TEDTalks (video)

  1. Why you should ditch deadly fossil-fuel appliances | Donnel Baird2023/11/14
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  2. An alternative to the "midlife crisis" | Chip Conley2023/11/13
    Midlife doesn't have to be a scary time, says entrepreneur Chip Conley. In this short yet profound talk, he takes inspiration from the natural world to reframe our 40s, 50s and 60s as a transitional stage that's full of grace and beauty — and urges us all to make aging aspirational.
  3. The unexpected way spirituality connects to climate change | Gopal D. Patel2023/11/10
    Environmental activist Gopal D. Patel thinks the climate movement could learn a lot from one of the longest-standing social initiatives in human history: religion. Exploring three areas where frameworks from faith traditions could benefit the climate movement, Patel offers a playbook for discovering your big idea to build momentum towards powerful social change.
  4. It's time to rethink the role of First Lady | Irina Karamanos Adrian2023/11/09
    Irina Karamanos Adrian didn't plan on becoming Chile's First Lady — but she set out to transform the role all the same. She shares how she's fighting gender stereotypes and protecting democracy by shifting political power back to where it belongs: to people who were actually elected.
  5. Returning to school mid-career? Here's what you need to know | Candice Neveu2023/11/09
    Are you thinking of returning to school? Educator Candice Neveu shares three challenges you might face continuing your education mid-career — and three mindset shifts to speed up your learning, improve your confidence and achieve the results you want.
  6. The dark side of competition in AI | Liv Boeree2023/11/08
    Competition is a core part of human nature, and it can drive us to extraordinary feats. But when it goes wrong, the results can be devastating. Poker champion and science communicator Liv Boeree introduces us to "Moloch's trap" — the dark force of game theory driving many of humanity's biggest social problems, which is now threatening to derail the AI industry.
  7. Photographing nature beyond the limits of human perception | Doris Mitsch2023/11/07
    Artist Doris Mitsch invites us to revel in the wonders of nature through her dazzling photography: stacked images of starlings in flight, hawks surfing thermal updrafts, bats echolocating through the night sky and more. Revealing the hidden trails created by creatures in flight, her work offers unique insight into the intelligence behind nature's invisible rhythms.
  8. Is technology our savior — or our slayer? | Ruha Benjamin2023/11/06
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  9. Regeneration can restore a broken world | Paul Hawken2023/11/03
    A frog and a mockingbird changed Paul Hawken's life, kindling a devotion to protect and restore nature. Now, as one of the world's preeminent environmentalists, he advocates for regeneration — a calling and action plan for the world to come together to end the climate crisis in one generation and put life at the center of every decision we make.
  10. Artificial skin? We made it — here's why | Anna Maria Coclite2023/11/03
    Material scientist Anna Maria Coclite unveils "smart skin" — artificial skin technology that responds to touch, temperature and humidity like your very own. (It's actually even more sensitive than human skin!) From helping burn victims to paving the way to smarter, safer humanoid robots, Coclite highlights the broad-ranging potential of this innovation.
  11. The powerful possibilities of recycling the world's batteries | Emma Nehrenheim2023/11/02
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  12. The power of unconventional thinking | David McWilliams2023/11/01
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  13. AI is dangerous, but not for the reasons you think | Sasha Luccioni2023/10/31
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  14. How to keep AI under control | Max Tegmark2023/10/30
    The current explosion of exciting commercial and open-source AI is likely to be followed, within a few years, by creepily superintelligent AI – which top researchers and experts fear could disempower or wipe out humanity. Scientist Max Tegmark describes an optimistic vision for how we can keep AI under control and ensure it's working for us, not the other way around.
  15. How to think computationally about AI, the universe and everything | Stephen Wolfram2023/10/27
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  16. My quest to end the horror of gun violence in the US | Lucy McBath2023/10/27
    US Congresswoman Lucy McBath has made it her mission to seek bipartisan solutions for gun safety, leading the way in sponsoring so-called "red flag" laws that prevent gun violence and mass shootings. In a searing and timely talk, she shares the personal story that led her to this work — and a message for why comprehensive, common-sense gun legislation in the US is more urgent than ever.
  17. A simple way to inspire your team | David Burkus2023/10/26
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  18. How comedy helps us deal with hard truths | Roy Wood Jr.2023/10/26
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  19. How to make learning as addictive as social media | Luis von Ahn2023/10/25
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  20. Caregiving is real work — let's treat it that way | Sharmi Surianarain2023/10/24
    Every day, people around the world spend 16 billion hours on unpaid care work — cooking for families, caring for children and older relatives and other routine household tasks — often in addition to other jobs. Employment advocate Sharmi Surianarain says we need to not only acknowledge this labor but also build supportive workplaces that put policies with care work top of mind.
  21. A cleaner world could start in a rice field | Jim Whitaker and Jessica Whitaker Allen2023/10/24
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  22. The ordinary people doing extraordinary things in Ukraine | Oleksandra Matviichuk2023/10/23
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  23. Let's reframe cancel culture | Sarah Jones2023/10/20
    Cancel culture launched a reckoning that was long overdue — but that doesn't mean it's getting everything right. Filmmaker and actor Sarah Jones slips in and out of various characters as she shares her personal experience with cancel culture and suggests a better way to hold others — and ourselves — to account.
  24. The joy of learning random things on Wikipedia | Annie Rauwerda2023/10/18
    Writer Annie Rauwerda makes a habit of getting lost among the seemingly endless digital archives of Wikipedia, discovering fake towns, promiscuous tortoises, 19th-century fangirls and so much more. An avid editor of the crowd-sourced platform, she speaks to the joys of exploring niche and humorous subjects, accidentally learning just for fun — and broadening your horizons along the way.
  25. Unions for climate action! | Payton M. Wilkins2023/10/17
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  26. How rest can make you better at your job | Alex Soojung-Kim Pang2023/10/17
    Yes, you need to take breaks at work. Not only is resting good for your brain — it might even make you more creative. Here are consultant Alex Soojung-Kim Pang's four tips to help you step away and return to your job with more energy to get things done.
  27. What does "wealth" mean to you? | Aisha Nyandoro2023/10/16
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  28. Lessons from my father, Alexey Navalny | Dasha Navalnaya2023/10/13
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  29. "Miles from Any Shoreline" | Sarah Kay2023/10/13
    Sarah Kay shares "Miles from Any Shoreline," a poem about "wandering the streets of Bewilderville" and "picking up when the universe calls."
  30. We actually have a shot at stopping the climate crisis | Asmeret Asefaw Berhe2023/10/12
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  31. The tech we need to fight workplace ageism | Piyachart Phiromswad2023/10/11
    From exoskeletons and robotic arms to the mass adoption of remote work, economist Piyachart Phiromswad explores what seniors need to overcome the physical, mental and societal barriers to employment, a necessary shift in our rapidly aging world. Learn more about how these tools could empower elderly workers and better the world — for everyone.
  32. The Israel-Hamas war — and what it means for the world | Ian Bremmer2023/10/10
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  33. 3 practices for wisdom and wholeness | Krista Tippett2023/10/10
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  34. 3 ways to better connect with your coworkers | Mark T. Rivera2023/10/10
    Connecting with the people you work with doesn't just make your team stronger — it's good for you too. Whether you've just joined a new organization or you're managing a remote team, these three tips from collaboration expert Mark T. Rivera can help you strengthen your ties with your co-workers, so that everyone can thrive.
  35. Work has changed. Why haven't resumes? | Nicos Marcou2023/10/09
    Resumes are a mainstay of the job application process — despite little evidence that they actually help job-seekers or employers get what they want. So why are we still so preoccupied with them? HR leader Nicos Marcou dives into the absurdity of these one-page documents (or can they be two pages?) and offers an update on how companies should think about hiring qualified candidates.
  36. How to fix fashion and protect the planet | Amy Powney2023/10/06
    From the field to your closet, your clothes go on a long journey before they enter your life. Designer Amy Powney explores the fashion industry's brutal impact on the environment and human health, modeling what ethical, planet-friendly clothing can look like — and inviting us all to think beyond the label.
  37. How business can drive solutions to social problems | Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor2023/10/05
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  38. The Encyclopedia of Invisibility — a home for lost stories | Tavares Strachan2023/10/04
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  39. 10 lessons I learned from being a nerd | Jordan Dinwiddie2023/10/03
    Are you super devoted to a sports team, superhero or perhaps "Star Wars"? You're part of a fandom, just like storyteller Jordan Dinwiddie. She shares 10 lessons she's learned nerding out on all kinds of things and unpacks the joy, creativity and community that comes from being a fan. (Note: This talk contains graphic language.)
  40. How to build a freelance career that works for you | Shahar Erez2023/10/03
    Have you considered freelancing but are unsure where to start — or if it can be a viable long term career option? Tech entrepreneur Shahar Erez shares five steps to help you build a fulfilling (and financially stable) freelance career that puts you in the driver's seat of your own future.
  41. The truth about human population decline | Jennifer D. Sciubba2023/10/02
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  42. This country runs on 98 percent renewable electricity | Ramón Méndez Galain2023/09/29
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  43. The world's rarest diseases — and how they impact everyone | Anna Greka2023/09/28
    Physician-scientist Anna Greka investigates the world's rarest genetic diseases, decoding the secrets of our cells through "molecular detective work." She explains how her team is using new, advanced technology to solve decades-old medical mysteries — and shows how this work could help develop precision treatments for millions of people across the globe.
  44. Why I gave my teenage daughter a vibrator | Robin Buckley2023/09/27
    "Why does a vibrator make us uncomfortable, but Viagra does not?" asks cognitive-behavioral coach Robin Buckley. Sharing her own personal story of empowering her teenage daughter to explore the power of pleasure, Buckley encourages parents to talk to their teens about healthy sexual development -- and shares why the awkward conversations are worth it.
  45. CRISPR's next advance is bigger than you think | Jennifer Doudna2023/09/26
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  46. 4 tips to future-proof your career | Michelle R. Weise2023/09/26
    Chances are you will have many jobs over the course of your career, but how do you prepare for the ones that don't even exist yet? Education and workforce strategist Michelle R. Weise offers practical advice to help you identify the skills and talents to ace your next career change -- and all the ones to come.
  47. How I found myself -- by impersonating other people | Melissa Villaseñor2023/09/25
    Ever think you'd hear Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears and Dolly Parton in one TED Talk? Here they are, courtesy of "Saturday Night Live" star Melissa Villaseñor. She shares the life lessons of a comedian -- complete with celebrity impressions -- and reminds us to embrace all of our voices, even if they're a little silly.
  48. Are we the last generation -- or the first sustainable one? | Hannah Ritchie2023/09/22
    The word "sustainability" gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it actually mean for humanity to be sustainable? Environmental data scientist Hannah Ritchie digs into the numbers behind human progress across centuries, unpacking why the conventional understanding of sustainability is misleading and showing how we can be the first generation of humans to actually achieve it.
  49. The simple solution to fast fashion | Josephine Philips2023/09/21
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  50. The secret to successfully pitching an idea | Mar Hershenson2023/09/21
    Have a great idea but sure how to sell it? Investor and teacher Mar Hershenson has you covered. Whether it's sharing a new product with a client or vying for a promotion, these three steps will help you tell an irresistible story and get the "yes" you're looking for.
  51. Can AI help solve the climate crisis? | Sims Witherspoon2023/09/20
    "AI can be a transformational tool in our fight against climate change," says Sims Witherspoon, a leader at the AI research lab Google DeepMind. Using wind power as her case study, she explains how powerful neural networks can help us better predict Earth's changing ecosystems and accelerate the breakthrough science needed to create a carbon-free energy supply.
  52. How to supercharge renewables and energize the world | Rebecca Collyer2023/09/19
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  53. An economy powered by sun and wind -- it's almost here | Kala Constantino2023/09/18
    With some of the highest energy bills in Southeast Asia and extreme weather to match, the Philippines experiences the climate crisis -- and climate activism -- as a part of daily life. Clean energy advocate Kala Constantino highlights how people across the country are coming together to transform policies, power and the economy as the island nation maps out its green revolution.
  54. An extreme weather report from America's weatherman | Al Roker2023/09/15
    It's not just you: the weather is getting worse. And if there's one person who would know, it's "America's weatherman," Al Roker, who's spent decades reporting live from some of the worst storms and natural disasters in history. He explains how we can each take action to address climate change and work towards a more sustainable, hopeful future for generations to come.
  55. How to solve the world's biggest problems | Natalie Cargill2023/09/14
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  56. Can the US and China take on climate change together? | Changhua Wu2023/09/13
    Climate change doesn't care about ideological divides, says policy analyst and China expert Changhua Wu. Here's what she says the US can learn from the progress China has made on the clean energy revolution -- and why collaboration instead of competition is the key to avoiding climate catastrophe.
  57. The single most important parenting strategy | Becky Kennedy2023/09/13
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  58. Birds aren't real? How a conspiracy takes flight | Peter McIndoe2023/09/12
    Peter McIndoe isn't a fan of birds. In fact, he has a theory about them that might shock you. Listen along to this eye-opening talk as it takes a turn and makes a larger point about conspiracies, truth and belonging in divisive times.
  59. How to succeed in your new job | Gorick Ng2023/09/12
    Starting a new job can be really scary, but it doesn't have to be. Here's what career navigation expert Gorick Ng says are the keys to making a great first impression, plus what you can do to ensure your new workplace is a great fit long term.
  60. Does more freedom at work mean more fulfillment? | Sarah Aviram2023/09/11
    The flexibility to work from anywhere won't necessarily make you love your job, says HR leader Sarah Aviram. Sharing practical wisdom from research conducted while working remotely in 12 different countries, she reveals the real challenges that hybrid work policies can't fix -- and shows how to truly thrive at your job no matter where you get it done.
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