1. ThaiBody TV Podcast #110 - Mr. Thailand 2013 Preview2013/08/16
    Clips from the 2013 edition of the Mr. Thailand held in Pattaya City.
  2. ThaiBody TV Podcast #109 - Model Physique In The Park2013/03/27
    Winter early 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. ThaiBody TV Podcast #108 - 2012 Thailand World Team2012/09/09
    TBPA gathering at the SAT of Thai bodybuilding and fitness athletes who are going to compete at the 2012 World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships, December 4-10, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  4. ThaiBody TV Podcast #107 - Wong Hong2012/03/22
    Sneak preview of upcoming features starring 2011 WBPF World Champion Wong Hong.
  5. ThaiBody TV Podcast #106 - Mr. Thailand 2012 Preview2012/03/13
    Glimpses of upcoming video clips and photos from the Mr. Thailand competition that took place in Khonkaen, March 6-7, 2012.
  6. ThaiBody TV Podcast #105 - Asian and World Press2011/12/29
    Press meeting in Bangkok to introduce the Thai athletes and sponsors for the 2011 Asian and World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships.
  7. ThaiBody TV Podcast #104 - WC11 Preview2011/11/25
    Preview of the 2011 WBPF World Men's Bodybuilding Championships that took place in Malacca, Malaysia.
  8. ThaiBody TV Podcast #103 - 5 Weeks Out2011/09/19
    Thailand national team rehearsing mandatory bodybuilding comparison poses on September 3, 2011 in Bangkok. Five weeks out of the 2011 Asian and World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships.
  9. ThaiBody TV Podcast #102 - TBPA-Athletes Meeting2011/07/15
    The Thailand Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Association, TBPA, met with the athletes on June 25 regarding the 2011 Asian Championships.
  10. ThaiBody TV Podcast #101 - 2011 Thailand National Team Presentation2011/06/25
    Our impression of the 2011 TBPA congress where the candidates of the Thai bodybuilding and fitness team were presented to the press. The Thai team is preparing for the Asian and world championships that are going to be held later this year.
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