so much anger. The way you handle anger can be redirected into a positive force in your life. Divorce Today host, Stephanie McCracken discusses anger with Anger Management Counselor Lynette Hoy. Hoy's newest book, What's Good About Anger looks at the positive change that can be triggered by refocusing our anger.
  8. Anger in the Workplace2008/10/23
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  9. Angry Relationships!2008/04/21
    Handling someone who is angry is tricky. Learn strategies for defusing someone else's anger.
  10. Anger Management Made Easy!2008/01/26
    Here are 4 steps for overcoming problem anger. Discover how anger control is achievable no matter what circumstances you face or skills you may lack!
  11. Anger Hurts Kids!2007/11/14
    Children from homes characterized by anger and conflict are more likely to develop problems in school, relationships, with drugs and the law. Consider the harmful consequences and first steps that parents can change in Part One of this series.
  12. Say No to Angry Clashes!2007/08/31
    Anger and conflict often go hand-in-hand. Here are some practical ways to manage conflict and prevent angry clashes.

    Today's techniques will help you manage relationship conflicts. Learn how to sum-up what people say and then, how to communicate your need and viewpoint assertively. These skills will help you effectively work through conflict and manage anger in relationships!
  13. Make Anger Work for You!2007/08/10
    Discover how to make anger work for you rather than against you. Today's techniques will help you stop the negative consequences of anger and teach you to strategically express anger and needs tactfully, solve problems and build healthy relationships!
  14. Intoxicating Anger!2007/07/03
    Anger can be a habit we can't kick. Anger often keeps us from feeling anything else! When you are intoxicated with anger - you don't really get what you want in life. Here are some steps to help you discover how anger can be a good force in your life!
  15. The Guilty & The Angry!2007/06/02
    Why is it that when you feel anger - you feel guilty? Isn't anger normal? Can't anger be a good thing? Still the feeling of anger generally results in feelings of guilt. Here's a way to check out whether your guilt over anger is true or false.
  16. Talk-Out Your Anger!2007/05/03
    Anger is an emotion which needs to be expressed. Most people tend to hold anger in or explode. Some use manipulation. Learn how to assertively express your anger and get your needs met without squashing others.
  17. The Anger-Trust Connection2007/04/11
    How can you rebuild trust when you are angry with someone? Is there any hope? What needs to happen to break the cycle of anger and distrust? Here are some insights and tips for restoring broken relationships with your spouse or significant other when trust has been violated.
  18. Is it Anger or Abuse?2007/03/24
    How do you know when someone is just angry or is being abusive? Here are some insights to help you recognize anger and how domestic abuse and battering differs.
  19. Talk Yourself Out of Anger!2007/03/09
    Its hard to believe that what you say to yourself can actually trigger and escalate your anger! Learn how to defuse anger through some simple self-talk messages!
  20. Anger's Ugly Consequences2007/02/23
    The consequences of anger can be very costly. Broken relationships. Legal problems. Job loss. You can prevent negative consequences by learning to manage your anger. Here are some insights to help you commit to change anger for good!
  21. When Love Gets Angry2007/02/14
    Why do lovers hurt each other so easily? Learn about some of the issues which can cause anger in loving relationships and how to take steps to love your partner more deeply.
  22. Anger, Forgiveness and Consequences2007/02/02
    What if someone continues to abuse or disrespect you? How can you let anger go and be free of resentment towards those who have hurt you so badly? This episode covers how to
    forgive and how relationships may need to change despite forgiveness.
  23. 4 Q's to Disarming Anger2007/01/25
    Anger and conflict is widespread resulting in negative emotional, mental, relational and spiritual consequences. Here are four questions to move you out of the pit of anger and break the destructive patterns that often lead to broken relationships and violence.
  24. Growing Up with Anger and Violence2007/01/17
    Anger and conflict in the home is widespread and causes negative emotional, mental and spiritual consequences. How can you be a change agent and help break the pattern that often leads to violence?
  25. Victim of Anger?2007/01/12
    Anger can be an overwhelming emotion that makes us feel like we have no control over it. Discover tools which will empower you to cope with stress and anger in healthy and effective ways.
  26. Why Get Mad Over Things that Don't Matter?2007/01/04
    Here's a look at what contributes to anger and how to overcome the tendency to get mad over insignificant issues.
  27. The Ultimate Antidote for Anger2006/12/27
    Forgiveness is the only way to resolve anger. Forgiveness is a difficult topic because it calls us as human beings to a higher standard of grace and mercy. But when we don't forgive we run into a greater human dilemma: that of unforgiveness which keeps the fires of anger burning.
  28. Is Anger Always Sinful?2006/12/09
    Most religious people believe anger is wrong. Many don't act on their anger when injustice is taking place. Learn what it means to 'be angry and not sin'.
  29. Road Rage Remedy!2006/12/03
    Take a survey to find out if you are a 'road rager'. Learn motivators and techniques to prevent raging and it's negative consequences.
  30. Road Rage Tirade!2006/11/29
    In today’s podcast Lynette describes how stress, hot self-talk and pressure provoke aggression on the road and how to prevent this common but, hazardous behavior.
  31. What IS Good About Anger?2006/11/26
    In today’s podcast Lynette describes that anger is good when it is governed by self-control, motivated by compassion and desires what is right.
  32. Managing Anger with EI!2006/11/22
    In today’s podcast Lynette describes how EI and empathy skills can greatly modify your reaction to anger and enhance your relationships.
  33. Express Your Anger Effectively2006/11/20
    You can hold your anger in or explode but, it will cost you. In today's podcast Lynette shares the best way to express anger.
  34. Do You Have Hidden Anger?2006/11/17
    Many people feel that all anger is wrong and should not be expressed. This episode explores the symptoms of hidden anger and the harm it can cause.
  35. Epidemic of Anger and Rudeness2006/11/15
    There is a rising tide of anger and rudeness in our society. This episode provides keys for stemming the tide.
  36. Why We Like Anger So Much2006/11/14
    Anger is a complex emotion - one which is hard to process and manage. This episode describes some of the reasons we hang on to anger so tightly.
  37. Breaking Out of Anger2006/11/13
    The emotion of anger takes over very quickly. Before you know it - anger has gone awry. Lynette talks about how to take control of anger before it controls you.
  38. You Hold the Key to Managing Anger2006/11/11
    Today Lynette talks about how you can control your anger and how you can react to triggers more effectively. Listen in for quick tips on managing anger.
  39. Anger and Expectations2006/11/08
    Today we discuss the impact of expectations on anger and how to challenge these inner triggers. Listen in for quick tips on managing anger.
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Quick Tips for Managing Anger is a show about how deal with anger effectively and practically. Lynette Hoy, Marriage and Family Counselor and Anger Management Specialist, presents insights and skills for managing anger. You can learn to change unhealthy anger into a positive force which accomplishes something good for yourself and others! No more yelling, swearing, manipulating or giving the 'cold shoulder'. Transform your anger into faith, assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy and forgiveness! Learn techniques for managing conflict, overcoming rage and developing healthy relationships!