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  1. EP245 - Travel hacking and 2024 updates2024/05/26

    Another episodic request from a listener on my travel hacking strategies and some updates in 2024 in how we are doing it.
  2. EP244 - Things I would have done differently at 302024/05/19

    Answering a listener's question, "What would have you done differently at the age of 30?". Well this is the complete answer, and you might be surprised by it.
  3. EP243 - Getting out of dodge - The truth2024/05/12

    I received this request for an episode from a listener. ‘First, thanks for doing the show. I’ve been a loyal listener from back to the start. I’m from the USA and I am uncomfortable with where things are heading here. Can you explain your experiences with expatriation since you are now in Mexico?’ Absolutely. Here’s the full details.
  4. EP242 - Debt. Good or bad?2024/05/05

    If you were to Google search the word ‘Debt’ you would find (in general) that most comments on it put it in a bad light. Our parents taught us not to go into debt. But after receiving a request from a listener to talk about debt, I’m going to give you the truth about debt and all the arguments for and against it.
  5. EP241 - Affordable home security and surveillance2024/04/28

    This was a request from one of our Patreon subscribers who asked, ‘Can you talk about home security and camera for home monitoring if you have experience with them’. So here’s the answer to how I approach it. Hope you can get some value out of this.
  6. EP240 - I'm done2024/04/21

    After 5 years of doing this podcast, and other podcasts for my patrons, I’ve decided to stop doing it, and will be stopping on episode 250. Why? Well take a listen and I’ll explain it all.
  7. EP239 - The current state of AI2024/04/14

    This episode attempts to give a state of the union in regards to AI, where we are, where we are going and the social and freedom impacts of this massive change we are all going to be faced with in the short term.
  8. EP238 - Civil War2024/04/07

    In 2024, at the recent SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, a movie was premiered that will be airing in April, called ‘Civil War’ by Alex Garland. There’s been a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and TV series released over the past decade, but this one seems to have touched a nerve with the American people. I want to talk about why in this episode.
  9. EP237 - The consolidation2024/03/31
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  10. EP236 - How a Mexican built her real estate portfolio from nothing2024/03/24

    My wife & I were at a friend’s place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a few weeks back, and we were chaJng with a local Mexican lady who has built up a small fortune in real estate. When I asked her how she did it, it was a massive contrast to western methods and yet seemed enNrely logical. Growing up poor with no money, how she did it is amazing and her story brings hope for all of us.
  11. EP235 - BRICS+2024/03/17

    While you are sleeping, there’s a risk to your enIre wealth and you probably never saw it looming. Your media never talked about it, most of those that are at least aware of it dismissed it as silliness or some conspiracy theory. But the risk has grown exponenIally in the past 12 months and now I think we are at Defcon levels of risk on this, and we should be openly talking about BRICS+
  12. EP234 - The generational differences in attitude to retiring early2024/03/10

    Age brings wisdom. Age also loses flexibility in so many ways. Things don’t stand still and one must adjust to the universe because it won’t adjust to you. Having said that, I think that the attitudes to those seeking early retirement vs. those that are retiring because of end of career is very different and they don’t see eye to eye. Let’s talk about that in this episode.
  13. EP233 - Handwriting and why it matters2024/03/03

    On a recent news story in Arizona, I was amused to see two news anchors (one an older gentleman and one younger lady) talking about a new AI infused technology that created handwriting of a person by using a robot. Their reactions to this tell a generational story about social life & expectations in the USA, and so I wanted to expand upon this in this episode.
  14. EP232 - Ozempic2024/02/25
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  15. EP231 - A theory on how you clear $34 Trillion of national debt2024/02/18
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  16. EP230 - Let's get real about the lies of retirement funds2024/02/11

    In this off script episode, I get real about the lies they tell you about 401Ks, IRAs, Superannuation funds, etc. I explain what they promised and what was delivered and why it is far from optimal for retirement vs. residential rental real estate properties.
  17. EP229 -Always choose Open Source2024/02/04

    This is a little tale about the dangers of proprietary technology and, when I broke my own rules, it came back to bite me big time. Let this be a warning to you all – your first option should always be to find an open source version of anything you need.
  18. EP228 - The cheapest way to travel to Mexico2024/01/28

    I’ve made about 16 flights between the USA & Mexico in the past 12 months, and I’ve learned where the deals are, even if you are not using frequent flyer miles. On this episode, I’ll let you know what I found and where you can look to find super cheap deals.
  19. EP227 - Living a Simple Life in a structured world2024/01/21

    This episode is a reset moment. Maybe one that is sorely needed. Our attention is all over the place these days, and yet we forget the simplest things that leads to true peace. As an embracement of the principles of a Simple Life, I give you something to think about – how you can survive in our journey through life, and to realize the wrong path that most of us are on.
  20. EP226 - Why are students not coming to the USA to study?2024/01/14

    A good friend of mine who works in the community college world in Arizona sent me an article that he found on why international students won’t come to the USA to study. I spent the next 30 minutes or so explaining the entire reasons, and I thought you might be interested in the whole story. Here we go…
  21. EP225 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 2 of 2)2024/01/07

    The episode continues from 224. More of the things you need to consider as part of an early retirement strategy.
  22. EP224 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 1 of 2)2023/12/31
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  23. EP223 - Know thy value, Bob Cratchit!2023/12/24
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  24. EP222 - Oh NO! They closed the US border!2023/12/17
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  25. EP221 - The economics of art2023/12/10
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  26. EP220 - Where the AI danger really lies2023/12/03
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  27. EP219 - The most wonderful time of the year?2023/11/26
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  28. EP218 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 2)2023/11/13

    The second half of the answer to the question "How much do you really need to retire?" after my shock of hearing the personal financial industry stating $4 million. As someone who has been living financially free for quite some time, I can tell you that this is a total lie and I'll explain the truth of what really is required.
  29. EP217 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 1)2023/10/29
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  30. EP216 - The US constrained healthcare system2023/10/22
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  31. EP215 - Government2023/10/15

    I have tried to avoid any topic on politics because it just divides people. This episode has little to do with politics, however. But I would like to have an open, honest and frank discussion about government – particularly the US government, what I thought it was, what I discovered it was, and where I see this whole thing going.
  32. EP214 - How I make 9.5% interest on an at-call bank account2023/10/08

    This is a discovery that I came across while hanging out with other expats here in Mexico where I am as I record this. But few people in the USA or other western countries seem to understand this opportunity. So let’s talk about it.
  33. EP213 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 2 of 2)2023/10/01

    This is the 2nd episode in an update on what it's like to build a dream home in Mexico and my experiences so far.
  34. EP212 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 1 of 2)2023/09/24

    If you have been listening to me for any length of time, you know that I’m currently developing a large property in central Mexico. Well in this episode I’ll do an update on where I’m at, what I’ve learned so far in the process and the trials & tribulations of doing what most people would fear to do, but to keep an eye on the epic results you can achieve if you are careful.
  35. EP211 - Dividend stocks for fun and profit2023/09/17
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  36. EP210 - The Global Citizen2023/09/10
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  37. EP209 - The housing problem2023/09/03
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  38. EP208 - Handling the upcoming stress of 20242023/08/27
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  39. EP207 - This is why we are all broke2023/08/20

    You work hard, you earn money, but you are broke. Why? In this episode I’m going to put out there a theory in the western world why people are broke, and it isn’t the reasons the media and society will tell you. It is not rampant inflation. It is not that you are not paid enough. It is actually far simpler – it is about the decisions you make, and the fight to control your mind.
  40. EP206 - AI & Capitalism2023/08/13

    What happens with capitalism when AI takes over the economy? I’ve been giving this some thought, but to be honest I don’t have a conclusion yet. I cannot see an upside to this, and despite all the WOW factor that AI seems to have in the social construct, I don’t think anyone has really thought through the impact on capitalism & economics yet. Let’s give it a shot in this episode…
  41. EP205 - The elephant in the room2023/08/06

    I just was reading the recent paper produced by the WEF entitled ‘Pathways to the regulation of crypto-assets – a Global Approach’ and it is frightening. Those that frequent Davos each year seem are throwing more and more resources in crafting a future for all of us, and it is a future that no-one other than the ruling elite would want.
  42. EP204 - My current investment radar (Part 3)2023/07/30

    In this third and last part of my series on what's on my investment radar, we are going to talk about energy and what I’m doing in terms of investment strategy regarding it for the next 3, 5 and 10 years.
  43. EP203 - My current investment radar (Part 2)2023/07/23

    In this 2nd part of a 3 part series, I'm unveiling my investment strategy regarding AI. No, not my philosophical position, but my investing position. Yes, there is a difference. Enjoy.
  44. EP202 - My current investment radar (Part 1)2023/07/16

    If you are looking for financial advice, that’s not what I do. But I do share with people what I’m doing from a holistic position on my own investments, and this episode will cover some major strategic shifts I’m doing in light of new technologies and changing macro dynamics. So settle back and relax and I’ll share what I’m looking down the barrel at.
  45. EP201 - Winning the war against distractions2023/07/09

    I was having lunch with my accountant and the subject of how different life felt outside the USA than within came up. I told him that after I had returned from a few weeks in Mexico, I found that I wasn’t getting anywhere near as much productive work done in the USA. And the one reason – distractions.
  46. EP200 - A tribute to Gary Collins2023/07/02
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  47. EP199 - The definition of value2023/06/25
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  48. EP198 - Make money renting out your home for film shoots2023/06/18
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  49. EP197 - FedNow2023/06/11
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  50. EP196 - The government does NOT have your back2023/06/04
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  51. EP195 - Are you leaving money on the table? (Part 2 of 2)2023/05/28

    In this episode, I continue on the previous summation of income lost and costs overspent for those that are literally ‘Leaving money on the table’. This is the 2nd of a 2 part series, and this one has a ton of things you should be considering in order to fight inflation and live an unconstrained life
  52. EP194 - Are you leaving money on the table? (Part 1 of 2)2023/05/21

    Things are tough out there, and family budgets are tight. Yet so many people are missing out on income and over paying on expenses. In this episode, I want to do a quick audit of personal finances and show some shocking discoveries of lost money that could have been reclaimed. Let’s see if this information helps you get through the tough money times.
  53. EP193 - The rise of the AI surveillance state2023/05/14
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  54. EP192 - Free university degrees for out of the box thinkers2023/05/07
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  55. EP191 - Retired early with $3 million, back to work 10 years later2023/04/30

    In this episode, we review the results of one of the early pioneers of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement, and his journey from early retirement at the age of 34 in 2012 through to back to work to put his kids through college 10 years later. This is from an article in Fortune Magazine.
  56. EP190 - Adjusting to living alongside AI2023/04/23
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  57. EP189 - Maintaining a healthy contrarian mindset2023/04/16
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  58. EP188 - There is no progress without risk2023/04/09
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  59. EP187 - Freedom of speech & thought - Our Matrix Server2023/04/02

    For about a year now, we’ve had a thing we offer for free to people called our Matrix Server. Other than just a quick announcement about it, I have not gone into details on the why and how of this, but more the importance of having a decentralized and uncensored means of our community communicating. That’s all about to change now. Let’s talk about it.
  60. EP186 - When AI rules the world2023/03/26
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  61. EP185 - Does your home make you money?2023/03/19
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  62. EP184 - Everything's a Ponzi Scheme2023/03/15

    I am recording this episode at a time when the banking stocks are crashing, people panicking that their deposits may be gone without their control, inflation continues to reveal its truth and there seems to be no upside in the economy today. Why? It is because EVERYTHING is a Ponzi scheme.
  63. EP183 - The Renter's Bill of Wrongs2023/03/05
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  64. EP182 - Having a job is extremely dangerous to your health2023/02/26
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  65. EP181 - Finding freedom in tightly coupled systems2023/02/19
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  66. EP180 - Tipping2023/02/12
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  67. EP179 - Travel hacking in 20232023/02/05

    I do a lot of traveling, and with at least one international flight per month and peppering in the odd domestic route, there’s a lot I’ve learned with decades of international travel experience. In this episode, I’m going to give you my current tips & tricks to make your traveling super cheap or free in 2023.
  68. EP178 - How not to be pwned2023/01/29

    The press loves to have a field day when some service we rely on gets hacked. In this episode, I’m going to tell you how to have a smaller attack footprint – that is how to not be a target in this digital world, how we got to this point and what we can do going forward.
  69. EP177 - Technology - A cautionary tale2023/01/22
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  70. EP176 - Spending NO money in 10 days2023/01/15

    In this episode, I’m going to take you on a little journey with me – an experiment that I’ve just undertaken successfully, to spend NO money in 10 days. All during the most spend-heavy time of the year – the December Christmas period. Why? Because I wanted to prove just how insane society in the USA has gotten regarding consumption and why this will ultimately lead to a horrible ending.
  71. EP175 - Understanding cashflow vs. investing2023/01/08
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  72. EP174 - Getting busy in 20232023/01/01

    Rather than the typical predictions of 2023, or new years resolutions, I've recorded this podcast to talk about action. What I'm doing in 2023, and why. Enjoy.
  73. EP173 - Last minute tax saving tips for 20222022/12/25

    Tis the season to be grabbing all those last minute tax saving deductions you can, and in this episode that's what we are talking about. So buckle in and take some notes, because you don't have much time left.
  74. EP172 - What they don’t tell you about maintaining multiple residencies & passports2022/12/18
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  75. EP171 - In the spirit of...2022/12/11

    I came to a realization recently that most of the reasons you are broke, hopeless, and can’t get out of the rut we find ourselves in, is because we make decisions based on the spirit of something, but then we come face to face with the reality of implementation. So let’s talk about that.
  76. EP170 - Healthcare strategies2022/12/04

    I haven't done an episode on Health insurance and healthcare for a while, but realized that with more indepth knowledge and information on Mexico options - not just for surgeries but general and emergency healthcare, I need to update what I'm doing with my health strategies, why and how you might also be able to benefit with this knowledge.
  77. EP169 - Predictions for The New Normal2022/11/27

    In this episode, I will make some predictions for the short and medium term future and how we got to this place, and where the unconstrained can go to avoid losing their power and sovereignty for the future.
  78. EP168 - The latest on Mexican immigration, with Ernie Baca2022/11/20

    It has been a while since I did a show on Mexican immigration, but so much has changed, which I have personally been affected by. So on this episode, I'm joined with my friend Ernie Baca to talk about what has changed in regards to Mexican immigration, changes in financial solvency requirements, getting appointments, the airports, etc.
  79. RIP Gary Collins2022/11/13
    A tribute.
  80. EP167 - Real Estate & Land (You'll own nothing & be happy)2022/11/12

    I’ve always been an advocate of making sure your physiological needs are in your control. But we live in a world where housing has become a reality TV show, rather than something that is critical to our survival. In this final episode of the series, ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ we are going to talk about shelter and where you live.
  81. EP166 - Money (You'll own nothing and be happy)2022/11/06

    The world is rapidly shifting away from currency towards electronic payments. In fact, in some countries they have basically outlawed the very legal tender they were previously issuing. In this episode we discuss why this is all happening, and why – when it comes to money – You’ll own none and be happy, according to your central planners
  82. EP165 - Technology - You'll own nothing & be happy2022/10/30

    In our ongoing series of ''You'll own nothing & be happy'', this one is about technology. The truth that the industry probably doesn't want you to know about, and how you can reclaim your power and have it all for free.
  83. EP164 - You'll own nothing and be happy2022/10/23
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  84. EP163 - Recession2022/10/16

    In this episode I talk about the recession we find ourselves in, how similar and different it will be to past recessions, how to transition to it, how to prepare for it, and what opportunities it will present to contrarians and those seeking to be unconstrained.
  85. EP162 - Human psychology and markets2022/10/09

    As we move to a bear market and what some would call a recession, it is important to understand that markets are just collections of humans and their perception of value. Understanding that human mindset and how we deal with the changing times is important in positioning for growth in your asset investing.
  86. EP161 - Balanced Frugality2022/10/02

    Weve probably all seen and be entertained by TV shows on Extreme Frugality those people who do insane things to save money, dumpster diving, etc. They are obsessed with not spending money. On this episode I want to talk about balanced frugality. How you can do amazing things to save money, yet not be some oddball that others laugh at as you quest towards being unconstrained.
  87. EP160 - Shadow Inflation2022/09/25
    As I record this, the Fed Reserve is on the cusp of more interest rate increases in an attempt to curb inflation. But this is one big game of illusion, shadow economics and making numbers look the way you want to present them, rather than fixing the problems of the world population.
  88. EP159 - Like a duck (in the crosshairs)2022/09/18

    When you travel, you meet a lot of interesting people. If you are not from around their parts, they let their guard down and tell you what is really going on. These simple conversations are important to bring us back to reality and compare the contrarian lifestyle with the traditional. Oh, and there will be stories about ducks!
  89. EP158 - De-Globalization2022/09/10
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  90. EP157 - The story of Starlink and Rural Australia2022/09/04
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  91. EP156 - Adjusting to a recession mindset2022/08/26
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  92. EP155 - Australia and Sustainability2022/08/21

    Having landed in Australia after being away for 3 years, I report on what I discovered and also what I acknowledge about life and our future. I talk about strategy in how to overcome the challenges of our world based on what I've seen others successfully doing.
  93. EP154 - How to pay off debt2022/08/14

    Most of this seems obvious when you look at it in the rear view mirror, but there were times in my life where debt took over my world. Rather than retreating into a fetal position in the corner, I made hard decisions and it kept me from being destroyed by it. In this episode, Im going to go through the methodology that I used to remove debt from my life and become unconstrained.
  94. EP153 - The Tall Poppy Syndrome2022/08/06

    It is rare, but from time to time I get asked about this phenomenon. It happens in many countries, particularly those that have a more socialized culture and politic, but it is the #1 reason why the individual is constrained and the country's potential is curtailed.
  95. EP152 - Structuring your life like a business2022/07/30

    I wanted to share with you how my family does this, because although I've been telling you to run your life like a business for a while, I never explained how to structure it to your advantage - both to handle the impact of income changes, but also to protect yourself against predators.
  96. EP151 - So you want to start a small business2022/07/24
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  97. EP150 - The Anarchist2022/07/16

    Here's my review, thoughts, musings, etc. about the new HBO TV Documentary series ''The Anarchists'' that just came out. Considering that the Unconstrained share so much in common here with Anarcho-Capitalists, I thought I'd chime in with my perspective on this phenomenon.
  98. EP149 - Alternative investing with Chris Odegard2022/07/10

    Chris Odegard is the guy behind and the author of the book ''Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money: Why You Need Alternative Investments''. On this episode, we are discussing alternative investments including ATM machines and other interesting ideas you may not have had.
  99. EP148 - When the central planners get things wrong2022/07/03
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  100. EP147 - Chatting with Jerry2022/06/26
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  101. EP145 - What they don't tell you about retirement2022/06/19
    Whether you are in your 50s and looking at when you want to pull the trigger & retire, or if you are in your 30s and think you can retire early, you need to hear this episode. Im going to tell you that it isnt rainbows & unicorns out there and most have no plan for how this period of their life will play out.
  102. EP144 - Wealth creation is an art, not a science2022/06/12

    In this episode, I explore why most new entrants to becoming financially free fail - misunderstanding the basics of humans vs. science, and what is needed to understand and be responsible in betting against the herd to gain wealth.
  103. EP143 - Retire early is dead2022/05/29
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  104. EP142 - The Church of Retirement2022/05/22

    In this episode I will take the long held social position and faith-based retirement planning industry and blow it out of the water - whether it be for someone looking to retire in their 60s or someone looking to retire a lot earlier.
  105. EP141 - Pay off your damn home mortgage2022/05/15
    In this unscripted episode, I talk about my own personal experiences since the age of 26 in buying my own home, the numerous homes (and mortgages) I've had, and how I eventually paid off the home mortgage. I talk about the differences between investment property and your principal residence, and how many view this unrealistically.
  106. EP140 - Society is infected by an insecurity virus2022/05/08

    For the past couple of years, weve been dealing with a biological virus that has turned people into fearful victims, and given tacit permission to evil to prevail in governance. But for far longer than that, weve been dealing with a very different plague the plague of insecurity. In this episode Im going to deep dive this plague, and how this is turning out.
  107. EP139 - 10 Years of Bitcoin2022/05/01

    In this episode, I spend the first half talking about how I stumbled into Bitcoin and left the space after getting 1,800x my original investment. In the second half, I talk about what Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies have become and where I see this all heading.
  108. EP138 - Changing the debt mindset2022/04/24
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  109. EP137 - Speculating vs Investing2022/04/17
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  110. EP136 - The cerebral society - A warning2022/04/10

    Over the past 100 years, weve seen the western world go through massive change, but one such change that is rarely discussed is towards an increased focus on the mind. In this episode, I invite you to join me on exploring the concept of the cerebral society a world in which you explore the dimensions of thought, and often at the peril of physical reality.
  111. EP135 - Demographics & how to predict the future2022/04/03
  112. EP134 - Travel Hacking - How Myles generates miles and travels the world for free2022/03/27
  113. EP133 - The Fourth Turning2022/03/20
  114. EP132 - The road from analog to digital2022/03/13
  115. EP131 - I built a privacy phone2022/03/06
  116. EP130 - The 5 things I learned about Medical Tourism2022/02/27
  117. EP129 - Escape to Canada with Brandon Miller2022/02/20
  118. EP128 - Winning with rising interest rates2022/02/13
  119. EP127 - Time to give up containing COVID2022/02/06
  120. EP126 - Surviving Inflation2022/01/30
  121. EP125 - The Singularity2022/01/23
  122. EP124 - Talking Liberty with Marc Clair2022/01/16
  123. EP123 - America from an Immigrant's eyes2022/01/09
  124. EP122 - The positive side of forest fires2022/01/02
  125. EP121 - 2021 This year in Freedom2021/12/26
  126. EP120 - The 4% rule - A round peg in a square hole2021/12/19
  127. EP119 - How Jack bought 12 rental property units in 3 years2021/12/12
  128. EP118 - I bought a bull fighting ring in Mexico2021/12/05
  129. EP117 - A frank discussion on energy2021/11/28
  130. EP116 - Inside the IRS with Anthony Parent2021/11/21
  131. EP115 - Why won't people go back to work?2021/11/14
  132. EP114 - Being sustainable as a farmer in the 21st century2021/11/07
  133. EP113 - How I got my start in rental real estate2021/10/31
  134. EP112 - I'm in debt. HELP!!!2021/10/24
  135. EP111 - Communism by Proxy2021/10/17
  136. EP110 - Personal morality & the shackles of a job2021/10/10
  137. EP109 - Run away from early retirement2021/10/03
  138. EP108 - Run away from early retirement2021/09/26
  139. EP107 - Is Australia becoming a totalitarian state?2021/09/19
  140. EP106 - How Ernie fought cancer and won in Mexico2021/09/12
  141. EP105 - Your right to healthcare2021/09/05
  142. EP104 - How insurance can screw up your life2021/08/29
  143. EP103 - How we got Mexican residency VISAs for less than $1,0002021/08/22
  144. EP102 - Your Right to travel2021/08/15
  145. EP101 - The right to financial freedom2021/08/07
  146. EP100 - The state of the union of the unconstrained2021/08/01
  147. EP099 - Safely leaving the workforce2021/07/25
  148. EP098 - Finding your purpose2021/07/18
  149. EP097 - Let's talk money w/ Mike from RethinkingTheDollar.com2021/07/11
  150. EP096 - The true power of frugality2021/07/04
  151. EP095 - All things in balance2021/06/27
  152. EP094 - The frog and the pot of boiling water2021/06/20
  153. EP093 - Be your own bank2021/06/13
  154. EP092 - Your right to privacy2021/06/06
  155. EP091 - Give yourself permission to be unconstrained2021/05/30
  156. EP090 - You don't own things - things own you2021/05/23
  157. EP089 - Parallel Societies with Paul Rosenberg2021/05/16
  158. EP088 - Straddle the line - Escaping our dystopian system2021/05/09
  159. EP087 - Fight back against debt2021/05/02
  160. EP086 - The difficult discussion about Life Expectancy2021/04/25
  161. EP085 - Don't be rich2021/04/18
  162. EP084 - Expense Compartmentalization2021/04/11
  163. EP083 - Handling transitions2021/04/04
  164. EP082 - My biggest failure2021/03/28
  165. EP081 - The Simple Life with Gary Collins2021/03/21
  166. EP080 - You can't afford to have a job2021/03/14
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