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  1. Democracy Now! 2024-07-12 Friday2024/07/12

    Headlines for July 12, 2024; In Rare News Conf., Biden Vows to Stay in Race, Defending Record on Ukraine, NATO & More: A Roundtable; “I’m Bored, So I Shoot”: How Israeli Troops Are Authorized to Shoot Palestinians Virtually at Will
  2. Democracy Now! 2024-07-11 Thursday2024/07/11

    Headlines for July 11, 2024; Should Biden Step Aside? Wajahat Ali & Norman Solomon Debate Democratic Options for 2024 Race; Fmr. Israeli Peace Negotiator Daniel Levy: Netanyahu Is “Trying to Do Everything to Prevent a Deal”
  3. Democracy Now! 2024-07-10 Wednesday2024/07/10

    Headlines for July 10, 2024; Report from Gaza: Israel Attacks Schools & Orders Palestinians to Leave Gaza City Amid Ceasefire Talks; Their Goal Is Total Ethnic Cleansing: Mustafa Barghouti on Israel’s Expulsion Order for Gaza City; “Peace, Not NATO ”: As Biden Hosts Leaders in D.C., German MP Decries NATO’s 75 Years of War & Hypocrisy
  4. Democracy Now! 2024-07-09 Tuesday2024/07/09

    Headlines for July 09, 2024; Mohammed Abu Hashem Spent 22 Years in U.S. Air Force. He Quit After Israel Killed His Aunt in Gaza; “On the Record with Hamas”: Jeremy Scahill Speaks with Hamas About Oct. 7, Ceasefire Talks & Israel
  5. Democracy Now! 2024-07-08 Monday2024/07/08
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  6. Democracy Now! 2024-07-05 Friday2024/07/05

    “The Night Won’t End”: New Film Investigates Civilian Killings in Gaza and U.S. Backing of Israeli Assault; “Better Living Through Birding”: Christian Cooper on Birding While Black & the Central Park Incident
  7. Democracy Now! 2024-07-04 Thursday2024/07/04

    “What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?”: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’s Historic Speech; Hope and Resistance: Voices of a People’s History of the United States in the 21st Century
  8. Democracy Now! 2024-07-03 Wednesday2024/07/03

    Headlines for July 03, 2024; Science, Not Scaremongering: St. Vincent & Grenadines PM on Hurricane Beryl & Climate Crisis; “This Must End”: Israel Orders New Mass Evacuation, Continuing Attacks on Gaza Health System; How to Replace Biden & Beat Trump: Longtime DNC Member Jim Zogby Proposes Process to Pick New Nominee
  9. Democracy Now! 2024-07-02 Tuesday2024/07/02

    Headlines for July 02, 2024; “A King Above the Law”: Supreme Court Rules Presidents Have Broad Immunity from Prosecution; Lula Visits Chomsky Recovering from Stroke: “You Are One of the Most Influential People in My Life”; Vijay Prashad: Resource-Rich Congo Still Fighting for Its Own Wealth 64 Years After Independence
  10. Democracy Now! 2024-07-01 Monday2024/07/01
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  11. Democracy Now! 2024-06-28 Friday2024/06/28
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