RadioStar: Improv

  1. Extreme Architecture2015/12/20

    When the CEO of Extreme Architecture gets too extreme for his own good, chaos erupts due to the company's overly radical bylaws.
  2. Craving Life2015/08/09

    A woman gets a visit from her long absent godparents who have a distressing request. Two lovers find that the aphorism "love makes the heart grow fonder" can be taken a little too literally. A visionary among the rat people tries to lead his community to a new future.
  3. Lady-O-Star: Mancave2015/05/22

    Live at the 2nd annual SF Femprov Festival, the women of Radiostar christened themselves Lady-O-Star and improvsed this tale of a man who tries to abduct his son at the encouragement of his best friend. It's a tale of a lives put on hold, the rage of youth, and convenience stores that only sell jock straps and remote controls.
  4. The Pirate's Cove Inn2013/10/06

    A pirate themed fast food restaurant hires actual pirates who begin to revert to their old ways.
  5. Ass End of 20 Years2013/08/24

    E.R. residents try to inspire a senior doctor to live life to the fullest. Meanwhile a twenty year class reunion brings up immense anxiety and bad memories for one man, and hopes to rekindle an old flame for his cousin.
  6. Couch Pixies2012/07/09

    A networking company throws their first event and finds themselves host to accidental pan-dimensional travelers from a fairy kingdom.
  7. Shanghaied2012/06/10

    Three conscripted pirates find themselves boarding a cruise ship that has seen it's fair share of piracy in the past. (Note, this episode draws on characters and situations from the episodes "Going Down on the Ship," "The Admiral's Daughter," and "British Customs."
  8. Leveling Up the Corporate Ladder2012/04/16

    The company president is having a bad day. The founder's daughter wants to marry him while simultaneously undermining his authority, and his vice president is using his position to engage in Dungeons and Dragons based team building exercises.
  9. Held Together With Paste2012/04/03

    In this tale, we move back and forth in time, observing the web of connections between people and their common addiction, although the source of their misfortunes may not be what it first appears.
  10. A Bite Out of Crime2012/03/19

    A young man finds himself in repeated trouble with the law, and discovers that not only are his best benefactors less than reliable, but that there are some very dangerous people lurking in the local jail cells.
  11. Stepping Up to the Plate2012/03/05

    People said that Jeannette couldn't be a cheerleader because of the plate in her head, but a horrible bus accident that leaves the entire cheerleading time with third degree burns gives Jeannette her chance to shine.
  12. Cursed French2012/02/20

    Three friends, living in a small gold mining town, decide that they need to get out and see the world, but what they find is the town's greatest secret... and their own dark destinies.
  13. Workout Buddies2012/02/06

    For our New Year's show, we asked the audience at 50 Mason for their New Yar's Resolutions. Losing weight brought us this tale of basement fight clubs, sadistic workout partners, and violently enforeced doctor prescribed health regimens.
  14. The Wind-Up2012/01/23

    A somewhat sheltered young man tries to finally learn to drive, but finds that neither of his parents are up to the task. His path soon crosses a police officer who is perhaps a little too fond of his British heritage.
  15. Pony, Pony, Pony2012/01/09

    Recorded live at 50 Mason Social House, a fourteen year old boy is told by his mother that since he no longer takes care of his pony, he is contractually obligated to kill it. The boy is sent to the stable, where he is visited by the ghosts of pony past, future, and future-future.
  16. Bad to the Last Bite2012/01/26

    In a small unnamed village, the Blood Moon Festival is about to begin. For one couple, it may be a time to begin a life together, but others cower in the shadow of the great castle and the three vampires who live there. Little do they know that these damned souls intend to add to their number...assuming, of course, that they can get their act together in time.
  17. The Hand that Pulls the Finger2011/12/12

    In Radiostar Improv's first performance at 50 Mason Social House, couples suffer through that most significant of family culture clashes: families that fart, and families that don't.
  18. Stress Management2011/11/28

    Stress is a constant in the corporate world, especially when your company is just tryng to get by long enough to get bought out by someone else. People react to it in different ways. Some find themselves losing weight, other summon ancient squid dieties from the depth to destroy the building.
  19. The Homecoming2011/11/14

    When up and coming Chesterfield returns home to deal with issues surrounding his ailing father's will, he finds himself horrily embroiled with a family he would rather leave behind. To add insult to injury, he finds himsself at odds with his old rival and fellow lawyer, Jackson Jackson and his lovely sister Jessie.
  20. Government Contract2011/10/31

    Life can be difficult for inventors in this day and age. It can be so hard to obtain the resources and finances needed to sustain your work. So why not steal it and bogart someone else's presentation?
  21. Heavenly Flush2011/10/17

    Two friends, after dying in a car accident, find that the afterlife is a little more like the DMV than they expected. But the bathrooms! The bathrooms are abolutely divine.
  22. Hot and Salty2011/10/03

    Recorded live before a studio audience at the SF Fringe Festival, things get hot in the salt flats of Utah when one couple on the verge of collapse and two men vactioning with wildly different agendas come into contact with the natives, including the first Mormon strip club and a highly exclusive vacation getaway owner.
  23. Totally Metal2011/09/12

    Recorded live before a studio audience at the SF Fringe Festival, a henchman discovers a way to take America's faltering economy completley hostage, but fails to earn the respect or promotion he deserves. Instead, he finds his role supplanted by a cross-species dressing knife enthuiast who would rather rekindle a lost love than engage in villiany.
  24. All the Tsar's Men2011/08/29

    Phil gets things done, and his buddy has a great idea, so they go into business as the idea Tsar and the Executor. It's a simple idea that just requires extra investment and a legion of serfs
  25. Ill Leadings2011/08/15

    Sometimes everybody is leading everyone else astray, whether it's being disengenuous about the real reason for becoming a roommate, whether or not you see someone as "just friends", or even why you're friends in the first place. Also, introducing Fergus the donkey.
  26. Noites sos em Sao Paulo2011/08/01

    Things can be difficult for foreigners in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The language is different, the fashions are different, even the bureaucracy is different. When a tourist loses his passport while visiting a highly isolated friend on a student visa, he spends a nervous night in a downtown nightclub that seems to be totally absent of actual Brasilians.
  27. Shoot the Moon2011/07/11

    Two years ago they outlawed cheerleading in Des Moines and the ramifications are beginning to be seen, as PTA members start engaging in loan sharking and run running out of sheer boredom. Meanwhile, their kids just try to take control of their own identities.
  28. Product2011/06/27

    When Dwight succumbs to his hairstylist's demands he invest in a tube of exotic hair product, his friends decide that they want to take advantage of the ritzy cream's surprising properties.
  29. Girly Men2011/05/23

    Rachel, an American in England, is preparing to return home. Her farewell party is marred, however, by all the attention paid to her violently sexual friend Diane.
  30. Overly Open2011/05/09

    One man's complaint of a wife who has decorated everything in the house pink is overwhelmed by his friend's struggles accepting his wife's insistance on having "brother-husbands."
  31. The Perils of Creative Thinking2011/04/25

    Sometimes creative thinking can be benign, like creating a giant room shaped mood ring. Other times it can lead to swarms of sentient robotic cockroaches.
  32. Station 472011/04/11

    A fire fighter desperately tries to pass his captain's test, aided by a German secret agent who works for California's largest HMO.
  33. Flying the Decomissioned Skies2011/03/28

    Airline costs have grown so high that the only way to get from coast to coast is on decomissioned freighter planes from the U.S.S.R.
  34. Battle of the Barn2011/03/14

    The mice are fed up with the oppression of the cats, and decide to fight back the only way they know how ... ninja training.
  35. The Passage of Wealth2011/02/28

    Brian inherits a mansion, although he's not terribly excited about it. Attempts to do some renovation, however, uncover family secrets that may have best been left hidden.
  36. Secret Roof Party2011/02/14

    When Tony meets Hans, the new employee, he has no way to know how their fates will intertwine with that of a Bible teacher and his prize student who has uncovered a dangerous secret... and the society dedicated to protecting it.
  37. Piggy Aftermath2011/01/31

    A few months after the Big Bad Wolf incident two little piggies are still living with their brother, despite his wife's objections. Everything changes, however, when a wolf shows up at their door looking for his cousin... and a job.
  38. Till the Check Clears2011/01/17
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  39. The Rain, it Raineth Every Day2011/01/03

    When God decides to flood out mankind again, the devil finds an unexpected ally in opposing the divine mandate. Mankind however, continues to demonstrate an appaling grasp of the message behind the global rains.
  40. Dress Code2010/11/29

    An office costume party threatens to bring down the entire company when the president gets caught appreciating a sexy schoolgirl "costume."
  41. Copyright Crossover2010/11/09

    Worlds literally collide when a man begins to suspect that his coworker is really the Riddler. Meanwhile, the Academy of Art University has a student go missing, much to the indifference of the faculty. Questions are raised, and soon everything that Radiostar has become is put at risk.
  42. British Customs (or The Admirals Daughter Strikes Back)2010/10/24

    The Admiral, his daughter Gwen, and Poncenby (from The Admiral's Daughter and The Race to an Indecision) return in this tale of love, duty, and tourism. After Gwen leaves Poncenby and marries an American dentist, the Admiral declares his intent to quit the navy and pursue a higher calling.
  43. Trial of the Walking Dead2010/10/11

    A murder grial takes a surreal turn when the pregnant twin sister of the victim turns up just as the dead body vanishes from the morgue.
  44. Sweet Baby Ray2010/09/28

    When a housewife's attempt to clean results in a small tornado ripping through her home, she draws the attention of the norse gods.
  45. Race to an Indecision2010/09/06

    The race is on as a slew of characters from past shows join two sets of friends for an illegal road race. Featuring the Old Man from "Arizona Mystery Holes", Ray and Bulgaria from "Secrets of the Minnesota Bayou", the Admiral and Poncenby from "The Admiral's Daughter", the band from "Blue Candy Masochism", and Sylvius from "Labrynth of the Heart".
  46. Spinning Silver into Gold2010/08/23

    Olympic silver medalist Dave Reynolds wants nothing less than to be the best, but after losing to a 48 year old marathon runner in the 2008 games, Dave finds himself courted by those who see profitability in mediocrity.
  47. Totally Recycled2010/08/09

    Nobody believes in super heroes, except for one man at the recycling billing office. Unfortunately, the people he believe in would rather that he didn't.
  48. The Train Experience2010/07/22

    A typical cross country train tripin 2008 brings to together a socially inept man who longs to join the "Twenty Foot Club", a failed Republican presidential candidate, an iPhone obsessed Twenty-Seven Year old, a man terrified of firey train death, and the only person to survive a horrible train crash.
  49. XYZ2010/07/05

    An entrepreneur's attempt to surreptitiously research his new clothes fastening technology raises more than a few eyebrows.
  50. Health Care: Live!2010/06/21

    A new reality television show is sweeping the nation, as people everywhere tune in to watch people's extreme medical problems. As the show's most popular patient loses his health care coverage, one viewer finds that he has health care concerns of his own.
  51. Burnout2010/06/07

    A woman becomes the first female firefighter in her town, despite the objections of her husband. As she enters this new world she finds herself met with sexism from her colleagues and a more dire threat closer to home.
  52. Happy Endings2010/05/26

    Science makes everything better as an engineer moves to Mt. Everest to live and work, two researchers seek an ideal location for their 20th anniversary, and a college professor and vanguard quantum physicist get to know each other after a major symposium.
  53. The Edge of the Wave2010/05/03

    As the annual Wave Festival approaches, the stakes are high for the artists involved in the sculpture competition. For some, careers and the favor of their patrons is at stake. For others, their very lives may hang on the line. All may be for naught, however, if the organizers can't raise the funds for the prize money in time.
  54. Just Another Day in the Empire2010/04/20

    Sure, there are epic struggles that decide the fates of millions, but there are also stormtrooper pilots welching on debts, romantic relationships with droids that are in trouble, and every day corruptions of space princesses to deal with. It's just another day in the Empire.
  55. Prince Charming's Mid-Life Crisis2010/04/05

    Prince Charming has it all, but when another prince gets dumped by his girl, Charming has an existential crisis and sets off on a journey to find the princess he's convinced will make it all better.
  56. First Bank of Cthulu2010/03/23

    An albino at the local bank finds himself the object of sexual harrassment, but how does this fit into the predictions made by a Cthulu cult and the machinations of an enigmatic emissary from the Vatican?
  57. Smokin' Party2010/03/08
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  58. High Psychiatry2010/02/22
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  59. The Heist2010/02/08

    The Three Enchiladas, a notorious bank robbing gang, turn their sites to a local museum who is hiding cash on behalf of the Federal Government. As prepared as the museum thinks it is, they're no match for the Enchilada's secret weapon.
  60. Little Big Men2010/01/21

    Chaos reigns in an accountancy office when large amounts of money routinely vanish, but it's nothing to the havoc wreaked when a woman grows obsessed with the head accountant's small stature and rumored big masculinity.
  61. Smoking Hot for Teacher2009/12/31

    In a desperate attempt to cut costs, an Oakland elementary school hires the cheapest teacher they can find, and assign her as many students as possible. As parents grow concerned, the principal grows obsessed with the new hire, who barely conceals her shady past and works to further a shadier future.
  62. Gimmie Shelter2009/11/23

    Two ideologically opposed men compare the awesomeness of their bomb shelters, not realizing that they may be needing them sooner than later. Meanwhile, a first date goes horribly wrong when a new homeowner tries to show off his "panic room."
  63. Evaluating Behavior2009/11/12
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  64. Remember Me2009/10/27

    A woman's attempt to spice up her marriage goes horribly wrong after a visit to the Disremember Me clinic. The clinic is a bit of a headache for the silver shop upstairs, where her husband is employed by a retired British RAF officer who begins to display side effects from leakage from the experimental machines down below.
  65. Rural Legends2009/09/28

    Two campers go missing in the woods, only be found by a couple of "mountain men". As the Park Rangers search the woods, the possibility arises that all the old legends of the woods may have more than a kernel of truth to them.
  66. Victor's Hope2009/09/14

    When Princess Hope is abducted by the dragon Fume, it is up to Victor the Hero and his sidekick Bree to save her. Armed only with gifts from an overly amorous wizard, the two two embark on a quest for the ages to rescue Hope from Fume and his troll manservant, Sputter.
  67. The Devil's Music2009/09/07

    A young man finds himself embroiled in a great evil as he pursues greatness in the music industry. He also gets involved with the Devil.
  68. Citrus Plot2009/09/01

    Dan buys a million oranges in an attempt to impress Dave, who can't seem to focus. Diana spurns Wilson after a similar offering, but then recruits him and the rest of her past suitors in a plot to get back at the one man who truly hurt her.
  69. Feet, Liver, Brains2009/08/24

    A mad scientist in Ohio (who gets madder by the minute) and his recently telepathic assistant search for new test subjects, and may find them in a pair of road tripping newlyweds and a vaudeville duo whose act has been disrupted by fears that a ventrilquist dummy may be possessed.. or that the ventriliquist is poorly sublimating psychitic urgings.
  70. You scream, I scream...2009/08/10

    A candidate for city councilman stumbles into a scandal when his fiancee is mistaken by an ice cream vendor for a pre-teen. This campaign managing siblings do their best to spin events in their favor, but the fiancee's inisistance on being part of the policy making process makes everyone's job more difficult.
  71. Political Appearances2009/08/03

    As the political parties gear up for the next election, the economy continues to plummet to the point where one man is able to buy the United States of America for $40,000. No sooner does he take control however, but he learns who really runs things around here.
  72. Toll Man2009/07/27

    Tom is a tool booth operator. You see him every day, but there's a lot more going on with Tom than you may realize.
  73. Labyrnth of the Heart, Part 22009/07/20

    Charlene finds out the truth behind her employment contract and it's lethal consequences. Sorcerer Steve hires Dr. Johnsen to do some spleunking. Frank the Minotaur finds love, while Silvius finds that it's not a game anymore.
  74. Labyrnth of the Heart, Part 12009/07/13
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  75. The Grass is Always Greener2009/07/04

    A man tries to distance himself from his obnoxious stalker roommate. Their masseuse visits a dungeon with an affluent friend in order to contemplate life and decides to swap places for a month. Meanwhile a young woman becomes infatuated with Mormonism after watching Big Love on HBO (and seeing a really cute hairdo on CNN) and convinces her husband to convert.
  76. Advice Man2009/06/24

    Everyone does something they regret when they've had too much to drink. One man gives advice... really good advice. Unfortunately, his wisdom never seems to help HIM.
  77. Erotic Stick Figure Haikus2009/06/15

    A sexual aids company moves towards publishing a book of Kama Sutra haikus, but is dissatisfied with the stick figure illustrations. When the artist tries to gather some market research on the stick figures, it sparks a flurry of breakups and vengeance sex across town... which is great for business.
  78. A Quiet Night at the Library2009/06/08
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  79. Tasty Celebration2009/04/27

    A socially awkward young man keeps running into an extremely well connected woman at a series of cocktail parties. A new hire in the Payroll Department of a catering company has an absurdly relaxed attitude towards work. A man struggles with a rare sleep disorder: sleep baking.
  80. Tunnel Lovers2009/04/15

    30 years after being stuck in a well as a child, a man is offered a book deal about his experience. Memories of trauma threaten his well being as pressure mounts from the publisher and a pair of fetish columnists doing an article about men stuck in wells, and the women who lust for them.
  81. A Heart Tale2009/03/30

    After a heart attack, a man finds himself with a newly transplanted pig valve. His body reacts to this in unusual ways, however, leading his best friend to attempt an unorthodox healing therapy.
  82. Cheap Rent (part 3)2009/02/26

    The ants are everywhere! Some want to negotiate, some fight, and some just find a place to hide. Find out everyone's fate in this stirring conclusion!
  83. Cheap Rent (part 2)2009/02/21

    Everyone's noticing the giant holes, and nobody is happy about it. Meanwhile Diane works out a deal for Ron, but will he be around to benefit from it?
  84. Cheap Rent (part 1)2009/02/12

    Frank Chow needs a place to live, but is a bit concerned about this place in Oakland, which may have crime and unusual pest control problems.
  85. Mesmerized2009/01/19

    The hypnosis class at the Learning Annex is a rousing succcess, but questions about its impact on the community linger...
  86. Listing on Podcast Alley2009/01/18
    Just claming our listing on Podcast Alley. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-3c15e67f57184b261d7846d0707780f9}
  87. Out of the Ivory Tower (part 2)2008/12/26

    Frank and Jim are on the run from the National Park service, having convinced the Laundress that they are figments of her imagination. Maryanne and June meet up with the Park Ranger and find out that they're married to fugatives. While state police and federal marshalls pursue the boys, Larry finds himself being cast out by John Rabble and the Home Owner's Association.
  88. Out of the Ivory Tower (part 1)2008/12/17

    Maryanne, Larry, Frank and June were all raised in the Ivory Tower on the East Coast. Maryanne and Larry have built a home in San Francisco, and prepare for the arrival of their brother and his bride, but attempts to integrate into ordered society turn catastrophic as the family encounters the beaurocratic machinations of the Home Owner's Association and Federal Park Services.
  89. Picture Perfect2008/12/03

    When Bradley proposes to two photographers, he suspects it's due to the influence of the Key to the City of Pasadena (although it may just be the booze talking). The women have troubles of their own with a Episcopalian skittish model and a professional hockey player. EXTRA BONUS SCENE at the end!
  90. Cockbuster2008/11/19

    Tensions rise in a suburban community when one of the neighbors decides to turn her bedroom into an adult movie theatre.
  91. Avalanche2008/11/03

    Two women go into business setting off avalanches safely in order to protect their community, but beginners jitters combined with otherworldly mischief results in some snowbound vacationers.
  92. Body Type2008/10/27

    Two buddies are overheard talking about steriod use by the local nebbish. As one man's testosterone grows increasingly out of control the women in their lives begin to find that they each want something a little different.
  93. Beer Sniffer (part 2)2008/10/01

    While the executives find ways to exploit the upcoming duel for advertising purposes, the staff try to find ways out of their obligation to kill each other for the beer sniffer position.
  94. Beer Sniffer (part 1)2008/09/24

    A new position at the brewery opens up at the same time that the boss demands a headcount reduction. HR has their hands full as an alcoholic beer taster, a nasally gifted janitor, and even one of their own HR officers apply for the job.
  95. Heart's Desire2008/07/30

    When a woman takes her best friend to the carnival the day of his wedding, everyone assumes she has ulterior motives... and bizarre methods of manipulation.
  96. Talent Deprivation2008/06/02

    A horrendous production of The Crucible at the local community theatre inspires a man to stage a hunger strike against bad art.
  97. Cap and Gown2008/05/28

    Graduation approaches, and with it comes unexpected stress from all quarters. A successful businesswoman finds herself cramming for a secret G.E.D., two old friends find themselves competing for the valedictorianship, and teen pregnancy threatens to prevent some students from graduating at all.
  98. Sears Fallout (part 3 of 3)2008/05/21
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  99. Sears Crisis (part 2 of 3)2008/05/14

    The Pageant is underway and Edna can't find Percival, who may still be operating under orders to blow up the stage. The writers' desire to undo themselves works to the hosts' disadvantage. Competition among the contestants builds, especially between the twins and the Marines. Maryann makes an unwelcome acquaintance.
  100. Sears Ascension (part 1 of 3)2008/05/07

    The new mixed gender beauty pagent, sponsored by Sears Roebuck, raises the hopes of contestants and staff alike. Danger lurks, however, as one pageant coordinator hopes to use the chaos of the event to stage a robbery.
  101. Hospital (part 4 of 4)2008/04/30

    Our final visit to Improv General Hospital. Gambling runs rampant as the hospital staff bets on each other's personal dramas. Gauge Alexrod tries his hand at getting little Cheryl to take her pills. Brenda's drug sampling worsens as Stephenson's ire rises. The young couple contemplate what to do about their twins. Little Cheryl meets her match in Stephenson.
  102. Hospital (part 3 of 4)2008/04/23
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  103. Hospital (part 2 of 4)2008/04/16
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  104. Hospital (part 1 of 4)2008/04/09
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  105. Call of the Wild2008/03/19

    A woman is having new roommate troubles, one of her coworkers thinks he's a werewolf, and lately the dogs have started talking.
  106. Blue Candy Masochism2008/03/12

    Hot rock trio "Blue Candy Masochism"'s star is on the rise, but an attempt to update their image with international flair backfires.
  107. Circle of Life2008/03/05

    After a tiger escapes from his cage, his keeper spends one final night with him before he's put down. Final farewells are interrupted by hauntings and a chimpanzee revolt, however.
  108. Bought and Paid For2008/02/27

    Thirty years ago, a law was passed allowing Americans to buy babies from other countries (most notably, Canada). This is their story.
  109. Rebound2008/02/20

    After breaking up with her boyfriend, a woman goes out and has a one night stand... that ends up on the internet.
  110. Darth Mall2008/02/13

    A New York shopping mall is ruled over by a despotic senior manager who takes an unhealthy liking to one of the shoppers. How does the arrival of an atypical Victoria's Secret underwear model fit into his plans?
  111. Tunnelvision2008/02/06
  112. All that, and a bag of chips2008/01/30
  113. Class of 882008/01/23
  114. Freefall2008/01/16
  115. Fairy Overload2008/01/09
  116. Unwrapped2007/12/26
  117. Time Bomb2007/12/19
  118. All the Buzz2007/12/12
  119. Appeasement2007/12/05
  120. Under the Influence2007/11/28
  121. Maize Haze2007/11/21
  122. He's Got the Look2007/11/14
  123. Party School2007/11/07
  124. Plight of the Activist2007/10/31
  125. Barbershop Bounce2007/10/23
  126. Code Monkey2007/10/16
  127. Puppet Master2007/10/09
  128. Ohio Living2007/10/02
  129. Dropping Bombs2007/09/26
  130. The Secret of Identity2007/09/19
  131. Alterations2007/09/12
  132. Jazz Mind2007/09/05
  133. Head case2007/08/29
  134. Search and Rescue2007/08/22
  135. Breakup Jazz2007/08/15
  136. Family Fundamentals2007/08/08
  137. Foreign Film2007/08/01
  138. The Admiral's Daughter2007/07/25
  139. Bye, Bye, Billy2007/07/18
  140. Made Man2007/07/04
  141. The New Scene2007/06/27
  142. The Chosen2007/06/20
  143. Night on Dog Mountain2007/06/13
  144. Ronagon2007/06/06
  145. Funky Monkey2007/05/30
  146. Cinder's Shoe2007/05/23
  147. Fisherman's Friend2007/05/16
  148. Critical Condition2007/05/09
  149. Simulacrum2007/05/02
  150. Taking a Bullet2007/04/25
  151. Death by Chocolate2007/04/18
  152. Rhapsody Revenge2007/04/11
  153. Starting Over2007/04/04
  154. The Death of Radiostar2007/03/28
  155. Poser2007/03/21
  156. Chamber Pot2007/03/14
  157. Cell Phone2007/03/07
  158. Post Traumatic Fairy Tale Disorder2007/02/28
  159. Spiritual Geometry2007/02/21
  160. Sisterhood2007/02/14
  161. Carnie Love2007/02/07
  162. Gold Straw2007/01/31
  163. River Run2007/01/24
  164. Exiles2007/01/17
  165. Habitat2007/01/10
  166. Hamlin2007/01/03
  167. Pirates!2006/12/27
  168. Lawn Gnome Dwarf Thing2006/12/20
  169. Language Lessons2006/12/13
  170. Casual Encounters2006/12/06
  171. Couch2006/11/29
  172. Superstructure2006/11/22
  173. Who Your Daddy?2006/11/15
  174. Chum2006/11/08
  175. Breaking Free2006/11/01
  176. Magic2006/10/25
  177. Comeuppance2006/10/18
  178. Smokescreen2006/10/11
  179. Lords of the Download2006/10/04
  180. Monkey Ninja Cosmonaut2006/09/27
  181. A Dog's Life2006/09/20
  182. Boundary Issues2006/09/13
  183. Hello Nurse2006/09/06
  184. Community Involvement2006/08/30
  185. Gimp2006/08/23
  186. The Bridges of Yankton County2006/08/16
  187. Watch the Bunny2006/08/09
  188. Keepin' it Real2006/08/02
  189. Sports Therapy2006/07/26
  190. Hot Spot2006/07/19
  191. Deep Fried Denial2006/07/12
  192. Conspiracy Theory2006/07/05
  193. Crisis of Faith2006/06/28
  194. Golf Man2006/06/21
  195. Barbeque2006/06/14
  196. Breathe Easy2006/06/07
  197. Humble Pie2006/05/31
  198. I Punched a Man in Reno2006/05/24
  199. Frozen High2006/05/17
  200. Airborne2006/05/10
  201. Pound for Pound in Paradise2006/05/03
  202. Piston Power2006/04/26
  203. The Way of the Clown2006/04/19
  204. Used2006/04/12
  205. Symbols of Power2006/04/05
  206. Frosting Gun2006/03/29
  207. Feels Like Cathy2006/03/22
  208. Too Sweet to Live2006/03/15
  209. Missionary Position2006/03/08
  210. Saddle Up, Dude2006/03/01
  211. Family History2006/02/22
  212. Betrayal by the Yard2006/02/15
  213. Stalled Destiny of Doom, Part 22006/02/08
  214. Stalled Destiny of Doom, Part 12006/02/01
  215. Going Down on the Ship2006/01/25
  216. Secrets of the Minnesota Bayou, Part 22006/01/18
  217. Secrets of the Minnesota Bayou, Part 12006/01/11
  218. Burger Love2006/01/04
  219. Arizona Mystery Holes2005/12/28
RadioStar: Improv
Radiostar: Improv is a weekly, completely improvised theatrical radio show. New stories every week, spawned directly from the minds of some of San Francisco's sharpest improvisers.