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  1. WAH-cast - Episode 2 - Virtual Call Centers2007/03/03
    In this episode, I'll give some basic information on what you'll need to work from home as a virtual call center agent, my personal experiences at 3 virtual call centers, and some companies that hire telecommuting agents. See more at www.ibuts.com Email me a renea (at) ibuts (dot) com with questions or comments.
  2. WAH - Work at Home Podcast (Episode One)2007/02/25
    Episode one of the Work at Home Podcast. Just a little bit about me, how I began working at home, topics that will be covered in this series and some quick don'ts about working from home.

    Please note - the email address given in the podcast is not working - for whatever reason....so if you'd like to contact me please use renea@ibuts.com Thanks!!
wah's podcast