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  1. The Riders Club #6- Twilight movie2009/01/10
    We are talking about the twilight movie. Did it stand up to its standards or did fail. Was it as good as the book? News about the "twilight" film and "New Moon." Fight club eragon vs. edward and many more. New segment TRIVIA. Come and anwser it.
  2. The riders club # 5- Brisingr!2008/10/06
    We are talking all about Brsingr!
  3. Episode 4- The riders club2008/09/27
    Its out! Its Awsome and we'er going to talk about the theorys!

    coming soon to itunes.

    Next week we talk about Brsingr.
  4. Episode 3 - The Riders club2008/08/23
    The new Eragon 101. Come and listen you'll have a great time with us.

    Also listen to Saphiracast and Dragon riders.
  5. eragon 1012008/08/03
    The second best eragon show in the world! We are so sorry about last time. We wil do a lot better this time.
  6. Eragon 1012008/08/02
    The best eragon show ever!
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