1. Episode 173: The Call to Endurance - Slaying the MYTH of the Problem-Free Christian Life (aka "the Prosperity Gospel")2024/06/23
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  2. Episode 172: You might NOT be hungry for God if....2024/06/16

    What are the things that will steal our hunger for God?

    How can we grow in hunger for Him?

  3. Episode 171: Imitating Paul - Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey - Acts 19 & 202024/05/26
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  4. Episode 170: Battle Ready - 100% Victory2024/04/16

    Natalie's powerful message about HOW TO STAND -
    Isaiah 54:17, Ephesians 6:10-18 and Matthew 4 (Jesus' Temptation)

  5. Episode 169: Death to Self and a Life of Humility - Kanye vs. Cabrini2024/04/07
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  6. Episode 168: Preparing for Easter or Resurrection Day2024/03/24
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  7. Episode 167: Don't Lose Heart2024/03/19

    A powerful message from Natalie about not losing heart.

    Full of Scriptures (some well-known) and personal examples and illustrations.

    For such a time as this...

  8. Episode 166: CrossFit Faith Training2024/03/03
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  9. Episode 165: Who Initiates Heavenly Encounters and who initiates IN them?2024/02/18
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  10. Episode 164: Are we to Battle/Engage Fallen Angelic Entities?2024/02/12
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  11. Episode 163: Envy & Jealousy - the doorway to "every evil thing"2024/01/21
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  12. Episode 162: Advent 2023 (7576)2023/12/19
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  13. Episode 161: Acts 15-18 - Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey and House Churches2023/12/03
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  14. Episode 160: Romans 7 - the Apostle Paul's understanding or the 'Tradition' of Augustine?2023/11/06
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  15. Episode 159: Houses of Fire - Part 9 - Acts 14 - The "Myth" of the Problem-Free Christian Life2023/10/08
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  16. Episode 158: Humility 9112023/10/02
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  17. Episode 157: Fruit Time2023/09/27

    Natalie shares a powerful teaching from John 15.

    It is time to bear fruit. If the pruning time is over, then it is FRUIT TIME!
  18. Episode 156: Houses of Fire - Part 8 - The Gospel Message and a Range of Responses (Acts 13:13-52)2023/09/19
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  19. Episode 155: Pruning for Fine Tuning2023/09/10

    Natalie shares a powerful message about giving God full access to every area of your life. In so doing, He will give us more; He will entrust us with more. This in short is about complete and total surrender.

    This message is anointed. Ask God for ears to ear, and allow Holy Spirit to speak to you.

    For such a time as this..
  20. Episode 154: Acts 13:1-12 - Timing and Prophets2023/09/03
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  21. Episode 153: Contending for the Original (Urtext) Hebrew Old Testament2023/08/13
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  22. Episode 152: True Freedom vs. Immoral Freedom2023/08/06
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  23. Episode 151: Houses of Fire - Part 5 - The Proper Use of the New Testament Gift of Prophecy2023/07/23
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  24. Episode 150: Acts 11: 19-24 - The New Covenant - One New House (Man) - Tower of Babel - 3rd Angelic Fall 2023/06/25
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  25. Episode 149: A Christian Perspective on Extraterrestrials and UAPs (UFOs)2023/06/20
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  26. Episode 148: Biblical Covenants - Acts 11 & 15 - Responding to "Hebrew Roots"2023/06/06
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  27. Episode 147: Houses of Fire - an Ancient Strategy for a New Season2023/05/19
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  28. Episode 146: If God says it's possible, I WANT IT!2023/05/16
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  29. Episode 145: Houses of Fire - an Ancient Strategy for a New Season (Part 2 - Acts 10 - AD40)2023/05/13
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  30. Episode 144: Endtimes-itis - A Study in Eschatology (the study of the last things/End Times)2023/04/24
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  31. Episode 143: Pascha 2023 - Christ's Descent & Glorious Victory2023/04/10
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  32. Episode 142: 2 Roman Roads - Are we CURRENTLY “of the flesh, sold under sin”? or “set free” and “in the Spirit”? or Both/And?2023/04/08
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  33. Episode 141: Baptism of EXTRAORDINARY Boldness 2.0 - Martyrs2023/04/02
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  34. Episode 140: Baptism of EXTRAORDINARY Boldness2023/03/27
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  35. Episode 138: Healing and the Demonic (updated w/ corrections & clarifications)2023/03/18
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  36. Episode 137: The Schemes of the Devil (2 Cor 2:11, Eph. 6:11)2023/03/12
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  37. Episode 136: Healing Revisited 3.0 - The Issue of Lack of Love2023/03/05
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  38. Episode 135: Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand - Is there something "at Hand" in 2023?2023/03/04
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  39. Episode 134: Healing Revisited 2.0 - the Issue of Fear2023/02/24
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  40. Episode 133: Healing Revisited 1.0 - the Will of God2023/01/29
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  41. Episode 132: Houses of Fire - an Ancient Strategy for a New Season (Part 1 - Acts 1-9 - AD30-40)2023/01/22
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  42. Episode 131: KNOW - RESIST - PURSUE2022/12/22
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  44. Episode 128: Part 2 - Some Keys to Endurance/Steadfastness - Hebrews 10, 11, 12, and 132022/10/02
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  45. Episode 127: Part 1 - God's Perspective on Steadfastness/Endurance - Hebrews 10, 11, 12, and 132022/10/02
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  46. Episode 126: Joel 2-3 - The Day of the Lord - Deliverance & Judgment - PART 22022/09/11
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  47. Episode 125: Joel 2-3 - The Day of the Lord - Deliverance & Judgment - PART 12022/09/11
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  48. Episode 124: The Canon of Scripture (Part 1) & Beware of the Leaven of Pharisees & Sadducees (Part 2)2022/09/04
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  49. Episode 123: Death to Self/Humility - Part 32022/07/24
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  50. Episode 122: The Holy Spirit Makes us HOLY - A Message to history's MOST DEFILED Generation!2022/07/09
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  51. Episode 121: Freeing People from Demonic Darkness - A Key (THE Key?) in the Next Move of God2022/06/26
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  52. Episode 120: The Holy Spirit Makes us Holy 2022/06/15
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  53. Episode 119: Acts 10 - Houses of Fire - An Old Wineskin as a New Wineskin?2022/06/12
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  54. Episode 118: Deliverance from the Fear of Man2022/05/10
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  55. Episode 117: Holy Spirit Produces HOLINESS2022/03/06
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  56. Episode 116: Covid "Vaccines" and Christians 2.0 - Afterthoughts and New Ones2022/02/06
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  57. Episode 115: Covid "Vaccines" and Christians - Part 12022/02/02
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  58. Episode 114: ROCK OC - "The Shaking"2022/01/31
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  59. Episode 113: Discernment2022/01/17
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  60. Episode 112: Legacy - Part 4 - Final thoughts from Hebrews, GREATER GRACE & "Project Possible"2021/12/10
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  61. Episode 111: Legacy - Part 3 - Paul's Charge, continued2021/11/19
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  62. Episode 110: Legacy - Part 2 - Paul's charge2021/11/13

    · Paul to the Corinthians - 1 Corinthians 11:1, 12:1 and 14:1

    · Paul to the Philippians - Philippians 4: 9-13

    · Paul to Timothy (Part 1) - 1 Timothy 1:5, 18-20, 4: 1-4, 11-16 and 6: 6-10, 11-16, 20
  63. Episode 109: Legacy - Our Values/DNA2021/11/13

    · Lordship of Christ

    · Model of Ministry – lifestyle/outside

    · Eternal Perspective

    · Encountering God

    · Power - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    · Love

    · Freedom/Fearlessness

    · Everybody Plays

    · Authenticity / Accessible

    · The WHOLE Counsel of God

    · The ENTIRE Body of Christ
  64. Episode 108: New Covenant Distinctives2021/10/30
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  65. Episode 107: Biblical Covenants - Yesterday, Today and Forever2021/10/23
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  66. Episode 106: Grace & Judgment - BOTH/AND not EITHER/OR2021/09/15
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  67. Episode 105: Characteristics of "The Remnant"2021/08/10
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  68. Episode 104: The Butterfly Effect2021/04/30
    An inspiration message by Andy Andrews was the impetus behind this message. You have no idea what kind of influence you have had or will have on the people you meet. Keep loving the one in front of you in Jesus' Name. You can change history by doing so!
  69. Episode 103: Are you a Remnant Believer in this hour?2021/04/21
    What characterizes a believer who is part of the Remnant in 2021? In this hour? What does their life look like? Listen and find out!
  70. Episode 102: FEAR Extinguishing 20212021/03/20
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  71. Episode 101: A Tale of 2 Eschatologies - Part 22021/03/20
    I did the classic "Evangelical Christian Testimony" in Part 1 - I shared all the bad stuff, negative stuff and spoke far too little about the miraculous work of God that I believe is about to take place - His bringing justice to the earth, His exposure of darkness and His moving in revival across the nations. That is my goal in this episode.
  72. Episode 100: A Tale of 2 Eschatologies2021/03/18
    Eschatology is concerned with the end of the age, the last days. How will history end? Are we close? There are many Christian End-Time prophecy teachers that are 'beating the drum' believing the end is near and Christ's Return will happen soon. I will argue for another view. This message contrasts two End Time views that I am hearing a lot about in these troubled times.
  73. Episode 99: ROCK Message - Part 22021/03/06
    Holy Ghost "To Do" List
  74. Episode 99: ROCK Message - Part 12021/03/06
    ROCK stands for "Releasers of Christ's Kingdom - what is OUR vision?
  75. Episode 98: The Ministry of Jesus 1.0, 2.0 & 3.02021/02/20
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    In the 2nd part of this message, we look at the 3 Stages of the spread of the Gospel as modeled in the Life and Ministry of Jesus and then in the Book of Acts. We also look at how the spread of the Gospel is related to the 3 Angelic Falls in the Old Testament.
    In Part 1, we look at the 3 Angelic Falls described in Old Testament and how they affected mankind and the world. Additionally, we looked at the Kingdom Ministry of Jesus as the reversing of the effects of those 3 Angelic Falls.
  78. Episode 96: A Word for "the Remnant" in This Hour2021/01/31
    Who is the Remnant in 2021? What characterizes the Remnant after 2020, almost a year into COVID? I don't believe the Remnant is an "elite group" - I believe that the Remnant in 2021 is simply the group of believers who actually have faith going forward!
  79. Episode 95: Authority of the Bible2021/01/28
    How do we KNOW that we have God's Word in our hands today when we open up our Bibles?

    How can we be sure that we have the ORIGINAL Bible in our hands today?

    What is the Septuagint (LXX) translation and why do we NEED it to establish the original text of the Old Testament?
  80. Episode 94: God's Response to the Persecution of the Remnant2021/01/26
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  81. Episode 93: Fearless Endurance - 1 Peter 1:3-142020/11/20
    A message for the remnant - a call to endure in fearlessness at this critical hour! To continue to believe even when others are have given up.

    ...for such a time as this!
  82. A Call to REPENT2020/11/14
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  83. Our 2020 Prophetic History - PART 22020/09/08
    There was just too many other things that I didn't mention in the last podcast. I had to do a Part 2. I summarized the points from Part 1 and went on to emphasize other things God has been saying in 2020 - Has He been saying the same things to you personally? Your Church? To your movement? To your tribe? As Jesus said, "To him who has ears to hear, let him hear".
  84. Our 2020 Prophetic History2020/09/05
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  85. GREATER GRACE 4 20202020/08/13
    If ever the message of "greater grace" was needed, it is NOW. Never have I witnessed a time of greater need than the present for us to access the "greater grace" that God is giving and will give in the days to come! Grace to overcome, grace to extinguish fear, grace to empower...
  86. Jesus heals Persian/Iranian Muslims2020/07/01
    A Persian woman's healing in a restaurant leads to a night of healings, prophetic ministry and sharing all about Jesus at their home. They invited their friends! God broke in that night in a powerful way - PLEASE GO AND DO LIKEWISE!!!!
  87. Houses of Fire - New Wineskins 4 a New Harvest2020/06/14
    Acts 10 is a key chapter revealing what is "new" about the wineskin of House Churches - it is a new day, God is doing something new (which is actually ancient!) and the question is...WILL WE JOIN HIM??? For the sake of the lost in this critical time. May this message be catalytic in changing your thinking - even as it has been in mine. ...for such a time as this!
  88. FEAR Extinguishing & Home Church Gathering2020/06/02
    Dual mandates - the Lord is leading His people at this time. I have never heard Him more clearly. He gave us the mandate to Extinguish Fear, He spoke about it being "Time to Come Home". A message wherein I talk about what God has been saying and doing in this hour.
  89. It's time to come home!2020/05/07
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  90. FEAR Extinguishers 5.02020/04/14
    A call for us all to DO WHAT JESUS WOULD BE DOING IN THIS HOUR!!

    Hint: He would not be "staying at home"!

    A passionate plea for Christians TO BE CHRISTIANS! For Believers, TO BELIEVE!
  91. FEAR Extinguishers 4.02020/03/31
    Podcast #4 - more stories of God being. the "Way Maker", enabling us to bring the message and the power of the Kingdom of God to fearful, lost people at this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    #covid19church #covid19 #fearextinguishers #coronavirus #quarantine #curfew #opportunties
  92. The Gifts of the Spirit (*at the End of the Age)2020/03/31
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  93. FEAR Extinguishers 3.0 2020/03/28
    Podcast #3 about our mandate in these days to be "fear extinguishers" wherever we go. More stories, more encounters and a whole new element that we've been adding in - just praying with people prayers of surrender, of salvation. My heart is to inspire, to encourage - for such a time as this!!

    #pandemic #covid-19 #coronavirus #fear #prayer #salvation #kingdom #christian #church
  94. FEAR Extinguishers 2.02020/03/24
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  95. Fear Extinguishers2020/03/15
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  96. The FEAR of False Prophets - Crippling Believers Everywhere!2020/03/01
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  97. Dealing with 'Problem Verses' about Healing2020/03/01
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  98. Pursue 2.0 – Process and the Normal Means of Grace 2020/03/01
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  99. False Grace 2.0 (a Biblical response to so-called "Hyper Grace")2020/03/01
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  100. A 'Balanced' Faith Message2020/02/29
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  101. Spiritual Lessons Learned from the Natural2020/02/29
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  102. Envy = a LOT worse than we thought. Trust me...A LOT!!2020/02/29
    James 3:16 says that where you find envy, there you will find EVERY EVIL THING. Why is that? In this message, I take a deep look at why envy is so demonic, why it attracts "every evil thing" - Did you know it was Satan's original sin? Yes, nobody told me that either! I cite multiple Early Church Fathers' opinions on the matter.
  103. God's LOVE = His core essence (NOT His power/sovereignty) = thus we are to BECOME LOVE2020/02/29
    A sermon about God’s Essential Nature = LOVE (not His Power/Sovereignty) 1 Peter 1:1-3 - Becoming Partakers of the Divine Nature = BECOMING LOVE (OUR PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT) We are X-Men! We lack NOTHING because His Divine Power has given us everything we need for a godly life! (NOTE: Calvinists WILL NOT like this podcast!)
  104. The Return of Jesus vs. the Return of the Shi'ite "Mahdi"2020/01/14
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  105. Relational Love = THE ESSENCE of the Trinity2019/12/07
    Reflecting on WHO God is, on WHO we have become and WHAT is available. The primacy of love - why is love at the center of everything? God is love and has invited us into His Kingdom of Love forever!
  106. The Road to Apostasy2019/11/09
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  107. Grace-Enabled 2.0 - Are we still SINNERS? Or are we SAINTS who can still sin? 2019/10/25
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  108. Healing 2.02019/10/05
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  109. Greater Grace 3.02019/09/06
    Continuing in the series of how we can access "Greater Grace" - in this message, I look at two more ways - asking/seeking/knocking and using your gifts.
  110. Greater Grace 2.02019/09/04
    Continuing to explore how we can access "Greater Grace" in these days where it is needed. In this message, I explore obedience/holiness and fasting.
  111. Greater Grace - Part 22019/08/13
  112. Greater Grace - Part 12019/08/13
  113. Will the Son of Man find FAITH on the Earth when He returns?2019/08/08
  114. Becoming Love - the Christian's OS (Operating System)2019/07/09
  115. Boldness, Love & Endurance (part 1)2018/09/08
  116. The Eternal Perspective = the KEY to the Christian Life2018/07/03
  117. The Urgency of the Hour - Commit to Jesus2018/07/03
  118. The Eternal Perspective 2.02018/06/19
  119. Releasing the Kingdom2018/05/24
  120. Normal Christianity 1012018/05/24
  121. The Primacy of Love 2.02018/05/24
  122. The Eternal Perspective - Part 12017/09/22
  123. Kingdom of God 2.02017/05/04
  124. Revisiting - THINGS about His Love2017/04/25
  125. Hungry for MORE - Healing2017/02/25
  126. The PROCESS of Spiritual Transformation2016/10/22
  127. #1 Barrier in the Kingdom = Lack of Commitment2016/08/02
  128. The Importance of a Bible Reading Plan2016/02/22
  129. Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed2016/02/15
  130. The Elite Spirit2015/06/01
  131. The Primacy of Love - Part 12014/05/17
  132. Romans - Know, Resist, Pursue (Part 2)2014/04/24
  133. Romans - Know, Resist, Pursue (Part 1)2014/04/24
  134. Beware of False Prophets! (and Teachers, and….)2013/11/10
  135. Keeping the Fire Going - Sustaining a Supernatural Lifestyle2013/10/07
  136. Demystifying the Prophetic2013/09/17
  137. Becoming Trinitarian Love - Part 12013/06/17
  138. Are WE obeying Jesus?2013/04/15
  139. miracles moving muslims2013/04/07
  140. unapologetic about healing ministry2012/11/18
  141. Doing What We See the Father Doing?2012/10/01
  142. if we don't do the miracles Jesus did, don't believe us!!2012/08/05
  143. It's ALL about Love (Power Spilling - part 2)2012/05/13
  144. wireless networks 2012/04/28
  145. Spiritual Gifts 1022012/04/22
  146. Spiritual Gifts 1012012/04/20
  147. Bad Theology 101 - God ONLY speaks through the Bible2011/07/14
  148. Pentecost WASN'T about speaking in tongues! (Part 2)2010/05/29
  149. Pentecost WASN'T about speaking in tongues!2010/05/22
  150. how did Jesus train people?2009/10/08
  151. Bad Theology 101 - God sends sickness2009/09/22
  152. Breaking down the Gift of the Word of Knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8)2009/09/11
  153. Jesus healed them ALL2009/08/31
  154. Releasing the Power of God2009/07/20
  155. Contending for God's Power2009/07/18
  156. Accuracy in the Word of Knowledge2009/07/03
  157. Is healing a secondary issue? (many Evangelicals think so!)2009/06/01
  158. the primacy of the Kingdom message2009/04/21
  159. Baptized in the Spirit2009/03/28
  160. Character vs. Power2009/03/15
  161. Do we lack any spiritual gift?2008/12/20
  162. releasing the word of knowledge2008/10/17
  163. God's will and healing2008/07/29
  164. power TEACHING2008/04/30
  165. establishing "pain-free" zones2008/02/28
  166. charismatics "trapped" in the Old Testament2008/02/02
  167. the fear of man2008/01/28
  168. Demonstrate 1st - Talk 2nd2008/01/09
  169. how to get started in a life of miracles2007/12/17
  170. answering Christians who follow Job2007/10/16
  171. the 'Fear of Deception' (crippling believers everywhere)2007/09/28
  172. how did the Christianity spread after 100AD?2007/09/21

This is a Podcast for people who are hungry for more of God - hungry to encounter Him, and hungry to see the Gospel preached with a clear demonstration of Kingdom Power. Talk is cheap (and frankly, people are sick and tired of being 'preached at)! God is raising up a faithful remnant, a 'Joel 2 Generation', who will not settle for anything less than everything the Lord will release at this time in history. Join us in this journey - a journey into God's Presence, a journey into the miraculous!