Works On My Machine...

  1. 2007/05/12
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  2. 2006/05/03
    News Flash! I'm not podcasting anymore. I'm refocusing energies in other directions. I thought I might start back up again but my motivation never really returned. Thanks to all those who listened -even if there was only 2 or 3. :-)

  3. 2005/11/07
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  4. 2005/10/17

    WOMM 20051017 #6

    Car / commute podcast chat
    Daily Safty Traffic Tip
    Jingle: The Mustang's her's but the Cobra's all his (Ford 1960s)
    Jingle: Casite Motor Honey
    Day 1: Making of a Chinese Salted Egg

    (13.3MB 19:07 mins)

  5. 2005/10/09

    Daily Traffic Safety Tip
    Andrew from "Driving in My Car" podcast announces he's hanging up his DIMC podcast keys for the year.
    The "Take a Drive with Mr. Pete" podcast is on hiatus due to the death of Mr. Pete's laptop.
    Skype 1.4 is released - so download it and skype me. :-)
    Egg project in the works

    (3.03MB, 6.37 mins)
  6. 2005/09/26
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  7. 2005/09/20
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  8. 2005/09/15
    I've got to applaud Microsoft for using their Virtual Earth technology to help those affected by the Katrina disaster. If you haven't already checked out the Katrina Flyover page - please do. You can see side by side BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the devastation.
  9. 2005/09/14
    WOMM (2) Sept 14 2005

    In today's podcast I discuss the pros and cons of my new MicFlex USB microphone , other car podcasters (see Top 10 Commuter Podcasts list in the right column), the 1960 Studebaker Lark ad jingle and a website from favorites list .

    Remember: Drivers, like guns, are dangerous when loaded.

    WOMM_Sept14_2005 (MP3 9.25MB 15 mins)
  10. 2005/09/06


    Daily Traffic Safety Tip
    Car Podcasts
    Sweating in the car
    Buy a new car

    The Debut Practice Podcast 14 mins @ 9.93MB
  11. 2005/08/27
    Coming on my machine podcast.
Works On My Machine...
Chester records his weekly 15 mins podcast in his car during his commute home. He's hides his podcasting inadequacies by including fun vintage audio jingles. Have a listen!