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  1. Pinchas and The Public Eye2016/07/29
  2. Parashat Balak: The Dangers of Greatness (4 min)2016/07/22
  3. Shelach: The Spies and Lashon HaRa2016/06/30
    The spies are accused of speaking Lashon HaRa about the land. What does that mean? - An insight of Rav Soloveitchik.
  4. Beha'alotcha - Why Things Start To Fall Apart2016/06/19
    Why is it that all of a sudden, in the middle of Sefer Bamidbar, the relationship between the Jewish people and Hashem seems to fall apart?
  5. Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim (part 2)2016/06/03
    The last couple of minutes from the interrupted episode.
  6. Reflections on Yom Yerushalayim (Part 1)2016/06/03
    The recording of the podcast was interrupted, and the last couple of minutes are in part 2.
  7. Parshat Kedoshim - The Challenges of Kedusha2014/04/24
    What does Kedusha (holiness) entail?
    In this shiur, we seek to answer this question by analyzing the first chapter of our parsha.
  8. Accepting the Torah on Purim?2014/03/14
    The Talmud says we accepted the Torah on Purim. What does that mean and how should that affect our Purim?
  9. Blending Heaven and Earth (Vayakhel and Pekudei)2014/02/24
    Why does the Torah repeat the elaborate details of the Mishkan construction when those elaborate details were already included in the original command to build it? It is to teach us a critical lesson about the Torah...
  10. Shabbat, the Mishkan and the Garden of Eden (Ki Tisa)2014/02/11
    Why does Shabbat have the specific 39 melachot (prohibited labours) that it does?
  11. This World and the World to Come (Parashat Vayeshev)2013/11/21
  12. The Difference Between A Lot and Everything (Vayishlach)2013/11/13
    9 minutes
  13. Parashat Toldot - Yitzchak and the Cynics2013/10/30
    (8 minutes)
  14. When Adar Begins...2013/02/15
    What does it mean "marbin be-simcha" (we increase in joy)?
  15. Teruma: Three Dimensions of the Mishkan2013/02/14
  16. Chanuka and its contemporary message2012/12/11
    What impact does the Chanuka story have on our contemporary situation?
  17. Morality and Religion - Parshat Vayeira2012/11/02
    How necessary is religion for morality?
  18. Daf Yomi Brachot 25a-26a Part 2 (Future daf shiurim on
    End of the previous shiur.
    Future posts will appear on
  19. Daf Yomi Brachot 25a-26a Part 12012/08/25
    1.5 Daf
    Interruption in the shiur
  20. Daf Yomi Brachot 23a-b2012/08/25
  21. Daf Yomi Brachot 22a-b2012/08/23
  22. Daf Yomi Brachot 21a-b2012/08/21
  23. Daf Yomi Brachot 19b-20b2012/08/19
    1.5 Daf
  24. Daf Yomi Brachot 18a-19a Part 22012/08/19
    This is the continuation of the shiur after the recording was interrupted.
  25. Daf Yomi Brachot 18a-19a Part 12012/08/19
    1.5 Daf
    The beginning of the shiur was not recorded. Starts 9 lines into 18a. The recording was interrupted and continued in the second file.
  26. Daf Yomi Brachot 15a-b2012/08/16
  27. Daf Yomi Brachot 16a-b2012/08/16
  28. Parshat Re'eh - The Significance of Shechita2012/08/15
    When the Jews entered the Land of Israel, the laws of shechita changed. Why? And what can this teach us about the meaning of Shechita?
  29. Jewish Leadership (Parashat Beha'alotcha)2012/06/07
    What is the essence of Jewish leadership? Why does Moshe break down when the people ask for meat? (16 minutes)
  30. The Message of the Sotah (Parashat Naso)2012/05/31
    What was the Torah seeking to achieve by creating method of checking the sotah (suspected adultress)? What message does it have for us today? (7 min)
  31. Sefirat Ha'omer - 3 lessons2012/05/01
    16 minutes
  32. Bedikat Chametz2012/03/19
    How hard must one really look for chametz? (11 minutes)
  33. The Unique Sanctity of Purim2012/03/07
    (16 minutes)
  34. "But why?" - How do we know the Torah is true?2012/02/17
    Part 3 of the series: "But Why? - Dealing with the big questions children ask" (20 minutes)
  35. How Do We Know Hashem Is Real?2012/02/07
    Part 2 of the series: "But Why? - Dealing with the big questions children ask" (19 minutes)
  36. The Essence of Chanuka2011/12/17
    Does Chanuka simply celebrate a victory of the past, or is there more to it than that?(16 minutes)
  37. What is Hashem?2011/12/09
    Part 1 of the series: "But Why? - Dealing with the big questions children ask" (19 minutes)
  38. The Exile Experience (Vayetze)2011/12/02
    (11 minutes)
  39. Lying in Halacha - Toldot2011/11/25
    Is lying forbidden in halacha? When and when not? (21 minutes)
    Based on an article by Rabbi Mark Dratch.
  40. Bonding with the land (Chayei Sarah)2011/11/16
    Why does the Torah write so much about Avraham's acquisition of a burial plot?(18 minutes)
  41. Halacha for the Day - Tefilla - In another language?2011/09/12
    Can one daven in a language other than Hebrew? It's not a simple question.
  42. Halacha for the Day - Tefilla - Kavana2011/09/08
    The role of kavana (concentration) in davening. Based on Peninei Halacha.
  43. Shana Rishona - Making a relationship work (Ki Tetze)2011/09/07
    12 minutes
  44. Halacha for the Day - Tefilla - Speech or thought?2011/09/06
    The laws of Tefilla (Prayer) - Is it enough to think one's prayers or must they be said. Based on Peninei Halacha
  45. Halacha for the Day - The Month of Elul2011/09/05
    13 minutes
  46. The Month of Elul - L'David Hashem2011/09/02
    Why do we say L'David Hashem in the month of Elul? (10 minutes)
  47. "The False Prophet" (Re'eh)2011/08/26
    The relevance of the law of the false prophet for our times. (10 minutes)
  48. The 15th of Av2011/08/15
    What is so special about this day? (24 minutes)
  49. The value of human life (Mas'ei)2011/07/25
    (10 minutes)
  50. The Three Weeks2011/07/20
    What is the objective of these 3 weeks? (16 minutes)
  51. "Bilamism" - The Dangers of Bilam's Ideology2011/07/06
    (15 minutes)
  52. Davening with a minyan2011/06/27
    Some of the halachot and philosophical ideas about davening with a minyan. (14 min)
  53. Intelligence vs. Wisdom (Parashat Korach)2011/06/23
    15 minutes
  54. Between the Natural and the Miraculous (Parashat Shlach)2011/06/15
    Describing the dynamics of the Jewish people's relationship with G-d(22 minutes)
  55. From Yom Yerushalayim to Shavuot2011/06/02
    How Yom Yerushalayim changed world history, and its relationship to Shavuot. (12 minutes)
  56. Purim and Our Lives Today2011/03/17
    What is the uniqueness of Purim? Discover how Purim has possibly the most profound message of all festivals for today's reality. (15 min)
  57. Moriah's Question of the Week - Meat and Milk2010/12/12
    Why is mixing meat and milk a problem? (14 minutes)
  58. The Meaning of Chanuka2010/12/04
    14 minutes
  59. Moriah's Question of the Week - Can God sin?2010/11/29
    8 minutes
  60. Moriah's Question of the Week - Why pray if you're not answered?2010/11/14
    We are starting a new series featuring the best questions from students of Moriah College high school. This week's best question was: If you pray for someone to get better, and they don't, was there any point praying?
  61. Parshat Ki Tavo - Having a blessed life2010/08/26
    What does it mean to have a blessed life? (15 min)
    Dedicated to the memory of Raizel Ceylon.
  62. Monarchy in Judaism (Parshat Shoftim)2010/08/13
    What does the Torah really think about monarchy? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? (20 minutes)
  63. The Dual Role of Jewish Objects2010/08/04
    When the Torah tells us to utilize objects, such as Tefillin, Mezuzah and the recital of Shema, the idea is not just for our own reflection. (12 minutes).
    Also: Podcast shiurim can now be sponsored and dedicated. (
  64. Tu B'Av - It's Significance for Us2010/07/28
    What is the significance of this mysterious day that was dubbed "one of the happiest days of the year"? What should it mean to us? (19 min)
  65. Understanding the Three Weeks2010/06/30
    What are we trying to achieve in the Three Weeks? (20 minutes)
  66. Jewish Continuity - The Real Issues2010/06/22
    What is the problem of Jewish continuity today, and what are its solutions? (10 minutes)
  67. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 62010/02/04
    Making brachot over food (21 minutes)
    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  68. The Study of Torah - Hearing God's Voice2010/02/03
    Is G-d's revelation a once-off event of the past, or does it continue today? (15 min)
  69. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 52009/12/22
    Having the right state of mind for davening. (18 minutes)

    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  70. Every Day's a New Day - Washing hands in the morning - Part 2 2009/12/21
    Here we explore the profound philosophical reasons for washing one's hands in the morning, and their practical implications. (15 minutes)
    (Based on Pninei Halacha)
  71. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 42009/12/10
    The times of davening and non-ideal davening situations, e.g. while travelling, not familiar with the full text of the brachot, etc. (14 minutes)

    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  72. Chanukah - Ideas and Practice2009/12/10
    A selection of some of the philosophical concepts and practical laws of Chanukah. (18 minutes)
  73. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 32009/12/08
    People who are exempt from Shema and other mitzvot. (18 minutes)

    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  74. The Physical and Spiritual Dimensions of an Enterprise (Vayishlach)2009/12/01
    What makes an enterprise successful? (11 minutes)
  75. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 22009/11/30
    Chapter 2 deals with saying the Shema when one is engaged in other activities. (18 minutes)

    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  76. Mishna Fundamentals - Brachot Chapter 12009/11/29
    A new series giving an overview of the halachic and philosophical ideas conveyed in the Mishna. Brachot Chapter 1 deals with the time of saying Shema. (18 minutes)

    See English translation of the Mishna text at
  77. Evidence for the Sinai Covenant2009/11/26
    What is the basis of our belief in the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people? (14 minutes)
  78. Abraham and the Problem of Jewish Continuity2009/11/23
    How Abraham's legacy can help us solve the problem of Jewish continuity. (17 minutes)
  79. The Duties of the Neighbours of a Mourner2009/11/20
    Here we explore one of the unusual responsibilities that a mourner's neighbours must practice - Seudat Havra'a. (10 minutes)
    [Based on Torah LaDa'at, Parshat Toldot]
  80. The Laws of Shabbat Meals - Part 12009/11/17
    Why do we eat 3 meals on Shabbat? What are the 3 reasons for covering the challot? Can one use frozen challa? And more... (15 minutes)
  81. Halacha - Washing hands in the morning - Part 12009/11/04
    In this episode we deal with the kabbalistic implications of washing one's hands in the morning. (13 minutes)
  82. Self-Improvement - Passing Life's Tests2009/11/03
    Parshat Vayera (2008) (8 minutes)
  83. Self-Improvement - Just Do It!2009/11/03
    The difference between depth and superficiality in a person can often be seen by how they make plans. (10 minutes)
  84. Understanding Prayer - The G-d of Avraham2009/10/29
    Why do we start our prayers with the mention of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Who were they, and how should we relate to them? (16 minutes)
  85. Self-Improvement - Parshat Lech Lecha2009/10/28
    What was so great about Avraham, and what can we learn from him? (15 min)
  86. Noach - his highs and lows2009/10/22
    The Rabbis had mixed feelings about Noach. Why? (16 min.)
  87. Relating to God2009/10/14
    How does one relate to a Being one cannot see or hear? We will examine an interesting Talmudic statement comparing God and the human soul. (17 min)
  88. The Shofar - Part 12009/09/10
    What is the significance of the blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashana? (17 minutes)
  89. Birkat Hamazon - More than just a thank you2009/08/11
    Here we analyze the Torah's discussion of Birkat Hamazon, and come to understand that its significance is much more than just a thank-you. (15 minutes)
  90. The True Meaning of "Chukim"2009/06/30
    It is usually explained that "chukim" are mitzvot whose rationale we can't understand. Why do we have chukim, and how should they affect our relationship with G-d? (17 minutes)
  91. Not hating one's fellow2009/06/23
    Is one allowed to hate another person? (20 minutes)
  92. What is holiness?2009/04/30
    The Torah tells us that we should be holy because G-d is holy. But what does this nebulous ideas actually mean? How does one actualize it? (12 minutes)
  93. Counting the Omer - Why 7 Weeks?2009/04/22
    Why wasn't the Torah given straight away after the exodus from Egypt? (14 minutes)
  94. Yom Hashoah2009/04/21
    What message can we take from the commemoration of Yom Hashoah? What are the implications of the Shoah for us? (12 minutes)
  95. Does Kiddush in shul count?2009/03/20
    Looks at the issues associated with making kiddush not in the context of a proper meal. (15 min)
  96. From Purim to Pesach2009/03/16
    What is the connection between Purim and Pesach? What should we be feeling in the period between these 2 festivals? (16 min)
  97. Drinking on Purim - how much and what for?2009/03/06
    What is the purpose of drinking on Purim? How much should one drink? (14 min.)
  98. Havdala - Part 12009/02/26
    Is Havdala a biblical obligation or a rabbinic one? What difference does it make? Do women actually have to make havdala? (17 minutes)
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