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  1. Geeky Reactions to Apple's Peek Performance Event2022/03/08

    Dave, John, and Pilot Pete come together hot on the heels of Apple’s Peek Performance Event to share their hot-takes with you. Listen as your three favorite geeks’ thoughts about the new hardware evolve before your very ears… what do they think about the new Mac Studio, Studio Display, M1 Ultra, and more? Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  2. I'm Pretty Much a Doctor Now?2022/03/07
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  3. A Cool Stuff Found Cornucopia2022/02/28
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  4. Quick Tips Galore!2022/02/21
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  5. There's an Email Conspiracy!2022/02/14

    Dave seems to think there’s an email conspiracy, and he explains how to avoid it to you and John. That’s not all, of course. Your Quick Tips help everyone use markup better, create a “Start the Day” shortcut, use Focus better, and more. Press play and listen as your two geeks share all of this and much, much more. Have fun…and don’t get caught!

  6. Spending Airplane Dollars on Cool Stuff Found2022/02/07
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  7. Silent Failures Are Bad News2022/01/31
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  8. Keep Your Mac Out Of The ER2022/01/24

    Each week, Dave and John come together to solve your problems and answer your questions. This week, that includes lots of great Quick Tips, troubleshooting tools, and ways of ensuring you keep your Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices as trouble-free as possible. Press play and join your two favorite geeks in learning five new things!

  9. The One After 9092022/01/17

    Listen as your two favorite geeks share tips and tricks about sharing photo libraries, writing Shortcuts, scanning pictures with your iPhone, choosing the best USB or Thunderbolt dock, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things along with Dave and John in this week’s episode of Mac Geek Gab.

  10. Learning From Distractions2022/01/10
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  11. A Little Notification Goes A Long Way2022/01/03
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  12. Email, Atmos, and LiDAR...Oh My! — Mac Geek Gab 9072021/12/27

    You know what happens when your two favorite geeks get together, don’t you? Geeky talk about all kinds of things AND answers to all your questions. Listen as Dave and John help solve your email filtering issues, your Atmos setup, your house-cleaning needs, and more… all while ensuring everyone listening learns at least five new things. Press play…and enjoy this final episode of 2021!

  13. Change Is a Foot2021/12/20
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  14. Apple's Jeremy Butcher talks Apple Business Essentials2021/12/14
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  15. Opening All The Doors2021/12/13
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  16. Prioritizing The Bachelorette2021/12/06
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  17. Keyboards, Audio, and More!2021/11/29
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  18. Trapped In The Terminal2021/11/22

    This week John and Dave find themselves trapped in the Terminal. Will your two favorite geeks escape? Press play to find out as they dig through a few Terminal commands, new and old, invoke some Shortcuts, talk about self-service repairs, empty the Trash, solve a draining battery, and more! You’re guaranteed to learn five new things or your money back!

  19. Not The 900 Number You Expected2021/11/15
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  20. A Summit of Geeks2021/11/08
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  21. macOS Monterey Quick Tips, M1 Choices, and Cool Stuff Found2021/11/01
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  22. Who Is The "Perfect" User?2021/10/25
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  23. Unloading After Unleashed2021/10/18

    Apple just finished presenting their “Unleashed” event about the newest Apple Silicon Macs, and it’s time for your two favorite geeks to unload their thoughts about it all. Listen as John and Dave share their reactions to everything that happened today!

  24. iCloud+, OBD-II, and iOS 15 Tricks!2021/10/18
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  25. Monterey On The Horizon2021/10/11
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  26. A Quick Tips & Cool Stuff Found Bonanza!2021/10/04
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  27. Embracing the 15s2021/09/27
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  28. Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch2021/09/20

    Today the “we” is three with the return of Pilot Pete! The content is the same, only better, as Pete ensures your two favorite geeks complete their explanations for you. Topics today include Time Machine, Watch battery drain, airplanes, and of course your favorite Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with John, Dave, and Pete!

  29. Geeks Scheming about Apple's California Streaming2021/09/14

    Apple announced new iPhones, iPads, Fitness+ features, Watches, and more on Tuesday, and your two favorite geeks are here to share their reactions. On top of that, listen for Dave’s pre-review of iOS 15 for you and John, as well as advice on how to approach next week’s upgrade. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

  30. Regurgitate, Reiterate, and Recurse2021/09/13

    Starting with some of the best Quick Tips we’ve ever shared, your two favorite geeks roar through topics including measuring current, USB-C Flash Drives, solving Mail issues on iPhone, dissecting local storage usage, and much more. Press play and learn five new things with Dave and John.

  31. Power Usage and iPhone Terminal2021/09/06

    Today is full of Cool Stuff Found, tips, and questions, with focuses on your charging and power usage as well as seeing behind the scenes of your iPhone. Of course, there’s always more with your two favorite geeks, including third-party AirTags, migrating email, and maintaining your Mac! Press play and join John and Dave in learning at least five new things!

  32. Remembering The Hokey Pokey2021/08/30

    How much Cool Stuff Found can your Two Favorite Geeks share? You’re about to find out! Listen as John and Dave share all of your (and their) Cool Stuff Found, PLUS answering a slew of your networking and networking-related questions. Good stuff this week, folks, and it’s all because of you. Press play, listen, and enjoy learning five new things!

  33. Not That Kind of Dog Track2021/08/23

    Tips about Siri, RAM, AirTags, and Keyboards are just the first few things you’ll get here in this week’s episode. Then Dave and John continue the journey by answering your questions about Mail, Wi-Fi, VPNs, Synology, and more. Press play to enjoy learning at least five new things with your two favorite geeks!

  34. Travel Tips, Wi-Fi Troubleshooting, and Dave Got Caught!2021/08/16

    It’s always interesting when multiple listeners have the same problem, and today you can listen as John and Dave dig into issues with Mac minis and restarting. We think your two favorite geeks have the answer! And that’s what happens here, you ask questions, we provide answers… and Quick Tips… and Cool Stuff Found, too! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  35. Deep Dives into Chargers, Cord-Cutting, Hard Drive Maintenance, and More2021/08/09

    Your geeks take you on a few mini Deep Dives (snorkels?) today, covering topics like Cord Cutting, Chargers, HomeKit (and HOOBS), Docker, Hard Drive Maintenance, and more. Dive in with John and Dave to learn at least five new things. And Don’t Get Caught!

  36. Wi-Fi Connects But Doesn't Work2021/08/02
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  37. DIY Automation, CarPlay, RAID, and More!2021/07/26
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  38. Cutting The Coax2021/07/19

    Cool Stuff Found starts the day here, with things for printing webpages, controlling your trackpad/mouse, and organizing your life. Need a VPN at home? Your two favorite geeks have got you covered! Plus, the cable companies have priced it such that cutting the cord isn’t enough. Listen as Dave tells John — and all of you — what he’s learned. Press play and learn five new things!

  39. Clone, Erase, Install, and Restore2021/07/12

    Four Quick Tips that’ll change your life. We promise. And that’s only the first ten minutes of the episode! From there it’s on to Dave and John answering your questions about network settings, app launching, Time Machine, and more. Plus, lots of Cool Stuff Found AND a discussion about cutting the cord. Press play and join your two favorite geeks in learning at least five new things!

  40. I Want My, I Want My, I Want My ... USB-C!2021/07/05
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  41. Consulting Advice, Quick Tips, and DSM 7.02021/06/28
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  42. Hot Corners and Hot Flashes2021/06/21

    It’s summer and it’s hot! That means it’s time to learn some tips about hot corners (on your Mac), hot flashes (on your iPhone), and more. Listen as John and Dave take you through answers to all of your questions, plus adding in some of your Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found. Press play to listen and learn five new things along with your two favorite geeks!

  43. HaaS: Hay as a Service2021/06/14
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  44. Dave Mark Joins for WWDC21 Day 1 Reactions2021/06/08

    Guest Dave Mark joins John and Dave today to discuss, react, digest, and help explain the new things Apple announced at WWDC21’s Keynote and State of the Union this year. Listen as your two three favorite Apple geeks have a gab for the ages!

  45. Swiping Left (or Right!), Suspicious Packages, and Cool Stuff Found2021/06/07

    Your two favorite geeks answer your questions about Target Disk Mode, using your Apple TV Remote to turn off your TV, removing words from predictive text, and more. On top of that, they share a few Mail-based quick tips and an entire pile (yep, the whole thing!) of Cool Stuff Found. Press play and learn (at least) five new things with John and Dave!

  46. Juice Jackers and Battery Drainers2021/05/31

    Ever heard of Juice Jacking? Neither had John nor Dave. No problem, though, they dug in and found everything you needed to know. That’s the beauty of Mac Geek Gab, too: you ask the questions and then your two favorite geeks dig and see what they can find. Press play and learn at least five new things about battery draining, external drives, M1 displays, backups, and more!

  47. Offsite Backups, Blocking Scammers, Quick Tips, and More2021/05/24

    As Apple users, we have lots of technology needs which extend beyond that which are made by the fruit company. Listen as your two favorite geeks share their thoughts and answers to your questions about Offsite Backups, Blocking Scammers, DVRing today’s video content, and much more. Press play and learn at least five new things along with Dave and John.

  48. MGG 871: Passwords, Mesh WiFi, Quick Tips, and More2021/05/17

    You like tech? Wanna learn more? Listen as John and Dave answer your questions about what to get, how to set it up, how to fix it, and more! Of course, they round out the episode with some Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and some productivity tools, too. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  49. MGG 870: Rumbling with Gatekeeper2021/05/10

    Apple’s protective engines usually do well at protecting our devices, but what happens when they go haywire? It’s time to Rumble, that’s what, and John and Dave are here to help! Listen as they answer your questions, share Cool Stuff Found, push out the Quick Tips and make it easy to learn at least five new things this week!

  50. MGG 869: Trimming the iPhone App Fat2021/05/03
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  51. MGG 868: Failing, Succeeding, and Retiring SSDs2021/04/26

    Solid State Drives (SSD) are a wonderful thing upon which we all rely, but sometimes they get a little wonky. Listen as John and Dave discuss and answer your questions about SSDs, Clipboard Managers, Java and Spam. Add in a little Cool Stuff Found segment and you’re sure to learn at least five new things. Press play and enjoy!

  52. MGG 867: Dissecting Apple's Loaded Spring (Event)2021/04/20

    Minutes after Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event ended, do you know what your two favorite geeks did? They recorded this episode for you to dissect and discuss the elements that stuck out to them. Listen (or watch!) as John and Dave dig in and share. Press play…and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  53. MGG 866: Not-So-Silent Ringing2021/04/19
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  54. MGG 865: Geek Challenges and Cool Stuff Found2021/04/12

    Sometimes there are those problems that just don’t have easy solutions…and that’s when things get fun! Geek Challenges mean you get to join in the fun of helping find the answers. Listen as John and Dave share some of their more troubling troublehooting experiences plus, of course, some Cool Stuff Found to round it all out. Press play and learn five new things!

  55. MGG 864: M1 Mac Troubleshooting, Quick Tips, and More2021/04/05
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  56. MGG 863: Dissecting Your Backups2021/03/29
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  57. MGG 862: NON ADEPTO DEPRENSUS!2021/03/22
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  58. MGG 861: What ELSE is Using My Mac?2021/03/15

    We know what apps we are using with our Macs, but increasingly there are processes — from Apple and others — using up our Mac’s resources, too. Listen as Dave and John answer your questions about all this and much, much more. Of course, your favorite segments — Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found — are included, too! Press play, and enjoy learning at least five new things.

  59. MGG 860: Vinyl, AirPods, and More!2021/03/08

    Connecting two pieces of technology together should be easy, right? Not always! Listen as John and Dave scratch their collective heads over all your questions. Topics include, audio, SSDs, M1 Macs, bookmarks, and more. There’s time for a few Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found, too! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things along with your two favorite geeks!

  60. MGG 859: Rolling With Wi-Fi2021/03/01
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  61. MGG 858: Solving an LSD Problem2021/02/22

    Of course you knew we meant LaunchServicesDaemon, right? Sometimes it has problems… and your two favorite geeks have the solution! Listen as John and Dave talk through your questions, tips, and Cool Stuff Found while everyone — including them — learns at least five new things!

  62. MGG 857: Avoiding the Duck2021/02/15
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  63. MGG 856: Mountain Dew vs. iPhone and More Fun Stories2021/02/08

    Spoiler alert: Sometimes the Mountain Dew wins, folks, but you knew that already. That’s OK, this episode is chock full of Cool Stuff Found, Quick Tips, plus your questions answered about all sorts of issues. Listen as John and Dave — your two favorite geeks — take you on this ride so you can learn at least five new things!

  64. MGG 855: Spam, Your Privacy, Cool Stuff Found & More2021/02/01

    What’s your spam workflow? How do you know if your favorite podcast is selling your data? Want to hear about some Cool Stuff Found? Good news, your two favorite geeks talk through all this and more! Listen as John and Dave answer your questions and do their level best to ensure everyone learns at least five new things each week. Press play and enjoy!

  65. MGG 854: Headphone Safety, Big Sur, & Geek Challenges2021/01/25

    Big Sur continues to mature…and it continues to have some pesky little issues, too. Never fear, your two favorite geeks are here to answer your questions and help solve your problems. Listen as John and Dave talk through Big Sur, Headphone Safety, and share some Geek Challenges of yours with the Mac Geek Gab family. Press play and enjoy learning at least…five new things!

  66. MGG 853: Remote Reflections from CES2021/01/18

    Your two favorite geeks “went” to CES last week, and have some stories to share. Cool Stuff Found abounds, as well as some thoughts on this year’s trends. Of course, they didn’t leave home, so they still had time to answer your questions, find some Quick Tips, and make a show out of it all. Press play and listen as John and Dave help us all to learn at least five new things!

  67. MGG 852: All The Gear, But No Idea(r)2021/01/11

    Your questions drive the bus this week, as John and Dave provide answers about AirDrop, Spotlight, Screen Protectors, 10G Ethernet, Time Machine, and more. That’s not all, though, your two favorite geeks have Cool Stuff Found and Quick Tips to share, too. Join in the fun: press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  68. MGG 851: Long Term Storage, Photos, & Cool Stuff Found2021/01/04

    This week, John and Dave come together to answer your questions about long-term storage, Photos Libraries, Migrating to a new Mac and much, much more. Listen as your two favorite geeks drop the knowledge — and your Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found — so that everyone can listen and learn at least five new things together! Join us and start the new year right!

  69. MGG 850: Time Capsule Replacements, Quick Tips, & Cool Stuff Found2020/12/28
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  70. MGG 849: Battery Management, Nuking, Paving, and More2020/12/21

    Sometimes you Nuke, sometimes you Pave. Sometimes all you need to do is make a tweak. You’d think we were talking about building (and destroying) roads, but no… your two favorite geeks are talking tech! Apple tech, mostly. Listen as John and Dave answer your questions, share your tips and Cool Stuff Found, and generally help all of us learn at least five new things every week!

  71. MGG 848: Swiper, NOT Swiping2020/12/14

    These days we do lots of swiping on our devices, and sometimes the results are expected, other times not so much! Listen as John and Dave share tips and answer questions about swiping. That’s not all, of course, the topics expand from there, including a great dive into USB speeds on Apple’s new iPads. Listen as your two favorite geeks walk through all of this for you this week!

  72. MGG 847: Migrating Your Mac and Its Data2020/12/07
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  73. MGG 846: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found and Your Questions Answered: A Traditional MGG2020/11/30

    There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of old traditions, and this week’s Mac Geek Gab has three of them for you: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and your questions answered. Press play and enjoy learning five new things as John and Dave, your two favorite geeks, steward us all through this week’s episode.

  74. MGG 845: Big Sur, the M1 MacBook Air, and Quick Tips2020/11/23

    Dave’s had his M1 MacBook Air for a week, and John has some questions for him! Lots more about Big Sur including your questions answered *and* some Quick Tips. Of course, MGG wouldn’t be complete without more in-depth tips, too, and y’all have been keeping the queue full in that department! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things.

  75. MGG 844: Big Sur, Apple Outages, and Thunderbolt 4 Explained2020/11/16
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  76. MGG 843: Which M1 Mac Should I Order?2020/11/10

    Apple announced their M1 Macs today, the first Macs made with Apple Silicon chips. Join Dave and John as they dig into the specs to find out what the differences — and similarities — are between these models, helping you decide which one to order. Press play… and don’t get caught!

  77. MGG 842: Check Your Digital Couch Cushions2020/11/09
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  78. MGG 841: Malware? Not Malware2020/11/02
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  79. MGG 840: Managing Your Drives, Big Sur Tips, Ransomware, and More2020/10/26
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  80. MGG 839: Widgets, Wi-Fi, and Big Sur2020/10/19
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  81. MGG 838: Geeky Thoughts About Apple's "Hi, Speed" iPhone 12 and HomePod mini Announcements2020/10/13

    Join John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton for the geeks’ dissection of Apple’s iPhone 12 and HomePod mini announcements. Digging into some of the deeper elements, your two favorite geeks cover some of the 5G nuances, OLED on all screens 12, LIDAR, speaker pairing, and more. Press play and enjoy, then send your feedback into

  82. MGG 837: Wi-Fi, NAS, and More2020/10/12

    How do we know it’s time? Because The Answer plays and we know you’ve asked us the question! That’s right, Dave and John have answers to your questions about Wi-Fi, NAS, iOS 14, and much more! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things along with your two favorite geeks!

  83. MGG 836: Battery Life, Network Tweaks, and Cool Stuff Found2020/10/05

    Has iOS 14.0.1 hurt your battery life? We might have a fix for you. Networking is always top-of-mind, and your two favorite geeks share some answers to your related questions. Then it’s Cool Stuff Found, where John and Dave share all the cool things you and they have discovered in the past week. Press play and enjoy learning five new things, folks!

  84. MGG 835: That CPU is Hot!2020/09/28

    Of course your Quick Tips for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 keep rolling in, and of course your two favorite geeks take pleasure in sharing them for you. But there’s more… there’s always more! This week, John and Dave dig into what’s making your CPU hot, what’s causing your CarPlay woes, and much, much more! Press play to enjoy learning at least five new things.

  85. MGG 834: iOS 14 Quick Tips and More2020/09/21
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  86. MGG 833: Network Speed Dissection, Cool Stuff Found, and More2020/09/14
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  87. MGG 832: Packing Your Geeky Go Bag2020/09/07
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  88. MGG 831: Networking Fun and Naughty Macs2020/08/31
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  89. MGG 830: Where's The Internet?2020/08/24

    Sometimes you think you’re connected to the internet … but you’re not. It happens to John and Dave, too, and they talk through exactly what they’ve found to help solve it… and why! That’s not all, of course… your questions answered, your quick tips, and more. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

  90. MGG 829: Do Attachments Last Forever?2020/08/17
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  91. MGG 828: Audio Tips, Cool Stuff Found, Rural Broadband, and More!2020/08/10
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  92. MGG 827: Geek Challenges, Quick Tips, and Your Network Questions Answered2020/08/03
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  93. MGG 826: The Case for The Nuke and Pave2020/07/27
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  94. MGG 825: Repairing iCloud Syncing2020/07/20
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  95. MGG 824: ICE, ICE, Maybe?2020/07/13

    Is your mail forwarder secure? Are you sure? How about your Internet? These are just two of your dozen-or-so questions that John and Dave tackle this week. It’s not just questions, of course. There are Quick Tips, regular tips, Cool Stuff Found, and even some router fun. Press play and enjoy listening to your favorite geeks while learning at least five new things!

  96. MGG 823: An iCloud of Uncertainty2020/07/06
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  97. MGG 822: Full Disks, Slow Speeds, and Low Batteries2020/06/29

    Your questions haven’t stopped, and neither have our answers! How to deal with a full disk? What to do for slow internet speeds? How to best manage your battery? All of these topics are addressed, plus Cool Stuff Found, Quick Tips, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with John and Dave this week!

  98. MGG 821: WWDC Deep Dive2020/06/24

    Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun share their thoughts and experiences with the new technologies Apple announced at WWDC this week.

  99. MGG 820: Zooming the Web and Learning Your Ms2020/06/22
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  100. MGG 819: Five Catalina Volumes and Foolproof Migration2020/06/15
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  101. MGG 818: The Great Backup Debate2020/06/08
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  102. MGG 817: Backtick is Zoomalicious (in Preview)2020/06/01
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  103. MGG 816: Drawing, Backing Up, and Being a Screenshot Ninja2020/05/25
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  104. MGG 815: Holy Bidirectional Thunderbolt, Mac-Man!2020/05/18
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  105. MGG 814: Mispronouncing Bondi2020/05/11
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  106. MGG 813: New Stuff, Old Macs? Old Stuff, New Macs!2020/05/04

    Need to run Mojave on your Catalina Mac? Need to really manage your printers? Want to add multiple monitors to your MacBook Pro? No problem. John and Dave have you covered. Listen as your two favorite geeks answer your questions about all this and more. It’s deliciously informative. And… it’s entertaining! Press play and watch, too!

  107. MGG 812: It's Good to Do The Math2020/04/27

    USB Power Delivery isn’t as clear a concept as it could be, and your two favorite geeks help sort this out. That’s not all, of course, because John and Dave are here to answer ALL of your questions. This week that includes issues with Spotlight, Backups, displays for your Mac mini, managing your external DAC, and more. Press play … and enjoy!

  108. MGG 811: Sharing, Streaming, and Securing2020/04/20

    Need to share big files from home? Trying to manage your video streaming and conferencing? Want to secure your setup? Good news, Mac Geek Gab has some ideas for you. Plus, there are Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and lots more answers to lots more questions contained within. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  109. MGG 810: Changing the Volume Level...and Icon2020/04/13
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  110. MGG 809: Fusion Drives and Folder Sharing2020/04/06

    iCloud Folder Sharing works, and your two favorite geeks have tested it for you. Should you use your ISP’s mesh or your own? How about installing Catalina on a Fusion Drive? These questions answered, plus a LOT more. And John and Dave share your Cool Stuff Found, too. Press play and enjoy!

  111. MGG 808: I Made a Loop2020/03/30
  112. MGG 807: The Great Internet Blocking Conspiracy2020/03/23
  113. MGG 806: Catalina Nonplussed By HFS2020/03/16
  114. MGG 805: To RAID or Not (to RAID)?2020/03/09
  115. MGG 804: What's Different About Mexican Power?2020/03/02
  116. MGG 803: Taming System Preferences, the Podcasts app, Email, and More2020/02/24
  117. MGG 802: Upgrades, Slow Internet, Hard Drives, and More2020/02/17
  118. MGG 801: Start with The Preposterous, Bow to The Absurd2020/02/10
  119. MGG 800: One Eight Hundredth Geek Out!2020/02/03
  120. MGG 799: Quick Tips, Sonos, Media, and Megabytes2020/01/27
  121. MGG 798: Cool Stuff Found and Your Questions Answered2020/01/20
  122. MGG 797: CES Wrap-up, Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found2020/01/13
  123. MGG 796: Dissecting APFS and macOS Catalina with Mike Bombich2020/01/06
  124. MGG 795: Avoid RISCy Behavior2019/12/30
  125. MGG 794: A Festivus for The Geeks in Us2019/12/23
  126. MGG 793: Be Good and Don't Get Caught2019/12/16
  127. MGG 792: When Your Mac Sleeps Too Deeply2019/12/09
  128. MGG 791: Mr. MacSpeedy2019/12/02
  129. MGG 790: Desirable, Delightful, De-Lovely, or Delicious?2019/11/25
  130. MGG 789: I Got Caught ... Learning!2019/11/18
  131. MGG 788: This is Where You Cut Me Off2019/11/11
  132. MGG 787: Hey Presto! I Outsmarted Myself!2019/11/04
  133. MGG 786: iCloud Keychain vs. Catalina Cage Match2019/10/28
  134. MGG 785: macOS Catalina and iOS 13 Tips and Troubleshooting2019/10/21
  135. MGG 784: Don’t Outsmart Yourself2019/10/15
  136. MGG 783: Eight (GB) is Enough2019/10/07
  137. MGG 782: Don't Fear The Reminders2019/09/30
  138. MGG 781: Answers and Tips for iCloud, iOS 13, iPhone 11, Mojave, and More2019/09/23
  139. MGG 780: Subscription vs. Private Cloud, Archiving Data, Geek Challenges Galore2019/09/16
  140. MGG 779: Apple Event Reactions with Dr. Mac2019/09/10
  141. MGG 778: Optimizing Storage, Migration, Snapshots, and Combo Updates2019/09/09
  142. MGG 777: Swipe Right... In the Stopwatch App2019/09/02
  143. MGG 776: Acronym Soup2019/08/26
  144. MGG 775: Persistence Is Reality2019/08/19
  145. MGG 774: The Power ... of Power2019/08/13
  146. MGG 773: Five New Keyboard Shortcuts, Cool Stuff Found, and More Tips2019/08/05
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