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  2. It is a 2222 Snowing Love Day! #258 Friday, February 22, 20082008/02/22
    This day is magical, not only because it is 2222 but also because it is Snowing. The elements came together 2 by 2 by 2 by 2 blanketing this little place on the earth with Love and Peace. So today I share some beautiful thoughts with you hoping you might share this beautiful day with someone you love!
  3. Be The Lighthouse for someone you love so that they don't crash into the rocks - # 257 February 12, 20082008/02/12
    A Lighthouse is a strong, solid structure, with a brilliant light that guides ships through the most treacherous waters to safe harbor. In this crazy world, we all need a little beacon of hope once in a while.
  4. Sacred Sites - VideoCast # 13 September 11, 20072007/09/11
    What are sacred sites? Are they really more sacred than our own backyard? Perhaps they are places of possibility, where the line between what you believe to be and what can be and what is blurs a little, just enough for new possibilities to come into focus.
  5. You Tube Presidential Debate Videocast #12 July 21, 20072007/07/21
    Be a part of the process and post your question! Here is mine.
  6. Fire The Grid on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT #256 Monday, July 16, 20072007/07/16
    Take one hour out of your life on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT to join in a World Wide gathering of Mind and Love Energy to heal ourselves and especially our Planet. Share your power and fill your hour with Love and Gratitude! For more details go to
  7. 2008 Presidential Debates resemble a Frenzy of Biblical Stupidity # 255 Wednesday, June 6, 20072007/06/06
    What happened to the separation of church and state? The latest Presidential debates are obsessed with Religion. Why, and is this good or bad?
  8. No Justice For Women #254 Friday, June 1, 20072007/06/01
    The Supreme Court is stacked; 8 Men and 1 Woman. So why are women surprised that we are loosing ground and our Civil Rights?
  9. Vote for IronDove to be the Next Public Radio Host #253 Wednesday, April 25, 20072007/04/25
    I like to explore ideas that people don?t often think about. I want to be provocative and challenge people to think, to inspire, to examine and reexamine everything that we?ve been told to believe, and really consider our choices.
  10. Breaking the Cycle Will Bring Us Closer to a Peaceful World #252 Thursday, April 19, 20072007/04/19
    When traditions don't serve the people it is really important to make changes. Each tiny contribution will change what it will change, and each baby step is essential to Breaking the Cycle.
  11. Patriarchal Faiths and Governments Encourage Terrorism through Religiosity. #251 Wednesday, April 18, 20072007/04/18
    Will women ever stand up and be counted? When is enough, enough? Instead of chasing ghosts, arm the powerless and teach them how to protect themselves and their children from men who use God as a weapon.
  12. Religiosity is Poison to Women. Why is George Bush aligned with a church that hurts us? #250 Monday, April 16, 20072007/04/16
    What's with George and the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast? Our founding fathers included a specific separation of church and state for many good reasons. Women should be outraged by this misuse of public office.
  13. Post Traumatic Stress #249 Thursday, April 12, 20072007/04/12
    Post Traumatic Stress is real and it really hurts. Millions of people struggle with it, including tens of thousands of our soldiers. Understanding where to put these these traumatic experiences is half the battle towards easing pain.
  14. The Lot and L - Videocast #11 February 16, 20072007/02/16
    What is our lot in life, our destiny? Is it something we already know? Or is it something we will never know. Can we change our lot in life by working towards a goal?
  15. Awaken By The Wolf - #248 Wednesday, January 10, 20072007/01/10
    Open to the love that is all around. Renew and remember the beautiful story that is the fabric of yourself...
  16. And This Is What You Shall Do, by Walt Whitman # 247 Tuesday, December 5, 20062006/12/05
    This is one of my favorite poems by Walt Whitman. It's something to think about when the Holiday frenzy starts getting to you. It's a little perspective on things. Things that matter, and things that don't.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving! #246 Thursday, November 23, 20062006/11/22
    The best part about thanksgiving is that it has everything to do with family, friends, and giving thanks, and nothing to do with religion. Please remember those who are still hungry. Go to get involved and help end poverty.
  18. Halliburton has been accused of cheating the government. #245 Friday, October 25, 20062006/10/25
    The inspector general's office overseeing spending in Iraq found that Halliburton is over charging the government - that is the American People. Our Vice President continues to have a deferred interest in this no bid contract. What does that say about our administration?
  19. MOM is Not A Real Job! #244 Monday, October 23, 20062006/10/23
    My son told me that MOM is not a real job. Boy was I surprised! The rationale, I don't get money for what I do. How do Mothers change this? I have an idea!
  20. Americas favorite pastime...but where are the women? #243 Wednesday, October 18, 20062006/10/18
    The Mets are trying to clinch the National Championships. Everyone in New York is glued to the games. Why don't I care?
  21. Playing is more than just FUN! #242 Monday, October 9, 20062006/10/09
    The American Academy of Pediatrics has finally figured out what Moms have known since the beginning of order to be happy and healthy Children NEED playtime!
  22. There is something very wrong with Armed Educators! #241 October 6, 20062006/10/06
    It's a serious 'Wake-Up Call' to all people when our lawmakers suggest that we arm principles and teachers against our students. Why aren't we looking at the cause instead of throwing more violence at the violence?
  23. School Violence # 240 Wednesday October 4, 20062006/10/04
    Are we pushing kids too hard? In an effort to create Super-hero kids are public schools pushing children over the edge? What happens when kids have no outlet for the stress?
  24. Thoughts are Things...share them! # 239 Friday September 29, 20062006/09/29
    Can one person's thoughts change the whole dynamic of this planet? Your thoughts are things, share them!
  25. Sacred Sites Videocast #10 Thursday September 28, 20062006/09/28
    What are sacred sites? Are they really more sacred than our own backyard? Places of possibility, where the line between what you believe to be and what can be and what is blurs a little, just enough for new possibilities to come into focus.
  26. Belief, Faith, Self Help... A personal relationship with your Creator #238 Wednesday, September 20, 20062006/09/20
    Why is it that people seem to think that they need a teacher to teach them how to have a relationship with their creator. Spirituality, like breathing, is a natural function of who we are. We are all born with this ability of communion.
  27. Holy See...Holy Shit! #237 Wednesday, September 19, 20062006/09/19
    In such a hotly debated political world the Pope's comments are anything but peaceful. Pope Benedict XVI has insulted and pissed off over 22% of the population of the planet. Instead of apologizing, he arrogantly sits on his golden thrown firmly hanging onto his ego in an act of uncompromising pomposity. Is this the behavior of a man of peace?
  28. Back to School and the silly bureaucracy is in Full Swing #236 Thursday, September 14, 20062006/09/14
    Why do schools think that kids are somehow not human beings. Every school year is filled with silly rules, memos, meetings, mostly nonsense. What's with the Lab Lunch?
  29. Poker, War and Peace #235 Thursday, August 10, 20062006/08/10
    This ever changing world is one giant poker game among the world's top gamers. So what would happen if one inspired player decided to fold, pick up their chips and move on?
  30. Energy, Compassion and Survival link us all to The Spirit Tree. #234 Tuesday August 1, 20062006/08/01
    Consciousness is eternal. Our energy transmutes. Existence is not entirely linked to the physical body. We are all the Spirit Tree, linked through energy waves. Our compassion can raise consciousness by spinning our energy waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, changing our chemistry, raising our frequency, and thereby moving us towards Illumination.
  31. The Sky is Falling...The Sky is Falling! This End Time Retoric is A bunch of Chicken Little Crap! #233 Monday July 24, 2006 2006/07/24
    When are people going to realize that this 'Chicken Little' politics/theology is nuts! The War mongering media frenzy feeds this hurtful story line. In two weeks nothing else even makes news. Feeding the war has become the objective instead of ending it. Import issues and events, come and go unreported as the world spirals down the path of stupidity.
  32. Mind Matter, Memory, War and Peace #232 Wednesday July 19, 20062006/07/19
    Sometimes I go on these mind journeys. A combination of mind matter, imagination and intuition - wonderings. Today I wonder why we so easily accept someone else's dream - the "American Dream" without even wondering if that is really what our heart desires or what makes us feel alive and at peace. Is the root of all suffering, the root of war desire or memory?
  33. Back to Work! # 231 Monday July 17, 20062006/07/17
    I've been away on vacation, and while I was off resting, the world seems to have gone crazier. It's Monday, the mail is piled up, the Middle East is blowing up, and while I was resting, the world has gone as usual.
  34. A Congress of Greed and Indifference! # 230 Wednesday July 5, 20062006/07/05
    What does it say about our elected officials when they vote themselves another pay raise while rejecting an increase in the minimum wage? What does it say about us if we let it stand?
  35. Peace, War and Graduation 2006! # 229 Tuesday June 20, 20062006/06/20
    There is a time for Peace, a time for War, and for Celebration. June is a time for Graduates and their Families to rejoice! Some folks feel that anytime is a good time to protest the war... I disagree! Every purpose has a time, but at all times Peace requires respect.
  36. Gingrich in 08? GIVE ME A BREAK! # 228 Tuesday June 13, 20062006/06/13
    He paid $300,000 in connection with charges of Perjury, Misconduct and Major Ethics Violations. He was forced to step down as Speaker of the House, and now he might run for president. What is this country coming to?
  37. Godless, Heartless, The 9-11 Cover-up and Hate Mongers # 227 Monday June 12, 20062006/06/12
    What do a heartless right wing author and a terrorist have in common? 9-11 and hate.
  38. Take A Shot! - Videocast # 9 Wednesday June 7, 20062006/06/07
    The earth is like a basketball spinning endlessly through time and space. How do you see your self in this strange land? Have you always thought about taking your shot?
  39. Memorial Day 2006. VideoCast # 8 Monday May 29, 20062006/05/29
    Memorial Day started in 1865 in Waterloo New York. Today we observed by watching the amazing Blue Angels, and remembering those who gave their lives in the service of our country.
  40. The Mom Job. VideoCast # 7 Friday May 26, 20062006/05/26
    No pay, no chance for advancement, and no pension. We spend 20 or so years of our lives working at a job that our government doesn't even recognize as a real job. We need legislation!
  41. RFID - Radio Frequency Identification of Your Stuff! - Part 2 - # 226 Friday May 19, 20062006/05/19
    They want your business and they'll do anything to find out about you. Tremendous amounts of information from multiple industries brought together into one enormous database that can profile you in many weird and scary ways.
  42. RFID - Radio Frequency Identification of Your Stuff! # 225 Thursday May 18, 20062006/05/18
    Radio Frequency Identification can tell major retailers and the government the who, what, when, where of every item they buy or sell. How can this impact you?
  43. HELP! Wal-Mart is trying to Hijack Mr. Smiley. # 224 Wednesday May 17, 20062006/05/17
    The retail giant Wal-Mart is trying to Hijack Mr. Smiley from the public. What is this world coming to?
  44. Phone tapping regular Americans? What the heck is this President doing? #223 Friday May12, 20062006/05/12
    Be afraid, be very afraid! This perverted administration is a peeping Tom out of control! President Bush could be the single biggest threat to the American People. He has way overstepped his bounds and should really be impeached!
  45. Credentials, who needs them? You do if you want a job. # 222 Thursday May 11, 20062006/05/11
    Many women who have spent most of their lives working as mom, don't have the opportunity to apply for a decent job because either they don't have the credentials or they don't have any recent experience.
  46. My friend's estranged husband beat her up last night. # 221 Friday May 5, 20062006/05/05
    Women Get Beat Up Everyday all over America and around the world. Domestic violence is so prevalent, and it is heartbreaking. What is it in the psyche of people that makes us unable to deal with conflict without resorting to violence?
  47. $134,121.00 - It is a pretty good salary... If you can collect! #220 Wednesday May 3, 20062006/05/03
    The experts have figured it out. Mom IS a job and it is worth a pretty good salary. Unfortunately, we do not get paid and our government will not acknowledge our value. Perhaps if they did, world wide, women and children would be better off, and poverty could be eradicated.
  48. New Equipment Blues # 219 Tuesday May 2, 20062006/05/02
    One step forward two or ten steps back. We have all been there. Patience is the hardest thing to keep in mind when everything is crashing around you.
  49. May Day - # 218 Monday May 1, 20062006/05/01
    May Day History and Mythology is fascinating... It has become the day of the worker, but it stared out as something much more fun!
  50. Tuesday Night VideoCast #6 Thursday May 3, 20062006/04/27
    Beneath this city of wealth and magic is a world of dreams...
  51. KEEP OUT! Authorized Entry for the "IN" crowd only. #217 Tuesday, April 25, 20062006/04/25
    Why do people go to such great lengths to "Fit In"? Are the power sellers of our mainstream media responsible for so many people in this world feeling like they are outside the tribe?
  52. Women need to step up and support each other! #216 Tuesday April 18, 20062006/04/18
    This weeks news has been filled with another stupid thing to divide women. They call it the "Mommy Wars". Don't get caught up in this nonsense! We need to keep focused and keep supporting each other! This election, make your votes count, vote for women!
  53. Kosher for Passover Media hype or meaningful? #215 Wednesday April 12, 20062006/04/12
    The spring holiday's are upon us and year after year I wonder, as many do, what value there is in the specially designated foods and the leavening vs. un-leavening debate. Is it just another way to segregate, manipulate and oppress?
  54. Rocky, the dog, got a picture ID card... what's that about? #214 Tuesday April 11, 20062006/04/11
    What in the world would my dog need a picture ID card for? I'm having a little trouble with this one. It freaks me out that my vet would spend the time and money to do this. What is really going on here?
  55. The Sleepy Marsh is Always Beautiful! #213 Monday April 10, 20062006/04/11
    The sleepy marsh is so beautiful. Even in the early spring before the marsh awakens it can lift your spirits and rejuvenate your body and mind. Take a day off sometimes, and remember why you are alive!
  56. The Mad Scientist's Office. #212 Wednesday April 5, 20062006/04/05
    Once a year, around my birthday, I take a look around my office and try to re-evaluate and weed through the junk...the good, the bad and the ugly.
  57. School Projects, is this homework for Kids or Parents? #211 Tuesday April 4, 20062006/04/04
    Dioramas, triboards and enormously involved school projects, most kids can't do them without help. Eventually, even with the help of a parent kids get bored and check out. For parents it's a tremendous amount of work just trying to keep the kids on task so the project gets completed. The real challenge is to have fun with it too!
  58. Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team Accused of Gang Raping a Young Woman. #210 Thursday March 30, 20062006/03/30
    It's shocking but not really surprising. The behavior started long ago in our youth programs. We single out superstars, continually treat them as if they are "Special" and eventually they feel so empowered that they think they are above the law. The fact is that rape is a crime!
  59. Missing the Mark on Youth Sports! #209 Wednesday March 29, 20062006/03/29
    From Little League all the way through High School we are sending a terrible message to our children. The dog eat dog mentality of youth sports is not fostering healthy minds or bodies. Perhaps it's time to rein in our school coaches, administrators and the mainly publicly funded programs that hurt our kids.
  60. Finally An Immigration Bill. #208 Tuesday March 28, 20062006/03/28
    The bickering continues, but on the surface the compromise on an immigration bill shows some real promise!
  61. The Illegal Invasion of Iraq was a crime and Bush is the criminal! #207 Monday March 27, 20062006/03/27
    Producing fake evidence to provoke an attack on a foreign country or planning to assassinate a head of state to overthrow his government is sleazy and criminal. What kind of man asks the favor of a foreign government to be an accomplice in such criminal behavior? What message are the United States and Great Britain sending to the world?
  62. Slicing our lives into Nanoseconds #206 Tuesday March 21, 20062006/03/21
    Time is a funny thing. You never have enough of it or it drags along. Lately, life is passing at unprecedented speed. It's no wonder people are stressed out.
  63. Welcome Spring! #205 Monday March 20, 20062006/03/20
    Today is the Vernal Equinox. The beginning point in the year when the day and night are equal. Many interesting rituals revolve around the celebration of this annual event of birth and renewal.
  64. St. Patrick's Day! #204 Tuesday March 17, 20062006/03/17
    Who was St. Patrick? Why shamrocks? What's with Leprechauns, green beer and the parade? Here are some fun facts and legend surrounding the most widely celebrated religious holiday by non-catholics and catholics alike.
  65. Beware of the Ides of March! #203 Tuesday March 15, 20062006/03/15
    Ever wondered what they heck the Ides of March was all about? Well, here's a little background that explains the story behind the infamous line in the William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. File it under "Jeopardy trivia" for future reference.
  66. GPS is tracking more than you think! #202 Tuesday March 14, 20062006/03/14
    GPS has graduated from military use to tracking pets, and now people. Locally many towns have installed GPS systems to track their employees. The FCC mandated that by 2005 all cell phones must be fitted with GPS. What price are you willing to pay for security? Is the Fed manipulating us with F-E-A-R?
  67. Welcome to Our New Website! #201 Monday March 13, 20062006/03/13
    Everything changes, nothing stays the same and that goes for us here at IronDove too. Pegasus has done an amazing job transforming this site into a very cool searchable, more interactive space for us to meet and share ideas. Stay tuned for stage 2. In the meantime, Thank You all for joining us thus far on this amazing journey of possibility!
  68. Write a New Program, Free of Dis-Ease. #200 Friday March 10, 20062006/03/09
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  69. South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part 3 #199 Thursday March 9, 20062006/03/08
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  70. South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part 2 #198 Wednesday March 8, 20062006/03/08
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  71. South Dakota Bans Abortion, Part 1 #197 Tuesday March 7, 20062006/03/07
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  72. I feel the quickening, where is Spring? #196 Monday March 6, 20062006/03/03
    March is here and it's finally the end of the winter. It's the last few quiet moments before life begins anew. In the quite darknness of the warm spring earth lies the Golden Seed of your dreams. Get ready ... spring is almost here.
  73. UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 3. #195 Friday March 3, 20062006/03/03
    The impending take over of six major United States Seaports is freaking people out. Here in New York, Congressman, Senators, the International Longshoreman's Association, the United States Coast Guard and civilians alike have expressed serious concern. Recent polls indicate that fifty eight percent of the country is opposed to the ports deal.
  74. UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 2. #194 Thursday March 2, 20062006/03/03
    The impending take over of six major United States Seaports is freaking people out. Here in New York, Congressman, Senators, the International Longshoreman's Association, the United States Coast Guard and civilians alike have expressed serious concern. Recent polls indicate that fifty eight percent of the country is opposed to the ports deal.
  75. UAE Take Over of East Coast Seaports - Part 1. #193 Wednesday March 1, 20062006/03/03
    The impending take over of six major United States Seaports is freaking people out. Here in New York, Congressman, Senators, the International Longshoreman's Association, the United States Coast Guard and civilians alike have expressed serious concern. Recent polls indicate that fifty eight percent of the country is opposed to the ports deal.
  76. Wake Up LMDC, The WTC Memorial needs a redesign! #192 Tuesday February 28, 20062006/03/01
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  77. Why would a Cleric need an Army? #191 Monday February 27, 20062006/02/27
    When Clerics engage in violence, it seems to me, that they are no longer holy men. Abdulaziz al-Hakim is the most influential Shia Muslim leader in the Iraqi Parlament. He controls a militia of twenty thousand and my question is what in the world does a Cleric need with an army?
  78. Schedules, boon or bane? #190 Thursday February 23, 20062006/02/24
    Schedules can either make life run smoothly or can make life miserable. For working moms, school vacations and the constant rescheduling around other people's schedules can really get exhausting. It is no wonder women find it so hard to be taken seriously.
  79. Is it Blasphemous #189 Wednesday February 22, 20062006/02/24
    Is it blasphemous to say that these old books don't serve us anymore and should be thrown in the garbage? Well, that's only if you think that they are sacred. Can something be sacred if it hurts and demoralizes half of the population of the planet?
  80. Growing Pains. #188 Tuesday February 21, 20062006/02/23
    Growing pains don't have to be about suffering, sometimes they're really funny. They are always necessary and they are good for us.
  81. Inspiration! #187 Tuesday February 14, 20062006/02/14
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  82. Hamas, Women and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights #186 Monday February 13, 20062006/02/14
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  83. Part 3 SPEAK OUT! Peace activists, Citizens, are being jailed for non-violent acts of civil disobedience. #185 Friday February 3, 20062006/02/04
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  84. Part 2 SPEAK OUT! Peace activists, Citizens, are being jailed for non-violent acts of civil disobedience. #184 Thursday February 2, 20062006/02/04
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  85. Part 1 SPEAK OUT! Peace activists, Citizens, are being jailed for non-violent acts of civil disobedience. #183 Wednesday February 1, 20062006/02/04
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  86. Support Science - VOTE for Change! #182 Tuesday January 31, 20062006/02/01
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  87. WAKE UP AMERICA! The Whitehouse is CENSORSING our Scientists! #181 Monday January 30, 20062006/02/01
    Dr. James E. Hansen, the Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York has been threatened and is being censored by the Bush Administration. He told a University of Iowa audience 'In my more than three decades in government, I have never seen anything approaching the degree to which information flow from scientists to the public has been screened and controlled as it is now.'
  88. Enron and the Bush Connection, it is a lot more involved than you think. #180 Wednesday January 25, 20062006/01/27
    George Bush both Junior and Senior have a very close friendship and many mutual business dealings with Enron and Kenneth Lay. Finally, after over 4 years, the Enron trial begins. It will either be a rude awakening to America of the extent of corruption in our government, or it will be swept under the rug by the enormouns money and power of the Bush Dynasty.
  89. Drones, Unmanned Ultra High Tech Remote Controlled Killing Devices #179 Tuesday January 24, 20062006/01/24
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  90. What happened to the Fourth Amendment? #178 Monday January 23, 20062006/01/21
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  91. What did our Founding Fathers Seek? Freedom from King George. #177 Tuesday January 18, 20062006/01/23
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  92. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is elected President of Liberia! #176 Tuesday January 17, 20062006/01/17
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  93. Friday the 13th - Myth, Murder, Money, Magesty, the Pope and Women. #175 Friday January 13, 20062006/01/15
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  94. Personal Best...Are we getting that from the Senate or Judge Alito? #174 Thursday January 12, 20062006/01/12
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  95. Global Connections, Us, Them and most importantly We! #173 Wednesday January 11, 20062006/01/11
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  96. Global Connections, Us, Them and most importantly We #172 Tuesday January 10, 20062006/01/11
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  97. What is the big deal about Windmills? #171 Monday January 9, 20062006/01/10
    Wind is readily available, it is blowing around all the time, it does not hurt the environment and it is practically free. It is kind of a no brainer. The biggest problem is what these will do to our beautiful views. I love nature, I love the beach and I honestly think these wind farms are not that bad looking, not nearly as bad looking at the energy rates map...
  98. Wake Up Pretty Bird and Remember Who You Are! #170 Friday January 6, 20062006/01/08
    This country is full of "Pretty Birds", people who have been blessed with money and privilege. How is it that the idealistic baby boomers, the Woodstock Generation who once believed that we could make a difference have turned to lifestyles of vanity, excess and ego feeding? America spends 12 billion dollars a year on looking pretty while the world struggles with staying alive. What happened to us?
  99. Say Cheese! I Love my Digital Camera but where did all my pictures go? #169 Thursday January 5, 20062006/01/05
    I Love technology! I love everything about digital technology, and my digital camera. Over the years I have taken thousands of pictures. The only problem is...where are they? My priceless collection of photographs, the chronology of my family's story is hidden in files and folders with obscure, sometimes cryptic names.
  100. Haiti, a country built on freedom poor beyond belief. #168 Wednesday January 4, 20062006/01/04
    Haiti is a country built on freedom. Possibly the only country formed by the successful revolution of slaves. An amazing accomplishment yet the country is in shambles. Broken and poor beyond belief, eighty percent of the population lives on less than one dollar a day.
  101. Vacation, Resolutions and New Year's stuff #167 Tuesday January 3, 20062006/01/03
    I had a great vacation! I left all of my technology behind and went snowboarding with my family. Now the New Year's resolution, mine is to continue podcasting for peace. To work towards living a life of grace and humility, always thinking about paying it forward.
  102. Peace and Blessings to all people of all faiths! #166 Wednesday December 21, 20052005/12/21
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  103. Capital Punishment Part 2 Look at the Social commentary underlying crime. #165 Wednesday December 14, 20052005/12/16
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  104. Is Capital Punishment Federal Government Sanctioned Killing? #164 Tuesday December 13, 20052005/12/15
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  105. HR 2631 is a bill called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund #163 Monday December 12, 20052005/12/14
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  106. Ethanol Fuel from Corn. Clean, cheep, renewable and homegrown. #162 Friday December 9, 20052005/12/10
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  107. Imagine. In memory of John Lennon 1940-1980 #161 Thursday December 8, 20052005/12/08
    IMAGINE. So important a message that 150 Nations contributed to the Garden of Peace that surrounds the beautiful mosaic inscribed with one single word, IMAGINE, embodying the principle of world peace. On the 25th Anniversary of the loss of John Lennon, we remember and reflect.
  108. Who is broadcasting to our troops, and what is the ADF connection? #160 Tuesday December 6, 20052005/12/07
    After yesterday's podcast I started to look into the ADF and I found out some really interesting things. The ADF is a huge sponsor of Rush Limbaugh and spends millions to make sure that Liberal viewpoints like that of Ed Schultz are not heard by our troops. Why, and how can the DOD allow this to go on with our tax dollars? Where is the separation of church and state?
  109. Eight Hundred attorneys standing by to defend Christmas. Go figure! #159 Monday December 5, 20052005/12/05
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  110. Propaganda, a weapon of war but probably safer than most. #158 Friday December 2, 20052005/12/02
    People have used propaganda since the beginning of time. Win over the hearts and minds of the people and you will win the war. Any other victory is an empty victory and can never be sustained. Propaganda requires all kinds of people to be willing to be involved in the game. Everyone puts their little spin on the story. Propaganda or opinion?
  111. Dance of a Tree #157 Thursday December 1, 20052005/12/01
  112. This country was built by immigrants. We need a policy! #156 Tuesday November 29, 20052005/11/29
  113. Public Education, what are they teaching our kids? #155 Monday November 28, 20052005/11/29
  114. Great Sweet Potatoes start with Fresh Yams. ENJOY! #154 Wednesday November 23, 20052005/11/23
  115. Remembering JFK and his Challenge with a new one. #153 Tuesday November 22, 20052005/11/22
  116. Five Billion Six Hundred Million dollars on an Anthrax Vaccine. Why? #152 Monday November 21, 20052005/11/21
  117. The Patriot Act Part 2 Who is flying the Spaceship? #151 Friday November 18, 20052005/11/19
  118. The Patriot Act Part 1 How much will you give up for Safety? #150 Thursday November 17, 20052005/11/18
  119. Life is a Rollercoaster #149 Wednesday November 16, 20052005/11/16
  120. Seashells and A Universe of Possiblity. #148 Tuesday November 15, 20052005/11/15
  121. Christmas in November? Bah Humbug! #147 Monday November 14, 20052005/11/14
  122. Oil Companies and Foreign Governments Twist the American People, squeezing the market and ripping us off. #146 Thursday November 10, 20052005/11/10
  123. France is burning. #145 Wednesday November 9, 20052005/11/09
  124. Second In A Series Walk a Mile featuring Henry Luk in China Part 2 #144 Tuesday November 8, 20052005/11/08
  125. Second In A Series Walk a Mile featuring Henry Luk in China Part 1 #143 Monday November 7, 20052005/11/07
  126. Judge Samuel Alito Not Supreme Court Material #142 Friday November 4, 20052005/11/04
  127. Unity is written into the currency of our Country. #141 Thursday November 3, 20052005/11/03
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