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  1. Seerah an Nabawiyy 15 | Hudaibiya -the Treaty & the Victory2011/10/15
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  2. Seerah an Nabawiyy 14 - Uhud & Khandaq2011/07/27
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  3. Seerah an Nabawiyy 12 | Medina -the Illuminated City2011/07/13
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  4. Seerah an Nabawiyy 112011/02/16
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  5. Seerah an Nabawiyy 102011/01/20
    The Tenth installment of the Life of the Messenger [SAW], delivered by Shaykh Ibrahim this episode looks at the situation just preceding the Hijrah, the conditions born by the believers and the stuff that make men in leaders.
  6. Seerah an Nabawiyy 92010/12/11
    Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa returns to look at the 'Weak & Oppressed' Muslims in the formative Meccan years like in the lsdt session and then leaads on to the Qur'anic Character that manifested in the early believers.
  7. KItab al Wasiyya III2010/11/19
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  8. Mandhumah Bayquniyyah part 22010/11/13
    Part II of the Bayquniyya
    The Bayquniyya is poem of 30 something verses of poetry which explain the hadith terminology & classification known as 'mustalah al hadith'. This video is the first of two parts where Shaykh Atabek explains the nuances of the subject. The audio only version has already been published.
  9. Mandhumah Bayquniyyah part 1.2010/10/17
    The Bayquniyya is poem of 30 something verses of poetry which explain the hadith terminology & classification known as 'mustalah al hadith'.

    This video is the first of two parts where Shaykh Atabek explains the nuances of the subject. The audio only version has already been published.
  10. Seerah an Nabawiyy 8 [Life of the Prophet - Peace & Blessings be Upon Him]2010/10/16
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  11. Fiqh of Jumah [Muktaser Quduri]2010/09/29
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  12. Surah ad Duha [Hamza an Khalaf]2010/09/26
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  13. Mandhumah al Bayquniyy [Audio Only]2010/09/26
    Shaykh Atabek explains the famous poem that forms an introduction to the science of hadith. In a little of 3 hrs The Hadith Classification, Terminology and nomenclature are covered. A must listen for anyone lookin got take their Islamic studies further.
  14. Seerah an Nabawiyy | Life of the Prophet Part 72010/06/16
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  15. Seerah an Nabawiyy 6 [Life of the Prophet - Peace & Blessings be Upon Him]2010/05/29
  16. ibn Juzayy al Kalbi's Tasfiyyat al Qulub2010/03/09
    Ibn Juzayy al Kalbi's Tasfiyyat al Qulub [part 1]
    Imam Zaid Shakir explains Ibn Juzayy's masterful work on purification of the heart and highlights the relevance of the wisdoms contained within the text to our lives today.
  17. Sunnah & Bid'ah2010/03/07
    Sunnah & Bid'ah by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

    A classic exposition on the true understanding of Sunnah & Bid'ah - two terms plagued by misunderstanding. Whilst not a new talk by any means the issues contained within and moreover the principles illustrated could not be more relevant for people today.
  18. Aqida | Wasiyya of Imam Abu Hanifa [Part 1]2010/03/07
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  19. Love & Marriage | Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed2010/03/06
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  20. Time to Unify2010/03/06
    An insightful lecture delivered by Imam Zaid Shakir on the subject of unity.
  21. Time to Change - Imam Zaid Shakir2010/01/13
    TimeToChange - ImamZaidShakir
    Delivered in Birmingham [UK] in 2000 as part of the Islamic Village lecture series, Imam Zaid delivers an important message to the grassroots. Almost 3hrs of audio with extensive Questions & Answers dealing with key issues. This is the first time it has been made available as a free download. we pray that we all benefit, and of course change.
  22. باب التيمم | Chapter of Tayyamum2010/01/05
    مختصر القدوري
    باب التيمم | Chapter of Tayyamum
    Using the Classical text 'Mukhtaser Quduri' Shaykh Atabek explains the manner of Tayyamum and the conditionsin which it is permissible to use it as well as what can be used for tayyamum.
    This is a VERY important lesson for those who have not studied this properly. I recommend this highly to all who follow the Hanafi madhab.
  23. باب صلاة العيدين | Chapter of the Two Eid Prayers2010/01/03
    مختصر القدوري كتاب الصلاة
    باب صلاة العيدين | Chapter of the Two Eid Prayers
    This chapter from the Classical Hanafi Manual Mukhtaser al Quduri covers the Fiqh rulings governing the two Eid Prayers
  24. Fara'id of Ghusl2010/01/03
    The Fiqh Relating to Ghusl [Ritual Bath]

    Taken from the Classical Hanafi Fiqh Text - Mukhtaser al Quduri the Shaykh covers The Fiqh relating to ghusl

    The Obligatory Aspects [Fara'id]
    The Sunnan of Ghusl
    The Things that necessitate Ghusl
    and more
  25. The Fiqh of Haidh wa Nifas [Menstruation & Post-Natal Bleeding]2010/01/03
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  26. Quduri | Chapter of 'Sajdah of Recitation'2010/01/02
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  27. Ahl al Bayt: Knoweldge, Love & Obedience2009/12/26
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  28. Dajjal & The New World Order -Imam Hamza Yusuf2009/11/09
    A classic thought provoking talk delivered over a decade ago by Imam Hamza Yusuf.

    The lecture encourages the listener to re-examine the world around them and see it from a whole new angle.
  29. Seerah 2 [audio only]2009/11/07
    Shaykh Ibrahim revisits some of the topics covered in the Introduction. Then, the session deals with the blessed lineage of the Prophet {Peace & Blessings Upon Him and His Family].

    and the Immense expectation of his coming among the monks and monotheists
  30. Quduri | Sifat as Salaat [end] and bab qadha'il fawa'it2009/11/02
    This Audio only podcast completes the chapter on sifat as salaat and the makruhaat and nullifiers of prayer. It also covers the chapter on making up missed prayers.
  31. Quduri | Salaat2009/10/19
    Audio only recording

    Covering Prayer in congregation
    Aspects that make the prayer defective, disliked or invalid
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