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  1. Iran Expanding War Machine 7/09/242024/07/09
    Iran ramps up weapons manufacture for Hezbollah. Yemeni Christians suffer under persecution. Political analyst Amiad Cohen on war with Hezbollah, Alexander Dietze reaching out to Jewish people and Beatie Deutsch, Orthodox marathon champion.
  2. The Bible Comes Alive at Ancient Shiloh 7/05/20242024/07/05
    Dr. Scott Stripling updates CBN News on the ongoing excavation at ancient Shiloh in biblical Samaria. The dig is uncovering the site of the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, and the location of the priestly portion of animal sacrifices.
  3. Israel Preparing for War with Hezbollah | CBN NewsWatch July 3, 20242024/07/03
    Hezbollah may be trying to avoid a war, saying it will stop firing its missiles, drones and rockets into northern Israel if there's a ceasefire in Gaza, as experts warn a full-blown war would devastate Lebanon and cause major destruction in ...
  4. Healing the Soldier and His Relationship2024/07/03
    Mike and Wendy underwent a restorative couple's retreat when effects of PTSD nearly ended their family.
  5. Celebrating Freedom in the US and Israel 7/02/20242024/07/02
    A look at liberty and religious freedom in Israel and the US and the biblical roots that informed the founders' understanding of basic freedoms as they created a new government. Plus, examining the meaning of separation of church and state.
  6. Netanyahu Warns: Iran Marching Through Middle East 6/28/242024/06/28
    War w/Hezbollah imminent, PM Netanyahu warns Iran on the march through the Middle East. Supreme Court rules ultra-orthodox should be included in the draft. Grandson of a Nazi helps Holocaust victims. NOVA music festival survivors healing together.
  7. US: Hezbollah Attacks Could Lead to Regional War | CBN NewsWatch June 26, 20242024/06/26
    US Defense Secretary warns Hezbollah it can't stop Israel from going to war to stop the terror group's daily attacks, but adds the US is trying to prevent an all-out war between the two with a diplomatic solution, while the Israeli Defense ...
  8. Israeli Hostage Families Sue UNRWA 6/25/242024/06/25
    Israeli troops finishing up in Gaza, moving north to face Hezbollah. Hostage families sue UNRWA for aiding and abetting Hamas. Analysis from John Waage, Paul Strand. Bishop Robert Stearns speaks with Gordon Robertson re:new book, "Rise and Rebuild."
  9. Israeli Hostage Families Sue UNRWA for Funding Hamas as IDF Troops Redeploy to North2024/06/25
    Israeli Hostage Families Sue UNRWA for Funding Hamas as IDF Troops Redeploy to North - Family - Video Podcast
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