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  1. These frog 'saunas’ could help endangered species fight off a deadly fungus2024/07/03
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  2. Audio long read: How NASA astronauts are training to walk on the Moon in 20262024/06/28
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  3. Why ‘open source’ AIs could be anything but, the derailment risks of long freight trains, and breeding better wheat2024/06/26
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  4. How do fish know where a sound comes from? Scientists have an answer2024/06/19
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  5. Hybrid working works: huge study reveals no drop in productivity2024/06/12
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  6. Twitter suspended 70,000 accounts after the Capitol riots and it curbed misinformation2024/06/05
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  7. How AI could improve robotics, the cockroach’s origins, and promethium spills its secrets2024/05/29
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  8. How mathematician Freeman Hrabowski opened doors for Black scientists2024/05/28
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  9. Audio long read: How does ChatGPT ‘think’? Psychology and neuroscience crack open AI large language models2024/05/24
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  10. Fentanyl addiction: the brain pathways behind the opioid crisis2024/05/22
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  11. Lizard-inspired building design could save lives2024/05/15
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  12. Alphafold 3.0: the AI protein predictor gets an upgrade2024/05/08
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  13. Talking about sex and gender doesn't need to be toxic2024/05/02
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  14. Dad's microbiome can affect offsprings' health — in mice2024/05/01
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  15. Audio long read: Why loneliness is bad for your health2024/04/26
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  16. How gliding marsupials got their 'wings'2024/04/24
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  17. Living on Mars would probably suck — here's why2024/04/19
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  18. Keys, wallet, phone: the neuroscience behind working memory2024/04/17
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  19. The 'ghost roads' driving tropical deforestation2024/04/10
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  20. Audio long read: Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say2024/04/05
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  21. Pregnancy's effect on 'biological' age, polite birds, and the carbon cost of home-grown veg2024/04/03
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  22. How climate change is affecting global timekeeping2024/03/27
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  23. AI hears hidden X factor in zebra finch love songs2024/03/20
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  24. Killer whales have menopause. Now scientists think they know why2024/03/13
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  25. These tiny fish combine electric pulses to probe the environment2024/03/06
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  26. Could this one-time ‘epigenetic’ treatment control cholesterol?2024/02/28
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  27. Audio long read: Chimpanzees are dying from our colds — these scientists are trying to save them2024/02/26
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  28. How whales sing without drowning, an anatomical mystery solved2024/02/23
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  29. Why are we nice? Altruism's origins are put to the test2024/02/21
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  30. Smoking changes your immune system, even years after quitting2024/02/14
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  31. Why we need to rethink how we talk about cancer2024/02/09
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  32. Cancer's power harnessed — lymphoma mutations supercharge T cells2024/02/07
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  33. Cervical cancer could be eliminated: here's how2024/02/04
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  34. Ancient DNA solves the mystery of who made a set of stone tools2024/01/31
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  35. Audio long read: Long COVID is a double curse in low-income nations — here’s why2024/01/26
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  36. Toxic red mud could be turned into 'green' steel2024/01/24
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  37. This AI just figured out geometry — is this a step towards artificial reasoning?2024/01/17
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  38. The science stories you missed over the holiday period2024/01/10
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  39. Science in 2024: what to expect this year2024/01/03

    In this episode, reporter Miryam Naddaf joins us to talk about the big science events to look out for in 2024. We'll hear about the mass of the neutrino, the neural basis of consciousness and the climate lawsuits at the Hague, to name but a few.

    News:  the science events to look our for in 2024

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  40. Audio long read: A new kind of solar cell is coming — is it the future of green energy?2023/12/29
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  41. The Nature Podcast highlights of 20232023/12/27
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  42. How AI works is often a mystery — that's a problem2023/12/22
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  43. The Nature Podcast Festive Spectacular 20232023/12/20
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  44. Navigating planets, plays and prejudice — a conversation with Aomawa Shields2023/12/15
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  45. Inhaled vaccine prevents COVID in monkeys2023/12/14
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  46. Cat parasite Toxoplasma tricked to grow in a dish2023/12/13
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  47. The world’s smallest light-trapping silicon cavity2023/12/06
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  48. Sanitary products made from plants could help tackle period poverty2023/11/30
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  49. Why COP28 probably won't keep the 1.5 degree dream alive2023/11/29
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  50. Audio long read: Apple revival — how science is bringing historic varieties back to life2023/11/24
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  51. Polio could be eradicated within 3 years — what happens then?2023/11/22
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  52. Dust: the tiny substance with enormous power2023/11/17
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  53. How to 3D print fully-formed robots2023/11/15
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  54. How to tame a toxic yet life-saving antifungal2023/11/08
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  55. Nature's Take: How will ChatGPT and generative AI transform research?2023/11/03
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  56. A new hydrogel can be directly injected into muscle to help it regenerate2023/11/01
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  57. Audio long read: Why BMI is flawed — and how to redefine obesity2023/10/30
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  58. Martian sounds reveal the secrets of the red planet's core2023/10/27
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  59. Sounds of recovery: AI helps monitor wildlife during forest restoration2023/10/25
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  60. An anti-CRISPR system that helps save viruses from destruction2023/10/18
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  61. Gene edits move pig organs closer to human transplantation2023/10/11
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  62. 'This doesn't just fall on women': computer scientists reflect on gender biases in STEM2023/10/10
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  63. Astronomers are worried by a satellite brighter than most stars2023/10/04
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  64. Audio long read: These animals are racing towards extinction. A new home might be their last chance2023/09/29
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  65. This isn't the Nature Podcast — how deepfakes are distorting reality2023/09/27
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  66. Why does cancer spread to the spine? Newly discovered stem cells might be the key2023/09/20
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  67. A mussel-inspired glue for more sustainable sticking2023/09/13
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  68. Our ancestors lost nearly 99% of their population, 900,000 years ago2023/09/06
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  69. Physicists finally observe strange isotope Oxygen 28 – raising fundamental questions2023/08/30
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  70. Audio long read: Medicine is plagued by untrustworthy clinical trials. How many studies are faked or flawed?2023/08/25
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  71. Brain-reading implants turn thoughts into speech2023/08/23
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  72. Fruit flies' ability to sense magnetic fields thrown into doubt2023/08/16
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  73. Racism in health: the roots of the US Black maternal mortality crisis2023/08/10
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  74. How welcome are refugees in Europe? A giant study has some answers2023/08/09
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  75. How to get more women in science, with Athene Donald2023/08/02
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  76. Audio long read: Lab mice go wild — making experiments more natural in order to decode the brain2023/07/31
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  77. Facebook ‘echo chamber’ has little impact on polarized views, according to study2023/07/27
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  78. AI-enhanced night-vision lets users see in the dark2023/07/26
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  79. Disrupting snail food-chain curbs parasitic disease in Senegal2023/07/19
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  80. ChatGPT can write a paper in an hour — but there are downsides2023/07/12
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  81. Even a 'minimal cell' can grow stronger, thanks to evolution2023/07/05
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  82. Audio long read: ‘Almost magical’ — chemists can now move single atoms in and out of a molecule’s core2023/06/30
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  83. Do octopuses dream? Neural activity resembles human sleep stages2023/06/28
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  84. Why bladder cancer cells that shed their Y chromosome become more aggressive2023/06/21
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  85. What IBM's result means for quantum computing2023/06/14
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  86. A brain circuit for infanticide, in mice2023/06/07
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  87. AI identifies gene interactions to speed up search for treatment targets2023/05/31
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  88. Audio long read: Can giant surveys of scientists fight misinformation on COVID, climate change and more?2023/05/26
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  89. ‘Tree islands’ give oil-palm plantation a biodiversity boost2023/05/24
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  90. JWST shows an ancient galaxy in stunning spectroscopic detail2023/05/17
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  91. Nature's Take: Can Registered Reports help tackle publication bias?2023/05/12
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  92. ‘Pangenome’ aims to capture the breadth of human diversity2023/05/10
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  93. Menopause and women’s health: why science needs to catch up2023/05/03
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  94. Audio long read: Conquering Alzheimer’s — a look at the therapies of the future2023/04/28
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  95. How Rosalind Franklin’s story was rewritten2023/04/26
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  96. A smarter way to melt down plastics?2023/04/19
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  97. How to battle misinformation with Sander van der Linden2023/04/14
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  98. Octopuses hunt by 'tasting' with their suckers2023/04/12
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  99. Giant black-hole pair from the early Universe gives clues to how galaxies form2023/04/05
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  100. Audio long read: What Turkey’s earthquake tells us about the science of seismic forecasting2023/03/31
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  101. Bacterial ‘syringes’ could inject drugs directly into human cells2023/03/29
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  102. How to make driverless cars safer — expose them to lots of dangerous drivers2023/03/22
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  103. How to build a virus-proof cell2023/03/15
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  104. How the Australian wildfires devastated the ozone layer2023/03/08
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  105. How an increased heart rate could induce anxiety in mice2023/03/01
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  106. Nature's Take: How Twitter's changes could affect science2023/02/27
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  107. Audio long read: How your first brush with COVID warps your immunity2023/02/24
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  108. A twisting microscope that could unlock the secrets of 2D materials2023/02/22
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  109. How 'metadevices' could make electronics faster2023/02/15
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  110. This mysterious space rock shouldn’t have a ring — but it does2023/02/08
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  111. How mummies were prepared: Ancient Egyptian pots spill secrets2023/02/01
  112. Audio long read: The ‘breakthrough’ obesity drugs that have stunned researchers2023/01/30
  113. Amino acid slows nerve damage from diabetes, in mouse study2023/01/25
  114. Laser 'lightning rod' diverts strikes high in the Alps2023/01/18
  115. The science stories you missed over the past four weeks2023/01/11
  116. Science in 2023: what to expect this year2023/01/06
  117. The Nature Podcast’s highlights of 20222022/12/28
  118. The Nature Podcast Festive Spectacular 20222022/12/21
  119. COVID deaths: three times the official toll2022/12/14
  120. Oldest DNA reveals two-million-year-old ecosystem2022/12/07
  121. Gaia Vince on how climate change will shape where people live2022/12/02
  122. Mysterious fluid from ant pupae helps feed colony2022/11/30
  123. Audio long read: Science and the World Cup — how big data is transforming football2022/11/25
  124. The satellite-free alternative to GPS2022/11/23
  125. How a key Alzheimer's gene wreaks havoc in the brain2022/11/16
  126. Audio long read: She was convicted of killing her four children. Could a gene mutation set her free?2022/11/14
  127. Molecular cages sift 'heavy' water from near-identical H2O2022/11/09
  128. Audio long read: The controversial embryo tests that promise a better baby2022/11/04
  129. Flies can move their rigid, omnidirectional eyes – a little2022/11/02
  130. Racism in Health: the harms of biased medicine2022/10/28
  131. Ancient DNA reveals family of Neanderthals living in Siberian cave2022/10/26
  132. Human brain organoids implanted into rats could offer new way to model disease2022/10/12
  133. Virtual library of LSD-like drugs could reveal new antidepressants2022/10/05
  134. Nature's Take: How the war in Ukraine is impacting science2022/10/03
  135. Audio long read: What scientists have learnt from COVID lockdowns2022/09/30
  136. A trove of ancient fish fossils helps trace the origin of jaws2022/09/28
  137. Huge dataset shows 80% of US professors come from just 20% of institutions2022/09/21
  138. Complex synthetic cells bring scientists closer to artificial cellular life2022/09/14
  139. Missing foot reveals world’s oldest amputation2022/09/07
  140. Audio long read: Hybrid brains – the ethics of transplanting human neurons into animals2022/08/26
  141. How to make water that's full of holes2022/08/24
  142. Do protons have intrinsic charm? New evidence suggests yes2022/08/17
  143. Nature's Take: what's next for the preprint revolution2022/08/15
  144. Why low temperatures could help starve tumours of fuel2022/08/10
  145. Massive Facebook study reveals a key to social mobility2022/08/03
  146. Coronapod: the open-science plan to unseat big Pharma and tackle vaccine inequity2022/07/29
  147. How humans adapted to digest lactose — after thousands of years of milk drinking2022/07/27
  148. How researchers have pinpointed the origin of 'warm-blooded' mammals2022/07/20
  149. Ancient mud reveals the longest record of climate from the tropics2022/07/13
  150. Higgs boson at 10: a deep dive into the mysterious, mass-giving particle2022/07/11
  151. Coronapod: detecting COVID variants in sewage2022/07/08
  152. Higgs boson turns ten: the mysteries physicists are still trying to solve2022/07/06
  153. Ed Yong on the wondrous world of animal senses2022/07/01
  154. Norovirus could spread through saliva: a new route for infection?2022/06/29
  155. Audio long read: These six countries are about to go to the Moon2022/06/27
  156. Coronapod: USA authorises vaccines for youngest of kids2022/06/24
  157. How science can tackle inequality2022/06/22
  158. How the Black Death got its start2022/06/15
  159. Coronapod: COVID and smell loss, what the science says2022/06/11
  160. Ancient 'giraffes' sported thick helmets for headbutting2022/06/08
  161. Audio long read: The brain-reading devices helping paralysed people to move, talk and touch2022/06/06
  162. Robot exercises shoulder cells for better tissue transplants2022/06/01
  163. Coronapod: 'A generational loss' - COVID's devastating impact on education2022/05/30
  164. X-ray analysis hints at answers to fossil mystery2022/05/25
  165. How galaxies could exist without dark matter2022/05/18
  166. Coronapod: 'viral ghosts' support idea that SARS-CoV-2 reservoirs could be behind long COVID2022/05/13
  167. Retinas revived after donor's death open door to new science2022/05/11
  168. Swapping in a bit of microbial 'meat' has big eco-gains2022/05/04
  169. Coronapod: COVID and diabetes, what the science says2022/04/29
  170. How virtual meetings can limit creative ideas2022/04/27
  171. Audio long-read: The quest to prevent MS — and understand other post-viral diseases2022/04/25
  172. We could still limit global warming to just 2˚C — but there's an 'if'2022/04/20
  173. Coronapod: Infected immune cells hint at cause of severe COVID2022/04/15
  174. Why do naked mole rats live as long as giraffes?2022/04/13
  175. Five years in the coldest fridge in the known Universe2022/04/06
  176. Audio long-read: A more-inclusive genome project aims to capture all of human diversity2022/04/05
  177. Winding roads could make you a better navigator2022/03/30
  178. Milky Way's origin story revealed by 250,000 stars2022/03/23
  179. Coronapod: How vaccine complacency is plaguing 'COVID zero' strategies2022/03/18
  180. The coin toss of Alzheimer's inheritance2022/03/17
  181. The vest that can hear your heartbeat2022/03/16
  182. The AI that deciphers ancient Greek graffiti2022/03/09
  183. Coronapod: why stopping COVID testing would be a mistake2022/03/04
  184. COVID stimulus spending failed to deliver on climate promises2022/03/02
  185. Audio long-read: The race to save the Internet from quantum hackers2022/02/28
  186. Dinosaur-destroying asteroid struck in spring2022/02/23
  187. Tongan volcano eruption leaves scientists with unanswered questions2022/02/16
  188. Coronapod: How African scientists are copying Moderna's COVID vaccine2022/02/11
  189. RNA test detects deadly pregnancy disorder early2022/02/09
  190. Coronapod: what people get wrong about endemic COVID2022/02/04
  191. Weirdly flowing water finally has an explanation: 'quantum friction'2022/02/02
  192. Coronapod: Why T cells have been overlooked2022/01/28
  193. How can battery-powered aircraft get off the ground?2022/01/26
  194. Audio long read: Is precision public health the future — or a contradiction?2022/01/24
  195. Coronapod: COVID death toll is likely millions more than official counts2022/01/21
  196. Why mutation is not as random as we thought2022/01/19
  197. Podcast Extra: Recreating the lost sounds of spring2022/01/14
  198. Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launch2022/01/12
  199. Science in 2022: what to expect this year2022/01/05
  200. Audio long-read: The secret lives of cells — as never seen before2021/12/31
  201. Our podcast highlights of 20212021/12/29
  202. The Nature Podcast annual holiday spectacular2021/12/22
  203. Coronapod: Omicron - your questions answered2021/12/17
  204. Pluto's strange ice patterns explained by new theory2021/12/15
  205. Coronapod: vaccines and long COVID, how protected are you?2021/12/10
  206. How 'megastudies' are changing behavioural science2021/12/08
  207. Coronapod: How has COVID impacted mental health?2021/12/03
  208. What’s the best diet for people and the planet?2021/12/01
  209. Audio long-read: The chase for fusion energy2021/11/29
  210. Coronapod: everything we know about the new COVID variant2021/11/26
  211. Researcher careers under the microscope: salary satisfaction and COVID impacts2021/11/24
  212. Sea squirts teach new lessons in evolution2021/11/17
  213. Coronapod: new hope from COVID antiviral drugs2021/11/12
  214. The past and future of the Earth's climate2021/11/10
  215. Audio long-read: How dangerous is Africa’s explosive Lake Kivu?2021/11/08
  216. Podcast special: onboard the climate train to COP262021/11/03
  217. China’s COVID vaccines have been crucial — now immunity is waning2021/10/29
  218. Genomics unwraps mystery of the Tarim mummies2021/10/27
  219. Coronapod: can scientists harness COVID super-immunity?2021/10/25
  220. Viking presence in the Americas pinpointed by ancient solar storm2021/10/20
  221. Coronapod: the COVID scientists facing violent threats2021/10/18
  222. How electric acupuncture zaps inflammation in mice2021/10/13
  223. Coronapod: new data affirms the benefits of air filters and masks2021/10/10
  224. The AI that accurately predicts the chances of rain2021/10/06
  225. Starting up in science: behind the scenes2021/09/29
  226. Starting up in science: Episode 42021/09/29
  227. Starting up in science: Episode 32021/09/29
  228. Starting up in science: Episode 22021/09/29
  229. Starting up in science: Episode 12021/09/29
  230. Audio long-read: Can artificially altered clouds save the Great Barrier Reef?2021/09/27
  231. Coronapod: solving the COVID vaccine manufacturing problem2021/09/25
  232. The floating sensors inspired by seeds2021/09/22
  233. How to help feed the world with 'Blue Foods'2021/09/15
  234. The billion years missing from Earth’s history2021/09/08
  235. Dead trees play an under-appreciated role in climate change2021/09/01
  236. Audio long-read: why sports concussions are worse for women2021/08/25
  237. Coronapod: How Delta is changing the game2021/08/21
  238. What’s the isiZulu for dinosaur? How science neglected African languages2021/08/18
  239. Coronapod: COVID boosters amidst global vaccine inequity2021/08/14
  240. The brain cells that help animals navigate in 3D2021/08/11
  241. Coronapod: Ivermectin, what the science says2021/08/06
  242. Flood risk rises as people surge into vulnerable regions2021/08/04
  243. Has the world’s oldest known animal been discovered?2021/07/28
  244. Audio long-read: How ancient people fell in love with bread, beer and other carbs2021/07/26
  245. Coronapod: the latest on COVID and sporting events2021/07/24
  246. How the US is rebooting gun violence research2021/07/21
  247. Coronapod: Does England's COVID strategy risk breeding deadly variants?2021/07/16
  248. How deadly heat waves expose historic racism2021/07/14
  249. Coronapod: Will COVID become a disease of the young?2021/07/09
  250. Food shocks and how to avoid them2021/07/07
  251. Coronapod: the biomarker that could change COVID vaccines2021/07/02
  252. The scientist whose hybrid rice helped feed billions2021/06/30
  253. Audio long-read: How COVID exposed flaws in evidence-based medicine2021/06/28
  254. Coronapod: should you have a COVID vaccine when breastfeeding?2021/06/25
  255. Quantum compass might help birds 'see' magnetic fields2021/06/23
  256. CureVac disappoints in COVID vaccine trial2021/06/18
  257. Communities, COVID and credit: the state of science collaborations2021/06/16
  258. Coronapod: Counting the cost of long COVID2021/06/11
  259. Google AI beats humans at designing computer chips2021/06/09
  260. Coronapod: Uncertainty and the COVID 'lab-leak' theory2021/06/04
  261. On the origin of numbers2021/06/02
  262. New hope for vaccine against a devastating livestock disease2021/05/26
  263. Audio long-read: How harmful are microplastics?2021/05/24
  264. The 'zombie' fires that keep burning under snow-covered forests2021/05/19
  265. Coronapod: The variant blamed for India's catastrophic second wave2021/05/14
  266. The brain implant that turns thoughts into text2021/05/12
  267. Coronapod: Waiving vaccine patents and coronavirus genome data disputes2021/05/07
  268. Oldest African burial site uncovers Stone Age relationship with death2021/05/05
  269. Coronapod special: The inequality at the heart of the pandemic2021/04/30
  270. What fruit flies could teach scientists about brain imaging2021/04/28
  271. Audio long-read: How drugmakers can be better prepared for the next pandemic2021/04/26
  272. Coronapod: Kids and COVID vaccines2021/04/23
  273. Meet the inflatable, origami-inspired structures2021/04/21
  274. Coronapod: could COVID vaccines cause blood clots? Here's what the science says2021/04/16
  275. The sanitation crisis making rural America ill2021/04/14
  276. Coronapod: A whistle-blower’s quest to take politics out of coronavirus surveillance2021/04/09
  277. Audio long-read: Rise of the robo-writers2021/04/06
  278. Coronapod: How to define rare COVID vaccine side effects2021/04/02
  279. Antimatter cooled with lasers for the first time2021/03/31
  280. Coronapod: the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine - what you need to know2021/03/26
  281. Network of world's most accurate clocks paves way to redefine time2021/03/24
  282. Coronapod: Why COVID antibody treatments may not be the answer2021/03/19
  283. The AI that argues back2021/03/17
  284. Coronapod: COVID and pregnancy - what do we know?2021/03/12
  285. The smallest measurement of gravity ever recorded2021/03/10
  286. Coronapod: COVID's origins and the 'lab leak' theory2021/03/05
  287. COVID, 2020 and a year of lost research2021/03/03
  288. Coronapod: Google-backed database could help answer big COVID questions2021/02/26
  289. The quark of the matter: what's really inside a proton?2021/02/24
  290. Audio long-read: Thundercloud Project tackles a gamma-ray mystery2021/02/23
  291. Coronapod: our future with an ever-present coronavirus2021/02/19
  292. A mammoth discovery: oldest DNA on record from million-year-old teeth2021/02/17
  293. Coronapod: Is mixing COVID vaccines a good idea?2021/02/12
  294. Human Genome Project - Nature’s editor-in-chief reflects 20 years on2021/02/10
  295. Coronapod: Variants – what you need to know2021/02/05
  296. Mysterious einsteinium spills its secrets2021/02/03
  297. Coronapod: Fixing the world’s pandemic alarm2021/01/29
  298. Audio long-read: Push, pull and squeeze – the hidden forces that shape life2021/01/28
  299. How a spinal device could relieve a neglected effect of cord injury2021/01/27
  300. Hiring discrimination laid bare by mountain of data2021/01/20
  301. Coronapod: The rise of RNA vaccines2021/01/14
  302. The mysterious extinction of the dire wolf2021/01/13
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