The Entheogenic Evolution

  1. Episode 297: The Solandarian Game, Chapters 15 and 162024/07/08
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  2. Episode 296: Psilo Temple with James Hin2024/07/01
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  3. Episode 294: Universal Shamans of the New Tomorrow Church with Brooke Tarrer2024/06/17
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  4. Episode 292: Iboga Healing with Madison Callahan2024/06/03
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  5. Episode 290: Welcome to the Psilo Sangha with Ian Wallin2024/05/20
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  6. Episode 288: Getting High on Leadership with Paul Karasik2024/05/06
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  7. Episode 286: Psychedelic Sacred Sexuality with Astraeus Amori2024/04/22

    This week I'm joined by author, Astraeus Amori, to discuss his new book, Psychedelic Sacred Sexuality. We discuss the role of various psychedelics in sexual experiences and how to work with your consenting partner. You can find out more about him and his book at his website .
  8. Episode 284: Pablo Lopez on 5-MeO-DMT, Human Development and Sexuality2024/04/08
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  9. Episode 282: Exploring the Science of Psilomethoxin with Adam McKay and Ian Benouis2024/03/25
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  10. Episode 280: Detroit Religious Freedom with Greg Lake2024/03/11
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  11. Episode 279: Faciliating 5-MeO-DMT, Appendix A: Integration2024/03/04
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  12. Episode 278: 5-MeO-DMT Facilitator Training with Kerby and Martin2024/02/26
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  13. Episode 276: Women and Psychedelics with April Pride2024/02/12
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  14. Episode 274: The Gift of the Night with Philip Carr-Gomm2024/01/29
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  15. Episode 272: Sayulita Wellness Retreat with Andrew Tansil2024/01/15

    This week my guest is Andrew Tansil from Sayulita Wellness Retreat in Mexico. We talk about what brought Andrew into running a psychedelic retreat, how they function, and what they offer, as well as Andrew's own transformative experiences with psychedelic medicines. You can find the retreat online at
  16. Episode 270: The Solandarian Game - AI-Imagined Art Illustrated Version2024/01/01
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  17. Episode 269: Frshminds with Jon Kamin2023/12/25
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  18. Episode 267: 5-MeO-DMT and the Creativity Incubator with Caps2023/12/11
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  19. Episode 265: Microdosing 5-MeO-DMT, Enneagram, AI Coaching, and More with Edwin Jansen2023/11/27
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  20. Episode 263: Hewkii - Ecstasy Juice from God2023/11/13
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  21. Episode 261: A Return to Form: Reflections on a Psychedelic Retreat2023/10/30
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  22. Episode 260: The Unfolding Bufo Journey of Sarah Knapik, Part II2023/10/23

    This week we continue with the conversation with Sarah Knapik, discussing her practice with Bufo, what caused her to walk away and the reassessment that occurred, and why, after a couple of months of reflection, she decided to step back into her role as Bufo facilitator.
  23. Episode 259: The Unfolding Bufo Journey of Sarah Knapik, Part I2023/10/16
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  24. Episode 257: Integration in Real Time2023/10/02
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  25. Episode 255: Beneath the Surface with Acacea Lewis2023/09/18
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  26. Episode 253: Tom Lane on Mushrooms, Time People, and the Yuta Tnoho Codex2023/09/04
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  27. Episode 251: My Scarlet Letter: Living with the Aftermath of Psymposia's Unethical Journalistic Abuse2023/08/21
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  28. Episode 250: Trauma Informed Entheogenic Guide Certification with Stephan Kerby2023/08/14
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  29. Episode 248: Psychedelic Cults and Outlaw Churches with Mike Marinacci2023/07/31
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  30. Episode 246: Swimming in the Sacred with Rachel Harris2023/07/17

    It's a great pleasure to welcome back Rachel Harris to the podcast. In this conversation, Rachel shares all about her new book, "Swimming in the Sacred," which documents the practices of female underground psychedelic practitioners who have no intention to going "above ground" in their work with entheogenic medicines. Listen in and find out more.
  31. Episode 244: Marketing Psychedelic Services with IcaroConnect2023/07/03
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  32. Episode 242: One World Heart with Jessica Marie2023/06/19

    Joining the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast for her interview debut, my guest is Jessica Marie who shares her own healing story with a chronic health condition and psychedelic medicines, her work with Bufo, her experience with Tom Lane and the ceremony of the deified heart, and her entheogenic church, the "One World Heart." You can find out more at
  33. Episode 240: Psychedelic Buddhism with Lama Mike Crowley2023/06/05

    This week Lama Mike Crowley comes back on the podcast to discuss his new book, Psychedelic Buddhism: A User's Guide to Traditions, Symbols, and Ceremonies . It's always great to have Mike - a vast reservoir of knowledge of Buddhism and Indian religions - back on the podcast. His new book is available now.
  34. Episode 239: The Fate of Miraanni, Chapters 1 and 22023/05/29
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  35. Episode 236: Cinesomatics with Andrew Daniel2023/05/08

    My guest this week is the founder of the Center for Cinesomatic Development (, Andrew Daniel. We get deep into his own story of discovering his authenticity and how traumas and patterns are encoded in the body and our expressiveness, and how he developed the cinesomatic program to help others release and transform themselves
  36. Episode 234: Psilomethoxin, Usona, The Church, and EntheoGenesis2023/04/24
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  37. Episode 233: Discover the Root with Tisha Ingram2023/04/17

    This week's episode is all about healing with Iboga with Tisha Ingram of Tisha is trained in traditional use of Iboga with the Bwiti in Gabon and seeks to bring healing to others with grounded ceremony and conscientious use of this powerful entheogen.
  38. Episode 231: RageHeart with John Wood2023/04/03

    My guest this week is man from the land down under, John Wood, the founder of, which focuses on helping people navigate and integrate psychedelic experiences with an emphasis on emotional expression and somatics, especially for men. Listen in and learn more about "The crazy Aussie who doesn't believe in meditation" . . .
  39. Episode 229: The Third Wave: Mastering Microdosing with Paul Austin2023/03/20
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  40. Episode 227: The Unchurch and Wounded Healer Outreach with Stephan Kerby2023/03/06

    My guest is 5-MeO-DMT facilitator, Stephan Kerby, who is also the founder of The Unchurch, (, Wounded Healer Outreach ( and The Entheogenic Explorers Podcast. We discuss his personal story, helping those in need, founding the non-doctrinal "Unchurch," facilitation, and integration.
  41. Episode 225: Tabula Rasa and Psychedelic Healthcare with Marik Hazan2023/02/20

    My guest this week is Marik Hazan, founder of Tabula Rasa, a psychedelic healthcare investing venture. We discuss how psychedelic healthcare is being invested in and developed, and also how he's undertaken to bring awareness around the topics to the wealthiest of the wealthy at Davos. You can learn more at:
  42. Episode 223: Integration Through Unified Mindfulness with Samala2023/02/06

    My guest is Samala, who has come into the practice of helping others integrate their entheogenic experiences with Universal Mindfulness after her own introduction to the world of psychedelic medicines via MDMA and 5-MeO-DMT with Nyx Ingen in Iceland.
  43. Episode 221: Ian Benouis on Entheogenic Religious Rights and the Church of Psilomethoxin2023/01/23

    The conversation around Psilomethoxin and its official church continues with one of the church founders and entheogenic religious freedom lawyer, Ian Benouis. We dive into the history of entheogenic religious rights (and rites), the burgeoning movement to create legally recognized entheogenic churches, psilomethoxin, and some of our other favorite molecules.
  44. Episode 219: 5-MeO-DMT, Mineral Health, and Art Therapy with Jason2023/01/09

    For this week's episode, I'm joined by underground 5-MeO-DMT facilitator, Jason, discussing his unique approach to addressing mineral health and use of art and color therapy as adjuncts to both preparing for and integrating 5-MeO-DMT experiences.
  45. Episode 217: House of Metamorphosis with Susannah Rose Stokes2022/12/26

    My guest is Susannah Rose Stokes, former marine turned medicine worker, discussing her healing path and journey into psychedelic medicines and the formation of the "House of Metamorphosis" as a religious non-profit to help others along on their path of transformation
  46. Episode 215: Entraining the Divine - 5-MeO-DMT and Meditation2022/12/12

    The team at of Rak Razam, Eugene Alliende and Quilley Powers are welcomed back to The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast to discuss how their first meditation and low-dose 5-MeO-DMT retreat went in 2022 and what they're reflecting on for their upcoming 2023 retreats.
  47. Episode 213: The Church of Psilomethoxin with Greg and Jenna Lake2022/11/28
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  48. Episode 211: Be Untethered with Heather Wickman2022/11/14

    My guest this week is plant medicine facilitator and equine therapist, Heather Wickman. We discuss how she sees psychedelic and horse therapy as complimentary and in congruence (but not at the same time!) and what inspires her in the work she does, as well as the results. You can learn more about her work at
  49. Episode 207: Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men with Cliff Dunning2022/10/17

    I'm joined this week by author Cliff Dunning as we discuss his book, Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men: Awaken the Prostate for Multiple Orgasms . I'm sure you'll find this a stimulating episode.
  50. Episode 205: Enosis VR and Psychedelic Therapy2022/10/03

    I'm joined this week by Prash Puspanathan and Agnieszka Sekula from Enosis Therapeutics, an Australian-based company looking to develop and implement virtual reality in psychedelic therapy as applied in specific stages of the therapeutic process. You can learn more about Enosis at
  51. Episode 203: The 1st Church of David Bowie Shamanic Cabaret with Sean Manseau2022/09/19
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  52. Episode 201: Plant Medicine People with Tina "Kat" Courtney2022/09/05

    Author, death doula, and founder of, Kat Courtney is my guest this week. We have a wide-ranging conversation about serving psychedelic medicines in the modern west, creating new models for non-indigenous people using traditional medicines, working with integrity, self-care, personal growth, and so much more.
  53. Episode 199: Psoiree and the Psychedelic Diaries with Ray Christian2022/08/22
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  54. Episode 197: On the Responsibilities of Those Serving 5 with Victoria Wueschner2022/08/08
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  55. Episode 195: Mindset Pharma with James Lanthier2022/07/25

    My guest this week is James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset Pharma of Toronto, Canada, a company that is seeking to develop novel psychedelic analogues to existing psychedelics such as psilocybin, DMT, and 5-MeO-DMT for more targeted delivery, efficacy, and therapeutic potential for use in the developing psychedelic healthcare field. You can find them online at
  56. Episode 193: Who do You Serve? With Rak Razam2022/07/11

    Here's the conversation Rak Razam and I had a few months ago to prep his entry for the multi-author anthology of Facilitating 5-MeO-DMT. I've been holding onto this for a while now and it's a pleasure to bring it to you here on the podcast. Of course, the entire book is available in both paperback and ebook.
  57. Episode 191: Ketamine Flow with Christi Myers2022/06/27

    My guest this week is Christi Myers from the Flow Integrative Ketamine clinic in Encinitas, California. We talk all things therapeutic about Ketmanine. You can find out more about the clinic at
  58. Episode 189: Entheogens, the Law, and Religious Freedom with Griffen Thorne2022/06/13

    My guest this week is Griffen Thorne of Harris Bracken Law Firm, specializing in religious freedom and entheogens. We discuss the legal landscape around entheogens and religious rights and other related issues.
  59. Episode 187: Fractal Expressions of the One with Patrick2022/05/30

    This week I'm joined by Patrick, one of the contributors to the "Facilitating 5-MeO-DMT" anthology book. Patrick shares a bit more of his background and entry into facilitating 5-MeO along with more details about his approach and work with "toadsters" - enjoy!
  60. Episode 185: Bridging Heaven: A Low-Dose 5-MeO-DMT and Meditation Retreat2022/05/16
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  61. Episode 183: A Conversation with Hal from the Temple of Awakening Divinity2022/05/02
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  62. Episode 181: Entheon Biomedical with Timothy Ko2022/04/18
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  63. Episode 179: Adeptus Psychonautica meets The Entheogenic Evolution2022/04/04

    My guest is Rob Bateman from Adeptus Psychonautica here for a lengthy and fun conversation covering a wide range of topics from issues in psychedelic culture, ritual and ceremony, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, podcasting, and the creation of Adeptus Psychonautica on Youtube.
  64. Episode 177: 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA, and DMT with Nyx and Helgi2022/03/21
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  65. Episode 175: Psychedelic Qualia with Andres Gomez Emilsson2022/03/08
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  66. Episode 173: Wesana Health with Daniel Carcillo2022/02/22

    I'm joined this week by Wesana Health founder and CEO, Daniel Carcillo. We discuss his experience with psychedelic healing for sports-related brain trauma and his effort to bring psychedelic therapy to athletes
  67. Episode 172: The Spirit of Bufo with Magda2022/02/08

    My guest this week is Magda, a 5-MeO-DMT facilitator in Canada. We discuss her personal background, what got her into psychedelic medicines, and how she understands her practice, as well as her association with the Samadhi center and how the 5-MeO-DMT experience nicely tops off extended meditation retreats with microdosing iboga.
  68. Episode 170: Listening to Ecstasy with Charles Wininger2022/01/25

    I'm joined this week by septuagenarian and author, Charles Wininger, who waited until his 70s to come out of the proverbial psychedelic closet with his 2020 book, "Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative Power of MDMA." We had a great, heart-felt conversation, human-to-human, the other day, talking about this amazing molecule. You can find Charles' book at
  69. Episode 168: The Cactus of Sanity with Sergey Baranov2022/01/11
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  70. Episode 165: Dieta with Carlos Tanner2021/12/14

    Carlos Tanner from returns for another fascinating discussion, this time about "Dieta" and how relationships are created and maintained/negotiated with plant spirits in the context of ayahuasca shamanism and healing
  71. Episode 163: Where the Deer Dream with Sarah Seidelmann2021/11/30
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  72. Episode 161: Psychedelic Cannabis with Daniel McQueen2021/11/16

    I'm joined this week by Daniel McQueen, discussing his just-released book, "Psychedelic Cannabis." We get into somatic therapy, training programs, trauma release, cannabis blends, and more. You can find out more about Daniel's work at
  73. Episode 159: Awaken the World with Daniel Schmidt2021/11/02

    My guest this week is the multi-talented Daniel Schmidt: founder of the Awaken the World foundation, director of the Samadhi Retreat Center, musician, artist, filmmaker, and more. We have a wide-ranging conversation about awakening, healing, sleep, and all of the above. Find out more at
  74. Episode 157: A Conversation about NOTHING with Daniel Murtaugh2021/10/18

    I'm joined this week by author (and musician) Daniel Murtaugh to talk about his alphabet book, NOTHING from A-Z. To be more specific, we're discussing nonduality and the nature of being. Enjoy!
  75. Episode 155: Psychedelic History with Tom Hatsis: LSD2021/10/04

    This week we welcome back Tom Hatsis to discuss his new book, LSD: The Wonder Child. We discuss the "Phantastic 50s," as he puts it in his book, when LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin were of great interest to philosophers, psychiatrists, religious scholars, the CIA, and more.
  76. Episode 151: Psychedelic Anthropology with Jeremy Narby2021/09/06

    This week I'm joined by author and anthropologist, Jeremy Narby, not only discussing his new book, "Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca and Tobacco and the Pursuit of Knowledge," but also the practice of anthropology, giving back to the community, and cross-cultural sharing of knowledge. His new book is now available.
  77. Episode 149: They Shimmer Within with Bruce Rimell2021/08/23
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  78. Episode 147: Psychedelic Leadership with Laura Dawn2021/08/09
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  79. Episode 145: Entheogenic Churches with George Lake2021/07/26

    This week I'm joined by lawyer and author, George Lake, to discuss the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it applies to religious protection for Entheogenic Churches in the United States
  80. Episode 144: Forbes, Psychedelics, and Your Neighbors, with David Carpenter2021/07/14

    My guest is Forbes Magazine writer and author, David Carpenter. We discuss how he got into writing about the fast-changing world of psychedelics, cannabis, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, and his ongoing book series about psychedelics that starts with "Your Neighbors are Doing Psychedelics: MDMA" - you can find David's work online at and at
  81. Episode 142: Connect and Evolve with Ben Holt2021/06/28
    I'm joined by Toad, Retreat, and Breathwork facilitator, Ben Holt, for a wide-ranging discussion about how he got into what he does, working with toad, music, film, and more. It's a long one, so settle in and enjoy. You can find out more about Ben and his work at
  82. Episode 140: Talkin' Toad with Juan David Alvarius2021/06/14
    My guest this week is Juan David Alvarius. We go deep into his practice with Toad, his philosophy of how best to serve, and how he got into the practice.
  83. Episode 138: LAMPS and the Psymposia Drama2021/05/31
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  84. Episode 136: Jimi Fritz - Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer2021/05/17
    My guest is Jimi Fritz, and we discuss his book, Confessions of an Ethical Drug dealer, getting into his many world travels, smuggling hash, raves, busking, Burning Man, and more
  85. Episode 132: The Hero's Journey with the Traveling Nobody2021/04/19
    Author and heroic journeyman, John Folak, AKA "The Traveling Nobody" discusses his autobiographical book series, "Visionary Quests" joins me for an extended discussion about radical authenticity, eating lots of mushrooms, the experience of That Which Is, and self-development and continual growth. You can learn more about the book series at
  86. Episode 129: Rob and Martin Model How to Have a Civil Conversation2021/03/22
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  87. Episode 128: Psymposia's Violation of Journalistic Ethics2021/03/15
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  88. Episode 127: Psymposia and the Treachery of Images2021/03/08
    My response to Russell Hausfeld and the "journalism" of Psymposia continues this week with more analysis, more context, and a review of some of the immediate effects of Russell's weaponizing of manufactured outrage.
  89. Episode 126: Psymposia "Journalism" - Weaponizing Manufactured Outrage2021/03/01
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  90. Episode 123: Financing Psychedelic Healthcare with David Nikzad2021/02/08
    My guest for this week is David Nikzad. Perhaps you've seen his PDF circulating around about venture capital and the Psychedelic Revolution in Healthcare. Listen in here to find out all about it and Emotional Intelligence Ventures -
  91. Episode 121: Psychedelic Healthcare in Canada with Payton Nyquvest2021/01/25
    Healthcare in Canada is on the verge of a major change in regards to psilocybin and MDMA therapy. Payton Nyquvest and Numinus Wellness is making waves at the forefront. Find out more in this episode and at
  92. Episode 119: Psychedelic Fiction with Charlotte Dune2021/01/11
    My guest is author, Charlotte Dune, who is busy working on a trilogy of psychedelic romance novels. We discuss the first book in the series, "Cactus Friends" and the personal inspirations that went into it. You can find more about Charlotte and her books and work at
  93. Episode 115: The Green Man, Chris Bennett2020/12/14
    Author and cannabis historian, Chris Bennett, joins me for a diverse discussion of the many roles of cannabis in human history from ancient grave sites, anointing oils, temple hot boxes, cannabis-infused alcoholic ecstatic religious rites, and much more - all from his recent book, Liber 420
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