Extruding America

  1. Sidebar 52014/07/10

    Gerard Armbruster and Stetson Tudd are unaware that their phone call has been recorded.
  2. Contemplating Insomnia After Reading Rudyard Kipling2011/09/02

    Photo by Moreau.henri. Sound effects provided by Freesound Project contributors: laurent, reinsamba, ejazz215, promete, CGEffex.

    Unbeknownst to the chumps at Extruding America, this has appeared on their website.

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  3. Empty Head: The Downside2010/10/16
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  4. Ghosts2010/03/27

    Gerard is hungry and sees something out of the corner of his eye.
  5. Extruding America 35: Marine Park, October 30th, 2009; Report or Poem or Not?2009/11/14
    Somewhat amazingly, Gerard Armbruster, beset by what some individuals would consider to be emotional and financial difficulties, continues to work at what some professional broadcasters might consider to be an exhausting pace.
  6. Extruding America 34: An Open Letter to the World from Battersea, Washington2009/10/14
    Stetson Tudd delivers an open letter to the world from Battersea, Washington.
  7. Extruding America 33: Gerard in the New Economy2009/09/08
    Has Extruding America returned and is it new and improved and better than ever? We're voting for "returned"!
  8. Sidebar 42009/07/16
    Gerard Armbruster and Stetson Tudd are unaware that their phone call has been recorded.
  9. Gerard's Nightmare2009/06/04
    Rejected Title: Disquietude Introduces Itself to Gerard Armbruster's Comfy Chair
  10. Big Judy2008/11/03
    Unbeknownst to a frustrated Gerard, his activities have been recorded.
  11. Bonus Track: Lentil Masti Dance Mix2008/08/22
    Zowie! Straight out of the heart of Armbruster Recording Studio Enterprises (ARSE) comes this viral dance sensation. Take that, Armbruster! - Robert "Bob" Robertson. Goodnight America! (image © 2004 by Tomasz Sienicki)

  12. Extruding America 32: The Story of a Lifetime2008/08/15
    Marcus Aurelius was a Roman general. He was not a rhododendron.
  13. Preparation for a Journalistically Superior Report2008/06/26
    Unbeknownst to Gerard, his preparation for a journalistically superior report has been recorded.
  14. Sidebar 32008/06/04
    Yet again, Gerard and Stetson are unaware that their phone call has been recorded. (Image: Natxo 68, flickr)
  15. Extruding America 31: Seize the Moment and Skip It Across the Pond2008/05/14
    Gerard Armbruster seizes the moment and Stetson Tudd skips it across the pond.
    (Illustration: Alfanhui, flickr)
  16. Extruding America 30: Self-Realization2008/04/06
    Gerard Armbruster successfully teams up with Stetson Tudd over the speaker phone.
  17. Extruding America 29: 1000 Nights and a Night and an Early Evening, minus everything except the Early Evening2008/02/29
    (Rejected Subtitle: 10 Cent Scheherezade)
    While this may not be an example of journalism or even editorialization, if you're listening to this on a podcatcher or computer equipped with speakers, it is affordable.
    (dedicated to Paul Yamazaki .)
  18. Extruding America 28: Filing a Report2008/01/29
    A report is filed.
  19. Extruding America 27: Unhinged?2008/01/11
    Is Extruding America’s podcasting host Gerard Armbruster, former host of Happy Trailer Parks To You, What’s Wrong With That Dog? and Out Of My Way, and proud alumnus of The Dwight Bertram Correspondence School of Reporting Technique and Vocal Inflection, becoming slightly unhinged? Let’s find out. (Music cue: Aao Twist Karen by the great R. D. Burman, from the film Bhoot Bungla (1965))
  20. Extruding America 26: Old Dog, Old Dog - Subtitle: The Pit of Hell2007/12/13
    Gerard Armbruster has a dream mildly reminiscent of an old radio show. (Music cues from Suspense, broadcast 12/05/46, probably by the great Bernard Herrmann, possibly by Alexander Semmler, Lucien Morawek, or Wilbur Hatch, also composers for the show.)
  21. Extruding America 25: Peeling Back the Layers to get at the Truth and The 87 Club Volume Two2007/11/09
    Gerard gets a clue and it’s adios Stet!

    The 87 Club Volume Two Roster:
    A Dark Night’s Passing by Naoya Shiga
    A Desire to Learn by Eric Moon
    Soviet but not Russian by William M. Mandel
    The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell
    The Soil by Nagatsuka Takashi (translated and with an introduction by Ann Waswo)

  22. Extruding America 24: Climb Aboard2007/10/17
    Gerard continues to battle his demons. Stetson goes on a business trip.
    (Illustration: Tom Sanislo, for the Washington State Dept. of Transportation)
  23. Extruding America 23: The 87 Club2007/09/26
    Gerard smells the smell of fear. Stetson introduces something new.

    The 87 Club Roster:
    The Gods Will Have Blood by Anatole France
    Hitler's Army by Omer Bartov
    Best Russian Short Stories edited by Thomas Setzer (The District Doctor by Ivan Turgenev)
    Mountain of Fame by John E. Wills, Jr.
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

  24. Extruding America 22: For the Birds2007/09/03
    A confluence of events puts Gerard's multimedia multitasking mettle to the test. Stet states a truth.
  25. Extruding America 21: Who is the Fourth W2007/08/22
    With a glorious assist from the Dwight Bertram Correspondence School of Reporting Technique and Vocal Inflection, Gerard Armbruster quells a querulous Stetson Tudd. A magnificent display of the journalistic arts ensues.
  26. Extruding America 20: A Brief Vacation2007/08/06
    After a brief vacation, Stetson Tudd recalls his brief vacation. Gerard listens. (Image: El Palo Alto, circa 1910)
  27. Extruding America 19: Independence2007/07/08
    The last M-80 is spent. So are Gerard and Stetson.
  28. Extruding America 18: The Wallingford Chronicles Part Three: Apotheosis2007/06/23
    The odyssey that began with the ringing of a phone ends with the harsh scream of a Sea-Tac bound airliner.
  29. Extruding America 17: The Wallingford Chronicles Part Two2007/06/15
    The semi-historic meeting of friends Gerard Armbruster and Stetson Tudd proceeds as smoothly as one would imagine. The gigantitude of the immensity of Gerard's personal journey becomes self-evident, to Gerard at least. (Photo: Carmen Dean)
  30. Extruding America 16: The Wallingford Chronicles Part One2007/06/06
    Terrific news! People and events collude to engender the greatest
    transformative odyssey of Gerard Armbruster's life. Stetson Tudd rides
  31. Extruding America 15: Tabak Borek2007/05/24
    Gerard Armbruster wakes up. Stetson Tudd goes for a walk.
  32. A Hell of a Town2007/05/17
    Gerard cranks up a reverie...
  33. Extruding America 14: Technical Difficulties2007/05/04
    SNAFU begets High Art in this light-hearted romp through the morbid and the unexplained.
  34. Ragu alla napoletana2007/04/25
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  35. Extruding America 13: Gustation2007/04/24
    A proud graduate of Dwight Bertram's Correspondence School of Reporting Technique and Vocal Inflection recaptures lost glory with sledgehammer-like precision.
  36. Extruding America 12: Bifurcation2007/04/18
    "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" - Yogi Berra
  37. Extruding America 11: Pop Quiz2007/04/05
    Gerard's investigation into the formation of thought is interrupted by a pop quiz, per doctor's orders. (Image: Flag of Sardinia)
  38. Sidebar 22007/03/27
    Once again, Gerard and Stetson are unaware that their phone call has been recorded.
  39. Extruding America 10: Imagination2007/03/20
    Gerard introduces the amazing Sound Effects 3000, and Stetson opens a can o’ worms…
  40. Sidebar2007/03/08
    Unbeknownst to Gerard and Stetson, their phone call has been recorded.

  41. Extruding America 9: Shirley's List2007/02/22
    The oaken doors of the Armbruster Recording Studios are thrown open in a pageant of atonement and celebration of a life well lived.
  42. The List of Fifteen2007/02/20
    1. Alabama
    2. Arizona
    3. Arkansas
    4. Florida
    5. Georgia
    6. Illinois
    7. Louisiana
    8. Mississippi
    9. Missouri
    10. Nevada
    11. North Carolina
    12. Oklahoma
    13. South Carolina
    14. Utah
    15. Virginia

    The above list is certified factual and true. Click here for further information.

  43. Extruding America 8: Mayhem2007/02/15
    Gerard conducts an audio tour of the abandoned medieval-themed restaurant The Dark Ages, now the Armbruster Recording Studios, and Stetson concludes his thoughts on Slaughter and Mayhem introduced in the previous episode.
  44. Extruding America 7: Betrayal and Slaughter2007/02/07
    A fuming Gerard is distracted by Stetson's literalist interpretation of the NFL's monstrous mythology.
  45. Bonus Track: Ma Po Dance Fu (Robert "Bob" Robertson Mix)2007/01/30
    Zowie! Straight out of Hollywood and the heart of Armbruster Recording Studio Enterprises (ARSE) comes this wigged-out sample-crazy underground basement sensation! The Master of Knobs, Robert "Bob" Robertson takes the Ma Po Dofu craze of Episode 2 and turns it into a dance floor riot! (Sampling copyright violation litigation pending)
  46. Extruding America 6: Forbidden Fruit2007/01/28
    Gerard delves into the darker side of the human appetite for the taboo crop, and a new longform format accidentally evolves when hard-hitting journalism collides with movie gossip and a bedtime story.

  47. Trotter Shots2007/01/23
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  48. Extruding America 5: Superstition2007/01/21
    An expedition upon the shadowy sea of Superstition flounders in even deeper, darker waters.
  49. Extruding America 4: Memory2007/01/13
    Gerard and Stetson explore the landscape of memory, ultimately forgetting the way back.
  50. Extruding America 3: A Very Extruded Christmas2006/12/23
    Christmas comes to Battersea, as a storm hits the American Northwest.

  51. Ma Po Dofu for All!2006/12/19
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  52. Extruding America 2: Isolation2006/12/18
    Gerard phones Stetson for his weekly impressions of life in Battersea; Stetson introduces more of the memorable denizens of this hermetically sealed community with an odd culinary detour.
  53. Extruding America 1: Introductions2006/12/15
    Won't you join me, Gerard Armbruster, as we search for the heart of a nation in the throats of its people, as they tell the stories that are... Extruding America. This week, our first call to Stetson Tudd for his Postcard from Battersea sets the stage for all that is to come.
  54. Outside Looking In by Gerard Armbruster2006/12/14
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  55. My Town's Name by Stetson Tudd2006/12/11
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  56. Mission Statement by Gerard Armbruster2006/12/11
    Every week I, Gerard Armbruster, ask you to take a wrong turn with me off life's interstate, and discover the straight story about the bend in the road, where nestle the small towns with big characters, to tug on the common thread that unravels the hand-me-down sweater of our national zeitgeist, and extrudes the truth of our lives.
  57. Contact Info2006/12/11

    To contact Gerard Armbruster or Stetson Tudd, or for behind-the-scenes information: ExtrudingAmerica@gmail.com

    Bruce Dean designed the Extruding America logo. His impeccable artistic sensibilities can be viewed at: www.BruceDeanArt.com
  58. Behind the Scenes2006/12/09
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Extruding America
Won't you join me, Gerard Armbruster, as every week we take a wrong turn off life's interstate, and discover the straight story about the bend in the road, where nestle the small towns with big characters, to tug on the common thread that unravels the hand-me-down sweater of our national zeitgeist, and extrudes the truths of our lives. Perennial favorite: Postcard from Battersea, with Stetson Tudd.