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  1. AI that connects the digital and physical worlds | Anima Anandkumar2024/07/09
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  2. Lessons from my father’s final days | Laurel Braitman2024/07/08
    "Life is an endless sushi conveyor belt of things that are going to test you and teach you at the same time," says writer Laurel Braitman. Exploring the relationship between bravery and fear, she shares hard-won wisdom on love, loss, self-forgiveness and how to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions.
  3. How farmworkers are fighting extreme heat | Jon Esformes and Gerardo Reyes Chávez2024/07/08
    Farm labor is hot, backbreaking and dangerous work. To protect workers from extreme heat and workplace exploitation, farmworker Gerardo Reyes Chávez has teamed up with farm manager Jon Esformes for a unique partnership. Learn how their collaborative model is keeping farmworkers safe and creating a blueprint for more modern, humane working conditions for the world's laborers.
  4. Could psychedelics help patients in therapy? | Benjamin Lewis2024/07/05
    It's time to make psychiatry more psychedelic, says psychiatrist Benjamin Lewis. Sharing results from his clinical trial on psychedelic-assisted therapy, he highlights how group therapy paired with the safe use of psilocybin, a compound found in magic mushrooms, has the potential to improve mental health conditions like depression and burnout.
  5. "Blank Canvas" / "One World" | Sarah Elizabeth Charles2024/07/05
    Vocalist and composer Sarah Elizabeth Charles brings her signature, soulful jazz vocals to the TED stage, performing "Blank Canvas" and "One World" alongside guitarist Jordan Peters.
  6. Magic and wonder in the age of AI | David Kwong2024/07/03
    With AI everywhere you look, you may think you've seen it all. Magician David Kwong suggests otherwise, proposing advancements in technology actually increase opportunities for wonder. In an entertaining performance, he invites an audience member on stage to exhibit the mind-reading magic of ChatGPT — and explores how tech elevates our capacity for awe.
  7. Democracy requires disagreement. Here's how to do it better | Bret Stephens and Yordanos Eyoel2024/07/02
    As authoritarian leaders challenge democratic institutions around the world, some people are questioning whether democracy is even the best political system. In a wide-ranging conversation, writer Bret Stephens and social entrepreneur Yordanos Eyoel discuss why democracy is still our best hope — and offer ways we can learn to disagree more effectively in order to strengthen our societies.
  8. Next up for AI? Dancing robots | Catie Cuan2024/07/01
    Would you tango with a robot? Inviting us into the fascinating world of dancing machines, robot choreographer Catie Cuan highlights why teaching robots to move with grace, intention and emotion is essential to creating AI-powered machines we will want to welcome into our daily lives.
  9. Lessons from people already adapting to the climate crisis | Dorcas Naishorua2024/06/28
    The Maasai people have lived sustainably off the savanna for centuries, raising cattle for sustenance and income. Climate activist Dorcas Naishorua paints a picture of how the climate crisis is threatening their way of life — and calls for local and international support as they're forced to adapt to a changing environment.
  10. The hidden danger of lead in soil | Yvette Cabrera2024/06/27
    There's an invisible health threat right under our feet, says investigative journalist Yvette Cabrera. She digs into the pervasive problem of lead contamination in soil — a particular risk for children in cities — and shares her action plan to map urban soils and help create healthier communities.
  11. The last 6 decades of AI — and what comes next | Ray Kurzweil2024/06/26
    How will AI improve our lives in the years to come? From its inception six decades ago to its recent exponential growth, futurist Ray Kurzweil highlights AI's transformative impact on various fields and explains his prediction for the singularity: the point at which human intelligence merges with machine intelligence.
  12. How you could see inside your body — with a micro-robot | Alex Luebke, Vivek Kumbhari2024/06/25
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  13. A street librarian's quest to bring books to everyone | Storybook Maze2024/06/24
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  14. A scientific breakthrough that could transform how we produce food | David Friedberg2024/06/24
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  15. Is cultivated meat the future of food? | Uma Valeti2024/06/20
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  16. To love is to be brave | Kelly Corrigan2024/06/18
    Family life often requires extraordinary bravery, from navigating the daily challenges to surviving the unexpected crises. Author and podcaster Kelly Corrigan offers profound wisdom (and seven key words) to help you focus in on what matters most.
  17. Leadership lessons from the prime minister of Canada | Justin Trudeau2024/06/18
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  18. How to spot authoritarianism — and choose democracy | Ian Bassin2024/06/17
    Democracy is about having choices — and authoritarianism is about not having them, says lawyer and writer Ian Bassin. Detailing the seven steps of the authoritarian playbook, he invites us all to put aside our differences and rethink our role in the fight for freedom, revealing the hope and power behind every choice we make.
  19. A master chef's take on food, culture and community | Marcus Samuelsson2024/06/17
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  20. "Ye Pariye Naz" / "Simorgh" / "Darya" | Niaz Nawab2024/06/14
    Singer-songwriter Niaz Nawab performs three songs, weaving stanzas from Persian poetry and philosophy into the latter two.
  21. Why you should talk about your anxiety at work | Adam Whybrew2024/06/14
    We can't get rid of anxiety and depression, so we might as well talk about it, says depression truth-teller Adam Whybrew. Sharing his own experience with mental illness, he reveals the surprising benefits of opening up about stress at work — and why being vulnerable creates a safe space for everyone.
  22. Why AI needs a "nutrition label" | Kasia Chmielinski2024/06/13
    What do sandwiches have to do with AI? Data reformist Kasia Chmielinski helps us think about artificial intelligence with a useful food metaphor — and breaks down why AI systems should have "nutrition labels" to ensure the development of fairer, more transparent algorithms.
  23. Entertainment is getting an AI upgrade | Kylan Gibbs2024/06/12
    AI has the power to bring your favorite fictional characters to life, says technologist Kylan Gibbs. Introducing Caleb, an "AI agent" with personality and internal reasoning, he demonstrates how AI-powered characters can interact with people in novel ways, generate unique video game outcomes and augment our ability to tell stories, opening up new worlds of possibility.
  24. Even healthy couples fight — the difference is how | Julie and John Gottman2024/06/11
    Can conflict actually bring you and your partner closer? It depends on how you fight, say Julie and John Gottman, the world's leading relationship scientists. They share why the way couples fight can predict the future of their relationships — and show how anybody can transform conflict into an opportunity for deeper connection and understanding.
  25. What DEI gets wrong — and how to do it right | Paolo Gaudiano2024/06/10
    Social entrepreneur Paolo Gaudiano explains why many companies are taking the wrong approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives — by overly focusing on one thing. To avoid backlash and costly turnover, he shows the key change leaders can make to create thriving, equitable workplaces while also increasing profits.
  26. Why broken hearts hurt — and what heals them | Yoram Yovell2024/06/07
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  27. How to use venture capital for good | Freada Kapor Klein2024/06/06
    Freada Kapor Klein isn't your typical venture capitalist. She's thrown out the standard investment playbook in order to close the opportunity gap for low-income communities. She explains how her firm is investing in entrepreneurs and startups solving real-world problems — and the measurable difference it's already making.
  28. A snack's journey from the farm to your mouth | Aruna Rangachar Pohl2024/06/05
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  29. Your right to repair AI systems | Rumman Chowdhury2024/06/04
    For AI to achieve its full potential, non-experts need to contribute to its development, says Rumman Chowdhury, CEO and cofounder of Humane Intelligence. She shares how the right-to-repair movement of consumer electronics provides a promising model for a path forward, with ways for everyone to report issues, patch updates or even retrain AI technologies.
  30. The difference between false empathy and true support | Chezare A. Warren2024/06/03
    There's a right way and wrong way to do empathy, says author and scholar Chezare A. Warren. So how do we get it right? He unpacks the source of false empathy and explains the key shift in perspective we need to build healthy relationships and truly support others.
  31. 12 predictions for the future of technology | Vinod Khosla2024/05/31
    Techno-optimist Vinod Khosla believes in the world-changing power of "foolish ideas." He offers 12 bold predictions for the future of technology — from preventative medicine to car-free cities to planes that get us from New York to London in 90 minutes — and shows why a world of abundance awaits.
  32. How to imagine a better future for democracy | adrienne maree brown and Baratunde Thurston2024/05/31
    US democracy needs repair — and care is the answer, says author adrienne maree brown in conversation with writer and activist Baratunde Thurston. In a sweeping discussion on what it means to be an active citizen, they unpack how to design a future for democracy where we all belong.
  33. My quest to cure prion disease — before it's too late | Sonia Vallabh2024/05/30
    Biomedical researcher Sonia Vallabh's life was turned upside down when she learned she had the genetic mutation for a rare and fatal illness, prion disease, that could strike at any time. Thirteen years later, her search for a cure has led to new insights about how to catch and prevent disease — and how to honor our grandest, most mysterious inheritance: our brains.
  34. An optimist's take on reskilling in the age of AI | Sagar Goel2024/05/30
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  35. Courage, the most important virtue | Bari Weiss2024/05/29
    In an unflinching look at issues that widen the political divide in the US, journalist and editor Bari Weiss highlights why courage is the most important virtue in today's polarized world. She shares examples of people who have spoken up in the face of conformity and silence — and calls on all of us to say what we believe. (Followed by a Q&A with head of TED Chris Anderson)
  36. The problem with being "too nice" at work | Tessa West2024/05/28
    Are you "too nice" at work? Social psychologist Tessa West shares her research on how people attempt to mask anxiety with overly polite feedback — a practice that's more harmful than helpful — and gives three tips to swap generic, unhelpful observations with clear, consistent feedback, even when you feel awkward.
  37. Are we celebrating the wrong leaders? | Martin Gutmann2024/05/24
    We tend to celebrate leaders for their dramatic words and actions in times of crisis — but we often overlook truly great leaders who avoid the crisis to begin with. Historian Martin Gutmann challenges us to rethink what effective leadership actually looks like, drawing on lessons from the famed (but disaster-prone) explorer Ernest Shackleton.
  38. With AI, anyone can be a coder now | Thomas Dohmke2024/05/23
    What if you could code just by talking out loud? GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke shows how, thanks to AI, the barrier to entry to coding is rapidly disappearing — and creating software is becoming as simple (and joyful) as building LEGO. In a mind-blowing live demo, he introduces Copilot Workspace: an AI assistant that helps you create code when you speak to it, in any language.
  39. The good news you might have missed | Angus Hervey2024/05/22
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  40. How to fight for democracy in the shadow of autocracy | Fatma Karume2024/05/21
    Democracy may be an abstract concept, but it holds the very essence of our autonomy and humanity, says lawyer and human rights advocate Fatma Karume. Sharing her journey navigating a tumultuous political transition in Tanzania that put her life at risk, she highlights the importance of speaking truth to power and fighting for a brighter democratic future.
  41. The luminous mystery of fireflies | Wan Faridah Akmal Jusoh2024/05/20
    There are more than 2,000 firefly species, found on every continent except for Antarctica — an astonishing diversity of movement and light. Firefly scientist Wan Faridah Akmal Jusoh explores the mysteries of these little beetles that light up the night and details her quest to discover and protect new species as their habitats are at risk of disappearing.
  42. The science of lifespan — and the impact of your five senses | Christi Gendron2024/05/17
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  43. With spatial intelligence, AI will understand the real world | Fei-Fei Li2024/05/15
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  44. How fantasy worlds can spark real change | Annalee Newitz2024/05/15
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  45. Why the world needs more builders — and less "us vs. them" | Daniel Lubetzky2024/05/14
    We're programmed to think every issue is binary: "us vs. them." But Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Snacks, says the real enemy isn't a person but a mindset. He introduces a new initiative that aims to bring together "builders" from around the world to replace extremism with practical problem-solving — and shows how you can join the movement.
  46. An activist investor on challenging the status quo | Bill Ackman2024/05/13
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  47. 1 simple question that could improve women's health | Meryam Sugulle2024/05/10
    There's a reliable indicator of a woman's future likelihood of cardiovascular disease — but it rarely gets asked about, says obstetrician and researcher Meryam Sugulle. She delves into the role of the placenta in pregnancy, how it can predict health outcomes and the single question that should be worked into routine health screenings.
  48. How far away is a ceasefire? An update on Gaza and the Rafah invasion | Ian Bremmer2024/05/09
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  49. How aerosols brighten clouds — and cool the planet | Sarah J. Doherty2024/05/09
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  50. Welcome to the world of audio computers | Jason Rugolo2024/05/08
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  51. Why US politics is broken — and how to fix it | Andrew Yang2024/05/07
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  52. The US has a teacher shortage — here's how to fix it | Randy Seriguchi Jr.2024/05/06
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  53. Is your partner "the one?" Wrong question | George Blair-West2024/05/03
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  54. How the US is destroying young people's future | Scott Galloway2024/05/02
    In a scorching talk, marketing professor and podcaster Scott Galloway dissects the data showing that, by many measures, young people in the US are worse off financially than ever before. He unpacks the root causes and effects of this "great intergenerational theft," asking why we let it continue and showing how we could make it end. (Note: This talk contains mature language.)
  55. How to govern AI — even if it's hard to predict | Helen Toner2024/05/01
    No one truly understands AI, not even experts, says Helen Toner, an AI policy researcher and former board member of OpenAI. But that doesn't mean we can't govern it. She shows how we can make smart policies to regulate this technology even as we struggle to predict where it's headed — and why the right actions, right now, can shape the future we want.
  56. The workers rebuilding communities after natural disasters | Saket Soni2024/05/01
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  57. My epic journey becoming the fastest person to paddle around Australia | Bonnie Hancock2024/04/30
    What challenges lie ahead of a staggering 12,700-kilometer paddle around the entire continent of Australia? Crocodiles and sharks were just the beginning, says Ironwoman Bonnie Hancock. Reflecting on her remarkable feat of becoming the fastest person to paddle around Australia, she shares lessons on perseverance, resilience and finding meaning in life's toughest moments.
  58. How AI is unlocking the secrets of nature and the universe | Demis Hassabis2024/04/29
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  59. An updated action plan for solving the climate crisis — and a look at progress to date | Ryan Panchadsaram, Anjali Grover and David Biello2024/04/29
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  60. The secret ingredient of business success | Pete Stavros2024/04/26
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