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  1. EarPlay152016/01/04
    This is what Hip Hop in 2015 sounded like to me. B Sides from some my favorite Albums and Mix Tapes this year.
  2. The Roots Movement 2015/05/17
    Selections from The Roots albums Illadelph Halflife, Things Fall Apart, Game Theory, Phrenolgy, Undun, Rising Down, and How I Got Over.
  3. CommYe West Mix2014/11/09
    Just some joints from Common and Kanye West Albums from 2005/2007 all mixed up.
    Finding Forever,
    Late Registration,


  4. HoozDaBess2012/06/06
    Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas Mix.
    Only joints from their Debut Albums.
    Ready 2 Die, Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic.
    So Classic, why not.
    Twitter @IAmDJRansum
  5. Ganstarr Mix2010/09/09
    Some of my favorite Ganstarr Joints. About 75 minutes worth.
    Twitter @IAmDJRansum
  6. The Quiet Riot Episode 212009/09/17
    Ran$um Randomness...Show went from samples to 90's Hip Hop. This episode was driven by the Chat Room requests. Join us live on Tuesdays, its diffeent every show.

    The Quiet Riot Show
    Tuesdays 8pm-10pm
  7. MJ HAY DAY MIX2009/07/02
    This is my tribute to Michael Jacksons Legacy. Its just an interpretation of some of my favorite MJ songs.
    R.I.P MJ!
    Over two hours of MJ, SHAMONE!!
    Twitter @IAmDJRansum
  8. DJRan$um 75 Minute Workout2009/06/26
    I'm put'n this mix back up by request...Yall enjoy.
    Ladies, Fellas...this is for all my Spin Class goin, Cardio Workout Old School Hip Hop Junkies!!! This is the DJRansum Spin Class Mix. HIGH ENERGY!!! LETS GO!! Holla Atcha Boy!!!
    Twitter @IAmDJRansum
  9. "22Tooz" 90's Hip Hop Sampler2009/04/04
    Leave a comment, let us know if you likes!!!
    This is a 90's Hip Hop Sampler. There are 22 Artists with 2 songs each. This mix is a lil over an hour. It was purpose built and intended to be shared. Enjoy.

    Twitter @IAmDJRansum

DJ RAN$UM 's Podcast