Medicare Minutes

  1. Medicare Basics:<br>Preventive Services… from A to G2012/02/01
    This month on Medicare Minutes we will look at some of the preventive services covered by Medicare Part B. We will talk in detail about the services alphabetically from A to G, and next month we will examine the rest.
  2. What If I Missed the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?2011/12/12
    On the December 2011 edition of Medicare Minutes, we will discuss some options for those who may have missed this year's Medicare annual enrollment period. Don't fear... you may still be able to enroll or change plans.
  3. When Is a Hospital Stay Not a Hospital Stay? The Problem of "Observation Status"2011/11/09
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  4. Updates on the Medicare Improvement Standard2011/10/11
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  5. Medicare Facts and Fiction2011/09/13
    Congress continues to propose Medicare changes that will have bad consequences for beneficiaries and their families. Policymakers and pundits are feeding the media and the public false information about Medicare. The simple truth is that Medicare works… and it costs LESS than private insurance.
  6. Medicaid Matters!2011/07/21
    Obviously here at Medicare Minutes we talk a lot about Medicare and its importance to so many of our country's older and disabled people. Something people might overlook, though, is that the MediCAID program is equally important. And Medicaid matters to Medicare beneficiaries, too.
  7. Real Solutions for Financing Medicare and Reducing the Deficit2011/06/27
    It seems like Congress has a lot of trouble understanding that there are some solid, manageable solutions that would actually protect Medicare coverage while still reducing costs to taxpayers. And this month on Medicare Minutes, we're going to highlight a half dozen of them for you.
  8. Medicare Secondary Payer Issues2011/05/12
    In this episode of Medicare Minutes we take a look at some issues surrounding the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Program, which seeks to that Medicare doesn not pay for services resulting form injury that should be paid for by another source.

    For more information on the MSP program, see our topic page, .
  9. 25 years of Advocacy, and Hope for 25 More2011/04/29
    In April 2011, the Center for Medicare Advocacy celebrates 25 years of advocating for, and on behalf of, older people and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare. And despite constant challenges, there is reason to be hopeful for Medicare's future.
  10. Disenrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Ends February 14th2011/02/08
    Are you unhappy with your Medicare Advantage plan? You have until February 14th to do something about it!
  11. Condition Won't Improve? You Can Still Get Medicare Home Health Coverage!2011/01/14
    This month we will discuss some new rules issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or "CMS" - the agency that runs Medicare - that will help people who need home health therapy services get the coverage they need.
  12. What is Quality of Care?2010/12/08
    This month we will discuss the concept of "Quality of Care " which you have no doubt heard of in relation to the recently passed health reform laws, but which you may only vaguely understand.
    This month we want take a moment to remind you that despite the exaggerations and accusations that have been shouted around, health care reform is good for Medicare beneficiaries . Stay informed, and make sure it continues to be so.
  14. Health Care Reform - By the Numbers2010/10/15
    This month we're happy to present some details on the new health care reform law and its effects. So sit back and listen to some health care reform facts, by the numbers.
  15. Income-Related Medicare Premiums2010/09/07
    This month we will discuss income-related premiums in Medicare parts B and D.
  16. Exploring

    This month we will take a look at the website the federal government recently launched to help with health care choices: .

  17. Visitation Rights for Patients2010/07/06
    Visiting a companion, friend or loved one in the hospital seems like a simple and ordinary act of kindness, doesn't it? But such visits have been anything but simple for many loved ones.
  18. The Medicare Part D $250 Rebate Check2010/06/07
    Relief from the Medicare Part D "donut hole" gets started this month, June of 2010, when Medicare begins sending out the $250 rebate checks that you may have heard about.
  19. Medicare Part B Premium: Who Pays What, and Why?2010/05/04
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  20. Some Real Facts on Health Care Reform2010/04/07
    Today, on our April, Twenty-Ten edition of Medicare Minutes, we want to help you understand how the recently passed health care reform law will affect you.
Medicare Minutes
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