Terrence McNally podcast

  1. Episode 651: ZOE SCHLANGER, THE LIGHT EATERS: How the World of Plant Intelligence Offers a New Understanding of Life 2024/07/04
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  2. Episode 650: MARK BITTMAN (2021)-ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, JUNK: A history of Food, from Sustainable to Suicidal2024/06/29
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  3. Episode 649: ARI BERMAN, MINORITY RULE: The Right-Wing Attack on the Will of the People & the Fight to Resist It. 2024/06/21
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  4. Episode 648: Biden awards FATHER GREGORY BOYLE the Medal of Freedom-Here’s 2010 conversation re Homeboy Industries and his book Tattoos on the Heart2024/06/14
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  5. Episode 647: RICHARD CIZIK, Evangelicals for Democracy - after 28 years at National Association of Evangelicals 2024/06/07
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  6. Episode 646: DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN(2013)-THE BULLY PULPIT-Teddy Roosevelt took on the Robber Barons and won2024/05/30
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  7. Episode 645: DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN-Best-seller: AN UNFINISHED LOVE STORY: A Personal History of the 1960s. 2024/05/23
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  8. Episode 644: Federal Judge JED RAKOFF(2021)-WHY THE INNOCENT PLEAD GUILTY AND THE GUILTY GO FREE2024/05/16
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  9. Episode 643: CHUCK COLLINS-Inequality Getting Worse-Corporations pay top brass more than they pay in taxes2024/05/09
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  10. Episode 642: JACK KORNFIELD & TRUDY GOODMAN (2015)-Sages, mentors, friends-Reflections on mindfulness in the US2024/05/03
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  11. Episode 641: ASTRA TAYLOR-Digging into Democracy, Debt, Insecurity and Solidarity2024/04/24
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  12. Episode 640: What would nature do? JANINE BENYUS, BIOMIMICRY: Innovation Inspired by Nature2024/04/20
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  13. Episode 639: The Myths of Poverty & the Role of Luck-MARK RANK-The Random Factor2024/04/11
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  14. Episode 638: CHARLES EISENSTEIN (2019), Climate - A New Deeper, Fuller Story - People connect more with nature than policy2024/04/05
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  15. Episode 637: Can we build immunity to mis- & dis-information? ANDY NORMAN & MELANIE TRECEK-KING of the MENTAL IMMUNITY PROJECT 2024/03/27
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  16. Episode 636: Two for the Campaign Ahead: 1) DREW WESTEN (2007), The Political Brain 2) BERNIE HORN (2009), Framing the Future2024/03/20
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  17. Episode 635: ROB JOHNSON & I talk about the State of the Union - Biden’s speech plus our own take on things2024/03/14
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  18. Episode 634: TIM DeCHRISTOPHER-Courage & Conviction-Tim served 21 months in prison for civil disobedience protecting public lands2024/03/07
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  19. Episode 633: ANGUS DEATON, co-author, Deaths of Despair - ECONOMICS IN AMERICA: An Immigrant Economist Explores the Land of Inequality 2024/03/01
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  20. Episode 632: 5 BROKEN CAMERAS (2013)-EMAD BURNAT (Palestinian) & GUY DAVIDI (Israeli) co-directors, of the Oscar-nominated doc.2024/02/22
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  21. Episode 631: MARGOT SUSCA-HEDGED: How Private Investment Funds Helped Destroy American Newspapers and Undermine Democracy 2024/02/15
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  22. Episode 630: ROBERT P. JONES-THE HIDDEN ROOTS OF WHITE SUPREMACY and the Path to a Shared American Future2024/02/02
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  23. Episode 629: JONAH SACHS (2012)-Winning the STORY WARS-Key to persuasion & motivation - and as timely as ever2024/01/24
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  24. Episode 628: CORPORATE BULLSH*T- JOAN WALSH-Six lies they use to hold onto power and hold back progress2024/01/19
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  25. Episode 627: DARING DEMOCRACY (2017)-FRANCES MOORE LAPPE (Diet For A Small Planet) & ADAM EICHEN-Pro-democracy activism near the end of Trump’s first year in office2024/01/11
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  26. Episode 626: SAM DALEY-HARRIS-Our work for 2024-RECLAIMING OUR DEMOCRACY-Learn to practice transformational advocacy 2024/01/04
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  27. Episode 625: UNLIKELY BROTHERS (2011)-John Prendergast & Michael Mattocks talk about their 25 year Big Brother-Little Brother relationship2023/12/31
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  28. Episode 624: ZEV YAROSLAVSKY - 40 years of public service - ZEV’S LOS ANGELES: From Boyle Heights to the Halls of Power 2023/12/13
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  29. Episode 623: MARSHALL GANZ-Public Narrative - Key to Successful Organizing 2023/12/08
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  30. Episode 622: NELSON LICHTENSTEIN -Labor Is Delivering + Bill Clinton, Fabulous Failure?2023/11/30
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  31. Episode 621: MICHIO KAKU-QUANTUM SUPREMACY: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything2023/11/18
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  32. Episode 620: NANCY MAC LEAN (2018)-DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS: The Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America - a long march to minority rule2023/11/10
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  33. Episode 619: JOANNA SCHWARTZ-SHIELDED: How the Police Became Untouchable 2023/11/02
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  34. Episode 618: Warnings of the ’08 crash - (1) KEVIN PHILLIPS (April 2008) Bad Money - (2) ROBERT FRANK (July 2007) Falling Behind. Phillips died October 9.2023/10/27
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  35. Episode 617: Are unions making a comeback? STEVEN GREENHOUSE, longtime NYTimes labor correspondent2023/10/19
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  36. Episode 616: MICHAEL LEWIS (2010)-THE BIG SHORT- in which one of the great “explainers” defines a lot of terms.2023/10/12
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  37. Episode 615: TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY-DANIEL ZIBLATT-Why has American democracy reached the breaking point?2023/10/04
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  38. Episode 614: The NOT Great Escape-JONATHAN TAPLIN-THE END OF REALITY: Four Billionaires’ Fantasy of the Metaverse, Mars, Crypto, and Immortality2023/09/20
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  39. Episode 613: MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS-JONATHAN TAPLIN (2018)-How Facebook, Google & Amazon Cornered Culture & Undermined Democracy2023/09/15
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  40. Episode 612: JEFF GOODELL-THE HEAT WILL KILL YOU FIRST: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet2023/09/06
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  41. Episode 611: How will Boomers pass the torch? PHILIP BUMP-The Aftermath: The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America2023/08/24
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  42. Episode 610: Reviving Discarded America—MICHELLE WILDE ANDERSON-Fighting to Save Our Towns2023/08/10
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  43. Episode 609: ERWIN CHEMERINSKY-Supreme Court 2023-ethical challenges and radical rulings 2023/07/29
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  44. Episode 608: THOM HARTMANN-The Hidden History of American Democracy’s roots in Native American society2023/07/21
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  45. Episode 607: The politics of climate-STAN COX & JOHN FEFFER-Minority rule strikes again2023/07/13
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  46. Episode 606: LESLIE CRUTCHFIELD-How Change Happens: Why Some Movements Succeed While Others Don’t2023/07/06
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  47. Episode 605: You’ve been warned-BRENDAN BALLOU-PLUNDER: Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America 2023/06/29
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  48. Episode 604: DANIEL ELLSBERG-Rest in Peace-which he worked for all his life-our 2009 conversation2023/06/21
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  49. Episode 603: HECTOR TOBAR-OUR MIGRANT SOULS: A Meditation on Race and the Meanings and Myths of Latino 2023/06/15
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  50. Episode 602: TIFFANY SHLAIN - 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week 2023/06/08
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  51. Episode 601: MICKEY HUFF (Director, PROJECT CENSORED) & NOLAN HIGDON-Let’s Agree to Disagree: Critical Thinking, Communication, and Conflict Management2023/05/29
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  52. Episode 600: NAOMI ORESKES & ERIK CONWAY - THE BIG MYTH: How American Business Taught Us to Loathe Government and Love the Free Market2023/05/16
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  53. Episode 599: NOREENA HERTZ (2021) -THE LONELY CENTURY - How do we restore human connection?2023/05/12
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  54. Episode 598: WALT BOGDANICH-WHEN McKINSEY COMES TO TOWN: The Hidden Influence of the World's Most Powerful Consulting Firm2023/05/02
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  55. Episode 597: SHEILA KUEHL looks back on 20 years in office. She got things done.2023/04/17
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  56. Episode 596: SAM MYERS, PLANETARY HEALTH: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves - Exhibit A: the pandemic2023/04/13
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  57. Episode 595: EUNICE NICHOLS, Co-CEO, CoGenerate - bringing older and younger together to solve problems & bridge divides2023/04/07
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  58. Episode 594: THOMAS FRANK, What’s the Matter w Kansas? & EDGAR CAHN, late serial social justice entrepreneur-Jan 2012 conversation-the year ahead…2023/03/30
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  59. Episode 593: Podcast: KATHRYN PAIGE HARDEN, THE GENETIC LOTTERY: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality - though many want to pretend it doesn’t.2023/03/22
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  60. Episode 592: BARBARA FINAMORE (2019)-Can we cooperate on climate?-WILL CHINA SAVE THE PLANET? 2023/03/15
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  61. Episode 591: THIRD ACT-Mobilizing Boomers to Defend Democracy & Confront Climate-BOB FULKERSON, Lead National Organizer2023/03/07
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  62. Episode 590: 1) WINIFRED GALLAGHER, Attention, our most valuable resource. 2) TIM RYAN, former Ohio Congressman on meditation2023/03/03
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  63. Episode 589: ANDREW BACEVICH on Ukraine, defense spending, and Bidding Farewell to the American Century2023/02/20
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  64. Episode 588: INFLATION 101: What’s Really Going On?-ROBERT POLLIN2023/02/08
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  65. Episode 587: THE FIFTIES: UNDERGROUND HISTORY-Heroes who blazed trails for the ’60s-JAMES GAINES2023/01/27
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  66. Episode 586: BRANKO MILANOVIC-When capitalism rules the world, how can we shrink inequality and confront climate change?2023/01/19
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  67. Episode 585: Method to Supreme Court’s Madness-DAHLIA LITHWICK plus LADY JUSTICE: Women, the Law and the Battle to Save America2023/01/04
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  68. Episode 584: Looking ahead to 2023-LYNNE TWIST-LIVING A COMMITTED LIFE: Finding Freedom & Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger Than Yourself2022/12/28
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  69. Episode 583: SARA DAVIDSON, THE DECEMBER PROJECT - Conversations with Zalman Shachter-Shalomi on the meaning & mystery of life and death2022/12/22
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  70. Episode 582: Taxpayers fund drug research. Corporations reap obscene profits from “our” discoveries. ALEXANDER ZAITCHIK, OWNING THE SUN:A People's History of Monopoly Medicine 2022/12/15
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  71. Episode 581: Who wants a new Constitutional Convention? Sen. RUSS FEINGOLD & PETER PRINDIVILLE-Constitution in Jeopardy2022/12/02
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  72. Episode 580: Election Reflections with ROB JOHNSON-Not as bad as feared, not as good as desperately needed2022/11/12
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  73. Episode 579: As we await final counts and interpret results-ASTRA TAYLOR (2020) Democracy May Not Exist, But We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone 2022/11/09
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  74. Episode 578: DAVID DALEY, author RATFU_ _ED and UNRIGGED on voter suppression and our upcoming mid-terms2022/11/02
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  75. Episode 577: How do Republicans plan to keep you from voting? - Investigative journalist GREG PALAST (2020)2022/10/29
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  76. Episode 576: DAVID CORN, The Stakes of the MidTerms:- AMERICAN PSYCHOSIS: How The Republican Party Went Crazy 2022/10/20
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  77. Episode 575: We need to be able to work together on climate JOANNA CHIU, CHINA UNBOUND: A New World Disorder.2022/10/13
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  78. Episode 574: As DeSantis & Abbott pull cruel political stunts-GREG GRANDIN (2019), THE END OF THE MYTH: From the Frontier to the Border Wall2022/10/05
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  79. Episode 573: Is STEVE LOPEZ of the LATimes really thinking about retirement? - INDEPENDENCE DAY2022/09/27
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  80. Episode 572: Climate Week: California’s Clean Energy Jobs Plan - Economist ROBERT POLLIN & Union leader DAVE CAMPBELL2022/09/22
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  81. Episode 571: Is the press finally up to the climate emergency? MARK HERTSGAARD-COVERING CLIMATE NOW2022/09/14
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  82. Episode 570: (1) BARBARA EHRENREICH (2005), Nickel & Dimed; Bait & Switch; (2) EDUARDO GALEANO (2009), The Open Veins of Latin America; Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone.2022/09/07
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  83. Episode 569: Is the nightmare finally over? GARY GERSTLE, THE RISE & FALL OF THE NEOLIBERAL ORDER2022/09/01
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  84. Episode 568: Back to School-RAFE ESQUITH (2013) REAL TALK FOR REAL TEACHERS2022/08/26
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  85. Episode 567: American Heroes-1) HOWARD ZINN (2005), 2) GEORGE McGOVERN (2005) - both born 100 years ago this summer2022/08/26
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  86. Episode 566: How do we resist Minority Rule? STEVEN HILL, DemocracySOS - 10 STEPS TO REPAIR DEMOCRACY2022/08/09
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  87. Episode 565: Two Black Giants-1) BILL RUSSELL (2010), 2) CORNEL WEST (2009)2022/08/05
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  88. Episode 564: Can we count on the Dems? MICHAEL KAZIN, WHAT IT TOOK TO WIN: A History of the Democratic Party2022/07/27
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  89. Episode 563: How can progressives win in rural US? CHLOE MAXMIN & CANYON WOODWARD, DIRT ROAD REVIVAL2022/07/14
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  90. Episode 562: When the news is fast, furious, stressful-JON KABAT ZINN, COMING TO OUR SENSES: HEALING OURSELVES AND THE WORLD THROUGH MINDFULNESS2022/07/08
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  91. Episode 561: How did the 60s lead to both 1973 and 2022? KEVIN BOYLE, THE SHATTERING: AMERICA IN THE 1960S2022/07/02
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  92. Episode 560: FOR SAMA (2019) Oscar-nominated doc - civilians under Russian fire in the siege of Aleppo, Syria2022/06/24
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  93. Episode 559: What if a stroke strikes you or a loved one? JILL BOLTE TAYLOR, MY STROKE OF INSIGHT2022/06/14
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  94. Episode 558: PART 2 - Ahead of her time-HAZEL HENDERSON (2013) activist, green economist, global citizen, dies at 892022/06/02
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  95. Episode 557: PART 1 - Ahead of her time-HAZEL HENDERSON (2013) activist, green economist, global citizen, dies at 892022/06/01
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  96. Episode 556: Why are we addicted to more? LEIDY KLOTZ, SUBTRACT: The Untapped Science of Less2022/05/26
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  97. Episode 555: After Buffalo-CHIP BERLET (2017), investigator of hate groups, author, Right Wing Populism in America2022/05/21
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  98. Episode 554: Are Antibiotics Doomed? DAVID HYUN & ERIN DUFFY on the Crisis No One Talks About2022/05/12
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  99. Episode 553: LINDA GREENHOUSE (2021) - JUSTICE ON THE BRINK - 12 Months that Transformed the Supreme Court2022/05/07
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  100. Episode 552: BILL McKIBBEN-THIRD ACT-New Movement to Mobilize Boomers vs Climate Change2022/04/28
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  101. Episode 551: ELIE MYSTAL, ALLOW ME TO RETORT: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution2022/04/06
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  102. Episode 550: Can the press or international law influence Putin? MARIA ARMOUDIAN, REPORTING FROM THE DANGER ZONE; LAWYERS BEYOND BORDERS2022/03/31
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  103. Episode 549: Will Putin use nukes? JOE CIRINCIONE, author, BOMB SCARE and NUCLEAR NIGHTMARES2022/03/24
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  104. Episode 548: DAVE PELL writes the excellent daily newsletter, NEXT DRAFT, and now a pandemic book, PLEASE SCREAM INSIDE YOUR HEART2022/03/18
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  105. Episode 547: LARRY KOPALD, The Carbon Underground - We can reverse climate change and restore the soil with regenerative agriculture.2022/02/28
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  106. Episode 546: Are stories dangerous? JONATHAN GOTTSCHALL, THE STORY PARADOX: How Our Love of Storytelling Builds Societies and Tears Them Down2022/02/17
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  107. Episode 545: TIM JACKSON, Imagining a just sustainable future-POST GROWTH: Life After Capitalism2022/02/14
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  108. Episode 544: Doing God’s work-GREGORY BOYLE-Homeboy Industries-TATOOS ON THE HEART2022/02/08
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  109. Episode 543: Biden Year One in the Bigger Picture-ROBERT JOHNSON-Institute for New Economic Thinking2022/02/03
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  110. Episode 542: Triumphs & Tragedies of the 60’s Revolution - DAVID & MARGARET TALBOT - BY THE LIGHT OF BURNING DREAMS2022/01/28
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  111. Episode 541: RICK HANSON - HARDWIRING HAPPINESS - How to take advantage of the latest brain science 2022/01/20
  112. Episode 540: Happy New Year!-CHARLES DUHIGG, THE POWER OF HABIT (2012)2022/01/14
  113. Episode 539: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE 1960’s? Capitalism + Media vs Democracy - EDWARD MORGAN2022/01/14
  114. Episode 538: Who was Jesus? REZA ASLAN, ZEALOT: The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth2021/12/25
  115. Episode 537: Happy Holidays-SONJA LYUBOMIRSKY-THE MYTHS OF HAPPINESS2021/12/18
  116. Episode 536: The Struggling Class-CELINE-MARIE PASCALE-Millions Who Live Paycheck to Paycheck2021/12/15
  117. Episode 535: LINDA GREENHOUSE - JUSTICE ON THE BRINK - 12 months that transformed the Supreme Court.2021/12/04
  118. Episode 534: NAOMI KLEIN: NO IS NOT ENOUGH: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need (2017).2021/12/04
  119. Episode 533: GUSTAVE SPETH-THEY KNEW: The US Governments 50-Year Role in Causing the Climate Crisis2021/11/11
  120. Episode 532: PAUL HAWKEN-REGENERATION: Ending The Climate Crisis In One Generation…by placing life at the center of all we do2021/11/04
  121. Episode 531: FRANCES MOORE LAPPE-50 Years Since DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET introduced a plant-based diet to most Americans2021/10/26
  122. Episode 530: DON BARLETT & JIM STEELE-The BETRAYAL of the AMERICAN DREAM (2012)2021/10/22
  123. Episode 529: BILL McKIBBEN-Time to Mobilize Boomers vs Climate Change2021/10/15
  124. Episode 528: Facebook Doesn’t Care-SHERRY TURKLE(2011)-ALONE TOGETHER: Why We expect More from Technology, Less from Each other2021/10/08
  125. Episode 527: Legal lightning rounds: ERWIN CHEMERINSKY - Supreme Court, abortion, voter suppression, Covid mandates, police accountability2021/09/30
  126. Episode 526: Let’s listen to vets’ stories-PAULA CAPLAN (2011) WHEN JOHNNY & JANE COME MARCHING HOME2021/09/25
  127. Episode 525: A Clean Energy Jobs Plan for California-Economist ROBERT POLLIN & Union leader DAVE CAMPBELL2021/09/14
  128. Episode 525: JEREMY SCAHILL-DIRTY WARS (2013)-Out of Afghanistan. What about the rest of the world?2021/09/06
  129. Episode 524: JULIE BATTILANA-POWER FOR ALL-What is it? How do we obtain and use it to change the world?2021/09/03
  130. Episode 523: MARK DANNER (2017)-Our tragic failure in Afghanistan-SPIRAL: Trapped in Forever War 2021/08/28
  131. Episode 522: GEORGE PACKER-Four naratives of America that divide us-LAST BEST HOPE2021/08/18
  132. Episode 521: The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science CHRIS MOONEY (2011) author, The Republican War on Science2021/08/14
  133. Episode 520: DAVID KAISER-How predictable were today’s crises? What happens when we forget history? 2021/08/06
  134. Episode 519: In need of a nudge toward mindfulness? JON KABAT ZINN and TRUDY GOODMAN (2010) 2021/07/30
  135. Episode 518: Can we dare to think humans are kind? RUTGER BREGMAN, HUMANKIND: A Hopeful History2021/07/21
  136. Episode 517: ARI BERMAN (2017)-GIVE US THE BALLOT: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America 2021/07/13
  138. Episode 515: WINNER-TAKE-ALL POLITICS-JACOB HACKER & PAUL PIERSON (2011) Best book on How DC Turned Its Back on the Middle Class2021/07/03
  139. Episode 514: ALEC MacGILLIS - How is Amazon changing us? FULFILLMENT: Winning and Losing in One-Click America2021/06/23
  140. Episode 513: DANIEL ELLSBERG (2009) - Pentagon Papers published 50 years ago this month2021/06/19
  141. Episode 512: ANDREW BACEVICH-AFTER THE APOCALYPSE - How can “national security” deal with climate change, pandemics, racism, democracy? 2021/06/07
  142. Episode 511: Neuroscientist ANTONIO DAMASIO - SELF COMES TO MIND - Why did the mind evolve? How did the self emerge?2021/06/05
  143. Episode 510: CHUCK COLLINS, co-editor, Inequality.org, THE WEALTH HOARDERS: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions2021/05/27
  144. Episode 509: EMAD BURNAT (Palestinian) & GUY DAVIDI (Israeli) co-directors, Oscar-nominated doc, 5 BROKEN CAMERAS (2013)2021/05/20
  145. Episode 508: NATHAN BOMEY - stories of BRIDGE BUILDERS - bringing people together in our polarized age 2021/05/13
  146. Episode 507: AFGHANISTAN (2009) 1) MATHEW HOH, resigned Foreign Service, 2) MALALAI JOYA, expelled from Parliament2021/05/08
  147. Episode 506: MARK BITTMAN-Animal, Vegetable, Junk-A history of Food, from Sustainable to Suicidal2021/04/30
  148. Episode 505: LUIS RODRIGUEZ-Native roots, Latinx experience, and a sage call for reconnection2021/04/16
  149. Episode 504: AMY BACH (2009) Why Justice Loses on a Daily Basis in America’s Courts2021/04/09
  150. Episode 503: DAVID DALEY-Fighting minority rule-RATF**KED: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count; UNRIGGED: Americans Battling Back2021/04/01
  151. Episode 502: FOR SAMA (2019) Oscar-nominated documentary shot during the siege of Aleppo, Syria2021/03/27
  152. Episode 501: NOREENA HERTZ-THE LONELY CENTURY - How do we restore human connection?2021/03/19
  153. Episode 500: DAVID KIRP (2011), KIDS FIRST: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children's Lives and America's Future2021/03/11
  154. Episode 499: SHERRY TURKLE turns the conversation on herself-THE EMPATHY DIARIES: A Memoir2021/03/05
  155. Episode 498: STEVEN GREENHOUSE, Can Unions Make a Comeback? - Beaten Down Worked Up: The Past Present and Future of American Labor2021/02/23
  156. Episode 497: WADE DAVIS (2002), NatGeo Explorer-in-Residence-Let’s take a break from the news-The Light at the Edge of the World2021/02/20
  157. Episode 496: MICHAEL MANN, THE NEW CLIMATE WAR-Climate scientist was attacked for “hockey stick” graph2021/02/10
  158. Episode 495: DANIEL GOLEMAN, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence - The critical skill of attention2021/02/06
  159. Episode 494: At 28, CHLOE MAXMIN defeated the minority leader of Maine's State Senate. Her secret? She listens.2021/01/29
  160. Episode 493: My 2018 conversation w/ARLIE HOCHSCHILD (Strangers in Their Own Land) - listening to our alienated fellow Americans2021/01/21
  161. Episode 492: ARLIE HOCHSCHILD-Strangers in Their Own Land-She’s been talking with “Trumpers” since 2011 - and since election day2021/01/14
  162. Episode 491: HEDRICK SMITH-WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM? (2012) We need more than Obama 2.0 in 2021.2021/01/09
  163. Episode 490: THOMAS HOMER-DIXON - for the new year - COMMANDING HOPE: The Power to Renew a World in Peril2021/01/01
  164. Episode 489: NEW-Sisters Constance Touey & Jeannette Lucey - DO IT BETTER: How the Kids of St. Francis de Sales Exceeded Everyone’s Expectations2020/12/26
  165. Episode 488: SAM MYERS, PLANETARY HEALTH: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves - Exhibit A: the pandemic2020/12/17
  166. Episode 487: REBECCA HENDERSON, REIMAGINING CAPITALISM In a World on Fire2020/12/03
  167. ELIE MYSTAL of The Nation on Trump’s legal options, How Biden reverses Trump’s orders, and the Supreme Court2020/11/18
  168. MILTON BENNETT-The Cult of Trump -72M Americans voted for four more years2020/11/13
  169. ROB JOHNSON-Relief - but no congratulations. Dems must be bolder. 2020/11/06
  170. CHICAGO CONSPIRACY TRIAL - JON WIENER -What does it have to tell us?2020/10/23
  171. BILLY WIMSATT, Movement Voter Project (2018) - Invest in the grassroots to win elections and make change.2020/10/17
  172. ALEX KEYSSAR-Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? 2020/10/08
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