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  1. Is the Future of Medicine Functional Medicine? A Conversation with Dr. Mark Hyman2022/07/22
    What if we focused on the conditions for creating health rather than treating disease? This simple change in perspective is the foundation of functional medicine: promoting health by focusing on the body as “one whole ecosystem” rather than different parts that must be addressed separately. On today’s episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, […]
  2. IT@Intel: Intel IT’s Agile Journey Toward Scalability and Transformation2022/07/22
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  3. IT@Intel: Master Data – Managed!2022/07/22
    IT Best Practices: Master data is defined by Garner as “the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describes the core entities of the enterprise.” Intel uses vast amounts of master data every day for many reasons, spanning transactions, reporting and advanced analytics. But often, Intel’s master data exists in silos, presenting […]
  4. Leveraging AI to Tackle Business Challenges across Industries – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2772022/07/08
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  5. When Pay Isn’t Enough: Driving Business Value Through Financial Security2022/07/08
    More than 80% of working Americans say financial insecurity is a major problem, reflecting the fact that many in the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck, lack emergency savings, and experience financial anxiety. Businesses are taking note, realizing that what they pay employees isn’t always enough to achieve financial security. On today’s episode of the Business […]
  6. Simplifying AIoT and Driving Digital Transformation with Intel – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2762022/06/27
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  7. Cloud Computing Sparking an Economic Revolution2022/06/21
    In this podcast, author Mark P. Mills says, “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.” Consider what happened a century ago, when the world witnessed the convergence of the greatest technological leap in human history with innovations such as the automobile, airplane and radio; groundbreaking scientific discoveries in physics, chemistry and medicine; and a major jump in […]
  8. Conversations about End-of-Life Care are Key to Improving the Experience for Patients, Providers and Families2022/06/19
    In medicine death is seen as a failure, and we do everything we can to avoid failure. This supports the societal stigma associated with talking about death and dying, as we no longer see death as a part of life. But one of the unexpected outcomes of the pandemic is that it’s made the conversation […]
  9. The Future of Electric Vehicles Plugs Into Cloud Computing2022/06/21
    Electric vehicle (EV) adoption will take more than tax credits. Because of so-called “range anxiety” – motorists’ worry that EVs will leave them stranded when their batteries run out – it also will require a marked increase in the number of EV charging stations. Specifically, cloud-enabled smart charging stations. In this story by The Forecast […]
  10. SYCL – Empowering Developers in Academia and Enterprise2022/05/26
    Ever since its introduction in 2014, SYCL has grown in popularity and adoption. It is a royalty-free, cross-platform abstraction layer that enables code for heterogeneous processors, written in a “single-source” style using C++ standards. The flexibility to deploy across multiple platforms, reuse code helps enable advanced hardware features that can be used by developers. This […]
  11. Breaking Barriers Deploying AI at the Edge – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2752022/06/07
    Daniel Chang, CEO of ENERZAi, joins host Jake Smith to discuss ENERZAi’s vision of delivering the best AI experience on everything for everyone, and how they are doing this by overcoming the constraints that edge devices have through AI models. He highlights how ENERZAi’s Automated Model Compression Optimization Toolkit enables AI models to maintain high […]
  12. The Impact of Climate Change on our Collective Mental Health2022/06/03
    Studies on climate change show wide and serious effects on our mental and physical health. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast’s two-part series on climate change, we speak with Dr. Susan Clayton, a conservation psychologist and professor at the College of Wooster, about the relationship between warming weather and our mood […]
  13. Discovering AI Augmented Intelligence Platforms – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2742022/06/01
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Jayachandran Ramachandran, Senior Vice President of AI Labs at Course 5 Intelligence, joins host Jake Smith to discuss the Course5 Intelligence Discovery AI augmented analytics platform. Jay highlights how Discovery allows enterprises to achieve real-time access to conversational insights and cognitive answers from their data. He […]
  14. ESG Analyst Tony Palmer: Businesses Accelerating Use of Hybrid Cloud2022/05/30
    In this podcast segment, Tony Palmer, principal validation analyst at research firm ESG, goes beyond the metrics of testing and validating IT technologies, sharing insights on the emerging business model of a data-driven organization. In an earlier segment with Palmer, it was evident he’s more than a numbers guy – doing analysis and validation of […]
  15. Validating Software for Moving Between Private Data Centers and Public Cloud2022/05/30
    In this podcast segment, The Forecast’s editor Ken Kaplan talks to Tony Palmer, principal validation analyst at research firm ESG, who tested Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS, designed to reduce the operational complexity of migrating, extending or bursting business applications and data between on-premises and clouds. Perhaps at the top of IT’s wish list is […]
  16. Virtual Reality – The Next Frontier in Health Care2022/05/21
    What do mitigating pain, overcoming phobias, changing harmful behaviors and calming anxiety have in common? They’re all addressed through virtual reality. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Dr. Walter Greenleaf, a behavioral neuroscientist who is recognized internationally as one of the founders of the field of therapeutic virtual […]
  17. AI Customer Conversation Analysis – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2732022/05/18
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mauro Bennici, Co-Founder and CTO of You Are My Guide joins host Jake Smith to discuss Ghostwriter AI customer analysis and forecasting. Mauro talks about the journey of You Are My Guide, starting out using natural language processing (NLP) to help provide tourism services and evolving […]
  18. Your Gut Reaction is Real – How Gut Health Influences You Physically and Emotionally2022/05/06
    Over the last few years there’s been increasing public interest in “gut health” – research tells us that a healthy gut microbiome can not only help us lose or maintain weight, but also influences so much more, including our mood, our immune response, and a myriad of health conditions. On this episode of the Business […]
  19. Future of AnalyticsOps in Manufacturing – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2722022/05/04
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Nelson Lee, Head of Partnerships at Synergies joins host Jake Smith to discuss the importance of data science and AI in the manufacturing industry. Nelson talks about how Synergies works to close the gap for manufacturing organizations using outdated data and limited data science expertise in […]
  20. The Social and Emotional Tax of Sleep Loss2022/04/15
    When we talk about sleep and health, our conversations usually focus on the physical impact of sleep loss. Far less discussed, but just as important, are the social and emotional changes taking place when we don’t get the sleep we need. That’s the focus of today’s episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, in […]
  21. AI Digital Fraud Protection – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2712022/04/15
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mateus Dalponte from Axur joins host Jake Smith to talk about the importance of digital risk protection and how to mitigate the evolving world of digital fraud. Mateus discusses how Axur’s Fake Social Removal and Digital Risk Protection platforms can help protect a company’s reputation by […]
  22. Solving for Productivity in Data Science with Modin and AI Optimizations2022/04/11
    The rapid advancement in machine learning and data science fields have aided data scientists in arriving at meaningful insights. However, it’s not been an easy task to optimize machine learning infrastructures to allow data scientists to focus on their core expertise. Today, we will discuss how certain tools and hardware optimizations are not only saving […]
  23. AI-Based Customer Service Automation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2702022/04/08
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Markus Lippus from MindTitan joins host Jake Smith to talk about how AI is innovating many industries across the world including customer service. Markus discusses how his background in biology shaped his passion for machine learning (ML) and helped drive the creation of MindTitan. He highlights […]
  24. The Maternal and Infant Mortality Crisis2022/04/01
    A recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics provided unwelcome news – during the first year of the pandemic the number of deaths among pregnant women and new mothers rose 14%, with Black women most affected. Why does the United States have some of the worst rates for maternal and infant health as […]
  25. How Hybrid Cloud Helps Healthcare IT2022/03/30
    U.S. healthcare expenditures are expected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028. Still, many CIOs can’t shift their healthcare IT systems fast enough to modern technologies that are proving to benefit providers and patients, according to Geoffrey Bakeman, vice president of Healthcare Solutions at Comport Consulting Corp. His firm works with providers to move the patient […]
  26. Living With COVID in 2022 – Considerations for Now and the Future2022/03/25
    Although the U.S. is in a more positive phase of the pandemic than two years ago, many are wondering how long it might last (especially in light of surges abroad) and how we should best prepare for the future. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we do a pandemic check-in with […]
  27. Inside a Hyper-Dense Data Center2022/03/22
    In this video, explore a state-of-the-art Nutanix data center built with highly integrated hardware and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software. Harmail Singh Chatha, senior director of global cloud operations at Nutanix, explains what went into building the data center. His team wanted to build a state-of-the-art data center that could scale sustainably to meet present and […]
  28. Subscription Businesses Grow During Pandemic2022/03/16
    The pace of innovation and change has affected not only technology development but the business models that make those technologies available. The subscription model – which has been around since 17th century Britain when it was used to sell books and even products from traders like the East India company – is spreading quickly across […]
  29. Can Changing How We Think about Addiction Lead to More Effective Treatment?2022/03/11
    The United States is experiencing an addiction crisis with historical levels of drug overdose deaths, prompting increased urgency to treat addiction with both evidence and empathy. During this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Dr. Carl Erik Fisher, an addiction psychiatrist who came to this area of specialty after facing […]
  30. 2021-2022 Intel IT Annual Performance Report – 20th Edition2022/04/06
    Intel has long been at the forefront of radical innovations that have revolutionized the way we live and work – beginning with the development of the first microprocessor, transforming the world as we knew it by making a new era of computing possible. Over the next 50+ years, Intel has continued to transform industries, driving […]
  31. Security Isn’t Something to Set and Forget2022/03/04
    In this podcast, David Hake, UC Berkeley lecturer and co-founder of Resilience Insurance, talks about the rise and spread of cyberthreats facing governments, enterprises and individuals. “Every company has a digital footprint, every company – even Bob’s pizza around the corner – relies on the internet to enable their business,” Hake said. “And so, digital […]
  32. A Path to Cloud: How to Approach Hybrid vs. Multicloud2022/03/04
    In this third episode of Intel’s Path to Cloud series, Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director with Intel Americas is joined by experts Chandra Chitneni, Networks Principal Engineer and Sridhar Mahankali, Networks Security Principal Engineer to discuss the differences between and considerations for adopting private vs. hybrid vs. multi-cloud options. In this video, the team demystifies […]
  33. AI in Gaming: Empowering Game Developers2022/02/28
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  34. Are Psychedelics the Next Big Breakthrough in Mental Health Treatment?2022/02/26
    While once deemed to have no medical value, there’s currently a race underway to study and gain FDA approval for the use of psychedelics as a mental health treatment. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Olivia Goldhill, investigative reporter at STAT, about this race and why psychedelic therapy […]
  35. Explore the Tiny Universe Researchers See in Topsoil2022/02/24
    The world’s farmland is in crisis. The earth is not creating enough new fertile soil to mitigate what our agricultural activity is losing. According to the U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization, the world’s topsoil could be depleted by 2080. Scientists are urgently studying how to preserve the topsoil. They’re delving deep into the microscopics of […]
  36. IT@Intel: Increasing EDA Performance and Throughput with the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family2022/02/18
    IT Best Practices: Intel IT operates 56 data center modules at 16 data center sites. These sites have a total capacity of 103 megawatts, housing more than 360,000 servers that underpin the computing needs of 116,000 employees. Intel IT has four main segments of operation: Design, Office, Manufacturing and Enterprise. This paper focuses on only […]
  37. IT@Intel: Secure Cloud Printing and Imaging2022/02/18
    IT Best Practices: Intel employees expect easy-to-use, seamless and effective printing. Intel IT has the responsibility to find the most cost-effective, secure and technically viable solution. Marrying these two goals is an art, and Intel IT’s best practices can demystify this process, provide insights about the selection of devices, help evaluate different modes of ownership […]
  38. Behind the Scenes: Arming Researchers with Visualization Know-How2022/02/14
    Scientific visualization (SciVis) is a process of representing raw scientific data as images, which helps scientists improve their interpretations of large data sets. More and more, advanced visualization tools are becoming an integral part of a researcher’s analysis toolkit; and when in the hands of scientists and researchers, they can visualize, interact with, and get […]
  39. Data Tech Helping Scientists Tackle the Dire Problem of Soil Loss 2022/02/11
    Humans are depleting the earth’s topsoil at an alarming rate. Scientists say this is not speculation but a measurable fact. If the world continues with current agricultural techniques the farms of the world will lose its topsoil due to erosion in 60 years. With humanity on track to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, […]
  40. Combatting Climate Change as a Prescription for Health and Equity2022/02/04
    Climate change touches everything important to us, according to Dr. Renee Salas, and that includes our health and well-being. And perhaps there’s no clearer example of how we’re all bound together by the effects of climate change than the 2021 Dixie Fire that caused unhealthy air quality well beyond California’s state lines. In this episode […]
  41. Race to Hybrid Multicloud Forging IT Industry Partnerships2022/02/02
    Interoperability across owned and rented IT systems is essential and a major challenge for IT departments evolving their hybrid multicloud operations. As more IT leaders ask for tighter integration between Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix software, the two companies joined forces in 2021 to help customers move more quickly and confidently to what Ron Pacheco […]
  42. How to Fall in Love with Backup: Get Hit by Ransomware2022/01/24
    Rick Vanover handles product strategy at VEEAM, a backup and replication services firm. In this segment, learn about the service most companies hope they’ll never need. But Vanover says a good backup service is the best thing ever after a data breach or failed IT system. He shares a story about an emergency flight he […]
  43. IT@Intel: Transforming Manufacturing Yield Analysis with AI2022/02/04
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  44. Lowering CO2 Emissions Is a Daunting Task and the Finance Sector Must Lead the Way2022/06/23
    There are many parts of the solution to climate change from scientific research to each person’s daily lifestyle choices. Perhaps the most critical piece is getting the world’s industries to make carbon neutral or negative products, and to cut emissions in the manufacturing process. Some companies will do this voluntarily, but widespread compliance must come […]
  45. Cyber Threats Are Becoming More Sophisticated, So Should You2022/06/23
    Cybercrime has become a sophisticated enterprise. Hacking tools built on the latest technologies such as AI or hybrid cloud are available on the black market, where stolen data is also bought and sold. And digital tools used in cinema have become cheap and available. This kind of software is also in the hands of hackers […]
  46. How to Think About the Nursing Shortage for Patients and Policymakers2022/06/23
    There was a shortage of health care workers before COVID. Now that the dwindling labor pool is a top news headline, the realization has set in – which medical professionals were trying to communicate from the beginning of the pandemic – that one of COVID’s worst effects is that it overwhelms medical systems and challenges […]
  47. Getting a Grip on Supply Chains with AI2022/01/11
    As the pandemic exposes the weakness in the global supply chain, companies are building a new one with cloud and AI. The effects of the COVID pandemic have slowed supply chains in many verticals from agriculture to musical instrument makers. But technologies such as the cloud, AI, video and drones are helping manufacturers, distributors and […]
  48. AI Automation in the Restaurant Industry – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2692022/01/07
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Atif Kureishy, founder and CEO of Vistry, joins host Jake Smith to talk about deploying restaurant automation technology improve quality of service. Atif goes into detail about Vistry’s Discrn platform, why the company extended Intel’s edge insight for industrial software architecture to optimize workloads, and how […]
  49. IT@Intel: Wi-Fi 6–The Advantages Are Real2022/01/07
    IT Best Practices: Intel IT tests Wi-Fi 6 in an actual office environment during COVID lockdown, proving enhanced performance under challenging, real-world scenarios and delivering important insights for successful deployments. Wi-Fi 6 may be the ideal gateway toward realization of an enterprise-wide wireless infrastructure. With many of our office spaces temporarily vacated due to the […]
  50. Integrating Virtual Health into the Broader Care Continuum2022/01/05
    In-person care, telehealth, and apps, oh my! With so many care delivery choices available to patients, when does it make sense to engage virtually and when is it best to leave the screen behind? In our conversation with Dr. Ateev Mehrotra, hospitalist and associate professor in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical […]
  51. Building Tailored AI Solutions – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2682021/12/16
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Nico Holmberg from Silo AI joins host Jake Smith to talk about building tailored AI solutions for a variety of industries. Nico goes into detail about how Intel and Silo AI are working together on real-time computer vision for quality control in industrial manufacturing. Nico also […]
  52. IT@Intel: Data Center Strategy Leading Intel’s Business Transformation2021/12/16
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  53. Using AI for Specialized Video Analytics – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2672021/12/15
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Erik Landolsi, CTO of Irisity, joins host Jake Smith to talk about using AI for video analytics. Erik talks about the challenges of connecting and processing immense amounts of video data, why Irisity anonymizes certain details based on where cameras are installed, and what the recent […]
  54. Reducing Compute Resources in Neural Networks – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2662022/01/05
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Helen Kim from MaxLinear (previously NanoSemi, Inc.) joins host Jake Smith to talk about reducing compute resources to achieve target accuracies in deep neural networks. Helen goes into detail about MaxLinear’s Augmented Neuron technology, which mathematically augments neural networks to reduce memory usage and latency. Jake […]
  55. Customer Service in the Era of Digital Transformation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2652021/12/07
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: S. Venkat from MindTree joins host Jake Smith to talk about digital customer service, specifically the company’s MindTree Cognitive Contact Center, which combines existing call center infrastructure with new technology. The two discuss how MindTree worked with the Intel Distribution of Python along with SigOpt (a […]
  56. What We Know About Long Covid2021/12/03
    For people recovering from COVID-19, the journey back to health and well-being can be a long and winding road. Some suffer from crippling fatigue; others experience brain fog; and still others can’t seem to catch their breath. How do we treat the lingering symptoms known as long COVID and what is the outlook for patients […]
  57. The Future of Serverless AI – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2642021/12/06
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Arijit Sengupta, founder and CEO of Aible, joins host Jake Smith to talk about the difference between the promise of AI and actual results. Arijit talks about helping develop BeyondCore, which was acquired by Salesforce, his book AI is a Waste of Money, the current unsustainable […]
  58. Building Secure Apps for Government Defense2021/12/01
    BAE Systems contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. It’s in the difficult business of handling military and intelligence secrets. And while there is a lot the company can’t talk about, there are plenty of useful insights they can share, which will help leaders across different industries. In this podcast segment with Dr. Nandish Mattikalli, […]
  59. Centering our Conversation about Quality Through a Health Equity Lens2021/11/25
    Over 20 years ago the Institute of Medicine included “equitable” as one of six domains of quality, but when we talk about equity and quality today, we don’t often discuss them in tandem. To reach health improvement goals, that must change. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Dr. […]
  60. Tech’s Slow, Intertwining Disruption of Healthcare2021/12/06
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  61. The Catch-22 Cost of Rushing to Public Cloud2021/11/18
    In the widely circulated article “The Cost of Cloud: A Trillion-Dollar Paradox,” venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz showed how the rush to public cloud IT services can eat away business valuation over time. In this Tech Barometer podcast segment, explore the real cost of running a business on public cloud with Martin Casado, general partner […]
  62. Leveraging Conversational AI to improve Customer Experience – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2632021/12/06
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  63. Building the Future of Government Defense with Hybrid Multicloud IT2021/11/15
    One of the world’s biggest defense contractors, BAE Systems, has to navigate the world of cloud computing just like everyone else. But the stakes are much higher. The company not only provides weapons systems to the U.S. military but cybersecurity protecting highly classified intelligence. In this podcast segment, Dr. Nandish Mattikalli, the chief engineer for […]
  64. Using AI for Digital Risk Protection – Conversation in the Cloud – Episode 2622021/12/06
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: James Carnall from ZeroFOX joins host Jake Smith to talk about AI-powered digital risk protection across the internet, including text, images and video, to identify threats ranging from deep fakes and fraud to potential cyberattacks. James explains why the ZeroFOX team worked directly with Intel for […]
  65. How to Make Work and Family Work: An Economist Weighs In2021/11/05
    Parenting is a deeply personal journey with profound professional implications. And never has it been more important for employers to acknowledge and adopt strategies to help employees and their families navigate pregnancy, the baby years, and beyond. In this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Emily Oster, PhD, an economist […]
  66. How Open Source Transformers Are Accelerating AI – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2612021/12/06
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Jeff Boudier from Hugging Face joins host Jake Smith to talk about the company’s open source machine learning transformers (also known as “pytorch-pretrained-bert”) library. Jeff talks about how transformers have accelerated the proliferation of natural language process (NLP) models and their future use in objection detection […]
  67. Building Common Standards for Python Data APIs2021/11/01
    Adoption of Python has been enormous over the last decade. Why? It’s easy to use, accessible, versatile and can be used for AI, machine learning, data analytics, data visualization, and all types of science. Tune into how 3 experts are involved in building common standards for Python data APIs that can help users use a […]
  68. AI-Assisted Annotation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2602021/10/28
    Helen Wang from Magic Data joins host Jake Smith to talk about the company’s work in automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and natural language processing (NLP). Helen discusses the scalable capabilities Magic Data offers customers worldwide and goes into detail about how Intel engineers worked with Magic Data developers to optimize OpenVINO (often associated […]
  69. Improving Community Health Through Collaboration and Data2021/10/23
    In Nashville, TN, there is a collaborative movement underway to improve the health of the city that involves the largest employers, health care systems, non-profits and community leaders. Key to this movement called NashvilleHealth, are the use of data, the input of diverse expertise and the alignment of resources. On this episode of the Business […]
  70. The Future of Cloud Native Communications – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2592021/10/19
    Sanjay Prasad from Metaswitch (a Microsoft company) joins host Jake Smith to talk about why Metaswitch collaborates with Intel to improve network function virtualization, media transcoding, throughput and more. Sanjay talks about some of the performance gains his team has seen over the last ten years from gen-over-gen processor advancement and discusses the future communication […]
  71. Path to Cloud: Exploring Cloud Security2021/10/26
    IT Best Practices: In this second video of the Path to Cloud series Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director, Intel Americas, is joined by Shachaf Levi, Intel IT Cloud Security Architect and Sridhar Mahankali, Intel IT Principal Engineer, Network Security where they shed light on the biggest concern for companies moving to the cloud – security. […]
  72. Equality, Inclusion and Belonging for LGBTQ Employees: Insights from Accenture2021/10/08
    How can workplaces create equality, inclusion and belonging for LGBTQ+ employees? That’s the topic of this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, in which we speak with Beck Bailey, Managing Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Accenture. A nationally recognized expert on transgender inclusion policy, Beck says that he’s working with his team […]
  73. TietoEVRY Scalable Edge Reference Platform – Conversation in the Cloud – Episode 2582021/09/30
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Marcin Nicpon from TietoEVRY joins host Jake Smith to talk about the latest developments in edge computing, the cloudification of services in a variety of the industries (telco, automotive, smart cities or industrial) and the benefits of open source edge solutions such as the TietoEVRY scalable […]
  74. Cloud Technologies Speeding Organ Transplant System2021/09/25
    If a child, family member or friend was in an accident tomorrow or had an organ failure, there’s a good chance United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) can help find a donor with the necessary attributes. Donated organs are managed nationally by UNOS. Their system for finding and tracking available donor organs and matching them […]
  75. The Future of Robotic Process Automation – Conversation in the Cloud – Episode 2572021/09/24
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Soundar Rajan from Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services joins host Jake Smith to talk about software automation solutions for IT and business operations. Soundar goes into detail about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the company’s Av3ar platform—a human-like AI+RPA platform of intelligent BoTs (or iBoTs) which can absorb, […]
  76. Pandemic Update with Award Winning Science Writer Apoorva Mandavilli2021/09/20
    The day the WHO declared a global pandemic. The roll-out of the first vaccines. The rise of the Delta variant. The announcement of vaccine mandates. For all these moments and everything in between, Apoorva Mandavilli has been tirelessly reporting on the pandemic. Her meticulously researched journalism has kept us informed about the most pressing issues […]
  77. IT@Intel: Push-button Productization of AI Models2021/09/17
    IT Best Practices: Intel IT has a large AI group that works across Intel to transform critical work, optimize processes, eliminate scalability bottlenecks and generate significant business value (more than USD 1.5B return on investment in 2020). Our efforts unlock the power of data to make Intel’s business processes smarter, faster and more innovative, from […]
  78. Challenges and Opportunities in Open RAN – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2562021/09/09
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Neil Coleman from Amdocs joins host Jake Smith to talk about why it’s critical for communication service providers to move to Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN). Neil addresses some of the adoption concerns and why companies are looking to prioritize products over projects. He goes […]
  79. IT@Intel: Green Computing at Scale2021/09/09
    IT Best Practices: Intel’s innovative disaggregated server architecture and data center facilities design and operation reduce e-waste and increase energy efficiency—helping to protect the environment and produce significant cost savings. Do what’s right for the business and what’s right for the environment. That is the dual goal behind many of Intel IT’s data center transformation […]
  80. Creating a Constituency for Efficiency in Health Care2021/09/03
    While most of us would agree that the U.S. health care system isn’t efficient, the path forward to decreasing costs while maintaining quality often seems overwhelming. So where do we begin? And how can we create a “constituency for efficiency” to drive meaningful improvement? On this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we […]
  81. Eliminating Downtime and Data Loss – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2552021/09/02
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: ZeroDown Software’s Alan Gin and Keith Fukuhara join host Jake Smith to talk about the evolution of recovery time over the last twenty years. The three discuss how several advancements culminated in the creation of the Ultra High Availability solution, eliminating downtime and data loss. Alan […]
  82. Moving Forward with Empathy: Messaging to the Unvaccinated2021/08/20
    For decades, the Ad Council has brought together the advertising industry to serve the social good through public service engagement; today, they’re providing critical information to Americans across the country about the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on building vaccine confidence among the unvaccinated. In this episode of the Business Group on Health podcast, […]
  83. The Rise of Volumetric of Data – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2542021/09/07
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Paul Magdalena, Didier Marcon, and Pascale Martinez from Atos along with Goutam Debnath from Numascale join host Jake Smith to talk about their recently published white paper “Rise of Volumetric Data and Scale-Up Enterprise Computing.” The guests and Jake discuss the rise of volumetric data and […]
  84. The Future of VR and Sports – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2532021/08/12
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: BT Sport’s Jamie Hindhaugh and Tiledmedia’s Rob Koenen join host Jake Smith to talk about delivering 8K virtual reality (VR) with 360° views to sports fans on mobile devices. Jamie and Rob go into detail about the bit rates, hardware decoders, software, compute power and other […]
  85. Behind the Massive Scale Required for Content Recommendation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2522021/08/06
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Taboola’s Ariel Pisetzky joins host Jake Smith to talk about using artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized content recommendations at massive scale, reaching up to 4 billion web pages a day. Ariel discusses why Taboola runs their services on their own on-prem infrastructure of over 10,000 servers […]
  86. The Verdict is In: The Pandemic Has Accelerated the Future2021/07/30
    In July 2020, we spoke with Professor Mauro Guillén, author of 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything, on the global factors influencing the next decade and the role of COVID-19 as an accelerant of this new reality. A year later, we check in with Dr. Guillen about the […]
  87. Nia DocAI Unlocks Business Value by Optimizing Document Processing Pipelines – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2512021/07/29
    Nakul Arora from EdgeVerve (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys Ltd.) joins host Jake Smith to talk about the role AI is playing in transforming the way enterprises unlock business insights from their corpus of documents. Nakul discusses the critical role that a symphony between the software and hardware layers plays in order to deliver an […]
  88. Restaurants Order More Tech to Survive COVID-19 Pandemic2021/07/27
    Restaurant owners and experts explain how the industry responded to the COVID-19 lockdown with technologies that keep them connected to customers. Two sisters, Shanny Covey and Deborah Mok, tell how they evolved their central California coast restaurants through the pandemic. Find more enterprise cloud news, features stories and profiles at The Forecast. Transcript: Perry Quinn: […]
  89. A Big Step Forward: Moving Ginkgo to oneAPI2021/07/23
    Ginkgo is a production-ready, sparse linear algebra library used for HPC on GPU architectures. It’s now using oneAPI cross-architecture programming to support its foundational design with a high level of performance portability, and focus on software sustainability. ExpertsHartwig Anzt at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Univ. of Tennessee, and Terry Cojean of KIT provide […]
  90. Experimenting with AI Optimizations – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2502021/07/22
    In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: SigOpt cofounder and CEO Scott Clark joins host Jake Smith to discuss his company’s recent acquisition by Intel, how this acquisition accelerates their ability to meet their mission to empower AI engineers, and the latest innovation in the SigOpt intelligent experimentation platform that enables faster design, […]
  91. SciVis Unveils a Billion Cells, Covid-19 & Invisible Monsters2021/07/19
    Scientific visualization (SciVis) is providing new insights in health care and many other research areas in ways that we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. It’s an evolving field where extracting visualizations from very large data sets can improve analysis, diagnosis and patient outcomes while reducing costs – or even uncover hidden discrimination. Hear from Teodora […]
  92. Where Do We Go From Here? Reflections on the COVID-19 Response from a White House Insider2021/07/17
    The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. has downgraded the coronavirus pandemic from an existential threat to a manageable challenge, according to Andy Slavitt, former Senior Advisor for COVID Response in the Biden Administration. But despite the great strides we’ve made as a country, there’s still more work to be done. In this episode […]
  93. How Natural Language Processing is Used in Health Care – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2492021/07/15
    David Talby, CTO of John Snow Labs, joins host Jake Smith to talk about how natural language processing (NLP) is used in health care. David discusses how NLP is used for clinical decision support and trial acceleration. David goes into detail about how the company was able to increase performance using Intel processors and speaks […]
  94. Preserving Business Continuity During a Pandemic – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2482021/07/09
    SHI’s Tim Henning joins host Jake Smith to talk about how IT leaders were able quickly deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) via public cloud offerings to preserve business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim explains why Stratascale introduced the Intel Select Solution for VDI to address enterprise needs for scalability and security and goes into […]
  95. 10 Essential Steps to Hybrid Multicloud IT2021/07/08
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  96. IT@Intel: Fuel Cells – An Alternative Energy Source for Intel’s Data Centers2021/07/08
    IT Best Practices: In several proofs of concept, fuel cell technology has proved to be a reliable, stable, efficient and sustainable source of electricity for Intel’s data centers. Intel IT joined forces with Intel’s Corporate Services and Global Supply Chain groups to enable fuel cells to meet Intel’s redundancy and capacity expectations. For some of […]
  97. Business Group on Health: Can Incentives Help Us Reach our Vaccine Goals?2021/07/03
    Entities across the U.S. are pulling out all the stops to urge people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, from entries into multi-million-dollar lotteries, to free college tuition, to giveaways galore. On this episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with behavioral economist, Dr. Kevin Volpp, on key design choices and tradeoffs among […]
  98. ZIB’s oneAPI Story: Discovering Portability across Multi-vendor Hardware2021/07/02
    Heterogeneous programming is challenging for developers because it’s been difficult to code or forces compromises in performance. oneAPI is working to break that mold. Many HPC research centers, enterprises and developers are now adopting oneAPI. Hear from experts at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) on their oneAPI story: “We want to have most code portability across […]
  99. A Path to Cloud: Developing a Cloud Strategy for Your Applications2021/10/26
    IT Best Practices: Intel IT Principal Engineers Craig Chvatal and Subbarao Mantha talk to Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director at Intel Americas, outlining Intel’s best practices businesses should consider when moving to the cloud. In this first edition of our new series, Phil and guests provide practical advice for companies of all sizes that are […]
  100. Intel’s Approach to Security – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 2472021/06/30
    Intel’s Tom Garrison and Camille Morhardt join host Jake Smith in a special episode to talk about today’s security landscape. The three discuss Intel’s approach to security from hardware to software, finding vulnerabilities, and engineering mitigations. They also talk about emerging areas, such as AI, blockchain, IoT and edge devices, and more. Tom and Camille […]
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