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  1. Host Darren Levy's Final Episode2007/12/08
    This episode will be Darren Levy's last as host. We will hear from a few past guests and friends -- TV Host Boaz Frankel, Publicist David Gibbs, Abstract Conceptual Artist Ula Einstein and Sideshow Performer Tyler Fyre. Thanks to everyone for all your support! This has been the best experience of my life. Keep in touch --
  2. Amazing Blazing Tyler Fyre Interview2007/12/08
    In this interview Tyler Fyre will shock, he'll amaze, and he'll talk about sideshow, stunts, schooling, and the role of educational facilities in real estate development of cultural arts centers. Listen in for Tyler to reveal the secrets behind one of his signature acts! You can visit for more information.
  3. TV Writer James Felder Interview2007/04/25
    James Felder is a TV writer and professor here at NYU. We will learn the basics for writing a spec script and breaking into the TV writing industry.
  4. Acting Executive Director of the Drawing Center Lisa Metcalf Interview2007/04/11
    Lisa Metcalf, Acting Executive Director of the Drawing Center, is very proud to be a part of the center's 30 years. We will discuss some of the exhibits and the challenges of running a space that promotes emerging artists. You can visit for more information.
  5. Curator Paul Berman Interview2007/04/04
    Paul Berman is our guest on this episode. He's curated an event on Journalist and Poet Carl Sandburg that will take place on April 4. Tune in for a discussion on what ties those two forms of literature together and how Sandburg's work lives on today.
  6. Museum Tour Guide Edward Rueda2007/03/28
    Edward Rueda gave tours of the Hispanic Society of America for about a year. This museum is one of New York's best kept secrets. On this episode, Edward will share some information about this historic gem. You'll hear some fascinating insight on how religion and politics influenced Hispanic art and an audio tour of the museum. You can visit for more information.
  7. Author and Cartoonist Larry Gonick Interview2007/03/26
    Larry Gonick loves to teach. But most of all he wants to make it fun. His comic books have been used in classrooms all over the country. On this episode we'll learn why cartoons can be more informative than a text book. You can visit for more information.
  8. Music Store Icon and Author Henry Goldrich Interview2007/03/06
    Henry Goldrich is a music store icon. So many legendary musicians have bought instruments from his store, Manny's Music, he needed a book to tell all about it -- "The Wall of Fame: New York City's Legendary Manny's Music." On this show we'll hear a few of his great stories.
  9. Author Bil Carpenter Interview2007/02/28
    Bil Carpenter loves gospel music. So much, in fact, he wrote the first ever encyclopedia of gospel music, "Uncloudy Days." Hear why if he hadn't done the research when he did, much of the genre would have been forgotten.
  10. Playwright Monica Bauer Interview2007/02/13
    Monica Bauer is an award winning playwright. Her most recent work is a comedy titled "Diet Monologues: The Musical." Tune in and hear about all the fun she had writing this piece.
  11. Performer Venus Opal Reese Interview2007/02/07
    Venus Opal Reese found a very unique topic for her one-woman show, "Split Ends"---African American women and their hair. Tune in an learn how she was able to take this idea and turn it into a performance showcasing her many talents including video, movement and mime. You can visit for more information.
  12. Actress Laura Siner Interview2007/01/30
    Laura Siner may have a degree in marketing from Columbia, but she’s an actor at heart. She’s been performing classical theater in New York for a while and on this show she’ll share some advice for those who get frustrated with the ups and downs of acting in the city. You can visit for more information about her.
  13. Opera Composer Robert Ashley Interview2007/01/16
    Are you a fan of experimental music? How about experimental opera? What is experimental opera? Robert Ashley has been a pioneer in opera for decades. On this show he’ll talk about his works and what's it's like to work with the same vocalists for the past 20 some years.
  14. Best of Citywide 20062007/01/09
    During Best of Week on WNYU the producers of Citywide chose some excerpts from the past year to feature on this episode. Flash Animator Justin Dike, Painter Sharon Appel, Artistic Director Susan Fiol and Playwright Stan Richardson are all included.
  15. Actress Geraldine Hughes Interview2006/12/28
    This interview orginally aired over the WNYU airwaves on February 8, 2005. Geraldine Hughes was starring in an award winning one-woman play she wrote titeld "Belfast Blues." The play tells the story of her life growing up in Belfast, Ireland during a war. Currently, Geraldine is co-starring in the movie "Rocky Balboa," now in theaters.
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