Can You Feel Me??

  1. Can You Feel Me?2007/10/05
  2. Can You Feel Me? Pink Edition Pt. 22007/06/20
    This is the second part of a 3 part Pink edition series. This mix is something that's more of an energy feel. These are examples of some songs that get me dancing with my Zune and get me all live and ish. So take ya thizz face off (google it if you don't know what it is) and get on your dancing shoes and nod that head and snap it off ya neck. All I ask is... Can you feel me??
  3. Can You Feel Me? Pink Edition2007/06/01
    Well it's the second installment of Can You Feel Me? I put this mix together as part of 3 sets for the Pink party. This being the first one to go down for the people. I hope the set does the damn thing and I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you add us up on myspace. stay fresh yaddamean!!
  4. Can You Feel Me? (5/23)2007/05/24
    Vinylbreakers Johnnie French's first mixshow being brought to the world for Voodoo Radio. A great feel of west coast with a little of east coast classic artist in there sprinkled with some r&b. So sit back listen and he asks... "Can You Feel Me?"

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  5. I'm the DJ, You're the Listener (5/1)2007/05/08
    The last installment for the time being on KPSU, of I'm the DJ, You're the Listener. Enjoy and thank you for all the good times at KPSU!
  6. I'm the DJ, You're the Listener (4/24)2007/04/25
    It's back with another weekly installment. I apologize for me not being there to speak, car issues! So with that I thank E.L. Fudge and Mr. Matt Nelkin for their assistance and love for helping me out. So as usual you can find the joints here: for past shows and I will get to the music. Enjoy.
  7. I'm the DJ, You're the Listener (4/17)2007/04/19
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  8. I'm The DJ, You're The Listener (4/10)2007/04/12
    Two half an hour sets gradually picking it up. Some new hot music slipped in to the second set, from folks like Fabolous f. Ne-yo, Brick & Lace, Timbaland, and more!
  9. I'm the DJ, You're the Listener (4/3/07)2007/04/06
    Last weeks show, definately something that's poppin OLD SCHOOL mix with some witty banter =P
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Can You Feel Me??
Johnnie French is looking to bring to you the experience of great music for the people's ears. Gotta keep that fire burning and the music flowin and the drank pourin! YADDAMEAN!