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  1. Home Improvement Contractor Selection and Contracts2015/11/19
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  2. Massachusetts Business Organizations2014/04/11
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  3. Everything You Need To Know About Car Stops2014/02/03

    Before a police officer stops and searches your vehicle, certain legal requirements must be met in order for any evidence discovered to be admissible against you. In this episode, we briefly examine those requirements.
  4. All About Defamation2011/11/04

    Wondering about the law of defamation? Thinking about defaming someone? Take a First Ammendment Adventure with us.
  5. All About Prenuptual Agreements2011/10/21

    Questions about what they are? How they work? We got you covered...

  6. All About Alimony2011/09/13

    The Massachusetts legislature passed a sweeping reform of how alimony is awarded in Massachusetts. Here are all the details.
  7. Do I Need a Lawyer at a Real Estate Closing?2010/06/16

    More information about the closing table... do you need a lawyer representing you? Tune-in and find out!
  8. All About Like Kind Exchanges2010/04/12

    Today we cover Like Kind Exchanges. What's a Like Kind Exchange? Tune in!
  9. All About Like Kind Exchanges2010/03/31

    Today we tackle the topic of 1031 Like Kind Exchanges. Enjoy.
  10. Everything You Need to Know About Bankruptcy (But were afraid to ask) (Part 1)2009/03/10

    With the economic downturn heavily upon us, we wanted to turn our attention to bankruptcy law. In this multi-part podcast, we'll cover the basics so you can determine whether this is a tool you can use in these tough economic times.
  11. Thinking About Buying A Condo?2008/07/31

    Thinking about buying a condo? Then you need to take a listen. We tell you what you need to know in order to make this buying decision a good one.
  12. Rules for Landlords (Part II)2008/07/17

    By popular demand... we present, More Rules for Landlords (Part II). Enjoy.
  13. Rules for Landlords (Part 1)2007/08/10

    Donahue & Grolman's Rules for Avoiding Getting Sued by Their Tenants
  14. All About Massachusetts Homestead Declarations2007/06/01

    In a prior episode, we gave you an overview of the homestead declaration as an important building block of a sound estate plan. Now, we cover the homestead declaration in depth. Everything you always wanted to know... but were afraid to ask.
  15. Landlord Tenant Eviction Primer2007/03/23

    Thanks for all of your letters and emails. You've asked for some information about the eviction process in the Commonwealth, and here it is! Keep the emails and letters coming.
  16. Our Perspective: Consumer Bankruptcy2007/02/09

    In prior episodes, we've been only discussing real estate law. Today, we branch out to showcase other practice areas of the firm. Is bankruptcy right for you? Double-click and find out.
  17. All about variances!2006/11/06

    This week we cover the importance of securing a variance before building.
  18. The Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Explained2006/04/22

    There's a change in the law regarding buying and selling homes in Massachusetts... and it concerns yor physical safety. This podcast is really worth a listen!
  19. Estate Planning Overview -- It's for Everyone!2006/03/30

    Your home is your greatest asset. In this episode of Donahue & Grolman's Lawcast Podcast, we tackle the subject of Estate Planning. Specifically, we discuss strategies for protecting your assets, and who gets your assets when you die. Whether you own a home or not, we think Estate Planning is for everyone. We think you'll agree.
  20. Can the Landlord Just Come In...?2006/03/23

    An over-view of how and when a landlord can come into your apartment. Fun for landlords, brokers and tenants!
  21. "Real" Real Estate Matters2006/03/21

    "Real" Real Estate Matters. Visit our virtual law office at
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