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  1. The DS:Life Podcast is Now Archived!2017/05/01
    Hey all! Just a quick note to let you know that the DS:Life Podcast is now an archived podcast feed. Previously we had it set to pull in the latest episodes of the Nintendo Pulse podcast, but there has been a number of requests for […]
  2. WiiSpot/DS:Life “We’re Sorry” Cast2010/08/31
    It’s been a while, and we have no good excuse. Work, real life and everything else has conspired against us, but we are back! IN this combined catch up show for both the WiiSpot and DS:Life Edgar and I talk about DS sales, Metroid: Other […]
  3. E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference Wrapup2010/06/28
    I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo “won” E3 2010, if you like talking about those sorts of things. Right from the get go (Well, not with the botched live demo of Zelda), Nintendo showed that it has more to offer to the Core […]
  4. DS:LIfe #56 – Picking Up The Pieces2010/05/14
    We are back with a great episode of the DS:Life for your listening pleasure! We hope the inclusion of the XMBCast in the feed didn’t confuse you too much ;) In this episode we are trying something new, attempting to keep the episode to near […]
  5. DS:Life #55 – And Now, We Dance!2010/03/30
    Just a few short days since I posted #54, DS:Life #55 is ready for your consumption! In this episode we talk about all things Nintendo 3DS, or what little we can chat about since Nintendo didn’t offer very many details about it. E3 2010 will […]
  6. DS:Life #54 – Music Needs to GO2010/03/29
    Holy forgetting to post this episode Batman! My apologies, this episode has sat in draft status for almost a week. Looks like there was a server blip when I posted it, and it never actually posted… or something. Annoying to say the least. Oh well, […]
  7. DS:Life #53 – It’s Finger Paint Time2010/03/12
    We have an interesting episode of the DS:Life for your listening pleasure this week. First off we chat about the high cost of the DSi XL and the inability to transfer paid for DSiWare games from your DSi to it, chat about a developer who […]
  8. Nintendo Media Summit 2010 Special Edition2010/02/25
    Nintendo held a special MediaSummit presentation yesterday to talk about the games coming out in the first half of the year. Here is the emergency special edition podcast we did to talk about it. Unfortunately Edgar got tied up at work and couldn’t make it, […]
  9. DS:Life Podcast #0522010/02/19
    In this episode of the DS:Life Edgar and I talk a lot about the iPad announcement and what it means to us as Nintendo gamers. We also chat a lot about digital distribution and how Nintendo can utilize it to stay ahead of the pack. […]
  10. DS:Life Podcast #0512010/01/26
    Welcome to the first podcast FROM THE FUTURE. DS:Life is back to talk about all things Nintendo, and all things DS. Also, we talk about the Nintendo DS for good measure! In this episode we chat about the REDONKULOUS December sales, HD screens, Warioware and […]
  11. DS:Life Podcast #0502009/12/07
    It’s our 50th episode, and we celebrate with some new intro music. In our 3 years doing this the biggest complaint has been that intro, and I’m fully expecting complaints about this one now! In this episode Edgar and I talk about Thanksgiving day sales […]
  12. DS:Life Podcast #0492009/11/27
    As promised, DS:Life #49 is LIVE! Ironically enough it was also recorded Live :) In this episode Edgar and I talk a lot about the DSi LL/XL, chat about DSiWare, new bundles, Black Friday, and more! It’s a great show, and I’m happy that our […]
  13. DS:Life Podcast #0482009/11/25
    Here is DS:Life Episode #48 for your listening pleasure. Let me explain the delay, for the past month and a half my web server has been repeatedly hacked, data trashed, files deleted etc. I’ve restored and rebuilt from scratch a few times, only to have […]
  14. DS:Life Podcast #0472009/09/14
    Hello? Is anybody out there? Can you hear me? Wow, it’s been a while. Both Edgar and I have had a series of issues in getting something actually recorded.. but that is all fixed, for now! Welcome to another episode of the DS:Life! IN this […]
  15. DS:Life Podcast #CATCHUP #462009/07/28
    Edgar is back from his tour of the world, and we are here with a catchup episode of the DS:Life podcast! If Edgar’s swashbuckling stories of world travel aren’t enough, we actually talk about some games and news! We’ve no 5 week trips planned anytime […]
  16. E3 2009 Nintendo Press Conference Wrapup2009/06/10
    Edgar and I get together to recap the E3 2009 Nintendo Press Conference. Since this converence covers both the Wii and the DS this file will appear on both feeds! We cover such topics as whether or not New Super Mario is a “real” Mario […]
  17. DS:Life Episode #0452009/06/04
    E3 mania has hit the DS:Life Podcast! In this episode we talk about all of the titles that have been announced prior to the big show, and wax poetic on what we think will happen during E3. Games covered include Drawn to Life, Star Wars […]
  18. DS:Life Episode #0442009/05/03
    What do GTA, GPS and DSi all have in common? Well, besides being acronyms they are all topics covered in this week’s DS:Life podcast! Edgar joins me again for a great episode of the show, one that has a bit of controversy! In this week’s […]
  19. DS:Life Episode #0432009/04/17
    The DSi is here, and we are here to tell you all about it! Nintendo’s new handheld has made a splash in the news, and also in our gametime! Tune in and hear what Edgar and I think about the system, it’s awesome features and […]
  20. DS:Life Episode #0422009/04/02
    It’s GDC overload direct from the 2009 Game Developers Conference! The overload I mean, Edgar and I weren’t there ;) In this episode we talk about everything GDC! There were loads of awesome announcements at GDC this year, including the return of one of our […]
  21. DS:Life Episode #0412009/03/26
    DSi mania is taking over the DS:Life Podcast this week. Edgar even drops the bomb that he will be buying one when it launches! I know.. I was amazed too! We heard your comments and emails! Thanks to each and every one of you that […]
  22. DS:Life Episode #0402009/03/08
    Things are starting to heat up on the DS. With a pile of great games coming out in the next month, along with a new DS system, and we are here to help you all make informed buying decisions. That, and to also try to […]
  23. DS:Life Episode #0392009/02/10
    If you are seeing this, or are hearing this, you are successfully getting the podcast from the new DSLifePodcast.com WHEW! That’s a load off my mind! In this episode we talk about more Final Fantasys then you can shake a stick at, boxing fun on […]
  24. DS:Life Episode #0382009/02/09
    After some technical difficulties with this episode, we are back! So sorry for the delay! In this episode we talk a bit about some games we’ve been playing, like Moon and Dragon Quest IV, talk about a new peripheral coming to the DS in Japan, […]
  25. DS:Life Episode #0372009/01/19
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  26. DS:Life Episode #0362008/10/06
    It's Nintendo Media Event wrap-up time. Nintendo announced the next DS model, the DSi and Edgar and I dissect the news. We also take some time to chat about new games coming out, GTA China Town Wars and some homebrew! Hope you enjoy this episode, we'll talk to you soon!

    So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!
  27. DS:Life Episode #0352008/09/18
    In this extremely late episode of the DS: Life podcast we talk about a DS motion controller, GTA coming soon, some free downloads from official game sites, and Edgar gives us his review of Soul Bubbles!

    Thanks for all the support guys, and we are terrible sorry for the delay in getting you this episode! Take care, and see you guys next week!
  28. DS:Life Episode #0342008/08/18
    In this week's episode we talk about some new games coming to the DS including a Katamari Damacy-esque title, Viva Pinata, EA's man with a Hat, Carmen SanDiego and one developer's idea that the DS lacks originality.

    Another pair of great live shows went down this weekend, a huge thanks to all who came out and chatted it up with us!
  29. DS:Life Episode #0332008/08/12
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  30. DS:Life Episode #0322008/08/06
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  31. DS:Life Episode #0312008/07/13
    DS:Life Podcast is back with another live show recording. Things went much smoother this time, and I didn’t say WiiSpot in the intro… yay! ;) We focused mainly on some pre-E3 announcements and speculated on what else could be announced. Other topics discussed include Buffy […]
  32. DS:Life Episode #0302008/07/03
    It’s another DS:Life Podcast live show recording. Yes, even though I said Wiispot in the intro, this is infact the DS:Life podcast :) In this episode we talk about Izuna and her assets, the rumour of Metal Slug 7 hitting the US is a rumour […]
  33. DS:Life Episode #0292008/06/16
    Welcome to the first live DS:Life podcast recorded on Saturday the 14th of June! It was a fun show, and it was awesome seeing and talking with all of you that made the trek out! All in all we had about 35-40 people pop into […]
  34. DS:Life Episode #0282008/06/02
    Hey guys, we’re back with some more DS goodness for your ears. In this episode we talk about Twitter and Wii Fit, but never fret we love the DS so spend a lot of time talking about that too :) We chat about The World […]
  35. DS:Life Episode #0272008/05/03
    In the wake of some huge releases on the consoles, we are here to chat about our favorite little hand held the DS. I have to admit though, we do end up talking a bit about GTA IV. In this episode we talk about Nintendo’s […]
  36. DS:Life Episode #0262008/04/14
    Howdy all, we are back with another episode of the DS:Life podcast! In this episode we talk about a lot of new game info from Japan, discuss the rumours of a new DS coming at E3, experience some technical difficulties and of course answer some […]
  37. DS:Life Episode #0252008/04/09
    Hello listeners. We are back with another episode of the DS:Life podcast! There was a bit of a delay in getting this file up, we recorded this past Saturday, but we hope you’ll forgive us when you give it a listen. In this episode we […]
  38. DS:Life Episode #0242008/03/04
    We are back with DS:Life episode #24. You’ll have to forgive our silliness, as we recorded this episode LATE last night and were obviously both VERY tired. :) In this episode we talk about the new live recording setup that I am using, I give […]
  39. DS:Life Episode #0232008/01/27
    It’s a new year, and we are here with a new episode of DS:Life for your listening pleasure! We are recording this podcast with a new setup, which should mean that the podcast will be getting to your ears much quicker. There seems to be […]
  40. DS:Life Holiday Gift Guide 20072007/12/19
    Hey guys, the DS:Life podcast is proud to bring to you our holiday gift guide 2007! Contained in this podcast are 11 games that we adore and a pile of DS accessories too. We wanted to make a podcast that could easily be burned to […]
  41. DS:Life Episode #0222007/11/13
    Babies have an unpredictable way about them, and so do computers. Either way we are back with another episode of the DS:Life. After a short (!!) hiatus we are back to sling all of the DS love that you can handle. In this episode we […]
  42. DS:Life Episode #0202007/08/16
    We are back with a new episode of the DS:Life podcast. See, you didn’t have to wait 6 weeks this time ;) In this episode we chat about Drawn to Life, go over some of the news from Quakecon, mention a couple new games that […]
  43. DS:Life Episode #0192007/08/09
    We have a great new DS:Life podcast for your listening pleasure. We have lots of old and lots of very new news to talk about in this episode. Highlights include a full E3 rundown, chat about quakecon, some new accessories to chat about, and something […]
  44. DS:Life Episode #0182007/05/25
    I said we’d be back in a few days, and I did not want to disappoint. Enjoy episode #018! With this episode we are now caught up on previous recordings, and will be recording a new one this weekend to get you guys some fresh […]
  45. DS:Life Episode #0172007/05/23
    A little late, but we hope you’ll forgive us… DS:Life episode #017 is here! We are currently nursing some MAJOR technical difficulties, and have had to delay the releases by quite a bit. We have a new recording method in place since this show was […]
  46. DS:Life Episode #0162007/04/13
    In this episode we talk about Sega and Nintendo together… like on the same team, Ninja Gaiden coming to the DS!!, Monster rancher DS bound and also make mention of Namco Museum. It’s a great show, hope you guys enjoy it! So until next time, […]
  47. DS:Life Episode #0152007/04/10
    Hey guys we are back. I am really sorry for the delay, I was having problems with my webhost for a week or so and was not able to post this episode even though it was complete and ready for your listening pleasure! Talk about […]
  48. DS:Life Episode #0142007/03/26
    And we are back! DS:Life episode #14 is large and in charge.. and a little bit late. I this episode recorded on the 10th we chat about the GDC announcements, wax lyrical about the web browsers for the DS that are shipping soon, and then […]
  49. DS:Life Episode #0132007/03/02
    We are back after our one week hiatus with you DS:Life episode #13.. lucky number 13.. or something like that. In this episode we chat about what we’ve been playing lately, go on a bit of a rant about Bubble Bobble, totally butcher the Japanese […]
  50. DS:Life Episode #0122007/02/19
    Hey guys, we are back. DS:Life episode #012 is here and ready to rumble. This week we chat about the unbelieveble domination that the DS is having in the handheld space, The top 5 games for the DS, Perrin giving some great Zelda news (1 […]
  51. DS:Life Episode #0112007/02/11
    We are back for another episode of the DS:Life podcast. We hope that you all had a good week, as we sure did! In this episode we talk about Konami’s Gamers day, Raid over the River, EA’s pledge to be Nintendo’s #2 developer, and of […]
  52. DS:Life Episode #0102007/02/02
    Hey guys, we are back with Episode #10 for your listening pleasure. This is the first episode with our new format, well… sorta. We drop a big announcement that is sure to make many of you out there VERY happy. In this episode we chat […]
  53. WiiSpot Podcast #0 – The Genesis2007/01/21
    Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Teaser. Edgar and I got together to record a DS:Life Podcast a month and a bit ago, and ended up chatting about the Wii for an hour and a half! We decided that the Wii is interesting enough to warrant […]
  54. DS:Life Episode #0092007/01/17
    We are back in the ’07 with episode #009 of the DS:Life Podcast. This one was a long time coming, with the holidays, a strange crystaline entity one of our bodies made for us, and more recently 1 half of our recording being nearly unusable.. […]
  55. DS:Life Episode #0082006/12/08
    Episode 8 of the DS:Life, your premiere audio source for all things DS has hit. Delays aside, we think that this episode was worth the wait! We start off with our usual “What are we playing section” then get into all the great DS news […]
  56. DS:Life Episode #0072006/11/09
    We have lots to talk about, and talk we do! With the episode coming in at a little over 70 minutes, grab your popcorn and prepare to be entertained. In this episode we talk about Elite Beat Agents, a sweet homebrew comic reader, a unbelievable […]
  57. DS:Life Episode #0062006/10/17
    The DS:Life is back! After a much longer then planned break, we bring you episode 6! This should of been out to you guys a week+ ago, but due to timing we had to record it later then we would of wanted, which pushed it […]
  58. DS:Life Episode #0052006/09/22
    Welcome to the fifth episode of your DS:Life. This episode brings you Lloyd and Edgar to talk about all things DS. It was a light news week leading up to this podcast, so we bring you a pile of listener email to make up for […]
  59. DS:Life Episode #0042006/09/08
    This episode brings the trio back together to talk about all things Nintendo DS… some Wii and PSP chatter slips in there too. We discuss the total pwning that Nintendo is doing to the portable market in Japan, mention the Opera browser and how the […]
  60. DS:Life Episode #0032006/08/23
    We are back with episode number three of the DS:Life podcast. Well we are not in the Top 10 videogame podcasts on iTunes, thanks to all who have supported us, and a big Hello! to those who are listening for the first time! This episode […]
  61. DS:Life Episode #0022006/08/08
    We are back with episode number two of the DS:Life podcast. Episode #1 was VERY well received. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. We post this for you the DS fans, so it’s great to know that you are enjoying what we are doing. […]
  62. DS:Life Episode #0012006/07/20
    We welcome you to the first episode of the DS:Life podcast. The Button Mashers Network and Nerdblurb have joined forces to bring you everything that is Nintendo DS. You asked for it, and now you have it. We hope you enjoy listening to the first […]
  63. DS Podcast Teaser2006/06/30
    Here is the first piece of audio recorded for the DS podcast. We were hard pressed to call it an actual episode, so we called it a teaser. Enjoy and please let us know what you would like us to include in future episodes of […]
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