The Bigfoot Show

  1. BFS 065: Mysterious baby stroller2015/02/03
    Skunk apes, Bigfoot IPOs, drones, talking monkeys and Melba's math. Plus other stuff.
  2. BFS 064: Monster show2015/01/04
    Seth Breedlove of SasWhat, Ancillary Characters and the forthcoming documentary Minerva Monster
  3. BFS 063: Bitchin' about bigfoot2014/11/25
    Standing with Standing, Melba and horsies, mystical super squatches, drones, government conspiracies, and Donald the macabre donkey.
  4. BFS 062: Refugium X2014/11/23
    Recap of the North American Wood Ape's long-term summer research effort, Operation Tenacity
  5. BFS 061: Reverse centaur blues2014/07/13
    Melba and Peruvian aliens, ThinkerThunker Sequoia video, Standing and Meldrum, Finding Bigfoot, Brian Sykes, the Willow Creek movie, trees jumping around in Area X, the Bigfoot Forums, and reverse centaurs.
  6. BFS 060: A hand and an arm and a thong2014/06/15
    The BFS takes a break from its break to bring you up to date on the activities of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. On this show, an interview with naturalist David Mizejewski recorded on location in Area X. Then, a conversation with the NAWAC's Daryl Colyer regarding the events experienced so far during Operation Tenacity.
  7. BFS 059: Motorboating Orangutans 2014/02/16
    All four BFS hosts convene to ruminate over the end of Finding Bigfoot, the ice damage resistance of the average adult bigfoot's skull, and various other fascinating and exciting squatchy topics (which means Brian forgot to keep show notes again).
  8. BFS 058: Icebergs of madness2013/12/29
    This time out, Scott, Paul and Brian pick their bigfoot story of 2013, bemoan the state of squatch TV, ponder breaks between the C1 and C2 vertebrae, salivate over bigfoot pornography, and pontificate on various topics suggested by our listeners.
  9. BFS 057: Recumbent leprechaun2013/12/01
    Sam, Scott, and Brian mix it up over the Gray Harbor thermal video, the Stacy Brown thermal footage, Bill Munns' RHI papers, The Bigfoot Files, and other fascinating things as suggested by our listeners.
  10. BFS 056: I got your big thicket right here, buddy2013/10/20
    Scott and Brian talk more about skeptics and skepticism, Bryan Sykes' latest DNA claims, how many chupacabras it would take to drop a bigfoot, and chew through a ton of listener topics.
  11. BFS 055: I doubt it2013/10/12
    On the show this time, Sharon Hill, editor of the Doubtful News blog and advocate of critical thinking discussing the skeptical take on the world of sasquatchery, including the dual darlings of DNA deducting Melba Ketchum and Bryan Sykes.
  12. BFS 054: Further adventures in the land called X2013/09/22
    Brian talks to members of the NAWAC regarding their efforts to establish the existence of the North American Wood Ape
  13. BFS 053: Chickens on your keyboard2013/08/25
    Pecking out our thoughts regarding Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Cliff Barackman's Bigfoot Roadtrip, skeptics, weird non-bigfoot stuff that's happened to us, listener questions swimming pools, baseball, and…the Batman.
  14. BFS 052: Outcasts, miscreants and creduloids2013/07/17
    We chat about Les Stroud and that Todd guy, the $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty, the Minnesota Iceman, are bigfoot people more cra-cra than in the past, how much wood would a bigfoot chuck if a bigfoot could chuck wood, Area X questions, and SO MUCH MORE!!
  15. BFS 051: On location in Area X2013/06/22
    All X all the time! Brian interviews Alton Higgins, Kathy Strain, and Monica Rawlins on location in Area X and then calls NAWAC Field Coordinator Daryl Colyer to discuss the highlights from the group's 2013 field study — Operation Relentless — now in progress.
  16. BFS 050: Munnsapalooza!2013/04/21
    On the show with Scott, Paul, Sam and Brian is Hollywood costume and make-up expert Bill Munns discussing his Texas Bigfoot Conference presentation, “Patterson-Gimlin Hominid: Extraordinary costume or extraordinary reality?”
  17. BFS 049: Oh, grow up!2013/04/07
    On this episode you'll enjoy a Ketchum catch-up, discussion of Bryan Sykes rumors, movie and book picks, a Texas Bigfoot Conference recap, along with answers to lots of listener questions.
  18. BFS 048: Texas Bigfoot Panel2013/04/03
    Live from Ft Worth, Texas! The Texas Bigfoot Conference panel discussion of audience member questions. Featuring Josh Gates, Lyle Blackburn, Kathy Strain, Jeff Meldrum, Bill Munns, Alton Higgins, Daryl Colyer, and Brian Brown. Moderated by Mike Mayes.
  19. BFS 047: Miasma of insanity2013/03/03
    Naturalist David Mizejewski is our guest as we debate how science proves the existence of a species, plus more Melba madness, more Matilda madness, and which plants are best to attract sasquatch to your back yard.
  20. BFS 046: Triple facepalm2013/02/17
    The madness of Melba Ketchum's report, Matilda the sleepy squatch, and version 2.0 of the Dyer hoax are masticated, digested and regurgitated by your humble hosts.
  21. BFS 045: Unboxing Daisy2013/01/20
    Winding up on Daisy the squatch in a box, bigfoot hunting birds, inter-host warfare on specimen collection, the TBRC conference, more on Melba, and our Super Bowl picks.
  22. BFS 044: Overkilled beyond reason2012/12/16
    Which is the biggest bigfoot story of the year? Wanna win $10 million? Heard enough about Area X yet? How about the Brown Footage? All this and more on the last BFS of 2012.
  23. BFS 043: Deoxyribonucleic Antics: The Revenge2012/11/26
    Melba made us do it! An entire show dedicated to the Ketchum press release including an interview with Dr. Todd Disotell of New York University.
  24. BFS 042: Squatcham Style2012/11/18
    American's favorite bigfoot podcast (probably) is back! The boys bleat and blather about the Provo Utah video, Bobo and Coco, The Jeff Meldrum Experience, and more.
  25. BFS 041: Hoaxer's delight2012/09/30
    Mucho mastication over the hoaxed Elbe trackway. Also discussed is a supposed bigfoot tent video, salt and pepper shakers, Finding Bigfoot, and Facebook fans' questions. Brian refers to this as episode 42 couple of times, but that's because he's high as a kite. Pay it no nevermind.
  26. BFS 040: Rant n' Rave2012/09/09
    Further mastication of the TBRC's Operation Persistence along with new recordings of purported wood ape activity in the area.
  27. BFS 039: Down in the valley of the jolly gray wood ape2012/08/18
    Brian interviews several members of the TBRC regarding the group's Operation Persistence.
  28. BFS 038: Nothing but the truth2012/08/08
    The boys discuss the very things they solemnly swore they wouldn't along with Brian's account of what he believes was his own daylight sighting back in May.
  29. BFS 037: Eyes in the dark2012/07/22
    Recorded live on location in the Sierra Mountains of Central California, Brian chats with Bob and Kathy Strain and Daniel Falconer about their experiences with eyes in the dark and sounds in the night.
  30. BFS 036: Lyle Blackburn and the Beast of Boggy Creek2012/06/03
    Lyle Blackburn is on to talk about his excellent new book "The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster"
  31. BFS 035: The indescribable world of sasquatch IN COLOR!2012/04/30
    Melba Ketchum and her five frolicking sasquatches, the Cryptomundo call for legal defense funds, Loren Coleman's latest desperate ploy for attention, and "new" wood ape photos from the Oklahoma prairie.
  32. BFS 034: Bearsharktopus attacks!2012/04/08
    The Finding Bigfoot crew appear on South Park, a BFRO-er has a run-in with the law, and a fair bit on the PGF. Plus, a great new book on the Beast of Boggy Creek and a seemingly weird one about people gone missing in the woods.
  33. BFS 033: Christopher Munch2012/03/22
    Filmmaker Christopher Munch discusses "Letters From the Big Man" with the boys.
  34. BFS 032: Titanium head plate2012/02/27
    Is Melba toast? What shocking bovine mystery is answered on Finding Bigfoot? Are bigfoot kleptomaniacs? What can you and Jeff Meldrum do in the woods with $350? All these answers and more on this episode of The Bigfoot Show.
  35. BFS 031: Kill 'em all and let Shiva sort 'em out2012/01/31
    The boys get heated over whacking a squatch plus more about Finding Bigfoot and a nine-year-old's questions. This show is a Ketchum-free zone!
  36. BFS 030: Bag of Hands2012/01/03
    What do North Koreans, Jimmy Stewart, Melba Ketchum, and Facebook all have in common?
  37. BFS 029.5: Yetis among us2011/12/18
    What does Melba Ketchum say about her feral human URL? Listen in to find out. Our first show recorded on new Yeti mics!
  38. BFS 029: Filet o' Squatch2011/12/04
    Bigfoot steak? DNA? Monkey in a tree? All this and more!
  39. BFS 028: Newfangled mentalness2011/11/12
    Was Ben Radford treated fairly? What do we think of various other cryptids? What about this new Ohio sleestak video? Who's the new guy?
  40. BFS 027: Projectile chimps2011/10/30
    The BFRO may have run over a bigfoot, Ben Radford explains why we're all nuts, and the TBRC releases a statement.
  41. BFS 026: Sounds in the dark2011/10/14
    The boys chew over indisputable Yeti proof, the TBRC conference, and some interesting sounds recorded in the woods.
  42. BFS 025: Deoxyribonucleic antics2011/08/30
    Together again, Scott, Paul and Brian spend the majority of the show discussing what they know and think of the Erickson Project along with a few other things.
  43. BFS 024: Turtle free zone2011/06/21
    Catching up with the Herriott, a bit more on Finding Bigfoot, why anyone would want to go on a BFRO expedition, and what is it about people who are into this whole bigfoot thing, anyway?
  44. BFS 023: Fallen ducklings2011/06/18
    The return of Paul Vella! We chat about Finding Bigfoot and keep trying to call Herriott out on the trail.
  45. BFS 022: Survive!2011/02/20
    Guests Daryl Colyer and Paul Bowman answer listener questions about basic wilderness survival techniques and the logistical challenges of long-term field research.
  46. BFS 021: Discarded meat (and William Dranginis)2011/01/08
    Scott and Brian try to discuss the top bigfoot stories of 2010 but are distracted by Scott's new microphone, piles of discarded meat, and a smashing interview with William Dranginis.
  47. BFS 020: Technically difficult2010/12/07
    The boys talk about the 100 best bigfoot personalities *ever* (according to some), camera shy coyotes, Bob Saget and gaseous emissions captured parabolically, and various videos of things that probably aren't sasquatch.
  48. BFS 019: Moose and squirrel2010/11/07
    TBRC conference recap, the Sierra Sounds, DNA, pancakes, film vs. video, and lots of other topics suggested by our Facebook fans.
  49. BFS 018: The one after Holmes!2010/09/23
    Scott and Brian talk about the McKenzie River video, Dallas n' Wayne, and lots of other interesting things Brian forgot to make notes about.
  50. BFS 017: Holmes!2010/08/29
    The one where we talk about the Bigfoot Forums for too long.
  51. BFS 016: The one with the sandwich2010/08/09
    Scott and Brian yammer aimlessly about their summer adventures. Also, the Beast of Dartmoor. Also also, Brian eats a sandwich.
  52. BFS 015: Polls, politics, and pet peeves2010/07/16
    This time out, the boys discuss old polls, religion and politics (!), glowing red eyes, mysterious sounds in Michigan, and some old film made in Northern California. Contains at least 60% bigfoot-related content.
  53. BFS 014: A pint of reason2010/07/03
    Scott and Brian discuss a hole in the ground, dermal ridges, the 10th anniversary of Dr. Matt Johnson's encounter, a very smart orangoutang, and several other topics suggested by people like you!
  54. BFS 013: Crazy dead guy, etc.2010/06/27
    Paul's back! In this episode, they talk about Enoch some more, best bigfoot books, worst bigfoot movies, rednecks from North Carolina, and a crazy dead guy.
  55. BFS 012: Chris Bader and Carson Mencken2010/06/24
    Scott and Brian chat with Chris Bader and Carson Mencken, authors of the forthcoming book "Paranormal America". Then, Jerry briefs the boys on Autumn Williams' new book, "Enoch".
  56. BFS 011: Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up round-up2009/05/28
    Catch all the fun as Brian, Scott, Paul and special guest star Jerry Riedel discuss the the Yakima Bigfoot Roundup (as well as the the minor brouhaha surrounding it).
  57. BFS 010: Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!2009/04/05
    Which classic story stinks the most? What's wrong with MonsterQuest? Where have the BFRO gone wrong? Can Scott hold his water for 90 minutes!? These and other pressing issues are discussed on this episode of The Bigfoot Show.
  58. BFS 009: The misplaced episode2008/12/27
    The long awaited return of Scott Herriot. This show was recorded back in November and "misplaced" until recently.
  59. BFS 008: Kathy Strain2008/08/24
    Researcher and author Kathy Strain joins Brian and Paul to discuss her new book, Giants, Cannibals & Monsters:
    Bigfoot in Native Culture, the Georgia body hoax, and the passing of Tim Cullen.
  60. BFS 007: Verne Langdon and his big-ass bird2008/08/24
    Hollywood make-up specialist and all around Renaissance man Verne Langdon joins Brian and Paul to relate his first-hand account of the origins of the Minnesota Ice Man, it's similarities with the recent Georgia hoaxed body, and, of course, the PGF.
  61. BFS 005: Bigfoot Recession2008/06/01
    Recharged and rested following their extended "vacation", Scott, Paul, and Brian discuss the MK Davis bigfoot massacre, uncontacted Amazonians, Javan hippos, and the million dollar Bushnell trailcam award.
  62. BFS 004: You should have gone before we left2008/03/09
    Paul Vella joins Brian, Scott, and Matthew. Topics discussed include BFS 003, Daniel Perez' track photos, YouTube bigfoot videos, the Lizard Man, and killer donkeys.
  63. BFS 003: Owen Caddy2008/02/18
    Owen Caddy discusses his work enhancing the Patterson-Gimlin film along with his opinions and observations of other bigfoot-related topics. Joined in the conversation with Owen is Brian, Scott, Craig, and newbie show producer, Matthew Gruits.
  64. BFS 002: The Second Episode2008/02/04
    Craig Woolheater joins Brian and Scott as we try to figure out how to do this show more than once.
  65. BFS 001: The Year in Bigfoot2007/12/31
    Brian Brown and Scott Herrriot discuss the most important bigfoot-related events of 2007, as suggested by the readers of the Bigfoot Forums.
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