Beyond Reason

  1. Follow Your Passion with Bob Doyle2011/06/23
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  2. The Path of Energy by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND2011/06/09
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  3. Life from Another Perspective: A Spiritual Look at Autism w/ Gayle B. Lee2011/05/25
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  4. Surviving Death (Again) w/Scott Degenhardt2010/12/10
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  5. UFOs go Mainstream with Kevin Randle2010/11/26
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  6. Questions without Answers w/Heather Lende2010/05/18
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  7. Release the Fear and Transform Your Life w/Guy Finley2010/04/20
    How do we let go of the self we do not want to be? According to Guy Finley, the secret to transforming our lives is not to try to become someone different, but to recognize the need for change and want this more than anything else. With this, the transformation happens naturally.
    In the spirit of all things "heart", Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins talk about the show that brought them together 23 years ago this very weekend. Karlen and Teddy offer a candid glimpse of their own life dealings with death, starting a business, and writing books---all while sharing their passion, their vision and new plans for Beyond Reason in the days ahead.
  9. Beyond Reason Behind the Scenes w/Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins2009/10/17
    Talking shop, show and the current state of life in these hectic if not trying times, hosts Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins talk candidly about the early days of Beyond Reason and where it goes from here.
  10. "Hypnotizing Maria" w/Richard Bach2009/10/08
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  11. The Case for Reincarnation w/Scott Degenhardt2009/09/24
    Does life continue after our bodies decease? It's a theory held by mystics, ancients and even some biblical scholars. According to Scott Degenhardt, author of 'Surviving Death', we can and most do choose to return for another round of classes at "Earth 101". It's classic "Beyond Reason... for those who dare to think." Join us.
  12. Making the Good Life Last w/Rev. Michael Schuler2009/07/06
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  13. Adaptability: How to Survive the Change You Didn't Ask For2009/06/18
    In this day of never-ending change, how do we keep from curling into fetal position when it hits too close to home? Author, speaker and Listening Partner M. J. Ryan says there are steps you can take that begin the process of shifting fear into meaning.
  14. Swine Flu 101 w/Dr. James Williams2009/05/12

    With the latest news of swine flu, what can each of us do to prepare? Dr. James Williams, author and infection disease specialist says flu epidemics and pandemics have been the focus of scientists for years. Question is: how can we brace for the unknown in practical ways, while offsetting the spiritual emotion of fear?

  15. Spiritual Principles and Dating in the 21st Century w/Matchmaker Marla Martenson2009/04/30
    If ever there were testing grounds for "practical spirituality" can we agree...? There's no better arena to examine your basic "Laws of Attraction" than the world of dating. Marla Martenson, author and professional matchmaker offers a spiritual, yet down-to-earth approach to one of the most confusing areas in the world today: the dating market.
  16. The Living Universe w/Duane Elgin2009/04/17
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  17. Teddy Bart on Spirituality, Life and A Particle of God2009/04/06
    Creator and host of Beyond Reason, Teddy Bart, takes the guest chair this week as we discuss his newly released novel: A Particle of God. A down to earth exchange ranging from the fairness of life to the nature of evil, Teddy shares his candid thoughts and feelings on applying spiritual principles in the toughest of times.
  18. Sound Healing w/Jonathon Goldman2009/03/20
    If, as quantum physics reveals, all life is vibration, can sound alter our ailments ...even heal our bodies? Musician, author and sound researcher, Jonathan Goldman says "Yes!" In his book, "The Secrets of Sound Medicine" Goldman tracks the power of sound (from loud noises to the music you love),..revealing that frequency, vibration and the intent of sounds created, make all the difference.
  19. Walking Through Walls w/Philip Smith2009/03/15
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  20. Living Without Fear w/Guy Finley2009/03/08
    Most of us have lived with fear for so long, it's our natural approach to everyday experiences. How did we become so compromised? In his latest book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, Guy Finley addresses the effects of fear and how it holds us back from our true natures, while offering principles for fearless living that can change your life starting TODAY!
  21. The Wisdom of Recessions w/Dr. Mario Martinez2009/02/28
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  22. Three Marriages: The Three Commitments That Matter Most w/David Whyte2009/02/20
    When it comes to a balanced life, three key relationships merit equal attention. Sadly, most of us are out of kilter, prioritizing one over another. Bestselling author, poet and international speaker David Whyte says only in balancing our commitments to our significant other, our life's work and our inner selves can we hope to achieve a full and harmonious life.
  23. Transcending the Speed of Light, w/Marc Seifer, Ph.D.2009/02/07
    What is science learning that enlightened teachers have been saying all along? Is there an ultimate connection between science and religion? Dr. Marc Seifer contends there is a fifth dimension of mind breaking the laws of relativity and all things physical, revealing a conscious and self aware energy that was here all along.
  24. Creativity as Your Spiritual Outlet, with Julia Cameron2009/01/31
    Whether artist by calling or accountant by trade, there is a voice inside each of us that longs to be heard. Author, writer and creative counselor Julia Cameron addresses the necessity of unblocking your creativity, to find what it is that longs to express itself through you.
  25. Shifting Economies/Shifting Careers: Finding the Work You Love vs. Finding Work (period)2009/01/25
    In economic downturns, does it really make sense to hold out for the work you love? When fearful about your next paycheck, do you hold out or sell out? It needn't be an either/or according to career coach, Dan Miller (author of "48 Days to the Work You Love"). Transitions bring opportunities, but first, you must ask yourself, "What is it I long to do?"
Beyond Reason
Beyond Reason is a talk show focusing on spirituality, the metaphysical and the paranormal, with guests including best selling authors and researchers. Hosted by Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins, Beyond Reason originated in Nashville, TN as a radio talk show in 1987 is now heading into national syndication. Visit our site at