Stock Picks Bob's Advice

  1. Genuine Parts and "A Hillside Thaw" by Robert Frost 12/28/112011/12/29
    On tonight's podcast I discuss a recent purchase of mine, Genuine Parts (GPC) and why I think it is a reasonable addition to my own portfolio. I review the latest earnings reports, some valuation, balance sheet and free cash flow numbers, and take a look at the chart. I also read a short poem by Robert Frost, a favorite poet of mine.
  2. PetSmart (PETM) and a poem by e.e. cummings "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled"2010/06/28
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  3. Medtronic (MDT) and "Wilderness" a poem by Carl Sandburg2009/11/30
    In tonight's podcast, I read a poem by Carl Sandburg and discuss an old favorite of mine, Medtronic (MDT) a company which recently reported very strong earnings, and has strong financial fundamentals.
  4. Meridian Bioscience (VIVO) and "Directive" by Robert Frost2009/11/12
    Meridian Bioscience (VIVO) is a favorite blog subject of mine. I discuss VIVO and also read a poem by Robert Frost, "Directive".
    This stock is a favorite of mine producing disease test kits and has a record of steady revenue, earnings, and free cash flow growth. They pay a solid and growing dividend and have a strong financial balance sheet.

  5. Responding to a Column by Peter Siris in NYDaily News: Stock Picks?2009/10/06
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  6. ResMed (RMD) and "Departmental" by Robert Frost2009/10/05
    Tonight's podcast is about an old favorite of mine ResMed (RMD), the company that sells CPAP machines/masks for sleep apnea, and I read another poem, "Departmental", by Robert Frost, a favorite poet of mine. ResMed recently reported earnings which beat expectations, they have a 5-Yr Restated record on Morningstar which is impressive, reasonable valuation, and a nice chart 'to boot'!
  7. Sysco (SYY) and "Choose Something Like A Star" by Robert Frost2009/06/16
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  8. PetSmart (PETM) "Making a Trade Against the Tide", "Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind" by Stephen Crane, and "The Colonel" by Carolyn Forche2009/05/25
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  9. McDonald's (MCD), Happy 6th Birthday to Me!, and a Poem by John Ashbery: "The Path to the White Moon"2009/05/24
    Today's podcast includes a reading of "The Path to the White Moon" by John Ashbery, a comment on my 6th birthday blogging at "Stock Picks Bob's Advice", and a look at a recent stock I blogged about, McDonald's (MCD).

  10. "How Investment Strategy Can Protect You In a Bear Market" and 3 Poems by Robert Frost2009/02/23
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  11. Dolby (DLB), Badger Meter (BMI) and "Notice", a poem2009/02/06
    In tonight's podcast I discuss two stocks: Dolby (DLB) a stock I have blogged about previously, and Badger Meter (BMI). Both stocks reported great earnings and have solid 5-Yr records.

    I also read a poem, "Notice" by Steve Kowit, and discuss a recent trade in Microsoft Stock.
  12. WMS Industries (WMS), "Filling Station" by Elizabeth Bishop, and Sizing of Investments2008/12/01
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  13. Investment Strategy, "Preludes" by T.S. Eliot, and a look at Haemonetics (HAE)2008/11/17
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  14. My Trading Portfolio, "Adventures of Isabel" by Ogden Nash, and more on Philosophy of Portfolio Management!2008/06/30
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  15. Trimble Navigation (TRMB) and "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg2008/04/26
    In tonight's podcast I read a poem by Carl Sandburg, "Chicago" and examine Trimble for the third time since 2004. They reported a terrific quarter for results and I look at, Yahoo "key statistics", eresearch for valuation/profitability and a chart from
  16. Ametek (AME) and 2008/04/22
    On tonight's podcast I touch on the topic of "no new taxes" vs. balancing our budget, read a poem by Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky", and talk about my latest pick on my blog, Ametek (AME). I discuss the latest quarterly report, the "5-Yr Restated" financials from Morningstar, and a 'point & figure' chart on the stock from
  17. Satyam (SAY) and 'Happiness' by Raymond Carver 4/20/082008/04/21
    On tonight's podcast I discuss Satyam (SAY). Prior to doing this, I read a poem by Raymond Carver, and share with you a letter from Don, a listener, with suggestions. Satyam is reviewed with emphasis on the latest quarter, the report, some valuation numbers, and a point & figure chart from
  18. Investment Strategy and "After Apple-Picking" by Robert Frost2008/03/03
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  19. FTI Consulting (FCN) and Dylan Thomas 'Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night'2008/03/02
    On Tonight's Podcast I read a poem from Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" and review FTI Consulting (FCN). I touch on the difficulties facing the current market and the need to maintain an investment strategy to deal with changing fortunes. I review the latest quarterly report, the "5-Yr Restated" financials and a 'point & figure' chart appearance.
  20. Hologic (HOLX), "Things I Didn't Know I Loved" by Hikmet, and some words on the market2008/01/28
    In tonight's podcast I share with you a poem "Things I Didn't Know I Loved" by Nazim Hikmet a Turkish poet. Then I review an old favorite of mine Hologic (HOLX) which continues to produce superb financial results, and discuss briefly how portfolio management is helping me deal with the volatility of the stock market and the possible bear market/recession that we are dealing with.
  21. Morningstar (MORN) and Thayer's "Casey at the Bat" 1/20/082008/01/20
    On this morning's podcast I discuss strategies I employ to deal with the current market correction, read "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer, and review my experience with my Morningstar investment and how I sell shares as stocks advance, limit my losses, and listen to my portfolio to respond to market moves.
  22. Movado Group (MOV) 12/25/07, and "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus2007/12/26
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  23. Graham (GHM) and "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost 11/25/072007/11/26
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  24. Garmin (GRMN) November 18, 2007 "Revisiting a Stock Pick and I read a poem"2007/11/19
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  25. LKQ Corporation (LKQX) and "Naming of Parts" September 9, 20072007/09/18
    Tonight I discuss an auto parts firm that made my blog, LKQ Corporation (LKQX) and share with all of you a poem by Henry Reed "Naming of Parts". This stock pick exemplifies my thinking about identifying new names for consideration for investment.
  26. Micros Systems (MCRS), questions about timing stock buys, and a poem Sonnet 43, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning-9/2/072007/09/03
    Tonight's podcast is about Micros Systems (MCRS), a stock that meets my investment criteria. I also answer a couple of questions about timing stock purchases and read a poem, Sonnet 43, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  27. VSE Corporation (VSEC) and "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost 8/20/072007/08/21
    Tonight's podcast is about VSE Corporation (VSEC) which had a big move in today's market. I also read "Mending Wall" a poem by Robert Frost (1914). I review the report, the latest quarterly earnings, valuation issues, and a point and figure chart on VSEC.
  28. Research in Motion (RIMM) and Wilderness by Carl Sandburg, August 19, 20072007/08/19
    In today's podcast, I read a poem "Wilderness" by Carl Sandburg and discuss Research in Motion (RIMM), looking at the latest quarterly report, the "5-Yr Restated" financials, and some valuation numbers as well as a 'point & figure' chart.
  29. Graftech (GTI), Miniver Cheevy, and Managing a Portfolio! August 11, 20072007/08/12
    On Tonight's Podcast, I read Miniver Cheevy, a great poem, answer a question about my strategy and the bear market, and talk about GrafTech (GTI) and how I go about picking stocks.
  30. Core Laboratories (CLB) and "Birches" by Robert Frost2007/06/29
    This podcast is about Core Laboratories (CLB) and I read a poem by Robert Frost. I also answer some letters and discuss methods of picking stocks for my blog.
  31. Meridian Bioscience (VIVO) "May 20, 2007--Revisiting a Stock Pick I Own"2007/05/21
    I celebrate my 4th anniversary blogging at Stock Picks Bob's Advice, answer a question about selling a stock on a small loss, and discuss a holding of mine as well as a past Podcast and Blog Pick, Meridian Bioscience (VIVO). I review the latest quarter, the "5-Yr Restated" financials, some valuation numbers, and the "Point & Figure" chart.
  32. Teledyne Technologies (TDY) April 25, 20072007/04/26
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  33. Some Investing Philosophy and Techniques2007/04/16
    Eric N. sent me a rather detailed letter about how I pick stocks and manage my portfolio. Instead of going over any particular stock tonight, I chose to talk a little about his letter and respond to his inquiry. I also talk a little about my selling 1/7th of my position at intervals on the upside.
  34. Immucor (BLUD) April 7, 2007 "Revisiting a Stock Pick/Podcast"2007/04/07
    On today's podcast I revisit a stock that I podcast about a year ago and also wrote up. I recently purchased shares in this stock and now once again look over the latest quarter, the report, valuation, and a "point & figure" chart.
  35. VCA Antech (WOOF) February 26, 2007 "Revisiting a Stock Pick"2007/02/27
    In tonight's podcast, I take a look at VCA Antech (WOOF) a stock that I first wrote up in 2004, and that I recently had the opportunity to purchase shares for my Trading Portfolio. I review the latest quarter, what constitutes a good quarterly report, the report, valuation from Yahoo, and a look at a "point & figure" chart from
  36. Sauer-Danfoss (SHS) "Revisiting a Stock Pick"2007/02/06
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  37. Mesa Laboratories (MLAB) January 13, 20072007/01/13
    Tonight's podcast is about a small, micro cap stock, with interesting numbers and steady record of growth.
  38. Brady Corp. (BRC) December 26, 2006 "Revisiting a Stock Pick"2006/12/27
    Tonight's podcast finds me wishing all of my friends and listeners a very Happy Holidays and Happy 2007! I take a look at Brady, a stock that I wrote up a year ago at a similar price, and yet deserves to be under consideration for investment. I look at the latest quarterly report, a Morningstar evaluation, Yahoo "Key Statistics" and a StockCharts "Point & Figure" chart!
  39. DressBarn (DBRN)2006/12/10
    In this afternoon's podcast, I take a look at DressBarn (DBRN), a retail stock that I do not own any shares yet has been performing well recently. I review the latest earnings, the financials, and take a look at a chart.
  40. Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS)2006/11/20

    I came across Dick's Sporting Goods last week on the blog and wanted to do a podcast on this rapidly growing retail chain that recently announced a purchase of Golf Galaxy. In addition, I try to share my investing philosophy in response to an excellent letter from a reader about Sonoco (SON).
  41. Angeion Corp. (ANGN)2006/10/17
    For tonight's podcast I take a look at a very small stock that is doing well and improving its financial situation as it moves from a losing venture to a profitable corporation with cash flow improving, and a balance sheet that looks solid.
  42. Guess? (GES)2006/10/08
    This afternoon's podcast is about Guess (GES) a stock that moved higher Thursday on strong same-store sales growth reports.
  43. Responding Instead of Anticipating the Stock Market2006/10/06
    In tonight's podcast, I touch on Guess? (GES) but spend almost all of my podcast discussing an email from a listener in Peru who inquired about my views on the stock market environment vis a vis Morningstar's views. I explain how I let my portfolio determine my response to the Stock Market both in avoiding compounding losses and looking to compound gains.
  44. Moody's (MCO) September 30, 20062006/10/01
    In tonight's podcast, I discuss a letter I received from a reader and also some small improvements to my blog to access entries easier. Then I review my thinking and rationale about adding Moody's (MCO) the credit rating company to the blog. I first discussed this stock back in August, 2005, and the stock is updated with current information.
  45. Heico (HEI)2006/09/24
    Tonight's podcast is about HEICO (HEI), a stock that I wrote up on my blog on Friday. The stock shows strong revenue and earnings growth, reasonable valuation, and a nice chart.
  46. Zumiez (ZMZ)2006/09/18
    Tonight's podcast is about a small, rapidly-growing retail firm that caters to the youth market. We look at Zumiez (ZMZ), discussing a current upgrade, the latest quarter, longer-term views, valuation, and a point & figure chart. While not cheap, the stock appears to have excellent potential.
  47. Global Payments (GPN) "Revisiting a Stock Pick"2006/09/14
    Tonight's podcast is on Global Payments (GPN) a stock that I first discussed on my blog in September, 2005. The company recently had an upgrade, announced an acquisition, and the stock price moved higher. I review the latest quarter results, "5-Yr" financials, and a chart from
  48. September 9, 2006 ResMed (RMD)2006/09/10
    This evening's podcast is a review of ResMed (RMD), a stock that I first reviewed on Stock Picks in 2003, that I purchased shares of in 2005 and is still in my portfolio. I review the latest quarter, the report, the Point & Figure chart and discuss my general investment strategy.
  49. August 27, 2006 ICT Group (ICTG)2006/08/27
    In this afternoon's podcast, I discuss ICT Group, an outsourcing firm, doing well and fitting the criteria of my investment blog. I review some of my investing strategy as I apply it to this stock, another of my "vocabulary" of investing opportunities.
  50. inVentiv Health (VTIV) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/08/09
    Tonight's podcast is about inVentiv Health (VTIV), a stock that I first reviewed in my blog Stock Picks Bob's Advice a year ago to the day! The stock moved higher today in an otherwise anemic market and I take another look at this company, reviewing recent earnings, valuation numbers, Morningstar report, and a point & figure chart.
  51. Morningstar (MORN), a stock from my Trading Portfolio2006/08/07
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  52. Christopher & Banks (CBK) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/08/04
    Tonight's podcast addresses a frequently heard question, "how do I start" and takes another look at Christopher & Banks (CBK), a stock moving higher in today's market.
  53. July 26, 2006 BE Aerospace (BEAV)2006/07/27
    Tonight's podcast is an update on my Trading Portfolio and how I have been dealing with the Bear Market! Finally, I take a look at BE Aerospace (BEAV), a stock that announced strong earnings and made a nice move higher today.
  54. July 14, 2006 Kinetic Concepts (KCI)2006/07/15
    In tonight's podcast, I discuss the role of selling in a declining market and take a look at Kinetic Concepts (KCI).
  55. Tuli Writes: 'What is a Podcast? And how do you do it?'2006/07/08
    A good blogging friend of mine Tuli wrote me about what a podcast was when I was encouraging my blogging friends to podcast as well as blog to help reach a larger audience. I tried writing her an answer and then realized that the best answer was a podcast! Hope this helps answer your question Tuli!
  56. Sirenza Microdevices (SMDI) July 3, 20062006/07/04
    Tonight's podcast is about Sirenza Microdevices (SMDI) a stock that had a strong move higher today. I discuss the latest news, earnings, "5-Yr Restated" financials, key statistics, and the appearance of the point and figure chart from Have a Happy and safe 4th of July!
  57. My Investment Strategy2006/07/02
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  58. Interactive Intelligence (ININ) June 30, 20062006/07/01
    This evening's podcast is about Interactive Intelligence (ININ) a stock that I came across this afternoon that deserves to be on our horizon for consideration for investment at a future date. I review the earnings, report, and the point and figure chart.
  59. Kyphon (KYPH) Weekend Trading Portfolio Review2006/06/25
    This afternoon I discuss Kyphon (KYPH) a stock that I actually own in my trading portfolio. I review latest earnings, Morningstar results, and the point and figure chart and my actual trading performance with the stock.
  60. Selling Helix Energy Solutions and I sing a Song!2006/06/22
    Inspired by "Prairie Home Companion" (maybe I should stay away from movies? ), I sing a song, "The Fox"....old American Folk Song, and comment on Helix Energy Solutions, a stock I sold today even though the stock was climbing in today's market. (note I corrected the title of this podcast from Helix Technology, a different company, to the correct Helix Energy Solutions (7/3/06))
  61. Gildan Activewear (GIL) "Revisiting a Stock Pick"2006/06/20
    Today's stock pick is an apparel firm based in Canada that was first discussed on the blog a year and a half ago. The stock has appreciated nicely and has made the top % gainers list today.
  62. Diodes (DIOD) Revisiting a Stock Pick June 13, 20062006/06/14
    In the midst of the steady market decline, I take a look at a stock up strongly today on improving fundamentals.
  63. Amsurg (AMSG) and Comments on Portfolio Management2006/06/12
    I discuss the role of avoiding compounding losses in a bear market and listening to your own portfolio in determining your entry and exit points on equities. Then I answer a reader's question about AMSG and whether Amsurg is a good stock to consider.
  64. Mikron Instrument Company (MIKR)2006/06/06
    For tonight's show, I discuss the recent market correction and how my portfolio management system responds to bear markets. I look at Mikron (MIKR), a small stock that moved higher today.
  65. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) May 28, 20062006/05/28
    A small restaurant chain that is growing quickly and producing nice financial results is reviewed. Note the underlying fundamentals and solid same store sales results.
  66. The Toro Company (TTC) Revisiting a Stock Picks2006/05/26
    The market moved higher today after several days of sharp correction. My Healthways (HWAY) stock hit a sale point and I picked up some shares of Toro (TTC) which was also on the move.
  67. A Reader Writes: "I do have a couple of questions for you...."2006/05/24
    Tonight's podcast is in response to an inquiry from a reader about some profitability ratios, internet websites, and locating historical p/e's.
  68. Jos. A. Bank (JOSB) Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis2006/05/22
    Going through my actual trading portfolio, I take another look at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers (JOSB) a stock, that like the rest of the market, has been under pressure recently. I also comment on the recent market correction and dealing with declining stocks.
  69. FactSet Research Systems (FDS) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/05/17
    On tonight's podcast, I review an old favorite of mine, FactSet Research (FDS) which I have actually reviewed twice before on the blog.
  70. Reader Feedback: Investment Questions and Comments2006/05/11
    Tonight I wanted to just go through a few of the emails I have received and comments on them. They involve a variety of questions about investing and individual stocks. ***This is the complete podcast, I re-'casted' the final 20 minutes that were missing in the first round! Thanks for bearing with this amateur podcaster!
  71. Garmin (GRMN) May 3, 20062006/05/04
    Garmin reported earnings this morning and the stock moved strongly higher. I take a look at the company and why it belongs on my blog!
  72. LoJack (LOJN) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/05/03
    This evening's podcast is about LoJack, a stock that I blogged about a year ago and has since appreciated 60%. The company still looks interesting from my perspective and I share with you my findings. I do not own any shares or options of this stock at the time of broadcast.
  73. A reader asks about P&F charts and the use of the top % gainers list!2006/04/25
    Tonight's Podcast is in response to a reader who wrote in about the use of the top % gainers lists and the Point & Figure Charting. I wax philosophic, sharing some thoughts about the "Zen" of Investing, bubbling alphabet soup, and surfing, a sport that I have never even done :).
  74. Healthways (HWAY) Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis2006/04/23
    Tonight's podcast is about Healthways (HWAY), recently renamed from American Healthways (AMHC). This is a stock in my trading portfolio that I have owned almost two years and has now appreciated over 100% from my purchase price. I review some of the current information and also share some emails from listeners.
  75. April 18, 2006 Franklin Electric (FELE)2006/04/19
    Tonight's podcast is about Franklin Electric (FELE) a stock that made a strong move higher today. I also answer a question about my "portfolio" from a reader.
  76. Portfolio Management: A Reader Asks about 'What I would do if I were in the same boat?'2006/04/17
    With thanks to Manolo's Shoe Blog for the Peeps photo...wishing you all a Happy Easter! Tonight's podcast is a brief discussion of some more issues in successful stock-picking and portfolio management. I answer a great email from Dave M. who brings up several issues.
  77. Portfolio Management: A Reader Asks about my Selling Strategy2006/04/16
    Tonight's Podcast is in response to a listener/reader who was confused about my selling strategy and how it all comes together.
  78. SanDisk (SNDK) A Review of an Addition to my Trading Portfolio2006/04/14
    Tonight's podcast is about SanDisk (SNDK), a stock that I purchased shares in this morning and also a stock that I have reviewed twice before in Stock Picks Bob's Advice. I review recent earnings, fundamentals, and a look at a chart.
  79. Hibbett Sporting Goods (HIBB) Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis2006/04/09
    Tonight's podcast is a weekend review of a stock in my trading portfolio. I review my history with the investment, and the current status of the stock. Hibbett is a regional sporting goods store that concentrates in cities of 50,000 or less currently in the southeast of the United States.
  80. April 7, 2006 Aladdin Knowledge Systems (ALDN) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/04/08
    Tonight's podcast is about Aladdin Knowledge Systems (ALDN), a stock that I reviewed in March, 2005, and which has not gone anywhere from the original pick price. However, the stock shows strong momentum and had a great quarter as well as a solid Morningstar report. Stock climbed today on an analyst upgrade.
  81. April 6, 2006 Immucor (BLUD) and a few questions about XOM, BNT, and OSK from Readers2006/04/07
    Tonight's podcast is about Immucor (BLUD) a blood reagents and testing company and also I answer a few questions about assorted other stocks: XOM, BNT, and OSK.
  82. March 27, 2006 Candela Laser (CLZR) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/03/28
    This evening's podcast is about Candela Laser (CLZR), a stock that moved higher today in an otherwise sloppy stock market. I review their business, the latest quarterly result, a analysis, a "Point & Figure" chart from, and a few measures of valuation.
  83. Genesco (GCO) Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis March 26, 20062006/03/26
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  84. National Research Corp. (NRCI) March 23, 20062006/03/24
    Tonight's podcast addresses an inquiry from a listener about initial size of investments and moves on to take a look at a new stock idea: National Research Corp. (NRCI).
  85. Basic Principles: How I Pick Stocks and Manage my Portfolio2006/03/21
    This evening's podcast is in response to a question I received from a listener about how I pick stocks. I go on to talke about managing a portfolio, when I sell a stock on "good news" and when on "bad news" and how I try to respond to market conditions by moving into equities or cash.
  86. CLARCOR (CLC) and Readers ask questions about Buying and Selling Stocks.2006/03/18
    Tonight's podcast is a look at CLARCOR (CLC) a filter company, and I answer a couple of questions about when to buy and when to sell positions.
  87. LMI Aerospace (LMIA) and a look at my Trading Portfolio2006/03/16
    Tonight's podcast is about a new stock pick from my blog, LMI Aerospace (LMIA). I also wrap up the show with a look at my current trading portfolio.
  88. Cytyc (CYTC) Weekend Trading Portfolio Review2006/03/12
    Today's podcast is about Cytyc (CYTC) a stock that I own in my own trading portfolio. I discuss some of my portfolio management strategies as well as take another look at this medical firm.
  89. Claire's Stores (CLE) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/03/11
    Tonight's podcast is about Claire's Stores (CLE) a stock that I first reviewed in February, 2004, and which I once again took a look at in my blog yesterday. The stock reported solid earnings and I discuss some of the features that make this retail firm attractive as an investment.
  90. Coach (COH) Reviewing a stock from my Trading Portfolio2006/03/06
    This afternoon's podcast is a look at a stock, Coach (COH), that I actually own in my portfolio. I also review some of my own trading strategy as well as an update on this fast-growing high-end retailer.
  91. Autodesk (ADSK) March 1, 20062006/03/02
    Tonight's podcast is about Autodesk (ADSK), a stock which made a nice move today and has some interesting criteria that make it a stock of interest. I also try to discuss my use of and some of the other websites I utilize for information and decision-making.
  92. NATCO Group (NTG) February 25, 20062006/02/26
    Tonight's podcast is about NATCO Group, a stock I wrote up in my blog, Stock Picks Bob's Advice as well. I also try to answer a few comments and questions from listeners and readers of my blog.
  93. Micronetics (NOIZ) February 20, 20062006/02/21
    Tonight's Podcast is about Micronetics (NOIZ), a stock I first reviewed June 2, 2004, on my blog, Stock Picks Bob's Advice, and which I 'revisited' on February 17, 2006. This is a very small company with dynamic growth. I do not own any shares or options in this company.
  94. Barnes Group Inc. (B) February 19, 20062006/02/19
    Today's podcast is about Barnes Group (B), a stock that I reviewed on my blog on 2/16/06 and that I also purchased some shares in my trading account. I will discuss some of the things that entered into this purchase, my timing of purchases, and why I picked this particular stock. Also will answer some comments from readers.
  95. Roper Industries (ROP) February 15, 20062006/02/16
    Tonight's show is about Roper Industries (ROP) a NYSE company that moved higher today. Also, I comment on several comments and emails I have received from readers and listeners.
  96. Gardner Denver (GDI) February 7, 2006 2006/02/08
    Tonight's podcast is about Gardner Denver (GDI) which made a nice move on a great quarterly report. I review the report, the financials, a few valuation numbers and a chart.
  97. Oshkosh Truck (OSK) Revisiting a Stock Pick2006/02/05
    Today's podcast is about Oshkosh Truck, a stock that I first reviewed in June, 2003, and has once again hit the top % gainers list and earned itself another examination. One of the strongest stocks on my blog, I don't own any shares but have a few shares that I own through my stock club.
  98. Church & Dwight (CHD) and a Comment about a reader's Comments on Investing2006/02/01
    Tonight's podcast is about Church & Dwight (CHD) and I answer some comments from a beginning investor.
  99. Ventana Medical Systems (VMSI) Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis2006/01/30
    Tonight's podcast is about a stock that I have both discussed on my blog as well as owned in my own trading portfolio. I review Ventana and review some of the methods I use for managing my holdings and evaluating stocks.
  100. Trimble (TRMB), National Instruments (NATI), and Headwaters (HW)2006/01/27
    Tonight's podcast is about three stocks that I am revisiting from prior posts from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years ago from Stock Picks. Also answer a few comments and questions.
  101. Bolt Technology (BTJ) and a reader comments on "resistance" to selling!2006/01/20
    Tonight's podcast is about Bolt Technology (BTJ) a small company involved in oil exploration through seismic studies. I also discuss a reader's comments about
  102. Dealing with a Bear Market! How do I manage my portfolio in the face of declining prices?2006/01/19
    Tonight's podcast is about what I would do if the declining market continues and how to develop a strategy to anticipate such a problem.
  103. Meridian Biosciences (VIVO) A stock from my Trading Portfolio, and a couple of answers to questions from a reader.2006/01/15
    Today's podcast is a look at a stock that I actually own, Meridian Biosciences, and the current status of its business. I also answer some questions about my investment strategy and some of the numbers I use to look at a stock.
  104. JLG Industries (JLG) January 13, 2005 and a note on Investing Philosophy!2006/01/14
    Tonight's podcast is about JLG Industries, a stock that I have recently purchased some shares, and a note on investment philosophy.
  105. Palomar Medical Technology (PMTI)2006/01/12
    Tonight's podcast is a look at Palomar Medical Technologies (PMTI). This is a revisit from a prior review a year ago. The stock continues to look strong.
  106. The Manitowoc Co. (MTW)2006/01/12
    Tonight's podcast is about Manitowoc Co. (MTW) a stock that I first reviewed on Stock Picks Bob's Advice about 14 months ago. Stock has moved higher since that time and still appears promising.
  107. Cabot Microelectronics (CCMP), a weekend review, and a reader asks about Syneron (ELOS)2006/01/09
    This evening's podcast is a review of Cabot Microelectronics (CCMP) picked in October, 2004, and an answer about what to do about Syneron (ELOS) which suffered a sharp decline. Is it a good buying time?
  108. Sybron Dental (SYD) Weekend Review of Trading Portfolio2006/01/08
    Tonight's podcast is a review of Sybron (SYD) a stock that I have owned since November, 2003. I review the latest quarterly earnings,, and Yahoo Finance financials. I also review my own trading history with this stock.
  109. AngioDynamics (ANGO) January 6, 2006, A Purchase in my Trading Account2006/01/07
    Tonight's podcast is a review of AngioDynamics (ANGO) a stock that I actually purchased earlier today after selling some shares of my Meridian Biosciences (VIVO). I shall also briefly review a portion of my portfolio management strategy.
  110. True Religion (TRLG) updated May 29, 20062006/01/06
    In tonight's show, I discuss True Religion (TRLG) the jeans stock and some thoughts on starting out in investing in stocks. (The original mP3 file was not functional and I revisited this stock with an update.
  111. HealthExtras (HLEX) Revisiting a Stock Pick, January 4, 20062006/01/05
  112. Blue Coat Systems a sale, Thoratec (THOR) and Neoware (NWRE) are reviewed2006/01/04
  113. St. Jude Medical (STJ) A Weekend Trading Portfolio Analysis2006/01/01
  114. Short Tutorial on Selling Short - Answering a Reader's Question2005/12/30
  115. Reliv International (RELV) December 27, 20052005/12/28
  116. Western Digital (WDC) December 21, 20052005/12/22
  117. A Review of My Trading Rules and a Look at Sirius (SIRI)2005/12/21
  118. SRA International (SRX) A review of a holding in my Trading Portfolio2005/12/17
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  120. Satyam Computer Services (SAY)2005/12/16
  121. Matrixx Initiatives (MTXX) - Revisiting a stock pick!2005/12/15
  122. How I Use Morningstar to Evaluate Stocks!2005/11/28
  123. Stock Picks Bob's Advice Podcast: An Introduction2005/11/27
Stock Picks Bob's Advice
This is a companion podcast to the popular weblog Stock Picks Bob's Advice. Bob is an amateur investor who has 42 years of investing experience and shares with his audience some of his current picks and his actual trading portfolio on his weblog of the same name. New to podcasting, Bob has been blogging about stocks for over 6 years on his website and is enthusiastic about sharing a simple approach to understanding the complex world of stocks.